Posted by Kim McGowan on Sep 23, 2018

With permission from our District Public Image Chair we are launching the District 5020 Member Facebook Group. A Facebook "Group" invites members to join. Once accepted into the closed group - they are encouraged  to contribute, post and comment on District wide Rotary topics, so this is for "internal" communications among District 5020 Rotarians and friends such as youth exchange students,  Interact, Rotaract, alumni, etc etc. 



A Facebook "Group" is opposed to the District's current Facebook "page" which is an ideal way to market Rotary "externally" to the world.

RD5370 formed a Group page around 8 years ago and it is now just shy of 1800 participants.  There, it's become an important tool.  I believe it can become an important too for our District as well.  Have you ever wondered how to ... ?  An FB Group is a very effective way to find out if there is prior experience or current interest within our own District.  It's a great way to let other Rotarians know your interests and to share ideas.  As an administered group, only Rotarians and friends of Rotary are admitted; posts to the group are not anonymous; this does tend to keep discussions civil and supportive.  As an administered (or closed) group, posts are visible only to members.

Worried about the whole world knowing your business through Facebook?  Facebook can only know what you tell it.  You must give it sufficient information for a positive and unique identification [ about the same amount as needed for any other online account, beyond that it is up to you.  Afraid FB might be hacked?  Anything is possible - how easy would it be to pick the lock on your back door and how much information would then be exposed?  Life is all about risk management.

This FB Group has been initiated by and is administered by Kevin Hilgers, RC Victoria - Harbourside. 

To see the posts you have to join.  Go to:

District 5020's new Facebook Group:

and click < Join Group >