How To Apply for a Grant

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This form may be downloaded from our website. It is available under Downloads in either .pdf or .doc format


Bremerton Rotary Club
Request for Funding

Requests for funding must be submitted in writing via email as a PDF to or THREE COPIES sent via mail to Bremerton Rotary / PO Box 242, Bremerton, WA 98337. 

Organizations are encouraged to submit request a minimum of 60 days prior to date funds are needed.  To request funds from Bremerton Rotary Club, please provide the following information in the order listed:     

  1. Organization information:
    a.     Organization name
    b.     Organization address
    c.      Organization web site
    d.     Contact name, phone number & email (person completing request for funding)
    e.     Name and contact information for executive director
    f.      List of staff and board of directors for organization
    g.     Proof of non-profit status

  2. A statement including the organization’s mission statement, and a description of the organization’s impact on the local community. Include any recent accomplishments (no more than 1 page).
  3. A summary of the proposed program or project, including specific goals, objectives and a timeline or statement of the duration of the program.  Please indicate who will be served/benefit from the program/event, and the potential impact of program or event on the local community (no more than 2 pages).
  4. Budget information including:
    a.     The total budget for the project
    b.     The dollar amount requested from Bremerton Rotary
    c.     A list of other sources of support for the project or program (organizations committed to project/event   
           as well as those you plan to approach for funding)
    d.     If the request is to support an ongoing program, how will the program be funded when initial funds are
    e.     Statement indicating if your organization been funded by Bremerton Rotary in the past and if yes, list date,
            project name and amount funded

  5. A statement outlining recognition the Bremerton Rotary Club will receive for its support.  Examples include:  logo or mention in advertising, program, newsletter or poster; social media or web site exposure; recognition at event or other organization event/function, etc.
  6. Other than money, are there other ways our Club might help your organization, such as volunteering?

The Rotary Club requires a summary report at the end of the organization’s fiscal year or at the end of the project for which funds were requested.  This report should include how funds were used and the impact on our community. (one copy; same addresses as above)  at the end of the organization’s fiscal year or at the end of the project for which funds were requested.  This report should include a description of recognition given to Bremerton Rotary, and copies/photos/screen shots of any marketing materials or other Rotary recognition.