Posted by Dan Parker on Dec 10, 2017
A Rotary Moment: Service above self
Before we began our Christmas lunch Past President Dan Parker asked us to think about the difference Rotary Victoria is making to our community and the world. 
He told us that as he prepared breakfast with his wife it made him think of a school in town where more than 50% of the children go to school hungry and Rotary has helped by providing meals for these children.  As he was driving downtown he saw a foreigner driving and remembered that another Rotarian from our club has donated driving lessons so new citizens could drive and get employment . His own company has hired 20 Syrians to create an opportunity for them. As he drove further he noticed a food share truck and thought about how Rotary Victoria created the opportunity and funded the start of this program to feed the hungry. Internationally, he thought of how two of our own had started various educational projects in schools, provided clean water and sanitation through Rotary in rural Kenya. What id Rotary ran the world with its 4-way test....