Posted by Robert J Martin on Jul 26, 2017
I think President Mel is welcoming us with open arms.
Mike leading us with an Invocation honoring service and he did it with his eyes closed.
Hal C. keeps attracting talent to help him with "God Bless America".  This time with another Hal and it was a good choice.
Ann Marie Huppert, not Hoopert, as one of our newest members introduced visiting Rotarians, only there were none.  Great job Ann Marie.
Michael Ewen telling us how much our help has made in the lives of Guatemalan villagers better, especially with the clean water.  The money we raise is being well spent.
Cindy is reminding us that our exchange student, Melanie Myers from Switzerland will be arriving August 15th.  Three of her five host families are not Rotarians.  Please give hosting a try, it is a great experience.
Lee wants us to remember the Wine & Food Festival this coming weekend and the volunteers from Rotary are necessary for its success.
Randy letting us know we have some staining to do for the Gateway Pavillion.  This doesn't cost you a penny, just a little time.  Give it a try some time.
"Here are the Fining Rules Ann Marie.  if your name is mentioned you pay."  Now he tells us!  Thanks for the clarity Chris.
Jafar Taghari, the big wig at Peninsula light was our program introduced by Paul Alvestad.  Did a great job giving the history of the organization we all own.
Thought it was interesting that he carried his slides with him.
Chip White has helped me a dozen times over the last 40 years.  He spoke about current programs and the future at Peninsula Light.