AVID mentor Paul Pazooki greets AVID students attending club's meeting.

With the help of businesses and community members, and as part of its AVID mentorship program, Bremerton Rotary has donated computers to 80 Bremerton High School AVID students since March 2015. AVID stands for Advancement through Individual Determination and the program is aimed at helping students who would be the first in their families to attend college. We have some 40 additional computers including operation system that are in need of some IT work and hope to have them ready before the start of 2016/2017 school year.
During planning sessions with high school staff and the Rotary mentor coordinators, the teachers commented that a good number of the students did not have access to computers after school, except via the public library. The Rotarians set out in search of computers at low cost to take of this issue. The students applied for receiving a computer and were chosen by their teachers based on need.


Bremerton Rotary would like to thank the following businesses and individuals for making this donation possible:

  • Guy Stitt of AMI International, East Bremerton Rotary member and AVID mentor, for obtaining the initial donation
  • Lockheed Martin other companies for donation of the computers
  • Microsoft Citizenship & Public Affairs for donating software
  • Aaron Lanetske of Olympic IT Services for donating IT work
  • Kitsap Paratransit for additional hardware and IT work
  • Jim Nall and Brandon Nall of Paladin Data Systems for obtaining additional donations and IT work
  • John Stockwell and his staff of Convergence Technologies for IT work

Through the AVID program, Rotary mentors as well as community members meet regularly with groups of 3 to 5 AVID students from all four high school classes, talking about their own professions and inviting them to tour their workplaces. The current school year marks the 5th year of the AVID mentorship program.