Palliative Care Involvement in Nepal
Jan 30, 2024
Robyn Dunstan, Dr. Robin Love, Leslie Sunby
Palliative Care Involvement in Nepal

Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration (Canada) has been involved since 2003 in international palliative care program development and training, primarily in SE Asia. Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration is harnessing Canadian and International health care knowledge and leadership to assist healthcare professionals in less resourced countries in palliative care, end-of-life care and cancer control strategies. Together our volunteers and partners are collaborating to overcome barriers such as lack of training, diagnostic services and treatment infrastructure.

Two Worlds Cancer has embraced the latest communications technologies to help further palliative care training, collaboration and mentorship in South and Southeast Asia. The Project ECHO Pediatric Palliative Care Program – an innovative, bi-weekly online-education program – delivers palliative care training via video conferencing to healthcare providers in five countries in the region.


Dr. Robin Love Palliative Care Doctor in Nanaimo - involved with Two Worlds for 15 years
Lesley Sundby is a Nursing professor at VIU - involved with Two Worlds for 15 years.
Robyn Dunstan RN and Palliative Care Coordinator in Victoria -attended  recent Two Worlds trip to Nepal for her first involvement.