Posted by Kaitlin Tito on Nov 11, 2020
  • Patrisha is a photojournalist who started this project as a way to bring awareness to the issue of domestic violence
  • After her husband's arrest, she was surprised by how many people shared their own stories of abuse
  • The project is an exhibit of photographs captioned by the subject as well as audio recordings
  • There are also banners throughout Camden's Main St. featuring photos of survivors and the Maine Domestic Abuse Helpline number
  • People often feel very alone in these situations, but the patterns are consistent and easy to see in large numbers
  • Isolation due to COVID will likely exacerbate the problem for people who are in abusive relationships
  • Finding Our Voices is not a service organization, but points people in the right direction to get help
  • They are working on a new initiative - to inform people of the link between pet abuse and domestic abuse
  • Half of all murders in Maine are the result of a domestic abuse situation
  • Lax sentencing for domestic abusers is a problem - often no jail time or case is dismissed (especially due to COVID/crowded jails)
  • The organization would like to expand their campaign to our area next year
  • Please contact Patrisha if you would like to be involved in any way
I very much enjoyed meeting you and your Rotary Club and thank you again for the invitation.
I am excited about the assistance  that was offered to bring domestic abuse awareness to the Saco/Biddeford community in 2021.
Thank you for sharing my contact info with the group from today, and particularly the two men that said they will help me with legislators and the downtown group.
My email address is and cell number 207 322 6460.
On the web at: 
Kindest regards,  
Patrisha McLean
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