Posted by Chuck Perry
Opening: Mel Santos opened the meeting at 7:30 sharp; Mel was standing in for Tom, as he attends the International Rotary Convention Invocation: Debbie Miller gave the invocation with a strong Rotary message about the Golden Rule.(The Golden Rule will never be the same for me as I thought it was: Do unto others before they do unto you.); Pledge of allegiance: Christina Shanks, one of today’s speakers; Song: Hal Cline with “God Bless America”;  The four way test: John Winslow
Visiting Rotarians: Bill Evans of Port Orchard; Howard Svigalis, AG, of GH Mid-Day; Christina Shanks, Dan Wilson of GH Mid-Day
Guests of Rotarians: Sue Jenson, guest of Al Bucholz; Jeanne Peterson, guest of Buck Frymier; Tom Taylor, guest of Peter Stanley; Elly Aronson and Kathy Aronson, guests of Dave Cathers; Don Auburn, guest of Sophie Perkins; Gary, husband and guest of Juanita Carbaugh; Tina and Paul Andreason, Shannon Wiggs, and Mark Crewson, all guests of Buck Frymier and the meeting program.
Reports and announcements:
Bud Bay Rotary Clothing: Orders of Bud Bay Rotary embossed clothing are due in this week. If enough orders are received, we will receive a discount.
Vocational Services Award: Donna Lormor announced that nominations for the Vocational Service award are due in this next week. You can check on Club Runner for the nomination form.
Update on Deidre: Juanita Carbaugh gave an update on the release of Deidre from WCCW Purdy. She is getting out soon and will need continued emotional support. Juanita hopes that her “Family” (Rotary Club of Gig Harbor) will help her give Deidre this support. Juanita was cheered with a WOO WOO, or was it a WOOHOO? Kind of sounded like a greeting from Homer Simpson.
Cars for Change: Howard Mackert gave an update on the new nonprofit and how it will help graduates of WCCW.
Wollochet Interchange Cleanup: Paul Alvestad announced the cleanup and mowing will happen the next day. Followed by a few brews at Wet Coast Brewing.
Flag Day Celebration: The June 16th meeting is at Jersich / Skansi Park. An announcement will come out by Club Runner email. 7AM meeting time. A great program with a Kiwanis pancake breakfast, History Museum speaker and grand flag raising by Cub Scout Pack 202. All arranged by Paul Alvestad.
RAH: Rotary after Hours is Wednesday 6/14 at the Tides as announced by John Eddy.
Gavel Dinner and Marilyn Nailor Golf Tournament : We only have 29 signed up at this time. Now is the time to sign up. The signup is on line at the following link: .Through this link you can register and pay for the dinner, and register for golf or disc golf. Payment for golf will be made at the course. This dinner will honor and roast Tom and welcome in Mel as our next President.
Wine & Food Festival: July 29th, tickets are available on line. Some volunteers are still needed. Sign up for a great time.
International Committee: Rod Ladd announced the committee will meet on Wednesday 6/21 @ the Ladd/Pinch office on Rosedale.
Wollochet Estuary Project: GHRC is working on a new carport for the Pen Met Parks Wollochet Estuary caretaker house. A few volunteers are needed for this Tuesday at 9AM to help dig footings. The rest of the build will take place at a future date and signups will be available. This project is being run by Randy Barcalow.
Parking Auction:  Keith Harris auctioned off the parking spot for the balance of June and the month of July. Rod Ladd was the winning bidder at $55.00.
Fines & Happy Bucks: John Winslow extracted a few dollars from the members. Randy Spitzer for being on the phone; Keith Harris for something about a Facebook posting on Hooters; Peter Glein for an ad for an assistant on his boat for $15 bucks an hour. A few happy bucks were also collected, including from Donna Lormor on her daughter graduating from Foster Business School at the UW.
Drawing: Donna Lormor ran the raffle with 10 free going to Randy Spitzer and Dick Vanberg drawing from 16 chips for a pot of $105. Dick drew a white chip for a consolation prize of $15.00.
Life after WCCW and the Women’s Prison Program: Buck Frymier interviewed two graduates of the Women’s Prison Program; Christina Shanks and Stephanie Forrester. They gave a great picture of the issues facing women released from WCCW and how the Women’s Prison Program of the Gig Harbor Rotary has helped. The program has held 22 classes and has 425 graduates of the program. Both women gave great praise for how the program has helped.
Adjourn: The program and meeting ended at 8:30 AM with a ring of the bell by Mel.  
Notes by Chuck Perry