Rotarian dentists from Cherry Creek, Colorado donate PPE to the Bay Islands they had in storage with the Rotary Club of Roatan.
On Friday September 11, 2020, the The Bay Islands Health Department, represented by Doctor Jayleen Coleman received vital donations of personal protective equipment (PPE) from a dental brigade formed by Denver Cherry Creek Dental Mission from Colorado. It was founded by the Rotary Club of Cherry Creek, Denver, Colorado and has expanded through the years.
Several countries in Central and South America have received visits from this dedicated group of volunteers. Through the years they have provided free dental treatment to more than eight thousand men, women and children that has an estimated value that exceeds $2,000,000.
Last year, La Ceiba was their 24th mission and they had their second visit at Jungle School where the students received necessary dental care. At this time, they are planning and working towards a new mission on Roatan in October 2021. But they could also see that Honduras and The Bay Islands were struggling due to a shortage of PPE to keep their medical staff safe. So they yet again had the urge to help and reached out to the Rotary club of Roatan to organize a donation of the supplies they had in storage on Roatan and that the medical staff at the hospital and COVID Treatment Centre were in dire need.
The Bay Islands was represented at the donation event by its Governor and fellow Rotarian, Dino Silvestri who was highly appreciative of the donation as both the COVID-19 Treatment Centre and Roatan Public Hospital were more or less out of both gloves and masks.
“We are very thankful for this donation,” states Governor and Rotarian Silvestri. “It protects the doctors when treating the patients and minimizes the chances for cross contamination.”
The generous donation included disposable gloves, face masks, gauze, disinfectant, reusable safety glasses, and alcohol pads.
The donation was organized by the Rotary Club of Roatan members. Rotarians Angela and Roger Bjoroy-Karlsen and Dino Silvestri delivered the donation on behalf of the Rotary Club of Cherry Creek, Denver and the Rotary Club of Roatan.