As you may know, our Club played a key role in the formation of the Food Rescue Program that launched this past Thursday in Esquimalt. It was a very special day for Rotary, The Mustard Seed Street Church, The Victoria Foundation and Thrifty Food’s with the official opening of the Food Distribution Centre. Our hard work in fund-raising has manifested itself in this wonderful program from which thousands of needy Victorians will benefit.

The car raffle that has been a part of our Club for many years concluded its legacy of hard work and dedication by many Rotarians and friends of Rotary in 2015. That year, our Club teamed up with other Rotary Clubs to raise 100,000 which was matched Victoria Foundation. The total of $200,000 was donated to the startup of the Food Rescue Program. We should all be proud to be part of such an amazing community venture. One that we hope will be around for many years to come.

Check out the link:

Thank you for your time and efforts. You do make a difference! :)

Sincerely, Janet Power


The Gatsby Gala & the reason so many of us volunteer our time, expertise and even sometimes money to raise funds .... we care about others and "Making a difference" comes from LIVING the Four Way Test... not just saying it.... some evidence of this.  Thursday, I was at the official grand opening of the Food Distribution Warehouse and the Food Rescue Project... WOW... I am so proud to say I belong to the Rotary Club that helped get this off the ground.  Through the huge efforts of Gordon G. and a large number of us who volunteered our time, it is now launched and having an actual effect in peoples lives right here in our home town.  Please give yourselves a hand!!!

We here, right now, today, join thousands of like hearted Rotarians around the help in this astounding crisis of Hunger... The basis of survival... no good can come from Literacy or Medicine for malnourished people who are constantly searching for food for basic survival; And some of those people live right here in our home town... children that go to school hungry!  The Mustard Seed Executive Director told us at the Launch for the Food Rescue Project… 50,000 people go hungry in the CRD…. That number to me is staggering… and extremely moving.  

I am talking about this because our MEC, with the Boards approval is working hard to make our Major Fundraiser this year, a success.... and by success, I mean the amount of funds we raise to continue helping in our community... to feed those hungry children!  The Board has approved our suggestion to donate 50% of the funds we raise from the Gala to the Food Rescue Project and more directly to providing nutrition to school children.  Through the continued work of our President Janet P., Carol N. and Paulette M. they were able to approach the Victoria Foundation, who agreed to match our funds raised towards this effort of feeding children....Thank you Janet, Carol and Paulette... well done !  The other 50% will be retained in our Rotary account for Community Needs approved by the Community Needs Committee and your Board.

This brings me back to all of us, as we do need everyone’s help...  Your MEC and Your Board cannot do this by ourselves.... we need your help to make this fundraiser successful in order to continue our good work in the community- locally & globally.  How can you help?  We need Silent Auction Items and Live Auction Items:

  1. Bring in a bottle of wine please- 50 bottles auctioned off as a package can raise $2000!  Out of 82 members in our club we have now 8 bottle so far... so please bring them in as soon as possible.
  2. Take those envelopes which have a Sponsor letter and a Flyer of the Gala (We will have them at every meeting)....go to your Car Dealer, Hair Salon, Banker, Real Estate Agent, Spa, Fitness Centre, Restaurant. Tourism provider. Air line, Travel Agent, Gold Club, Hotel, Chocolate Shop, Adventure tour provider, Winery, Grocer, Art Gallery.. you get the idea....  And just get one thing.... if you get more... awesome.... but if each one of you found just one thing we would have all we need.
  3. Live Auction : we have 1 wk in Hawaii (Ken P.), Byron H. is working on a Mexico pkg., Eric and Dan are working on a Kitchen Renovation package, MEC is working on a wine barrel: Right now we need: a) Airline tickets for two to Hawaii and b) Airline tickets to London UK and/or Mexico

Please come to me if you have any ideas for Live Auction Items and I know several others have mentioned to me they are working on possible items...  If any of you are working on something please let us know as soon as possible.  We all appreciate anything you can do to help make our Fundraiser the best we can...  When you have items you can bring them in to us at the luncheon or call me and we can arrange a pick up for you.

Remember we are working to help children in our own community that go to school hungry every day.... Let's make a difference together.... We can!  Thank you to all those who work so hard to help others.

Yours in Rotary,

Lynnell and the MEC