Speaker Date Topic
Jim Waddell or Ken Balcomb, Center for Whale Resea May 25, 2018
Hope for Our Resident Orcas

Our southern resident killer whales are the iconic species of the Pacific Northwest and have been interconnected with local people for thousands of years. But their survival is now in peril. Their main source of food, Chinook salmon, has declined so much that our orcas are literally starving to death. However, we can still save the Chinook salmon and our orcas if we take decisive action now.

Mel Santos Jun 01, 2018
GH Rotary Year in Review.
Mary Grubbs & Camilla Brocker Jun 08, 2018
Lessons from the Farm from Two Farm girls!
Flag Day Celebration Jun 15, 2018
Flag Day Celebration

Jersich Park

Mary Lynn Pannen, CEO Sound Options Jun 22, 2018
The Cost of Crisis
Mel Santos Jun 29, 2018
Swan Song
District Governor Craig Gillis Visitation Aug 24, 2018