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GH Rotary President Mel Santos presiding
Prior to beginning the official meeting, the President played, “I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth”, Commencement Address at Steubenville University:
Invocation: Al Abbott; Pledge: President Mel; Song: Tim Williams re-introduced us to the George M. Cohan song, “You’re a Grand Old Flag” was sung with gusto; 4-Way Test of the things we Think, Say or Do: Dave Gillespie
Visiting Rotarians: intended to be announced by newest member Derek Young but there were none
Guests: David Holsinger, Guest of Sophie Perkins; Bruce Dull, Guest of John Winslow; Tom Taylor, Guest of Dave Morris
(there may have been others but they were not on the sign-in sheet)
Opening Comments:
  • No Club meeting on November 24
  • Board meeting November 29 (not the 22nd)
  • A few Members received reminders in their badges today that they need to bring their accounts up-to-date.
Reports and Announcements:
  • Melanie Meyer
    • reported that her host family had taken her to Mt. Ellinor in the Olympics
    • went to a “Haunted House” (which was very scary)
    • enjoyed seeing the wide variety of costumes, especially little kids) which is much more spirited than in her home country of Switzerland
    • went to an indoor soccer game – which was very fast
  • Walt Paulsen introduced November birthdays and led the Club in singing “Happy Birthday”.
  • Dave Cathers announced that “Basket Brigade” boxes will be arriving on Monday. If you want boxes to decorate, call Dave (253-278-9251).
  • Annie Arbenz announced that the Christmas/Holiday Party will be “our Club only” on Saturday December 16 at Canterwood. Price and details to come, but be prepared to have FUN!
  • John Eddy announced that the next RAH (Rotary After Hours) will be Wednesday November 8 at Wet Coast Brewery – lots of fun and fellowship.
  • Don Buchanan announced that Salmon Sales officially begins next week and the proceeds will go to “First Tee” a program to help youth experience the fun, rules and challenges of golf to shape the lives of young people from all walks of life by reinforcing values like integrity, respect and perseverance through the game of golf.
Fine-master: Paul Willett wanted to levy fines on several Members, but they were not in attendance. However, he did find a “newspaper report” that was widely different than what we had heard from Past-DG Bob Martin on the “total” loss of his RV in Missoula. Bob was preparing to pay until Paul claimed the report indicated that Bob had his “daughter” with him. At that he put away his wallet and let Paul know Jan should pay.
Raffle: Larry Olson conducted the raffle – Marcia Harris (can this be true) won 10 free for next week and Rod Ladd (not again) drew the white chip and $15.
Program: Life Readiness Program at Peninsula School District. Erin O’Neil and John Selfers. They led us on a week-by-week progress of this new program. They emphasized the collaboration with private construction entities – including grants and presentations by contractors. Emphasis is on safety and work protocols (like looking the supervisor in the eye, being on the job site 30 minutes before time to clock-in. Lots of hands-on experience. They are working with a Regional Pre-Apprenticeship Collaborative. They are build an operation shed for the school district rather than building something and then tearing it down. In the near future, they will be working with masons, ironworkers and laborers. They want to build a tiny-house They are seeking industry certifications, including from Labor and Industries to give the students a leg up in gaining employment following high school graduation. A local architecture firm is working with them to upgrade their “shop”. Right now, they are planning for the senior year for the juniors and perhaps an adult education program in the evening. This seems to be the only such program in Washington state.
Classification Talk – Annmarie Huppert
We have seen an earlier presentation about her professional work as an author, a therapist and work with PTSD, so she focused on the more personal aspects of her life. She shared many personal experiences as a child and into adulthood which shaped her life. Annmarie graduated from Curtis HS, where she played varsity softball and won the “Most Inspirational” Award in her senior year. She went on to Pierce College where she earned two Associate degrees and then went to The Evergreen State College-Tacoma where she earned a B.A. in Psychology and Public Policy. She loves heavy-metal rock music, gardening, horses, hiking (Mt. Rainier), her .357 magnum, quantum physics. She wears hearing aids, is immune-challenged and has suffered TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). She lives with her partner here in Gig Harbor. She has a son who works in Hollywood that she is very proud of. Annmarie even walked the Red Carpet with him for the premiere of one of the movies on which he did detailed artwork. Annmarie is looking forward to opportunities to serve with the Rotary Club of Gig Harbor.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30
Notes by Walker Allen