There are now two Banner Collection albums:

  1. Club banners, and
  2. Other Rotary related banners

Both have been recently updated.  Hover over a banner image to see information on that banner.  With the Club Banners, I have tried to include information on the Club (location and RI District) and about the contributor [name, and date]. 

The Club information is reasonably compete but frequently very hard to come by, particularly in countries where the roman alphabet is not normally used.  Club names are not used consistently and are frequently not clear from the RI Club Finder database.  Where available, I have used the club name as it appears in the Club's website - which may vary somewhat from the banner itself - usually it is just a matter of form: RC of where's-it, or where's-it RC.

The information I have on contributors is quite sparse and may not be accurate; if you are able to provide me with additional information it would be greatly appreciated.  

When you present a banner to the Club, it is very helpful if you write your name on the back and add any information about how and when it came into your possession.  We can then photograph and catalog it - and return it to you.

Because of space considerations the Club is no longer retaining banners but the photos do provide a nice historical record of our members' perambulations and of visitors to our Club.

Kim McGowan, Webmaster