President Tom on the move.
Ben telling us that the Ed Worthen Eye Clinic is now a reality, and that after just a "suggestion".
Bob sharing that we have surpassed our Rotary Foundation giving goal which was $26.5K.  We are now over $33K and counting.  What a great Club!!!
The two faces of our Finemaster;  "Who should I get, and Gotcha"!
How big was it Kelly?  Don't remember what the fine was for.
Al paid a Happy Buck for the fact his daughter Turi is so brilliant she can tour the South Pacific and get college credit.
Rob paid a Happy Buck for a very successful two day school tour and Jill patiently put up will repeated criticisms of City inefficiency.
Stan paid a Sad Buck since he went to Augusta to see the practice round and the par three tournament and it was cancelled because of rain, first time in history.
Hillary paid a Happy Buck since Stuart Middle school has had great academic success, I am sure in part due to her enthusiasm  and teaching.
Bob enjoyed presenting some PHF to Rich Coyner, Trent Jonas, and John Ciccarelli.  So great to see our members giving money that will improve people's lives.
Rod presented about the International Service Committee and what projects they are doing in the Philippines and Guatemala.
Richard gave an update on the Vocational Service Committee and the Prison Program.
Brett presented on what the Community Service Comittee is up to like the patio area at the HHM which is pretty much completed.  She had some "arm candy" with her two beautiful daughters.
This is the "Before and After" of our program speaker, Mike Pinch.  Reminds me of the old song "Where has all the hair gone" or something like that.  Mike talked about the US history in the Philippines and about how one person can make a difference, like the Filipino who said why don't we get rid of polio in our country, and they were so successful RI decided to include the entire world and we are down to only 5 cases so far this year.  The last case will probably be next year.  Then there were the computers for schools and a new library in Kayapa.  Great presentation Mike.