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Sounds of the Season Dec 20, 2017
Sounds of the Season and Maybe Congressman Kilm er
Sounds of the Season and Maybe Congressman Kilm er

The program for this week keeps morphing.  We were scheduled to have Congressman Derek Kilmer be our speaker for the day, but at the time of this editing, he will most likely still be in Washington D.C. trying to keep the  lights on in Congress.  Congressman Kilmer's Legislative Aide, Rob Richards, will be on had to take some questions and refer them back to the Congressman.



We will have our own Rotarian, Bill Brown, providing some holiday sounds of the season and most likely will end up singing some Christmas Carols together..



Tony Sermonti- Jan 03, 2018
The Role of the Lobbyist in the Legislative Process
The Role  of the Lobbyist in the Legislative Process

Aberdeen Native Tony Sermonti runs his own lobbying and public relations firm.  He is an Weatherwax HIgh School Graduate and was an Eagle Scout.  Tony advises top government decision makers and industry executives on a wide range of policy, political affairs, and communications with the public and top opinion leaders.  Through a deep understanding of the state political scenes and messages that resonate, and navigating government agencies and regulations, Tony has a history of bipartisan policy achievements and national media relations and campaign experience.

As our state Representatives and Senators start another session, Tony will provide us some insight on how the legislative process works and how as a lobbyist, he has been able to make a difference.

ROAD TRIP - Satsop Business Park Jan 17, 2018

Alyissa Shay, the Business Development Officer to the Satsop Business Park has invited us to come and visit. There is nothing quite as iconic as traveling westward on Highway 12 and seeing the Twin Cooling Towers from the former proposed nuclear site.

We will be meeting with Alyssia for lunch and she will be providing us with an update on business activities at the Business Park and possible future plans.  The park is now home to around 30 tenants including Fulller Hill Development, LLC, Overstock.com, Grays Harbor Energy, Xpress Natural Gas, Parking for Pasha Automotive and 13,000 Volkswagons, and much more.

This is a must road trip and we will need to get RSVPs for OBriens to provide box lunches.