Fellow Rotarians:
Would you like to see the fruits of all your donations? Since 2001 we have had the privilege of implementing projects in Western Province in Kenya. We are putting forward the possibility of an organised tour in February 2019 to the area where we have been working and where the projects have taken place. 
We believe Rotarians and others would welcome the availability of an organised ‘adventure holiday’ where they could catch a glimpse of the real Africa and the people who have benefited from your generosity, opening the lines of communication and friendship. 
For an outline of the tour, please contact kenyatembo@gmail.com. Detailed supplementary information is available. Our phone number is 250 385 6166. We would love to have you join us, but if you are not able, please pass this opportunity along to others. Thank you. 
Yours in Rotary. Patricia and Rod Crossley