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International service is an important part of every Rotary club's mission. In recent years, we have supported three Rotary clubs in Oaxaca, Mexico. First we made it possible for one club to purchase a portable ultrasound machine to give pregnancy exams in remote villages. Then we bought computers for a program serving autistic children. Then we supporteed a service project in small four remote mountain villages that involved providing medical exams and nutritional counseling.
Currently, we are supporting a project in on Malapascua Island in The Philippines to rebuild an elementary school devastated a few years ago when the area was hit by Typhoon Yolanda. We also made a contribution to a Global Grant to improve water supplies in Kenya. This project was administered by Port Orchard Rotary Club.

For several years we partnered with the Rotary Club of Mulege, Mexico, on the Baja California Peninsula, to serve the town's residents.  We paid for replacement of one of the town's two water pumps and construction of a new, larger the water storage tank.  We also donated to their eyeglasses bank and provided free dental care from one of our members.  We provided air conditioning and a van to a local elementary school.

In the past, our club has helped put in a new well to provide safe drinking water in India.  We once delivered a load of computers to a high school in a North Korean village, and later provided them with a shipment of much-needed fertilizer.  We participated in chartering and supporting a new Rotary club in the east Russian city of Blagoveschenk, after the collapse of the Soviet Union.