We're just about a month away from our big end-of-the-year/start-of-the-year celebration, The Installation Dinner. We'll welcome incoming president Ken Hegvedt and his board (M*A*S*H*-themed outfits are appropriate), kick David Nelson out of office, smile about the Rotary year that was and note the good we've done in our community, award our Citizen of the Year and honor our members with perfect attendance and other accolades. It's a highlight of the year and hopefully everyone has cleared their calendar for 6-9 p.m. on Tuesday, June 19. We'll meet at the Cloverleaf in East Bremerton, dinner is pizza and salad, and we'll announce the cost in the coming weeks as we get number finalized (shouldn't be more than $20). Please look for a sign-up sheet over the next few weeks and contact John Armstrong with questions. If you have photos from club events from the past year, please share them with Jeramey Probert, who is creating a video presentation. 
This week's program will be Steve Treanor, a small business owner in Bremerton and a prospective member (he should be official next week, in fact). Steve will talk to us about the IT world in today's business climate. 
Last week's speaker, Josh Farley, told us about an exciting event coming up on June 23, when he'll host a day-long "Bridge to Bridge" walk with several events. More information is at this link, and as an added bonus we've learned that EBR association Connie Merrill will be hosting one of the scavenger hunt stations, at the old Bay Bowl. Josh asked for our involvement by simply showing up at this fun event (or at least the pub crawl at 4 p.m....), so if you've got June 23 open please join the fun.