Mental Health and Creativity
May 26, 2022
Michelle Emmanuelle
Mental Health and Creativity

Michelle is an educator, wellness coach and consultant. She has over 15 years in education, facilitation and conflict resolution support. Michelle works with a diverse cross section of leaders and organizations from the Professional Women’s Group with Dress for Success to the Global Leadership team of Cisco Meraki. She values the power of connection and creating safe spaces for people to thrive.

Michelle uses her background as a 500hr certified yoga instructor, wellness coach and somatic practitioner to help individuals embody the changes that they seek to attain.

Her services include burnout recovery support, mindset for success, yoga, nutrition, Anti-Racism, sustainable DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) practices and group  and one on one coaching for burnout recovery.

About the topic: Mental Health and Creativity

This discussion is intended to give you a little bit of background in boosting your creative juices to support your mental health. Creativity helps to improve mental cognition, reduce stress and decrease anxiety. Discover and explore some low risk and high reward options for increased creativity in your life!