Posted by Alan Weaver
Opening: After noise which only a few thought was music, President Mel Santos opened the meeting promptly at 7:30 am. Invocation by Cindy Reed; Pledge of Allegiance by President Mel; Song by Hal Cline as ably assisted by server Faye Hale (who, according to this scribe, should be allowed to sing solo before the whole Club) and Four Way Test by Al Abbott. No Greeters were spotted.
Visiting Rotarians: Two semi-regular attendees of Judy Hosea from Lakewood and Larry Treleven from Tacoma 8.
Guests: Chris Anderson, Byron ONeal, Sophie Perkin’s friend David Holsinger, Scott Junge’s wife Lyn, Walker Allen’s wife Tresha, Brett DeSantis’ two young children, Al Bucholz’s daughter Susan Jensen, and maybe one or two others.
Opening Comments:
                Our Friday September 22 meeting will be a joint meeting with the members of the other two Gig Harbor Rotary Clubs but at Canterwood Golf & Country Club. Meal will be free (but does that mean each member gets a rebate?). Further details to come.
                President Mel issued a Warning that our train will run on time (that is 7:30 am start, completion of club business by 8:00 am and adjournment by 8:30 am). So, if you are speaking and he stands up, you had better stop. (As usual, only honored in the breach. Hard to get the program on at 8!)
                A special Happy Birthday was sung to Luciana DeSantis, Brett’s shy nine year old daughter.
            Youth Exchange Program: Richard Pifer advised the Club that this year’s exchange student Melanie Meyer from Switzerland will arrive here on August 15th and she will be one of our Club’s few exchange students to attend Peninsula High School. During the school year she will be staying with five different host families but only two of which are of members of this Club.
                August Parking Space was auctioned off by Keith Harris for $45 (after being bidded up by Tom Borgen) to Rod Ladd who is either very generous or couldn’t hear as he paid $50 and declined change.
                Gateway Park work report was given by Randy Barcalow who unfurled a Rotary banner and announced that tomorrow’s effort at the Longbranch park will be delayed a week because he is losing too many workers to tomorrow’s Wine & Food Festival.
                Wine & Food report was given by Pat Schmidt who was looking for a few more cleanup workers tomorrow.
                CISP’s Party Bash will be on August 24th as announced by Juanita Carbaugh. She indicated that there will be several changes from last year including an additional charge.Communities in Schools, Peninsula.
Fine Master and Happy Bucks: Fine Master John Winslow started out by nailing, unfortunately, this scribe for his July 9 minutes wherein he invented a new club member “Dorothy Lormor” as handling the drawing when in fact it was Donna Lormor and not Dorothy Wimberly. (Always thought that scribes were immune from being fined.) Ed Lindstrom also contributed since he was the only male sitting at a table with four women. (You would have thought he might have shared one or two.)
Drawing: This time the scribe is positive that Donna Lormor handled the drawing and that Ben Pagenelli was unsuccessful in his drawing but is unsure how much Ben was drawing for and who won the ten free tickets.
Speaker: Paul Alvestad introduced speaker Jan Angel, the Republican state senator from this district, who spoke on Reflections of the 2017 Legislative Session. She indicated that she is on three committees (the first two of which she now chairs) which are the financial institutions and insurance (not health), the local government and the law and justice. She traced a bill traveling though the legislative process. Much of her talk was devoted to the three budgets: transportation, operation and capital. The legislative process was delayed into three extra sessions on the capital budget by inaction of the legislature on solving the Supreme Court decision in the Whatcom County Superior Court case known as Hirst which effectively held that a private well on non-city property could not be dug in this state. (This is not an accurate representation of what Hirst did, but it is a common misperception. See Tim Williams if you want clarification.)
Adjournment: As promised, at 8:30 am sharp.