The Caesar Rodney Rotary Club of Wilmington Delaware ("CRRC") and the Wilmington Junior Chamber of Commerce ("Jaycess") , also of Wilmington Delaware, have formed a working relationship which will be a benefit to both service clubs and the community as well. 


Wilmington Delaware
June 1 2011

During the Fall of 2009, the CRRC Board discussed the possibility of forming a working relationship with the Wilmington Jaycees, a local service organization composed of young professionals aged 21-41.  The Jaycees have a very enthusiastic membership dedicated to performing service projects within the city.  The idea was that if we could form a successful working relationship with this young organization, the resulting community service effort would be enhanced and at the same time the Caesar Rodney Rotary Club could provide a pathway for those retiring Jaycees who would like to continue with community service work (the Junior Chamber of Commerce bylaws specify that members are required to retire upon reaching their 42nd birthday) .

It was determined that in initial meetings with representatives from the Wilmington Jaycees Board that they, too, shared in this concept.  Further meetings between the two organizations led to the development of a relationship document which was signed by representatives of both boards on June 1, 2011. 

As background information, the Caesar Rodney Rotary Club was chartered by Rotary International on May 25 1989 and today has 63 active members with 9 very active charter members.  The Wilmington Jaycees is a chapter of the United States Junior Chamber and the Delaware Jaycees.    This chapter was chartered on March 18th 1941 and today has an equivalent number of members.

Aspects of our newly formed relationship include:

  • Sharing of communications and promotional materials so members of both clubs can benefit from all events and projects sponsored by each club.
  • Both clubs will search for opportunities to promote this relationship where possible in external communications.  This should help the branding of both service organizations.
  • Both clubs will work together to promote membership in each other's club.  And, the Caesar Rodney Rotary Club will provide a pathway for retiring Jaycees wishing to continue their community service.
  • Both clubs will work together to complete at least one major project during each year and both clubs will open as many club sponsored events as possible to the other club.

To make sure this relationship is working to the benefit of both clubs, both boards will meet at least one time per year to review the relationship and to set goals for the upcoming 12 months

The Caesar Rodney Rotary Club is very excited to be a partner with the Wilmington Jaycees and we look forward to working with them for the benefit of each club and the community.