Posted by Kaitlin Tito on Apr 17, 2020
Hi everyone!
Here are the notes from yesterday's meeting:
  • Grant goes to the club to combat food insecurity (not COVID-19 specific)
  • Don has already made a verbal request and we are in the queue to receive a check
  • Reports will need to be furnished to document use of funds
  • Don will have conversation with Fausto regarding how we hope to use the funds
  • Melissa believes they are in good shape for the next 2 weeks
  • Long term donors have been contributing funds
  • A United Way grant was received via Tom's of Maine
  • 90 packages were distributed last week
  • 75 packages are being prepared for tomorrow
  • Brenda attempted to contact Stone Soup but phone was disconnected
  • She did speak with Toni at the Saco food pantry - money would be great but food donations are better
  • Please see Brenda's detailed email for a list of suggested food donations
  • Biddeford is requesting many of the same items as Saco, as well as toiletries and marshmallows
  • Conrad contacted Market Basket regarding 'Stuff the Bus' - waiting to hear back from Tewksbury HQ
  • Don raised the issue of consumers having less disposable income for this type of fundraiser
  • Melissa mentioned the possibility of purchasing bulk items from Sysco which can be repackaged for food pantry
  • OOB is providing gift certificates to families who request assistance
  • They are currently working with 20-30 families, providing help as needed
  • Hannaford gift certificates are preferred due to alcohol/tobacco/lottery limitations
  • The food pantry was closed due to food availability and safety concerns
  • Families have been working out transportation to grocery store on their own - no issues so far
  • $500 worth of gift certificates ($50 each) for OOB - UNANIMOUS
  • $1,000 donation to Seeds of Hope - UNANIMOUS
  • $1,500 ($500 each) for Apex and Saco and Biddeford food pantries - UNANIMOUS
  • Don to drop off 2 bottles of hand sanitizer to Saco food pantry
  • Don is also reaching out to IHOP owner regarding pancake mix
  • Brenda talking to Toni / CJ to Don Bisson about repackaging bulk food
  • Marty to contact Big Tree Hospitality regarding potential excess food
  • Next meeting is at 2 PM
  • Roland has a family member in the maple syrup industry (Saco food pantry requested syrup)
  • Paulette has a tax exempt Sam's Club card and is willing to check inventory
  • Walmart allows Apex to reserve large quantities of food - we may be able to piggyback
Thank you,
From Don:  I dropped off 3 bottles of sanitizer at the Saco Food Pantry today 
From Marty:  Kaitlin, thanks so much for these very well done minutes. I'm sorry I had to jump off before the end of the call. How did we decide to notify grantees?
From Brenda:  If I recall correctly, We’re planning on donating food. I am contacting Toni to see if they will take bulk food. If not, I will contact Melissa, and see if we can piggyback with her Walmart for the things on the Saco Pantry list.
CJ – I think if you could do the same in Biddeford with Don and let me and or Melissa know, that would be great.
Conrad will ask for the money from Fausto and Sue since he is committee chair.
Conrad, can you also give the check the $500 check to Melissa for APEX?
Marty should be the one to bring the check to Seeds of Hope.
Conrad will bring the 10 $50 gift cards to OOB.
The checks for the Saco and Biddeford food pantry, $500 each, will be made to either Walmart or Apex or Sysco. That still needs to be determined.
Sound good?
From Conrad: 
Marty, Kaitlin, Brenda, CJ,
Yes we should have discussed it yesterday. I would agree that the Rotary contact person should notify the recipient agency contact person. 
We also will need  to know who the check should be made out to and a mailing address to send/ deliver the check to. Please send that to me and I will work with Susan to get the checks. 
Thanks everyone for jumping in I was delivering food to my 96 year old Aunt. ( I think that counts as a trip
I can leave the House  for). 
Stay Healthy, Conrad