Posted by Susan Gajewski on Mar 26, 2020
These are certainly crazy and scary times with many businesses closing, folks staying home, mixed messages on the news and the uncertainty of what we can buy for food and supplies. I hope everyone is feeling okay and helping neighbors and older folks as best as they can. Be safe. 
Due to the Coronavirus and the recommendation for social distancing, we will not be meeting in-person until further notice.  We don’t know when the restaurants will be allowed to re-open or when the ban will be lifted concerning gatherings of ten or more people. I really miss all of you and miss our fun weekly gathering. 
Our 25th annual Essay Contest was to be held on April 8th will be postponed and is dependent on the school schedule and whether or not the students go back to school this spring. We haven’t made any definite plans yet. 
Our centennial celebration is postponed and will hopefully be scheduled this fall. Fausto is going to talk to Gina at the farm about their available dates and we will keep you posted. All of the Rotarians from the UK have had to cancel their travel plans to attend in May but I hope they can make it in the fall. 
Stay healthy and we hope you can enjoy this time with your families. 
I think that’s everything but if anyone has questions, please reply to this email and I’ll do what I can to get your answers.
All the best to everyone.