Greeter: Emma Conway; Ding donger: President Tom Borgen, right at 7:30 am.
Opening matters: Invocation: Mike Ketcham; Song: This Land is my Land as led by Dave Gillespie; Pledge of Allegiance: By one of Mike Pinch’s numerous relatives in attendance; Four Way Test: Alec Zarelli who was standing “closet” (per President’s meeting schedule) to the board who apparently can read (as Alec is our treasurer, we know he can count)
Visiting Rotarians: None.
Guests of Rotarians: Marty Olson, Dave Holsinger, Stephanie Lile, Jeff Stillwell, Brett DeSantis’ cute son and daughter, and virtually all of members Mike Pinch’s relatives including but not limited to Carina Pinch, Mindy Bennett, Jill Pinch, Casey and Tryphen Pinch.
President’s Comments: President Tom thanked all for being a good sport on last Friday’s April 1 requirement to sit where told and that the Red Badge requirement to sit at designated tables (as originally suggested by Red Badger Cindy Reed) was over. (It was rumored that last Friday was the first time Don Buchanan sat more than ten feet from the entrance to the dining room.)
Announcements and Reports:
1      Dragon Boat Races: Brett DeSantis requested a show of hands for those interested.
2      International Committee: Rod Ladd did a good job of stealing speaker Mike Pinch’s speech on what Rotary does internationally talking about sanitation, water and literacy.
3      Community Service: Brett DeSantis and her two cute children made a pitch for her committee and its work.
4      Vocational Service: Richard Schmalz emphasized the need for local projects in order to keep relevant in the Gig Harbor area.
5      Women’s Mentoring Program: Juanita Carbaugh spoke on her committee.
6      Courage Classic Bike Ride: President Tom commented that the club is generally in favor of supporting the new and revised Courage Classic ride to be taken away from the three mountain passes to the lowlands of Pierce and Lewis counties.
7      Missing in Action: Because time constraints, a member not being present or pure forgetfulness, scheduled reports for Rotary After Hours, April Birthday Song and last week’s assembly results were pushed over to subsequent meetings.
Featured Items:
1      Connection People: Ben Paganelli spoke passionately on what individual members have done for the Key Peninsula. Bob Heacox arranged for more dentists to serve the 19,000 on Key Peninsula as there was only one before. The late member Ed Worthen put together an eye clinic which plans its opening this coming weekend.
2      Paul Harris Fellowship: While mentioning there were twelve Paul Fellowships to confer and club members had contributed over $33,000 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2017, Bob Martin gave a Paul Harris Fellowship Plus 1 pin to Rich Coyner and Paul Harris Fellowship Plus 2 pins to Trent Jonas and to John Ciccarelli.
Fun Items:
1      Raffle: The raffle, handled by Donna Lormor, had someone win ten free tickets next week and Jan Martin drawing and being unsuccessful for the pot but still taking home $15.
2      Fines and Happy Bucks: The majority of fine master Paul Willett’s fines involved the municipality of Gig Harbor and its lack of its occupancy certificate. We learned that our mayor (and our member) Jill Guernsey is a gracious person with a very thick skin. On the Happy Buck side, Bob Martin because of his Final 4 Oregon Ducks contributed $3 on behalf of himself, Dick Vanberg and Betty Felker (not sure if the money didn’t come out of the aforementioned $15 his wife just won) and Annie Arbenz, apparently the only Gonzaga graduate present, threw in $1 because of her Gonzaga Bulldogs second place finish in the NCAA Basketball Tournament.
        Despite have a sizable portion of his speech given earlier by Rod Ladd, member Mike Pinch gave a rousing speech aimed at our numerous Red Badgers to encourage them to consider and then act on all good Rotary projects. He began with his Rotary experiences with a 1984 picture of himself (with hair and a beard) about when he first joined Rotary 8 in Tacoma which eventually lead up to his involvement several projects he and others suggested in the Philippines near where his wife Carina was born. (In the process he honored member Al Bucholz who as an 18 year old fought in the Philippines in WW II and who was on a ship headed for Japan as the war ended.) Projects started with a computer, a library and, more recently, fund raising for Philippine children who needed cleft palate operation and assistance for medical school for a student. Other non-Asian projects included working on water projects with Stan Liebenberg and others. In short, all it takes is one person with a good idea.
Adjournment: Although Mike ran over his time at least ten minutes, no one minded and then we adjourned.
Notes by Al Weaver