China today
Jun 16, 2022
Dr. James Boutilier
China today


Most accounts treat China in superlative terms; possibly the world's largest economy; certainly the world's largest population. China has the world's largest navy, the longest high speed rail network, and the world's largest hydroelectric dam. But beneath the triumphalism, there is another China; insecure, almost friendless, reviled by much of the world, and deeply anxious about its economy.

Our speaker Dr. Jim Boutilier, explores the Janus-like character of the People's Republic of China and reflects on some likely futures for China.

Dr. James Boutilier served for several years as Special Advisor, International Engagement at Maritime Forces Pacific Headquarters, Canada’s Pacific Coast naval formation, in Esquimalt. Dr. Boutilier attended Dalhousie University (BA History, 1960), McMaster University (MA History, 1962), and the University of London (PhD History, 1969). Dr. Boutilier has held posts at various universities throughout his career, including the University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji, Royal Roads Military College in Victoria, British Columbia and the University of Victoria. Dr. Boutilier’s field of expertise is Asia-Pacific defence and security.  He published RCN in Retrospect in 1982 and has written extensively on maritime and security concerns.  He lectures nationally and internationally on political, economic, and global security developments.  In recognition of his efforts to advance maritime affairs in Canada, Dr. Boutilier is the recipient of the Vimy Award (2016) and the Admirals’ Medal (2016).