Posted by Brenda Pollock on May 13, 2020
May 13, 2020
Marty opened the meeting at 12 noon with the Pledge of Allegiance
4-way test – Mark N.
Invocation – Roland – Moment of silence
Sargent of Arms: HAPPY DOLLARS
  • Alecia for the weather
  • Brian is heading back to Maine on Sunday
  • Dr. Joe the dock is going in the river
  • Ken is happy to be here for the 100th Anniversary
  • Mark N –  Due to bad internet connect, we were unable to hear Mark.
  • Conrad – is working around the house
  • Bill – happy to see everyone and Tyler graduated from UNH
  • Marty – Held a webinar with businesses Maine Street Biddeford all supportive and hopeful about the future.
  • Brian for his backgrounds
  • Brenda for calling Marty Martin
  • Alicia – for being cute
Don Pilon joined the meeting and resumed the duties of President Elect.
  • Conrad – COVID 19 committee meets on Thursday afternoons. This week we’ll discuss the international request. We’re at the $4000 with another $2400 in the account.
  • Roland Grants – Only the district grants have a deadline of June 1st. We have to submit the application by June 1st and sign a memorandum of understanding. Brian will sit through the volunteer process.
  • David Underhill reached out to Roland to remove the DDF grant until July 1st.
  • Conrad updated that 10 bags of food to the Saco food pantry and they were appreciative regarding the donation we made.
  • Volunteers are needed at Biddeford Food Pantry.
  • Bill asked about opportunities to help the food banks.
On the 100th Anniversary of the club, Rotarians stated why they belonged to the club. 
  • Brian – Joined at the invitation of my boss in San Diego in 2000. When I was young I was impressed with the work our club did with building the bike path down the Ferry Road.
  • Brenda – Originally joined in the 90’s. Being a Rotarian gives me a bigger purpose - To do good in the community and hopefully inspire her grandchildren to become Rotarians.
  • Dr. Joe – In the 70’s he was introduced and felt it was good for his business but it was the Youth Exchange Program that moved him.
  • Marty – Enjoys giving back but especially enjoys working with the youth.
  • Alicia – Was always a Girl scout as a child and Rotary allows her to continue what she believes in: giving back.
  • Roland a Rotarian for 21 years was struck by an article of a Little girl in Mexico – The club purchased a wheelchair for her and has been hooked on international service since.
  • Bill – Felt at home at the club – love the work we do and the club is like an extended family.
  • Kaitlin –Didn’t know how to get involved in community giving and is grateful that Rotary gave her the path to get involved and help others.
  • CJ – Rotary was what she was looking for to volunteer and allowed her to make our communities better.
  • Don – A Rotarian In Connecticut in the 80’s prior to when women were allowed in the club. After his years of public service, he joined the club for fellowship and community service.
  • Ken – A Rotarian since 2006 he joined the lunch club to make a difference to help others and quickly recognized he was working with great teams of likeminded people.
  • Karen A Rotarian for about 20 years now – inability to say no most grateful value most taught her the true value of giving back and the friendships.
  • Conrad – Joined 5 years ago, and thoroughly enjoys everyone’s friendships and all of the good we do around our communities.
  • Fausto via Conrad – He’s enjoyed being president in this anniversary year. He thoroughly enjoys the fellowship and enjoys the good will.
  • Haley - A 14-year Rotarian, the club was so important because her family moved from town to town a lot due to her husband’s military career. Rotary was a way to connect in every community they lived in both personally and professionally.
Please send Happy Dollars, Fines and donations to the Foundation to:
 Biddeford – Saco Rotary Club - PO Box 298  -  Saco, Maine 04072