Posted by Alan Weaver
Opening Bell:  Right on time at 7:30 am by President Tom Borgen.
Opening matters:
            Greeters:  None spotted. Invocation:  red badger Eric McGinnis. Pledge of Allegance (but correctly spelled Allegiance. Sorry Tom):  Fred Labayen. Song: Scheduled to be the reliable and on key Hal Cline but before he could open his mouth “America the Beautiful” broke out from the southwest corner of the room. Four Way Test:  John Hopkins.
Visiting Rotarians:  Bob Cairns of Port Orchard.
 Guests of Rotarians:  Sophie Perkins’ friends David Holsinger and Don Asburn; Lyn Junge; Emma Conway’s two small but cute children Jack and Willa (whose accent was only minimal); and Al Bucholz’s daughter Susan Jensen.
Announcements and Reports:
  1.  New Park:  Both President Tom and Mayor Jill Guernsey reported on the opening of the remodeled Skansie Brothers Park in downtown Gig Harbor.
  2. President Tom showed a picture and reported on Bob and Jan Martin’s accident in which their camper was T-boned in Montana and left on its side but, fortunately, only very minor injuries to those involved in the accident. The woman who hit them is the wife of the owner of the largest motorhome dealer in Montana! Go figure.
  3. President Tom presented the Club’s new logo on a 6’ by 3’ canvas sign.
  4. Sharon Shaffer reported on the Food Festival scheduled for Saturday, July 29th, and the need for a few more individuals to sign up to assist.  Sharon also mentioned the Volunteer Appreciation Day event scheduled for Tuesday, June 6th at the Gig Harbor Yacht Club.
  5. The mowing cleanup of the Wollochet intersection on State Route 16 will again be handled by Paul Alvestad and his crew on June 10 and maybe later on a portion of the Cushman Trail if time permits.
  6. Veronica Hooper reported on the Girls on the Run 5 kilometer (3.1 miles for you non-runners) race for girls which will be held on June 10 at McCormick Woods.
  7. President Tom mentioned that he will be going to the International Rotary Convention in Atlanta this year as will be Walker Sandlin and his daughter who is the president of her Oklahoma Rotary Club.
  8. Paul Alvestad, as if he does not have enough to do, reported on the Club’s Tom Borgen Roast and Marilyn Naylor Memorial Golf Tournament on June 23 which will include for the first time Frisbee golf (which this scribe might be able to handle).  See the email from the Club Runner on Friday morning.
  9. The Rotary - Rainier’s baseball game (actually the Rainiers are playing baseball while the Rotarians will only be watching from the stands) will be held Thursday, July 13th and President Tom hopes to have ten to twelve of our club’s Rotarians in attendance.
  10. Since Keith Harris was not in attendance, the July Parking Space went unsold.
  11. For Two Truths and a Lie President Tom picked on four would be liars whose last name began with “M”.   Debbie Miller, John Mitchell, Chris Myers and Eric McGinnis all proved to be poor liars and were quickly seated.
Fine Master and Happy Bucks:  Mac Pinch did his usual fine job on picking on the membership, particularly those who tried to text to him while he was speaking, especially Walt Paulson.  Although there were several who spoke on Happy Bucks, the most impressive (at least to this scribe) was Fred Labayen who said that his daughter had just become an American citizen.
Drawing:  Larry Olson handled the drawing in which someone won ten free tickets for next week John Winslow successfully drew to the $621 pot. 
Program:  The program consisted of a review of what our club has accomplished since July 1, 2016 and will accomplish in the Club’s next fiscal year.  Because there were so many programs in so many areas and involving so many Rotarians this past year, it would be a disservice to attempt to name them for fear of understating what they did and by accident omitting someone who had accomplished even more.   So the scribe will not attempt to do so.
Adjournment:  President Tom adjourned the meeting a minute or two early.