Dear Rotarians,
The wine tasting is Saturday night and now is the time to sell, sell, sell! The more tickets we sell, the more we make and it’s all for the children!
Also, if you have a silent auction item you’d like to donate, please let us know ASAP. We could really use a few more things.
All-hands-on-deck for clean up, please. The more who stay to help, the faster it will go!
See you all Saturday night,
Heather and Conrad
Wine Tasting Heather MacLean 2018-01-23 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Conrad Welzel on Jan 16, 2018
The Biddeford Saco Rotary is hosting our 12th Annual Wine and Beer Tasting on Saturday January 27th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Pepperal Mill Campus in Biddeford next to Portland Pie. 
Check out our YouTube site created by Joe Genender for our event. 
Also please share this YouTube site with your Facebook and other Social Media friends as well as any appropriate email sites like your neighborhood email list. 
On the You Tube site to make it easier we decided to drive  people to buy tickets on line. Feel free to sell them yourself also. 
If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Heather MacLean or my self.
Thanks, Heather & Conrad

Wine & Beer Tasting YouTube Site Conrad Welzel 2018-01-16 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ken Farley on Dec 30, 2017
Good morning Brian,
I hope the holidays are treating you all well and that your staying nice and warm!
As the committee is hard at work setting up this really fun event (our club has a lot of fun events) we ask that you promote the event through social media and especially Facebook as it is free advertising.  Below is the link for people to buy tickets online.  Just as in years past, the cost of a ticket is $25 and the fees to purchase online are approximately $2 and are passed onto the purchaser.  
Please use this weekend and the New Year holiday to promote the event and begin selling tickets for a great fundraiser for our club.
Thanks a lot and have a Happy New Year!!
Ken Farley
12th Annual Rotary Wine and Beer Tasting Ken Farley 2017-12-30 05:00:00Z 0
Happy Holidays 2017-12-20 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jackson Brown on Dec 19, 2017
Biddeford Saco Rotary Club,
I wanted to send out a reminder to everyone that tomorrow, Wednesday December 20th, we will be meeting at York County FCU at 9AM to deliver the gifts to the families.  We have 14 families, 44 children, so the more volunteers we have the easier it will be.  The weather looks good for tomorrow so there won't be any issues driving to the homes.  Hopefully I'll see you there tomorrow morning!
Thank You!
Christmas Gift Delivery Jackson Brown 2017-12-19 05:00:00Z 0
Posted on Dec 11, 2017
Fellow Rotarians,
The early registration deadline for the Toronto Convention, June 23-27,  expires this Thursday, December 15th.  After that, registration goes up $75, from $345 US to $420 US.  To register for Toronto, click on this link:    
Why should you sign up?
1.  Toronto is a wonderful city.  We will have FUN!
2.  Your bucket list.  Every Rotarian should attend at least one international convention.  This one is really close!
3.  Check off 2 bucket list items.  Take the Maid of the Mist boat ride at Niagara Falls on the way to the convention. It is really cool!
4.  Thank our Canadian neighbors.  Hundreds of Canadians streamed into Maine to help us with our recent power outage.  Let's say thank you and help support the convention hosted by these good neighbors.
5.  Make new friends.  During recent Rotary meetings in Hartford, my wife became fast friends with the wife of one of the incoming district governors from the Toronto area.  They've been texting ever since about their favorite tv show (This is Us) and lots of other things.  You will make new friends from around the world!
6.  Get great ideas.  The convention brings together many wonderful people who are doing wonderful things.  We can get new ideas for our clubs and our district.  I need your eyes and ears to help find these new ideas.  
7.  Engage with others.  You will be able to meet and engage with others who share your passions or spark new passions.  We can bring this energy back to our clubs and our district!
8.  Celebrate with our District Governor Nominee, Andy Glazier, as RI officially elects Andy our District Governor for 2019-20 and elects more than 500 other governors from around the world.
9.  Our district will hold a special event on Monday June 25 at the Second City Toronto improv center (more details and an opportunity to sign up coming after the holidays) and our zone will hold a special event at the Hockey Hall of Fame. Sign up for the Hall of Fame event at
10.  Experience the “internationality” of Rotary.  
Our district is planning a get-together in the Portland area prior to the convention to coordinate our plans and ensure we maximize our Toronto experience. Be part of the fun!
John LoBosco
District Governor Elect, District 7780
RI International Convention 2018 2017-12-11 05:00:00Z 0
THE SALVATION ARMY CHRISTMAS KETTLE Sign up Joe Bassett 2017-12-08 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jackson Brown on Dec 06, 2017
Biddeford Saco Rotary Club,
I wanted to send out a reminder to everyone on what's going on over the next few weeks with Gift Shopping, Gift Wrapping, and the delivery of gifts to the families in need. 
1)  We will be shopping tonight at Walmart, starting at 5PM.  We have a lot of children we will be shopping for so if you can't make it until after 5PM, we will most likely need the help so please come when you can.
2)  We will be wrapping the gifts next Wednesday, the 13th starting at 5:30PM at York County Federal Credit Union, the branch right next to Walmart.  This takes the most time so the more volunteers we have, the better.  Feel free to bring your kids or significant other to help as well.
3)  In two weeks, Wednesday December 20th, we will be delivering the gifts to the families in the morning.  I don't have an exact time yet but we will be meeting at the York County Federal Credit Union branch to pack up our cars to deliver the gifts to the families.  We usually start around 8:30AM - 9AM and will confirm an exact time next week with everyone, so please keep that morning open if possible.
Thank You!
Christmas Gifts for Local Families Jackson Brown 2017-12-06 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jim Audiffred on Nov 27, 2017
By R. Foreman
If you were busy being kind,
Before you knew it you would find
You’d soon forget to think ’twas true
That someone was unkind to you.
If you were busy being glad
And cheering people who seem sad,
Although your heart might ache a bit,
You’d soon forget to notice it.
If you were busy being good,
And doing just the best you could,
You’d not have time to blame some man
Who’s doing just the best he can.
If you were busy being true
To what you know you ought to do,
You’d be so busy you’d forget
The blunders of the folks you’ve met.
If you were busy being right,
You’d find yourself too busy quite
To criticize your brother long,
Because he’s busy being wrong.
If You Were Busy Being Kind Jim Audiffred 2017-11-27 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Karen Chasse on Nov 08, 2017
Dear Rotarians,
As Jackson mentioned at last week's meeting, we will be continuing our $100 Raffle. Tickets are currently being printed and will be distributed at next week's meeting.  That means you will have LESS THAN A MONTH to sell them!  The drawing will be held on Thursday, December 14th from 6-8pm at Duffy's in Old Orchard Beach so please mark your calendar for good drinks and hors d'ouevres.
  • Tickets can be sold to multiple people!  Encourage 4 people to go in on a ticket for $25 each or 5 for $20 each or 10 for $10 each.  They could win $5,000 and split 10 ways that is still a $500 win!
  • When you sell the ticket, please do the following:
    • Sign the “Authorized Signature” spot on the large portion of the ticket and give to the purchaser.
    • Complete the stub and keep it with payment.
    • Return stub with payment to Sabine McGrath or myself.  PLEASE do not turn in your stubs until you have the $100 payment to accompany it.
    • Encourage the purchaser to join us the evening of the drawing.  It is on the ticket – Thursday, December 14, 6-8pm at Duffy's in OOB.
  • If you swap tickets, please email me so I can keep track of who sold or who is now in possession of what ticket number.  You are ultimately responsible for the tickets assigned to you.
If you have any questions, please shoot me a text at 229-4794.  Thanks for supporting our club. 
$100 Raffle Details Karen Chasse 2017-11-08 05:00:00Z 0
District 7780 will be loading its seventh 40 foot container on Saturday, November 18th at Precision Screw Machine Products Inc. 20 Gooch St.
A time has not been set up at this point in time but if you are interested in helping or coming by and watching please send an email to and Dennis Robillard will update you on the start time. Except for once we have finished in less than two hours and that one took less than three hours.
Crutches 4 Africa 2017-11-01 04:00:00Z 0
The $100 Raffle is back on!  Stay tuned for details.
$100 Raffle 2017-11-01 04:00:00Z 0
I think every month is Rotary Foundation Month, because so many of our good works are driven by the money we invest in the Foundation.   I’ve shared my view that Rotary is a peace organization, driven by our local and global attention to the six areas of focus that are the framework for Foundation Grants.
Look again at the many ways District 7780 Rotarians sprang into action to help victims of the hurricanes.  Most of these efforts included the Donor-Advised-Funds of the Rotary Foundation, where stewardship and minimal overhead costs ensure that the dollars get to those who need them. 
Last week we celebrated World Polio Day, and the progress Rotary has made with partner organizations like the CDC, World Health Organization and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Again, this vital, life-saving work runs on the engine of our Rotary Foundation.
During the past months our team has distributed district grant checks to our clubs for worthwhile projects that are now well underway.  This week, we are announcing that our district-grant-funded cultural exchange program will serve the Kakamega Orphanage Care Centre of Kenya, following a recommendation of our district’s international committee.  These funds come from your contributions to the Foundation’s SHARE fund, 50% of which returns to our district in the form of both district and global grant money.
Next week we welcome Rotary International Past Vice President Jennifer Jones to Northern New England, to meet with key donors and celebrate the final push of our 100-for-100 Foundation Centennial campaign.   On an ongoing basis, our District Foundation team led by Marty Helman works on the annual fund, the Paul Harris society, the EREY campaigns, and also on bequest gifts.  In all these ways during November, we will celebrate the annual giving and endowment gifts to our foundation.
The most powerful five words in fundraising are these: “Will you please join me?”
We lead by example.  Put these five words in front of a sentence that combines your personal support of Rotary with the strength of our Foundation.
Will you please join me in one (or more) of these ways?
Dave Underhill, District 7780 Governor
November is Rotary Foundation Month 2017-11-01 04:00:00Z 0
By Grant McPherson 
Staff Writer Courier

SOUTHERN MAINE – Local volunteers will participate in a national campaign next week to address 
substance use among young adults and encourage prevention at an early age. 

The BiddefordSaco Rotary Club will bring the Red Ribbon Campaign to Biddeford, Saco and Old Orchard 
Beach schools for the third year in a row and to elementary age students for the first time. The Red Ribbon 
Campaign, which will run locally from Monday Oct. 23 to Tuesday, Oct. 31, was started in 1985 by the 
National Family Partnership in response to the murder of Drug Enforcement Agency member Enrique 
Camarena in Mexico. His 1985 death sparked communities in the U.S. to wear red ribbons as a symbol of 
the violence caused by the war on drugs. 

Karen Chasse, cochairman of the Red Ribbon Committee of BiddefordSaco Rotary Club, helped form the 
group with Jim Godbout three years ago. She said the club saw substance use as a problem in the 
community and one everyone ended up paying for. “We ultimately decided our mission was to encourage healthy and thriving behavior without the influence of 
illegal drugs and other misused substances,” Chasse said. This year Ryan Esbjerg of Flex Your Face, a Portland based organization focused on encouraging positivity 
among children, will hold an assembly at the high schools to talk about finding something in each day to 
smile about. Representatives from the Drug Enforcement Agency will also bring canine units to talk about 
substance use prevention. The emphasis with younger students will focus on developing healthy habits that 
they enjoy. “If kids get involved in something they’re passionate about they’re less likely to be derailed by drugs,” 
Chasse said. “If you’re finding those good, positive moments you tend to be more positive and not turn to 
drugs and alcohol.” 

Godbout said he wanted to form the Red Ribbon Committee because he’d seen too many people he knew 
fall victim to substance use. He said he watched children he coached in youth sports die in their early 20s 
and 30s from addiction. “I firmly believe we need a culture change,” Godbout said. “Substances are used and accepted on such a 
wide basis. Pain management is a big factor in the opioid crisis and we haven’t taught people how to do pain 
management properly. If you’re going to use substances there is a time and place.” 
The Rotary Club spent about $700 on three pairs of drunksimulation 
goggles, one each for Thornton Academy, Biddeford and Old Orchard Beach High Schools. There will also be a Tshirt 
design competition, the winner of which last year received a $500 cash prize. All three schools will also be able to compete in a 
national photo contest for a grand prize of $1,000 and an iPad. 

“We have the money to give back to make this happen thanks to large donations and a lot of different local 
businesses,” Chasse said. “Promoting healthy behavior will lead kids down the right path.” 
The Rotary Club itself doesn’t get involved in school activities but helps departments with funding and 
education resources. 

“It’s been a focus of mine to make sure we are able to maintain the education process and create success 
stories of students struggling with substance use,” Godbout said. 

The Rotary Club partners with Coastal Healthy Communities Coalition to provide information to school 
systems. The coalition is part of the University of New England and promotes healthy lifestyles throughout 
York County. Its Project Alliance advisory board was formed three years ago to address youth substance 
use in York County. The program’s new director, Laura Overton, took over the position in September and will 
work in the Biddeford Intermediate School to help students better understand the health implications of 
substance use.
“We use a module of having kids identify their values and goals as reasons to stay drug free,” Overton said. 
“It’s really important to teach kids there are risk factors they can’t change, such as their family’s behavior. 
We want to make sure people understand this is a health issue.” 
Overton said heart disease is an example used with young students to demonstrate how family history can 
play a role, but changes in behavior can mitigate risk factors. She said often students feel pressured into 
using substances because it’s perceived as normal. She wants to send children the message that there are 
other outlets for them. 
“They’re not alone if they don’t want to be using,” Overton said. “Lots of student groups, athletes and kids 
their own age are not using. What they see in the media or hear in their music might not be the norm. We’re 
not saying drugs are bad, those messages don’t work. One effective strategy is having them be as open as 
they want. We know kids are seeing it in homes and some data shows kids in intermediate school are using 

Marijuana legalization has been a challenge for Chasse and other rotary club members. She said children 
receive different messages depending on who their parents are and navigating those conversations can be 
difficult. The rotary club will continue to focus on providing resources for schools to help students and 
parents make decisions around what’s right for each student. 
“We want to be sensitive to each family,” Chasse said. “We’re not going to change everybody. But if we help 
one kid that’s more than nothing.” 

Contact Staff Writer Grant McPherson at 
Communities converge to battle student substance use 2017-10-19 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bill Kany on Oct 18, 2017
For those of you who thought I had forgotten how to write, you were correct, but after a refresher I am back for at least one week’s worth of rant for the Tack.
            Have you noticed that as you grow older change is more and more inevitable, but, with each passing year, you attempt to resist change with every ounce of your being? Or maybe that is just me.  Well, our Club is about to experience some significant changes which many of you know about, but about which I only recently became informed.
            Before last year’s TV auction, Time Warner became Spectrum.  Right after the auction Spectrum fired all of the employees who used to help us with our auction and announced that it would be discontinuing that type of public support going forward which you can do when you’re a monopoly.  That left our Club and Saco Bay wondering what we would do to still put on the auction or do we scrap it and come up with a new fundraiser to replace the $25,000.00 +/- we received each year from the auction.  There was some inquiry to Thornton Academy and Biddeford Public access about continuing the auction on the local public access channels without Spectrum, but ultimately our Board voted to end the auction and replace it with another fundraiser.
            The fundraiser suggested by Saco Bay is a much larger $100 raffle.  The details of the fundraiser must be worked out, but the concept is truly promising.  I would encourage everyone to be open minded and really step up and support the new fundraiser which we will continue to do with Saco Bay. 
            It is incredibly important, however, that we recognize that this new fundraiser means that we will no longer do our traditional fall $100 raffle that has been an incredibly successful fundraiser for the club for about 40 years.  It was successful because of Earl and Carl Goodwin and it was the brainchild of Earl.  It was an event that poured $14,000.00 +/- into our coffers every year without fail.  The fact is that it does not make sense to do a $100 raffle in the fall and another larger raffle in the spring.  What does make sense, however, is to stop and acknowledge what the $100 raffle has meant to our club and to thank the Goodwin’s for their years of devotion to that event before we bury it.  Yes, change is inevitable but respect what preceded the change.
            It is also important that we acknowledge the death of our TV auction after 28 years.  Our auction was the envy of the district and often imitated.  I was involved in all of them and Bob Begin and I hosted the first bunch of auctions staying on the air all day.  The auctions were hard work, collaborative, successful, but most of all fun.  We used the auctions as training for our vice presidents and we quickly realized if you can pull off the auction you can certainly run the Club.  The auction brought out the best in our best Rotarians.  Julie Villemaire, Karen Chasse, Denis Elie, Rollie Eon, and many more stepped up every year to make the auction a huge success. 
Unfortunately, our auction is another victim of corporate American, but in this day and age of social media and instant gratification, let’s pause for at least one second to acknowledge that the auction was and will always be a huge part of the history of our Club and should not be summarily discarded like yesterday’s trash without at least some acknowledgement.
Yes, change is inevitable, and it is caused by all sorts of factors.  We need to embrace and welcome change, but not at the total expense of history.  I, for one, will miss the old $100 raffle and the auction and what they meant to the Club, but I will do all that I can to support our new fundraiser, the success of which will come from all that we learned from our past efforts.  Okay, now I can kick the dirt onto the old $100 raffle and the TV auction knowing that at least I have given their proper respect.
Past Past President's Message Bill Kany 2017-10-18 04:00:00Z 0
he 3rd Annual Celebration of Suds will be held on Saturday, October 21 from 6-9pm at the Pepperell MIll Campus Community Room (near Portland Pie). It will bringslocal craft brewers and craft beer lovers together to experience the best craft brews in the area. This event supports the charitable giving of the Biddeford-Saco Rotary Club who has been making a difference in our community since 1920. 

Support Rotary and have a great time doing it! Tickets only $25 each! Must be 21 to attend and bring ID.



Pepperell Mill Campus

40 Main Street

(Next to Portland Pie)

Biddeford, ME 04005


The link to purchase tickets online is below:
Celebration of Suds Ken Farley 2017-10-17 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ken Farley on Oct 16, 2017

I have heard from several Rotarians offering to volunteer, however I need more.  If you are going to the event please let me know so I can put you down for a shift at the entrance to give a glass, take tickets, sell 50/50 or pour at a table.  Remember, many hands make light work and we can all have fun!!
I am still looking for more silent auction items.  Please ask any businesses you know for gift certificates, sports tix, framed photos or paintings, etc.
Setup will happen at 12:00 noon as that is the earliest we can get into the space.
KEEP PUSHING TICKETS - Facebook is free!!!  
Ken Farley
HELP! Celebration of Suds Ken Farley 2017-10-16 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Nicole Carroll on Sep 13, 2017
Pledge of Allegiance:            Jackson Brown
4 Way Test & who led it:       Brian Dallaire                         
Invocation (prayer) & who led it:                              Joe Moreshead                                               
President-Elect (Bernice Wood) Introduces Visiting Rotarians & Guests: There were no visiting guests this week
50/50 Drawing:  Pfausto won this week, but since he didn’t choose an Ace, the winnings are once again rolled over until next week. The 50/50is up to $284.00.
Sergeant At-Arms (SAA):Denis Ely- Happy Dollars: Joe Boyle is happy that so many women were concerned about him at Rotary last week when we thought something happened to him; he had just taken a nap, he is also happy that the club donated an extra $3000. Conrad is happy that he had a great BBQ, a nice canoe trip, and an extra week off; Matt is happy school is back in session, and its football season; Don Pilon is happy that he is officially a candidate for Mayor; Denis is happy that the TA varsity team won and the JV team won on Monday.
FINES: Mark Tuller for his long vacation from Rotary, Joe M. for his lack of Prayer notes, Ron Gagne for speeding past Denis, Bernice for posting year old news on FB, Lucinda as a new member, Don & Heather for talking during induction of a new member, Randy for a corn hole board with his company Norcom name on it, and Pfausto for parking out front.
Speaker Presentation
This week we had a visit from Kristin Pollard and Judith Vardamis with the American Red Cross. They educated our members about their mission, which is to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.
Did you know that 94% of their workforce is made up of volunteers in our communities?
They provide blood services, service the armed forces, health and safety preparedness, CPR services, and disaster services to those in need.
You can become a Red Cross volunteer. Volunteers are currently needed to go to Texas for a minimum of 10 days at a time. You can also donate blood, and there are other ways to help as well.
For more information, check out their website at You can also reach Julie at 874-1192 ext 102.    Have a great week everyone!
Week in Review 9/6/2017 Nicole Carroll 2017-09-13 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jackson Brown on Sep 05, 2017
District Governer, Dave Underhill, recently sent me an updated email in regards to the help needed in Louisiana and Texas.  Below is his message:
Dear Fellow Rotarians in District 7780,
Since my latest message to our Club Presidents and my update in yesterday's district newsletter, The Rotary Foundation has established a single fund to support Rotarians in their relief efforts for the devastation left by Hurricane Harvey in Houston and other parts of the Gulf Coast.
It's called the Gulf Coast Disaster Relief donor advised fund (DAF).
This DAF has been established by Past RI Director Greg Podd and President-Elect Barry Rassin in consultation with the District Governors of the Gulf region, through The Rotary Foundation.  The fund is collecting relief contributions; Don and Greg are working with leaders from the affected districts to create a process for disbursing DAF funds to their respective district foundations or local 501c3 organizations to support local relief efforts. 
I've just made an online donation to this DAF - it's easy to do.  Will you please consider joining me?
Updated information about contributing to the Gulf Coast DAF is available on the Rotary website. Club Presidents in particular, save this link: this page will continue to be updated as needed.  You can send a check, or you can make a credit card donation from a link on this web page: just specify that it is for the "Gulf Coast Disaster Relief Fund" account #608.
Other ways to help:
ShelterBox, Rotary’s partner for disaster relief, is providing tents for use as ‘privacy tents’ to be pitched within the convention centers housing families that have been evacuated.
Clubs may contact me at any time, and you can reach out to RI about specific initiatives by writing to
Thank you for caring and Making a Difference.  
Rotary Foundation Establishes Gulf Coast Fund Jackson Brown 2017-09-05 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ken Farley on Aug 23, 2017
The beer festival committee has been busy working to set up the Celebration of Suds this year (for you new Rotarians this is our craft brew festival).  Again this year the event will be held in the community room at Pepperell Mill Campus (same room as the wine tasting) on Saturday October 21 from 6 to 9 pm.  
Tickets and posters should be ready by next week sometime.  We will also have the ability to sell tickets online through  I will send the link to that webpage once it is setup.  Selling both physical tickets and online tickets has worked the best for us.
We will be setting up an event on Facebook and inviting as many of you as possible.  Please use this free advertising tool to "invite" your friends and promote this event.
We are looking for sponsors for the event.  Please see attachment for the various levels.  
We are always looking for more brewers, if you know someone at a craft brewer that you would like to invite please let me know so that we aren't hitting them multiple times.
We will be passing around a volunteer sign up sheet sometime next month.  Please help make this a fun and successful event and sign up to help.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks a lot!
Ken Farley
Celebration of Suds Ken Farley 2017-08-23 04:00:00Z 0
Sponsorship Opportunities
Saturday, October 21 2017 6 – 9 pm
Pepperell Mill Campus, 40 Main St, Biddeford
Keg:  $500
                             Proceeds benefit our charitable fund
  • Named in press releases
  • Listing on event and Rotary website
  • Acknowledgement on Rotary Facebook Page
  • Thank you sign at event
  • 4 complimentary tickets
Growler:  $250
  • Named in press releases
  • Listing on event and Rotary website
  • Acknowledgement on Rotary Facebook Page
  • Thank you sign at event
  • :  $150
  • Listing on event and Rotary website
  • Acknowledgement on Rotary Facebook Page
  • Thank you sign at event
Any other amount is appreciated.                                                                                                                                            
Company Name (as you wish it to be publicized): ______________________________________________
Contact Person: _________________________________________________________________________   
Address: _______________________________________________________________________________
Town/State/Zip Code: ____________________________________________________________________  
Phone: __________________________   Email: _______________________________________________
Please make checks payable to Rotary Club of Biddeford Saco and mail to:                                                           
              Celebration of Suds
              Rotary Club of Biddeford Saco
              PO Box 298
              Saco, ME 04072
Sponsorship Opportunities-Celebration of Suds 2017-08-23 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Nicole Carroll on Aug 16, 2017

Pledge of Allegiance:            Jackson Brown 

Patriotic Song & who led it: Only sing at the end of the month


4 Way Test & who led it:  Matt Simmons  


Invocation (prayer) & who led it: Conrad Welzel 




-The Fellowship Meeting in Hills Beach is on August 26th at 4pm, at Lucie Kay’s house. This is a potluck and BYOB event. There is a sign up sheet circulating around if everyone who is attending could please sign up for a dish or dessert. You may also contact Lucie directly. 


-Jim is happy to announce that the Rotary house is under contract and is scheduled to close the end of September. 


-The newest Rotary house project at 518 Main Street in Biddeford is currently in demo mode, if anyone would like to help out. Please don’t touch the back of the house, but there is plenty of demo to be done inside. 



50/50 Drawing:  Jim McAllister won the 50/50 this week in the amount of $29, but since he didn’t pick an ace, the winnings are rolled over until next week…the total has reached $188!


Sargeant At-Arms (SAA):  Joe Moreshead & Bill Kany:


Happy Dollars: Steve is happy to be fully staffed after many employees took vacations, and announced his daughters white coat ceremony at UNE, Karen is happy that her daughter’s boyfriend is moving out and that her home renovations are almost done! Conrad celebrated 36 years of marriage this week! Fausto put in 11 happy dollars to celebrate Sophia’s 11th birthday! Joe Boyle is happy to have had a wonderful vacation with his family to Norway, Sweden, & Denmark, and is wishing his wife a fast recovery after a fall. 


Fines: Karen for her June Cleaver dress and for her lobster bake blow off, Lucie & Rae for stealing bank terminology, Rae for the spelling of her name, and Rae again for a late fee; Jackson for his friendship with a Pats guest, and an additional dollar for being too pretty, Matt for his mistakes in the 4-way test, and for comparing investing to a roller coaster ride. Sabine was fined for getting her sweat on Joe M.’s hand, Sarah C. for not enjoying last week’s presentation, Nicole for getting Spring St back under contract, Jim G for the rotary house price being too low, Peggy fined for a “better offer”, Bernice for tripping again…though Joe said she wasn’t fined..he was just making fun of her! Sabine for “yours looks better than mine”, Mark N. for his shoes, and Heather for the cool kids club. 



Speaker Presentation:


Crossroads, Back Cove Women’s Residential Program


This week we had Leslie Rawlings and Dr. Marianne Roy visit our club to discuss the Crossroads program that they run, which is a non-profit founded in 1974. They operate 2 residential programs in Portland’s Back Cove, which houses pregnant mothers as well as mothers with children under 5 years of age, while they recover from alcoholism. There are 30 and 60 day programs available. 

These homes have 8 and 10 beds each, with 2 additional outpatient counseling centers in Scarborough and Kennebunk as well. 

Their mission is to provide gender responsive addiction and behavioral health treatment services in a safe and respectful environment so individuals and families can lead healthy lives. 


To learn more, visit their website @ 

Email at or call 773-9931. 


Have a great week everyone!



Week in Review 8/16/2017 Nicole Carroll 2017-08-16 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jackson Brown on Aug 15, 2017
I just received this email from our Assistant District Governor and wanted to pass it along to the club in hopes we can get a few volunteers:
District Crutches 4 Africa Long Term Chair Dennis Robillard (Saco Bay Sunset) asked for my help in rounding up support.
You do NOT need to raise money or buy overseas travel tickets!!!

We are asking you to canvass your clubs THIS WEEK at the regular meeting and via Club Runner email to see if you can get 2 members to help package Crutches, Walkers, Canes and other items in order to pack the next 40' shipping container.

Once we have the names we will set an evening date during the week of 8/22 or 8/28/17, from 5:30 - 7:30 PM.   The work will be in Biddeford at the storage facility on Monday thru Thursday (TBD).
What better way to support the District's efforts to promote inter-club collaboration as a result of the recent District vision and long term planning work.
Many thanks to you for passing the word to help Dennis and the International Crutches for Africa program.
Please let me know if you are interested and I can pass your name along.
Thank You!
International Project Jackson Brown 2017-08-15 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Joe Moreshead on Aug 14, 2017
WE DID IT!!! Probably one of our most successful Lobster Bakes eva!!! We had our Rotary Auction Lobster Bake on Saturday at Ron Giles lake house in Lyman. We cooked 44 lobsters, 10 steaks, 12 pounds of steamers, 2 dozen ears of corn, 6 pounds on new red bliss potatoes, a ½ dozen eggs and a few hot dogs in 35 minutes!!! And the food was perfect- The dessert was a killer Strawberry Shortcake done by Lucie Kay and her other half Doug; we almost ran out of dessert J. Brian does a killer job with his cooker and Sabine was there to help with everything.
This would not have happened if it wasn’t for Brian, Sabine and Saco Biddeford Savings- thanks to all!!!! When  we left, Ron said it was excellent, better then he thought. He wants to bid on it again next year!! Ron’s father-in-law said his steak was perfect, just the way he likes it. The food was so good a few folks thought we did this as a business.
Rotary Auction Lobster Bake Successfully Fulfilled! Joe Moreshead 2017-08-14 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jackson Brown on Aug 14, 2017
I received this email from our District Governor earlier today and wanted to pass along to everyone:
Win a trip to World Polio Day in Seattle!
Give to PolioPlus between July 1st and September 30 and you’ll be entered into a drawing – you could be Sleepless in Seattle to commemorate World Polio Day!
Perhaps you watched Rotary’s World Polio Day Live Streaming Event on your computer during the last couple of years. It has been a terrific way to learn more about the status of our signature campaign to End Polio Now. Two years ago it originated from New York City and last year from the US Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. This year, World Polio Day will be held in Seattle in recognition of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s support of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.
A generous District 7780 Rotarian has donated airfare and a hotel room for one of us to travel to Seattle for World Polio Day on October 24. This is a chance to be in the audience and see “up close and personal” what major players in this field have to say. We don’t promise that you will be able to meet Bill Gates, but just maybe!
All you have to do to enter:
Make a donation to Polio Plus of at least $25 between July 1st and September 30, 2017. Each individual donor, regardless of the amount given, will be eligible for the drawing and the lucky winner will be heading west in October.  Actually, the really lucky winners will be the children in Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan, where we are on the brink of eliminating this disease forever!
If you make your donation on-line, which is very easy to do, it can be made any time right up to September 30. If you choose to do it by check, mail it by September 22 to be sure it will get to Evanston in time to be processed.
This is a unique and very fun way to encourage donations to help End Polio Now, and we hope many of you will jump in and participate. And please note, it is "at least $25" but there is no prohibition on larger donations.  Every donation is eligible for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s 2:1 match, so your contribution is tripled.
Let’s keep up the effort and soon we will be celebrating Rotary’s tremendous achievement - the eradication of this dread disease.
What’s Included:  round trip airfare from Portland or Boston to Seattle, hotel room for two nights in Seattle. You are responsible for meals and other incidentals.
Please donate online today:
Thank you for helping Rotary to End Polio Now.
Dave Underhill, Portsmouth Rotary Club, District 7780 Governor (2017-2018)
Win a Trip to World Polio Day in Seattle Jackson Brown 2017-08-14 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Heather MacLean on Aug 10, 2017
Feb 7
Brenda Pollack, Don Pilon
Feb 14
Joe Boyle, Peggy Bean
Feb 21
Heather MacLean, Mark Nahorney 
Feb 28
Heather MacLean, Matt Simmons 
March 7
Don Pilon, Debra Burrows
March 14
Heather MacLean, CJ Dubois 
March 21
Joe Moreshead, Din Pilon
March 28
Heather MacLean, Matt Simmons 
April 4
Linda Verville, Mark Nahorney
April 11
April 18
Heather MacLean, Joe Moreshead
April 25
Heather MacLean, Kristen Lane
Front Desk Duty Roster Heather MacLean 2017-08-10 04:00:00Z 0
Posted on Aug 09, 2017
By Mike Lowe

KENNEBUNK — Fifty was the goal for Don Crisman.

As a select member of the Never-Missed-A-Super-Bowl fan club, Crisman had planned to end his streak last year with the 50th Super Bowl in San Francisco.

But he did leave himself an out, as he mentioned two years ago when the New England Patriots were preparing to play Seattle for the NFL championship: “If the Patriots get into 51,” said Crisman, a lifelong Pats fan, “I’m going to have to get to that too.”

Well, here we are, Super Bowl LI – that’s 51 for the Roman numeral-challenged – in Houston, where the Patriots will face the Atlanta Falcons at 6:30 p.m. Sunday. Crisman will be there along with his daughter, Susan Metevier, and two other members of the exclusive club, Tom Henschel of Pittsburgh and Larry Jacobson of San Francisco.

Patriots or not, it’s a hard habit to break.



Truth be told, Crisman, 80, made his hotel reservations last May after talking with Henschel and Jacobson – not knowing, of course, who would be playing. He had to talk to his wife, Beverley, because he had “made a promise to her that I was going to bring this to a close.”

But his family wants him to keep going as long as he can.

“‘Please don’t stop.’ That’s what we told him,” Metevier said. “It’s become more than just a football game. It’s about our family. It’s about what he’s done.”

Beverley has attended 28 Super Bowl games with him, including last year’s. Crisman was feted along with the seven other fans who have attended each Super Bowl, and had seats on the 50-yard line. The tickets were valued at $2,500, a far cry from the $12 it cost to attend the first Super Bowl in 1967.

For Crisman, the Super Bowl is more than just a game.

“The feel and being there is just different,” he said. “Now I think I’ve placed a higher level of importance on it than I should have earlier in my life. It’s just as important to meet the guys as it is to go to the game. We relive every game over and over again. We just enjoy one another’s company.”

He finds it almost surreal that he’s seeing the Patriots play in a Super Bowl for an NFL-record ninth time. And while he’s thrilled to see them again, their participation adds an almost-tangible level of stress.

“It just brings it to a different level,” he said. “They’ve been my team since they were created.”

Patriots fan Don Crisman holds a Super Bowl 50 football at his Kennebunk home, which features a room dedicated to sports memorabilia, including items from his 50 trips to the Super Bowl.

Patriots fan Don Crisman holds a Super Bowl 50 football at his Kennebunk home, which features a room dedicated to sports memorabilia, including items from his 50 trips to the Super Bowl. Staff photo by Gregory Rec

The streak started on a whim in 1967 when Crisman and his wife were living in Denver. A friend, Stan Whitaker, got complimentary tickets from the bank he worked at, then convinced the Crismans to go to with him to Los Angeles for the game.

Crisman has had two close calls, the first just a year later. “The streak almost ended before it began, in Super Bowl II,” said Crisman, who had moved to Maine in 1968.

That year, while on a business trip for Gabriel Electronics, weather and plane issues forced his group to land at an abandoned airfield in South Carolina. Three days later he had to take a train from Columbia, South Carolina, to Miami, where he arrived just 2½ hours before kickoff.

Then in 1998, he couldn’t secure a ticket at Super Bowl XXXII. Desperate, he placed a sticker on his shirt that said, “Member of Never Miss A Super Bowl Club. Need One Ticket.” Soon after, while in an elevator with Beverley, someone noticed his sign and said a member of his group had to bow out and they had one ticket for sale at face value. He paid $300 and kept the streak alive.

A year later, there was a story in the Super Bowl program on Crisman’s group. Starting the next year, with Super Bowl XXXIV, the NFL has set aside two tickets for each member of Crisman’s club at face value.

This hasn’t been an inexpensive hobby. Although he’s never talked about how much it has cost him to go to the games, a feature on Crisman in the Patriots Game Day magazine said it has cost more than $50,000 over the years. “We live frugally,” said Beverley Crisman, “so we can do this.”

Their basement has a treasure-trove of Super Bowl memorabilia.

Of note, there’s a framed photo of a license plate from Don Crisman’s rental car in Phoenix two years ago when the Patriots played Seattle in Super Bowl XLIX. Why? The plate’s number was 207KPT.

“Area code, abbreviation for my town,” said Crisman. “I saw that and said, ‘We’re in.’ But of course it wasn’t until the last 20 seconds that (the Patriots won). Coincidence? Maybe. But it had some meaning to me.”

Everything in the man cave has meaning to him.

There are ticket stubs from every Super Bowl played. Footballs autographed by the Super Bowl MVPs – including his favorite, from Super Bowl XII, signed by co-MVPs Randy White and Harvey Martin. Programs, including one from last year’s 50th featuring a centerpiece story on Crisman and his friends. Pennants. Pins. Patches. Ribbons. Beanie Bears. Autographed jerseys and photos.

There are encased autographed hats, including two from Super Bowl halftime performers Diana Ross – Crisman’s favorite singer – and James Brown. Crisman noted that Ross’s halftime show, which ended with her being lifted out of the stadium by helicopter, was “the greatest of all-time.”

Don Crisman's ticket stub from the first Super Bowl – before it was even called the Super Bowl – played in 1967 in Los Angeles. Crisman has been to every Super Bowl since it started and he'll head to Houston this year to see if his team can beat the Atlanta Falcons and earn its fifth Super Bowl victory.

Don Crisman’s ticket stub from the first Super Bowl – before it was even called the Super Bowl – played in 1967 in Los Angeles. Crisman has been to every Super Bowl since it started and he’ll head to Houston this year to see if his team can beat the Atlanta Falcons and earn its fifth Super Bowl victory. Staff photo by Gregory Rec

“I’ve sold a few things,” he said of the memorabilia. “I have too much stuff.”

None of his collection will replace his memories.

He misses his friends who have died, including Whitaker and Robert Cook of Wisconsin. Cook became ill shortly before Super Bowl XLV in Dallas and couldn’t attend. He died four days after the game. Crisman choked up and became teary-eyed when he recalled Cook’s daughters sitting in his seats, holding a likeness of their dad’s face during the game.

“That’s one of the more moving moments I’ve been at,” Crisman said. “It was a very emotional situation.”

He’s seen history made every year, including Joe Namath’s guaranteed victory over the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III – the biggest victory in his opinion, legitimizing the AFL – and each of the Patriots white-knuckle wins – his most gratifying games.

Beverley Crisman isn’t traveling with him to the game this year. While she’s often accompanied him on the trips, she hasn’t always gone to the games, instead spending time with the many friends she’s made over the years.

“I like to people-watch,” she said, and remembers fondly the time she was sitting on a bench at the Patriots’ team hotel when Tom Brady sat next her, opened a styrofoam box and ate his lunch.

Fewer of those friends are attending the game lately, so she will remain behind. But she will never ask her husband to stop his streak.

“He loves sports,” she said. “And … I like to hear him when he gets all excited and talks about it.”

Mike Lowe can be contacted at 791-6422 or:


Don Crissman 51 Superbowls and Counting 2017-08-09 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Nicole Carroll on Aug 02, 2017

Pledge of Allegiance:            Jackson Brown 


4 Way Test & who led it: Roland Gagne


Invocation (prayer) & who led it: Joe Bassett 

President – Elect Introduces Visiting Rotarians & Guests: Bernice Wood introduced visiting guests. This week we had William (Bill) Ferrigno join us. 


Announcements & Upcoming Dates to Remember:


-August 12th-The lobster bake at Buganut! Joe Moreshead needs 4-5 more volunteers to help out from approximately 12:30-4:00. Contact Joe to get involved. 


-August 26th- Fellowship Gathering at Lucie’s House! Pot luck event and BYOB. This will be a good time! Families are welcome. 


-September 13th- District Red Sox day! More information to follow     


-The New Rotary house is now safe to enter, and Jim could use help with demolition. Please wear gloves, and remember the power is turned off, so if you wish to help, please do so during daylight hours. 



50/50 Drawing:  Bill Kany won the 50/50 this week in the amount of $29, but since he didn’t pick an ace, the winnings are rolled over until next week. So far the total amount is up to $127! Who is going to win?


Sargeant At-Arms (SAA):  Denis Elie:


Happy Dollars: Maureen was here for Jessica Holland and is happy to announce TruChoice opens on Monday! Nicole is happy to have attended the Wizard of Oz and congratulated Mark Nahorney on a great performance.  Matt Simmons had a great vacation. Bill Peterson is happy his son is here to visit. Fausto is happy to have a bid on a house! Congratulations!

FINES: Lucie for her sunrise cruise, and also for comparing Jackson to Trump and teasing him about his hair; Jeremy for skipping the school board meeting in order to go to a Seadogs game, Sabine for finally getting rid of her tenant, and Adam for the SMMC ad. 


Speaker Presentation: David Dilley was our guest speaker. He is the C.E.O of Global Weather Oscillations, and has 42 years of meteorology experience, which studies climate changes. He came prepared with a power point presentation and explained how temperature and weather patterns affect our local weather and daily lives. He went on to tell us that we will be experiencing a major global cooling in 2020. These cycles occur every 230 years. He spoke

about gravitational cycles, and how global warming is dangerous, yet global cooling is not, and explained in detail about these cycles known as “Milankovich cycles.” Mr. Dilley was very knowledgeable and we were grateful that he joined us this week. For more information, check out his website at: You can also look up his 2018 winter weather predictions!


Cheers to a great week! 


Week in Review 8/2/2017 Nicole Carroll 2017-08-02 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Nicole Carroll on Jul 19, 2017

Pledge of Allegiance:            Jackson Brown 

4 Way Test & who led it: Paul Deschambault 
Invocation (prayer) & who led it:      Joe Moreshead             
President – Elect Introduces Visiting Rotarians & Guests: Bernice Wood introduced visiting guests. This week we had William (Bill) Ferrigno join us once again.


-Please note there will not be a rotary meeting on Wednesday, July 26th. Instead there will be a dinner meeting on Thursday, July 27th at Duffy’s. Jackson emailed the details to all Rotarians, please review the email and make sure you let him know if you can attend. 
-July 29th is the Red Ribbon event at Kinney Shores, from 12-5pm. Lunch will be served, and there will be a clown, children’s games, sandcastle competition, ping pong, dunk tank, and Jim mentioned that he needs bodies to help with the scavenger hunt. If anyone goes missing, we will know they are buried in the sand!! Jim needs plenty of helping hands for that day, please reach out to him for more information or to volunteer. Thank you in advance.
-Lucie is making plans for an annual Fellowship Meeting in Hills Beach on August 26th. More information to follow.
-Wishing our president Jackson Brown a Happy Birthday this week! He turned 36 on July 15th and still has great hair. 
-Two new members were pinned today! Please welcome Bill Patterson, and welcome back Dennis Elie! Welcome to our Club!
-Rotary House Update: There will be an Open House on Sunday, July 23rd from 12-2pm.  The completed Rotary house located at 471 Main Street in Biddeford has been listed for sale and is now on the MLS. The list price is $240,000. Please contact Sabine with the Maine Real Estate Network for a showing at 415-8730. 
50/50 Drawing:  Jackson won the 50/50 this week, but since he didn’t pick an ace, the winnings are rolled over until next week, we are now up to $97! 
SGT At-Arms (SAA):  
Dennis Elie: Happy Dollars: Sabine is happy not to be SAA today, Jackson is happy that Dennis is back! Paulette is happy to be back from vacation, and Jim is proud to have trained a young student who is now helping with demo at 518 Main St!
Fines: Sarah C. for her last SAA, Bill was fined because he won’t live up to the club’s expectations, Joe M. for talking during Lucie’s swan song, and trying to run with the young bucks, Karen C. was fined for not burning the banana hat, Elaine for not purchasing a rocker style chair, Peggy for not missing Dennis, and Jackson for his birthday. Paulette was fined for her boss, Jeremy. Bernice was fined for following Jackson around, and any new members who joined rotary since Dennis left were also fined. Ed was fined $2 for having a building named after him.
Speaker Presentation: This week our guest speaker was Ed McGeachie, who is the president and C.E.O. of Southern Maine Medical Center. He is a past rotary member of our club.  Ed showed us a presentation that outlined the challenges that healthcare facilities are facing in southern Maine. He explained the reasons behind the increased costs of healthcare and the role in which private healthcare companies play, when they have to make up the difference in cost that the hospitals lose with Medicaid and Medicare. 
SMMC is a part of Maine Health, the largest employer in southern Maine, with over 2200 employees. Their mission includes never turning anyone away regardless of their ability to pay, as well as improving health and healthcare within our communities. 
More information about this local hospital and the merge with Maine Health can be found on their website, 
Have a great week everyone!
Week in Review 7/19/2017 Nicole Carroll 2017-07-19 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jackson Brown on Jul 18, 2017
As a reminder, we will not have our regular scheduled meeting next Wednesday, July 26th at the Run of the Mill, instead we will be meeting on Thursday July 27th, at Duffy's, where our District Governor will be attending a joint meeting with us, Saco Bay Rotary Club, and the Saco Bay Sunset Club.  There will be a social hour from 5PM - 6PM and the meeting will start at 6PM and run till 7:30PM or so.  For the meal, there will be a two entrée option, salad, two sides, and a dessert.  The cost of the meal will be $29 for that night.  I will be asking for a head count at the July 19 Meeting so if you are unable to make the meeting then but will be attending next week's meeting, could you please let me know by the end of the day July 19.
Thank You.
July 27 District Governor Meeting Jackson Brown 2017-07-18 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Nicole Carroll on Jul 12, 2017
Pledge of Allegiance: Jackson Brown

4 Way Test & who led it: Earl Goodwin

Invocation (prayer) & who led it: Joe Moreshead

President – Elect Introduces Visiting Rotarians & Guests: Bernice Wood introduced visiting guests. This week we had William (Bill) Ferrigno and Joe Bassett join us.


-Please note there is NO rotary meeting on Wednesday, July 26th. Instead there will be a dinner meeting on Thursday, July 27th at Duffy’s. Jackson emailed the details to all Rotarians.

-July 29th is the Red Ribbon event at Kinney Shores, from 12-5pm. Lunch will be served, and there will be a clown, children’s games; sandcastle competitions, and more. Jim Godbout needs plenty of helping hands for that day, please reach out to him for more information or to volunteer to help with this.

-Lucie is making plans for an annual Fellowship Meeting in Hills Beach on August 26th. More information to follow.

50/50 Drawing: Fausto won the 50/50 this week in the amount of $54, but since he didn’t pick an ace, the winnings are rolled over until next week.

Sargent At-Arms (SAA): Sabine & Bill Kany:
Happy Dollars: Nicole is happy that Coldwell Banker is moving next week to their new office in Mill 4! Earl is happy to be celebrating 53 years of marriage. Brenda is happy that her sister’s health is improving, Don is happy to be back in Maine after visiting very hot Florida. Joe Boyle is happy to be on vacation, Mark Nahorney is happy that the play The Wizard Of Oz is now in session and he also noted that he met his wife on stage many years ago, a fun fact! Fausto was happy he went to Banger, not happy he got a ticket for $250! Fines: Ray Demers put in a dollar to the “Fausto ticket fund”, Bernice for opting to take the stairs and then tripping on the first one, Jeremy, for his salmon colored shirt, Bill for blood stains on his shirt, Nicole for finally putting Spring St. under contract, Fausto for drawing on a mirror in a girl’s store, Sarah because she was supposed to be Faustos DD, and Don Pilon; he’s needed for the dunk tank at the Kinney shores event. Jeremy was also fined for working in Biddeford and living in Saco, Matt Simmons, Sarah, and Fausto were also fined by Bill “just because”, and Jackson was fined for making rotary great again.

Speaker Presentation: We didn’t have a guest speaker this week.

Have a great week everyone!
Week in Review 7/12/2017 Nicole Carroll 2017-07-12 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jackson Brown on Jul 05, 2017
President Brown has attached the 2017 Committees so please take a look to see what committees you are on.  Feel free to jump aboard other committees that you are not currently on to help out if you are interested in a certain committee.  The more help the better the committee does. 
Editor / Publisher
Jackson Brown
Jackson Brown, President
Lucie Kay, Past President
Bernice Wood, President Elect
Fausto Pifferrer
Sue Gajewski, Treasurer
Joe Morsehead, Assistant Treasurer
Lucie Kay
Jim Godbout
Matt Simmonds
Jackson Brown
Peggy Bean
Bernice Wood
Elaine Palmitessa
Sue Gajewski
Joe Moreshead
Fausto Pifferrer
Denis Elie
Assistants – Bill Kany & Sabine McElrath
$100 Raffle
Karen Chasse / Co-Chair
Sabine McElrath / Co-Chair
Earl Goodwin
Matt Simmons
Lucie Kay
Adopt a Family
Julie Villemiere / Co- Chair
Heather Gendron / Co-Chair
Laurie Jo Ready
Bernice Wood
Paulette Bonneau
Heather MacLean
Bronwyn Barnett
 CJ Dubois Cote
Alzheimer’s Walk
Do we want to continue doing this?  Lucie & Sue will not be able to help with this year.  Does anyone have any interest in taking the reins on this one?  I will announce at next week’s meeting as well.
Fausto Pifferrer
Karen Chasse
Ken Farley
Sue Gajewski
Bill Kany
Laurie Jo Ready
Julie Villemaire
Lucie Kay
Conrad Welzel
Bill Kany / Chair
Keith Jacques
Joe Moreshead
Beer Festival
Denis Elie / Co-Chair
Ken Farley / Co-Chair
Adam Parent
Heather MacLean
Paulette Bonneau
Mark Nahorney
Polio Plus Bingo
Julie Villemaire / Chair
Ray Demers
Rob Moody
Earl Goodwin
Charitable Fund & Company B (Disbursements)
Joe Morsehead / Co-Chair
Pierre Giroux / Co-Chair
Peggy Bean
Karen Chasse
Adam Parent
Nicole Carroll
James Godbout
Elaine Palmitessa
Community Service Projects
Sabine McElrath / Co-Chair
Joe Morsehead / Co-Chair
Sarah Curley
Matt Early
James Godbout
Carl Goodwin
Keith Jacques
Bill Kany
Jim McAllister
Company B Investment
Denis Elie / Co Chair
Mark Tuller / Co Chair
Kristin Lane
Matt Simmonds
Roland Gagne
Essay Contest
Brenda / Co-Chair
Elaine Palmitessa / Co-Chair
Sue Gajewski / Co-Chair
Lucie Kay / Co-Chair
Conrad Welzel
Matt Early
Andy Grief
Steve Morin
Elaine Palmitessa
Heather McLean
Matt Simmonds
Brian Dallaire / Co-Chair
Matt Simmons / Co-Chair
Roland Gagne
Denis Elie
Bill Kany
Rob Moody
Steve Morin
Matt Early
Interact Club
Paulette Bonneau / Chair
Karen Chasse
Chris Indorf
Jeremy Ray
Fausto Pifferer
Jessica Holland
International Youth Exchange
Roland Gagne / Chair
Susan Gajewski
Jackson Brown
James Audiffred
Joe Bassett
Joe Morsehead
Sarah Brouillard / Chair
Sarah Curley
Brian Dallaire
Chris Indorf
Elaine Palmitessa
Mark Nahorney
Heather Gendron / Co-Chair
Bernice Wood / Co-Chair
Bill Kany
Nicole Carroll
Brenda Pollack
Stuff The Bus
Tammy Ackerman / Co-Chair
Sabine McElrath / Co-Chair
Jessica Holland
Randy Forcier
Steve Morin
Fausto Pifferer
Jeremy Ray
Lucie Kay
Past Presidents Day
Keith Jacques / Chair
Bill Kany
Roland Eon
Ken Farley
Frank Gooding
Mark Tuller
Past Presidents Scholarship Investment
Denis Elie / Co-Chair
Mark Tuller / Co-Chair
Randy Forcier
Matt Simmons
Conrad Wenzel / Chair
Brian Dallaire
C.J. Dubois-Cote
Matt Early
Josh Ellis
Sue Gajewski
Heather Gendron
Chris Indorf
Keith Jacques
Lucie Kay
Jeremy Ray
Red Ribbon Committee
Jim Godbout / Co-Chair
Karen Chasse / Co-Chair
Conrad Welzel
Bernice Wood
Don Pilon
Bill Kany
Heather MacLean / Co-Chair
Peggy Bean / Co-Chair
Roster / Website
Brian Dallaire / Chair
Bill Kany
Rotaract Club
Don Pilon / Chair
Fausto Pifferer
Mark Nahorney
Tammy Ackerman
Denis Elie / Chair
Rae Smith
Paulette Bonneau
Sara Brouillard
Joe Morsehead
Fausto Pifferrer
Karen Chasse
Nicole Carroll / Chair
Sarah Curley
Paulette Bonneau
Don Pilon
Sabine McElrath
Delilah Poupore
Heather Gendron
Chris Indorf
Adam Parent
Bill Kany
Linda Verville
James Godbout / Co-Chair
Carl Goodwin / Co-Chair
Ray Demers
Denis Elie
Chris Indorf
Jeremy Ray
Jim McAllister
Steve Morin
Paulette Bonneau
Wine Tasting
Heather MacLean/ Co-Chair
Conrad Welzel / Co-Chair
CJ Dubois
Ken Farley
Randy Forcier
Heather Gendron
Chris Indorf
Paulette Bonneau
Mark Nahorney
World Community Service
Roland Gagne / Co-Chair
Rob Moody / Co-Chair
James Audiffred
Joe Bassett
Jeremy Ray
Youth Protection Officer
Ray Demers
2017 Rotary Committees Jackson Brown 2017-07-05 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Nicole Carroll on Jul 05, 2017
Pledge of Allegiance: Jackson Brown

4 Way Test & who led it: Jackson Brown

Invocation (prayer) & who led it: Joe Moreshead

President – Elect Introduces Visiting Rotarians & Guests: Bernice Wood introduced our visiting guests. We had Sabena Allen, Libby McGahey, Renee Huot, Taryn Wentworth, Rick Nadeau, and Deborah Brown join us today.

Today was Jackson’s first meeting as our new president. Christian Doyon sponsored him, way back 13 years ago. He announced some changes he will be making throughout the upcoming year. He plans to “make Rotary great again” and had many of us laughing out loud. This year’s theme will be “making a difference.” He is eager and excited to lead the group and he’s going to do a wonderful job! Congratulations, Jackson!

Rotary House Update: The property will be listed with a real estate agent from our club, Sabine! More details to follow.

July 29th- Red Ribbon Event @ Kinney Shores. More information to follow per Jim Godbout.

August 12th- There will be a lobster bake at Buganut at lunchtime, see Joe Moreshead FMI.

50/50 Drawing: Brian won the 50/50 this week, in the amount of $27. Since he didn’t pick an ace from the card pile, his winnings are carried over until next week! The winnings will carry over each additional week as well, until an ace is picked.. imagine how much the winnings will be at that point!

Sergeant At-Arms (SAA):
Happy dollars: Ken is happy to be on vacation, Carl for celebrating 46 years of marriage (congratulations!) Peggy was happy she didn’t have to take the minutes at the board meeting. FINES: Sarah and Matt for being immune to fines for a year, as SAA. Chris was fined for his outfit, Jackson for his SAA not showing up for their first meeting, Fausto for his animated Facebook posts, Bill Kany for not standing with Sabine, and Ken Farley was fined for wearing his “Brunswick” outfit.

Speaker Presentation: We did not have a guest speaker at today’s meeting.

Wishing all of you a great week
Week in Review 7/5/2017 Nicole Carroll 2017-07-05 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ray Demers
Saco PD request for donations. If this is possible we will take money (of course), prizes or food donations. Monetary donations will give us more options, but we will take whatever people are able to provide. If this could be done it would be appreciated.
National Night Out Ray Demers 2017-07-05 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Karen Chasse on Jun 28, 2017
Jackson Brown was roasted at today's meeting as Lucie Kay passed the gavel. Job well done over the last year Lucie and we look forward to your leadership Jackson. The banana hat tradition lives on Julie.
President Lucie's Swan Song Karen Chasse 2017-06-28 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Karen Chasse on Jun 21, 2017
Biddeford Saco Rotary Club Recognizes Community Members for their Outstanding Work
BIDDEFORD, Maine – The Biddeford-Saco Rotary Club recognized eighteen outstanding community members for their commitment to serve the community.  The awards included: Rotarian of the Year, Private Sector, Public Sector, Humanitarian, Vocational Service, 11th Annual Goodwin Outstanding Service, Paul Harris Fellowships, Presidential, Service Above Self, and special club recognition awards.
Karen Chasse, of Biddeford School Department, was named Rotarian of the Year in sincere appreciation and recognition of distinguished service, loyalty and devotion to the ideals of Rotary.  President Lucie Kay states, “Karen truly exemplifies what it means to be a Rotarian with her hard work, dedication and kindness.  She was my Rotary ‘go to’ always willing to help and working on every Rotary event and fundraiser.  She is instrumental to our Club, and I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done.”
The Esther Residence was presented with the Private Sector award for breaking the cycle of recidivism by providing a safe and structured place to live while women get back on their feet and work to become productive members of society.  The Private Sector award is awarded to a citizen whose good works have been performed independently of their employment in the private sector. Recipients work for the public good, while being privately employed or not employed by a government or community entity.
Bill Paterson was presented with the Public Sector award for sharing his extensive knowledge in an effort to lead the battole against the imposing threat of drug misuse.  The Public Sector award is awarded to a citizen who, in the course of their employment or funding, serves the public with government and/or public monies. Recipients are usually employed by a government agency, hold a political office, or have their good works funded in the course of their employment.
Jim McAllister was presented with the Humanitarian award for his dedication to people in need while being a good steward of Rotary’s charitable funds.  The Humanitarian award is awarded to a citizen, private or public, who has done exceptional work to further the good of humanity in the community.
Biddeford City Council was presented with the Vocational Service award for demonstrating courage and creativity to support technical education via the Rotary House Project.  The Vocational Service award is awarded to a citizen, private or public, who has done exceptional work to promote vocational education and vocational programs. 
Karen Chasse, of Biddeford School Department, was presented with the 11th Annual Goodwin Outstanding Service award.  This award was created to acknowledge the contributions of Carl and Earl Goodwin to the Biddeford-Saco Rotary Club and to the Biddeford and Saco areas.  The Goodwins’ commitment to Rotary and to making the Biddeford/Saco area a better place to live has been an inspiration to a number of people and this award acknowledges the contributions of individuals in Rotary.  Chasse was acknowledged for her years of continued community service and infectious enthusiasm in promoting the ideals of Rotary while helping those in need. 
Paul Harris Fellowships, named for Paul Harris who founded Rotary over 100 years ago, were presented to Conrad Welzel, of Maine Turnpike Authority, Jeremy Ray, of Biddeford School Department, and Jim Godbout, of Jim Godbout Plumbing & Heating, for exemplifying the humanitarian and educational objectives of the Rotary Foundation.  Welzel was recognized for consistently taking the initiative to ensure details of multiple fundraisers were successful.  Ray was recognized for being a true connector who consistently brings parties together to promote better results and improve technical eduation.  Godbout was recognized for his endless giving to our community above and beyond reasonable expectations and presented as the first multiple Paul Harris Fellow the Rotary Club has ever awarded on a Rotarians behalf.  They were presented with a pin, certificate and $1,000 was donated by the Club to the Rotary Foundation in their honor.     
Bill Kany, of Biddeford & Saco Savings Institution, was presented with the Presidential award for being “the backbone of the club” helping President Kay navigate difficult situations, juggle countless activities and being a sounding board.  This award is presented to a Rotarian who went above and beyond in demonstrating immense dedication to the President during their term. 
Service Above Self Awards were presented to Susan Gajewski; Laurie Jo Ready of Goodwill Industries; Fausto Pifferrer of Blue Elephants Catering; and Roland Gagne of Pension Professionals.  This award is presented to Rotarians who have displayed exemplary humanitarian service to the ideals of Rotary with a focus on active involvement in putting others needs before their own.  Gajewski, Ready and Pifferrer were recognized for being engaged, involved, and consistently providing support for Rotary events and club activities.  Gagne was recognized for leading the Club’s efforts in the Rotary International community securing funds to help those less fortunate in other countries.
Other special club recognition awards related to club duties were also presented to the following individuals for their outstanding efforts: Elaine Palmitessa of Goodwill Industries; Joe Moreshead of Precision Screw Manufacturing Products; Jackson Brown of Harbor View Lending; Ken Farley of MEMIC; and Bernice Wood of Saco & Biddeford Savings Institution.
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Posted by Nicole Carroll on Jun 21, 2017

Pledge of Allegiance:            Lucie Kay

4 Way Test  Jackson Brown 

Invocation  Paul Deschambault   


Jackson Brown introduced visiting rotarian Suzanne Iksley, and visiting guests Mayor Alan Casavant, Joanne Roy,  Chuck Gajewski, John McCurry, Keyarrah McCurry, Bill Paterson, Lucinda Clark, and Erika Penrod. 


Announcements:  This week’s meeting was our Annual Awards day. 


Lucie is making plans for an annual Fellowship Meeting in Hills Beach this summer; Date, time, and details to be determined. 


A reminder that on June 29th, Funtown will be donating $1 of every admission to our club, all are encouraged to spread the word and attend for a fun day of amusement park activities. 


Jim Godbout had a few announcements as well: 


-He is in the process of arranging a Red Ribbon event at Kinney Shores, on July 29th; more information to follow. 

-Advised all of us not to enter the new rotary house, at 518 Main St, due to a mold issue. 

-Showings on the completed house are taking place. Appliances are going to be delivered within the week. 


50/50 Drawing:  Mark Nahorney won the 50/50 this week in the amount of $34.00, and he donated the winnings back to our club. 


Sergeant At-Arms (SAA):  

Happy dollars: Randy is happy to announce the birth of his new baby, Nora Grace! Karen is happy that her son is coming back home. Joe Boyle is happy that he visited Mahoney Jr. High School and supported the 8th graders. Tammy is happy to have completed her longest bike ride, 60 miles!  Conrad is now retired from the Maine Turnpike Authority, (Congratulations!) Dana was happy that he had a nice vacation in the British Isles, and Susan was happy for her daughter, who is getting married! Jeremy was also happy this week, announcing that the Biddeford city council  approved a transfer of bond money to fund a new track! 

Fines: Fausto was fined for a special meal, Bill Kany was charged “Just because”, Joe Moreshead for 11 years in rotary, and Jackson was fined for forgetting to announce the Mayor as a visiting guest. 


This week was our Annual Awards presentation and therefore, we had no guest speaker. 

Have a great week!



Week in Review 6/21/2017 Nicole Carroll 2017-06-21 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bill Kany on Jun 21, 2017
            There are institutions throughout our communities that do great work and we are familiar with most of them.  Last year, we learned of an organization that has been quietly serving a segment of our population long overlooked.  How many times have we heard of people going to jail and getting stuck in a vicious cycle of getting out, committing crimes and going back to jail.  One group is helping to break that cycle by giving women leaving incarceration a safe and structured place to live while they get back on their feet and work to become productive members of society.  Through the promotion of faith, discipline, hard work and interactions, this organization has succeeded in saving women from inevitable repeated incarceration which is not only good for those individuals but great for society in general.
            As Rotarians, we should embrace and recognize such quiet examples of success.  We do so by giving this year's Biddeford Saco Rotary Club Private Sector Award to The Esther Residence.
            There are people with the knowledge and tools needed to help solve problems who for whatever reason choose not to use their expertise to address the issues which confront us.  There are others who use their skills to run headlong into a crisis in an effort to improve the world.
            Our Club knows all too well that drug misuse and addiction are at epidemic levels.  While organizations like our Red Ribbon Committee can work to raise awareness and promote  healthy alternatives, our Red Ribbon Committee is much more effective when armed with information.
            This year's Public Sector Award winner is a person who has been more than willing to share his extensive knowledge in an effort to lead the battle against the imposing threat of drug misuse.  His career has focused on addiction, but he has volunteered an incredible amount of his time to lead efforts locally and at the state level related to the dangers of drug use.  He has been an incredible resource to our Red Ribbon Committee in its efforts to raise drug awareness.
            We should all be grateful that we have this person on our side of this incredibly important fight.
            This year's deserving recipient of the Biddeford Saco Rotary Club's Public Sector Award is
Bill Paterson
            Over the last several years, this Club has had the privilege of donating 10s of thousands of dollars to individuals and other charities from our Charitable Fund and the Company B Fund.  It is essential that we insure that the funds we work so hard to raise are responsibly distributed to those who most need it.  It is important that we are good stewards of all of our charitable funds so that they get into the hands of those who really need them.  While it is wonderful to give away large sums of money it has to be done in a systematic and caring way.  Those efforts require a compassionate person who thoughtfully reviews requests in an objective manner.
            We are really lucky to have someone so dedicated to the Club and to the effort of giving.
            For doing such a tremendous job for so long while truly caring about all who approach our Club for money, this year's Humanitarian Award goes to
Jim McAllister
            In order to improve anything, frequently we must think outside the box.  After decades of building modular-style homes as part of the COT's building trade curriculum, some felt that a change was needed to bring the building trade education to the next level.  When asked if the City of Biddeford would think outside the box and create what Jeremy Roy called a win, win, win situation, this group said yes.  Yes, let's promote technical education by letting students work on a real house, yes, let's get an abandoned property fixed up and back on the tax rolls and yes, let's help Rotary raise money to continue to support young people entering the trades.
            It would have been easy to do the same old thing and just try to sell the tax acquired property at auction but this group took the bold step of entering into an agreement with our Club to let us develop 471 Main Street which has clearly been such a huge success that we have another house coming our way.
            For demonstrating the courage and creativity to support technical education, this year's Biddeford Saco Rotary Club's Vocational Service Award goes to the Biddeford City Council.
            I am going to make this perfectly simple.  If I was starting a Rotary Club, I would do two things:
            1)         Pick a name;
            2)         Recruit this person to be the first member of the Club.
            No more needs to be said.  This year's Goodwin Outstanding Service Award winner is
Karen Chasse
Paul Harris Recipients
Paul Harris Awards are arguably the highest distinctions that can be given to Rotarians.  Our Club has had a practice of recognizing worthy members of the Club and non-members for their work in and outside the Club.  Each past Paul Harris recipient has been very worthy and this year we have three more equally worthy winners of the award.
In no particular order:
In order for a club of our size and level of accomplishment to do all of the things that it does,  it takes the dedication and commitment of club members to get things done.  They not only need to take the tasks on but they have to do them well and they have to take the initiative to make sure that all of the details are addressed.  Our first Paul Harris recipient is a person who has taken on projects with enthusiasm and seen them through to successful conclusions.  From the Wine Tasting event to the Rotary house thank you celebration and many other events in between this person is truly a go to person in the Club who works to make our Club so successful.  Furthermore, this member does all this with a smile and a “can do” attitude which is infectious.
Our first 2017 Paul Harris Award goes to Conrad Welzel.
In Malcolm Gladwell’s Book, The Tipping Point in which he discussed how little things can make a big difference, he talked about people who are connectors.  Connectors are people who can bring parties together to get things done.  Our next Paul Harris recipient is a true connector in that this person has consistently demonstrated a willingness to bring parties together to promote better results.  Through this person’s leadership and willingness to be creative our club has been able to vastly improve technical education by giving students new opportunities to learn skills.  This member has gone to bat many times in an effort to have the students learning a trade work on a real house.  At the same time this person has demonstrated a willingness to roll up his sleeves and get the job done when needed.  The person’s efforts have benefitted our communities while extending the influence of our club.
Our next Paul Harris Award goes to Jeremy Ray.
Last and certainly not least, it is simply a fact that our club has very infrequently, if ever, given more than one Paul Harris Award to a member.  Being a multiple Paul Harris recipient is clearly a high honor and most of this Club’s multiple Paul Harris recipients have achieved the distinction through their giving to the Foundation.  There is a member of our Club who just keeps on giving to our communities way above and beyond anyone’s reasonable expectations.  Whether it is with this person’s hands, back, wallet or heart, this person’s tireless efforts help so many in so many ways. 
Another plaque seemed inadequate and I am guessing there is no room on this person’s walls for another plaque.  Making this person a multiple Paul Harris winner from our club, however, is a distinction worthy of all that he does.
Our last Paul Harris winner for the second time from our club, with our sincere thanks and extreme gratitude for all that he does for our club and for Biddeford and Saco goes to Jim Godbout.
Annual Rotary Awards 2017 Bill Kany 2017-06-21 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Nicole Carroll on Jun 14, 2017

Pledge of Allegiance:            Lucie Kay

4 Way Test        Jim McAllister 


Invocation                   Joe Bassett   


Jackson Brown introduced our visiting guests. This week we had Nicole Schmidt, and 

Ed & Carol Lincoln join us. Welcome guests! 


Announcements:  This week was a special meeting, as we celebrated our past presidents of the club. We enjoyed an outdoor lunch on the deck. 


Congratulations to Paul Deschambault, Jim McAllister, and Dennis Ely who are recipients of the Paul Harris Award. 


Keith Jacques, (Past president 2001-2002) spoke to the club members about how wonderful it is to have the past presidents join us for fellowship as well as to find out the progress of the club. All past presidents of our club were invited along with their spouses, and while some were not able to attend, it was a great time had by all. Keith introduced each one and an applause appropriately followed. It is because of their commitment and dedication that the Club has been so successful over the years. 


Jim Godbout will be hosting a Red Ribbon fundraising event on July 29, 2017 at the beach, more information to follow. 


Please be in attendance for our next meeting on June 21st; this is our annual awards meeting. 


50/50 Drawing:  Matt Simmons won the 50/50 again this week (two weeks in a row!)  His winnings were $36, and he made a donation to the Red Ribbon. 


Sergeant At-Arms (SAA):  Matt, Fausto, & Sarah 

Happy dollars: 

Ken Farley was happy his son graduated from high school, Bill Kany was happy he got a free lunch, Joe Boyle was happy that the Letters for Literature program chose someone from Maine as the winner, and he had a nice trip to Eastport; Joe Bassett happy to have his visitors here from NY where they are also Rotary members. Bronwyn was happy for a great weekend and a nice trip. Julie was happy that a lot of people had already signed up for the new Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital license plates and encouraged more of us to do so. They were hoping for 100 more to reach their goal. Lucy is happy that Nicole Schmidt was her guest today.


Fines- Jackson was fined for chewing gum during the guest introductions, Lucie for backtalk, Josh Ellis for finally attending a meeting, Fausto for his dance moves and missing a meeting, Elaine for laughing at Peggy, which is not fair to all concerned..! Many others were fined for not

placing their food orders in a timely manner. Sue, Jim M, Sabine, and Bernice for matching outfits, Bill for his Rotary house comment “It’s in Biddeford!” and Carl for being late for the meeting. 


Adam Parent, Linda Verville, and Sarah Brouillard were fined for having birthdays. 


Speaker Presentation:  Due to the past president event, there was no guest speaker this week. 


Have a great week everyone. 


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Posted by Nicole Carroll on Jun 07, 2017
4 Way Test & who led it:                   CJ Cote          
Invocation (prayer) & who led it:      Jeremy Ray                            
President – Elect Introduces Visiting Rotarians & Guests: Bernice Wood introduced visiting guests. This week we had Bill Patterson, Brenda Cormier, and William Ferrigno join us for lunch.
Announcements:  Lucie informed us of an upcoming past Presidents luncheon at our next meeting, June 14th. Lucie is making plans for an annual Fellowship Meeting in Hills Beach this summer; Date, time, and details to be determined.
On June 29th, Funtown will be donating $1 of every admission to our club, all are encouraged to spread the word and attend for a fun day of amusement park activities.
Jim Godbout had a few announcements as well. He needs helping hands to spread sod at the rotary house on June 10th, this Saturday, the more help the better. Jim also gave us an update on the sale of the house. The property is for private sale, for $239,000.00. A buyers broker fee will be paid to a real estate agent in the amount of 2% of the sale. The property has a lockbox for accessibility, and Bill & Keith will be assisting with legal paperwork for the transaction. Some Rotarians will be available for showings as needed. More information to follow.
Polo shirts have all come in, the second order was picked up this week. A reminder to please bring $30 for the gentlemen and $37 for the ladies, if you haven’t paid yet please do so.  Checks can be made out to our club, please turn in to Nicole, and grab your new shirt. She will have the shirts at our meetings for you all to claim. We are all going to look so sharp!
50/50 Drawing:  Matt Simmons won the 50/50 this week and we didn’t catch the amount, but he was generous and donated the winnings to the Red Ribbon.
Sergeant At-Arms (SAA):  
Happy dollars: Joe Boyle was happy he attended his old club and had a great time. RaeAnn for playing soggy golf last Tuesday, Joe Bassett was happy for grandchildren and one of them is starring in a Charlie Brown performance. Conrad is happy for the efforts of our group in the Rotary house celebration last week, and is grateful for two great weekends in a row. Brenda is happy her friend Brenda Cormier attended our meeting as a guest this week. Mark Nahorney was happy he had a great trip, and his wife sang at Carnegie Hall! CJ is happy and looking forward to her daughter’s wedding next week. Brian Dallaire is happy this week because he is headed to Alaska for vacation, lucky guy! Jim G. is happy his friend Bill Patterson joined us today. Sabine is happy to have had help with laying sod last week, Sarah is thrilled to be under contract with her first house, Matt Simmons enjoys Chamber events and is happy to have such a great rotary club. He is also thrilled to have made budget for SAA, and his son made the All Star Team! Matt had a happy week.
Matt Simmons and Sarah Curley fined members who haven’t paid for their new rotary polo shirts, please be reminded to pay for yours if you haven’t already. Lucie for starting the meeting late. Nicole and Fausto for teasing Matt on FB, Nicole actually had to pay Fausto’s fine because he wasn’t in attendance. Bernice for not announcing visitors correctly. Linda was fined for her birthday, Rotarians celebrating an anniversary date were fined, as well as all new members in attendance to include Nicole, Jessica H., Joe G, and Linda V.
Speaker Presentation:  This week CJ Lassek from the Biddeford+Saco Chamber of Commerce spoke to our club about the upcoming 90th Anniversary, to be held on Saturday, October 14 from 5:30-9:00pm at Thornton Academy.  The event will include business awards, a silent auction, dinner, cash bar, a keynote speaker, entertainment, and more. The Chamber is soliciting nominees for their event, and the nominee must be an active Chamber member. A nominee form was handed out at our meeting. Contact PJ if you need a new form or didn’t receive one and wish to fill one out.
Rotarians are encouraged to submit the 2017 Nomination form for the event by August15.
PJ may be contacted by calling 207-282-1567, or email
Week in Review 6/7/2017 Nicole Carroll 2017-06-07 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bill Kany on Jun 05, 2017
For those of you who missed last week’s meeting at the Center of Technology, you missed a fantastic job by the committee that put it all together.  Conrad Welzel and company worked long and hard (there was less planning for the first moon landing).  Everyone looked wicked sharp in their new Rotary shirts, the house looked great (even Lucie cleaned and Doug says she does not clean their house!) and the few contractors or suppliers who did show seemed incredibly appreciative.  Unfortunately, since it was one of the few non-rainy days we have had this spring I suspect many of the generous contractors and suppliers who contributed their time and expertise to the latest Rotary house were making hay while they could.  We should all applaud the committee for doing such a wonderful job of putting the whole celebration together.
Now comes the fun part, selling the incredible house that came together with the leadership and vast energy of Jim Godbout (when does this guy sleep?).  If you know anyone who would like a really nice house (okay, it’s in Biddeford) please let Jim know.  Oh, again for those who missed the meeting last week, there is now a dumpster in the yard of our newest Rotary house.  I am guessing that demolition may commence soon.  Let the games begin again!
            As we approach the end of Lucie’s year I am certain that she is thrilled, but of course we will be heading right into Jackson’s year.  It is my assumption that Jackson has or will be reaching out to you to ask you to be on a particular committee or to even head up a committee.  If you can make the time please say yes.  Getting involved in a committee is a great way to feel engaged in the club and a great avenue to really give back to the community in some way.  Furthermore, I am guessing that some members of the club have been serving in their club positions for a long time and they may want a change.  So if Jackson approaches you please don’t run the other way.
            In case you are paying attention, this week’s meeting is an open meeting.  We may try and do some more classification talks, but otherwise it will be an open forum.  The following week is Past Presidents’ day during which we have a chance to thank our past presidents for their service to the club.  On June 21 we will have our annual awards meeting.  That meeting is our opportunity to honor both club members and people from the community for their contributions so please try and attend if you can.  And finally on June 28 we can all skip the meeting because it is just Lucie’s swan song and I think we have all heard that tune. 
            Finally, if you are a new incoming Board member you might want to attend this week’s Board meeting at P&C Insurance starting at 7:45 on Wednesday.  You will see the picture of Robert’s Rules of Disorder, but perhaps get a glimpse of what our Board meetings should be like.
            Otherwise, have a great week. 
Musings of a Former President 6/5/2017 Bill Kany 2017-06-05 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Conrad Welzel on May 30, 2017
The COT Meeting will begin at 11:15am on Wednesday 31 May, 2017.  See you at Biddeford High to celebrate completion of the Rotary House Project.  Please wear you Rotary shirts!
COT Meeting Reminder Conrad Welzel 2017-05-30 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Sarah Curley on May 24, 2017
Today’s speaker was Matt Parks from The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital.  Matt heads up the fundraising for the only children’s hospital in Maine.  They are trying to get a specialty plate for the Hospital.  They need 2,000 people committed to purchasing the plate by October 1st before it will go through.  The initial cost is $25.00 with an annual renewal fee of $15.00.  For each new plate ordered, or for each renewal, $10.00 of the cost will go directly to the children’s hospital!  This program will continue as long as the state of Maine requires vehicles to have license plates.  His group is estimating that this fundraiser could bring in $200,000 or more each year that will go directly to the hospital for much needed equipment.  Please spread the word!  Matt provided posters to hang in businesses as well as postcards that can be handed out.  You can also sign up on-line at BBCH.ORG/Licenseplate.    You can keep the same number that you already have.  You will just have a different backdrop.

Show your support with The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital Specialty License Plate!

   BBCH Specialty Plate

To create a specialty license plate for The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital, the state of Maine requires 2,000 Maine residents with active vehicle registrations to sign up with a $25 payment.

Currently, 1,228 people have signed up, or 61% of the way there! Help us reach 2,000 by signing up today!

Your purchase helps kids like Jerzey:

Jerzey was born with Bicoronal Craniosynotosis, a genetic condition in which the joints or sutures between the plates of the skull fuse too early during a child’s development. At four months, Jerzey had her first surgery at The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital to help her skull grow normally. “We cannot express how grateful we are to the doctors and nurses for their love and support through such a difficult time,” said her mom, Cheyenne. “We could not have done it without them.” Today, Jerzey is a healthy two year old who loves playing with her two big brothers, jumping in puddles and wearing purple!

Click here to reserve your specialty license plate for The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital!

Or mail checks to:
Development Department
22 Bramhall Street
Portland, ME 04102
Please include your current license plate number, phone number and email address so you will receive further communications about the speciality license plate. 

For questions about the specialty license plate, please check our FAQ page or contact Matt Parks, Director of Special and Annual Giving, at or (207) 662-6111.


BBCH License Plate Sarah Curley 2017-05-24 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Sarah Curley on May 24, 2017
President Lucie started the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed up by Nicole Carroll with the 4 Way Test.  Joe Bassett was welcomed back to the club and put right back to work with the invocation.
PE Jackson Brown introduced visiting Rotarians and guests.  We were visited by Rotarian Bill Ferrigno from Rhode Island.
President Lucie presented Fausto with a 3 year anniversary pin.
The 9th Annual BINGO fundraiser was another success.  $416 went to the Winner-Take-All game. 77 people came out to play with 6 of them being actual Rotarians.  Julie won $100 in the 2nd game.  Still waiting for some ticket money to arrive but it looks like we will net close to $3,000 this year!
Flags for Our Veterans Project:  Friday, May 26th – Rain or Shine – Ponchos will be available – Meet at the caretakers building on the West Street side of the cemetery at 8:00 a.m.
Jim Godbout needs help on Saturday, May 27th, at the Rotary house to do some old fashioned cleaning inside and planting outside.  Please let Jim know if you are able to help out.  Everything needs to be ready to go for the big event on May 31st.  Tours will be starting at 9:00 a.m.- Wear your blue Rotary shirts with black/khaki pants (or any Rotary attire you may have if you don’t have a blue shirt).  Wearing the Rotary attire will also help identify the Rotarians and keep Jeremy out of trouble.
The $25 50/50 pot was won by Bill Kany who donated the proceeds to the SAA fund!
SAA:  Happy Dollars & Fines
Nicole happy that Matt carried the box of shirts and Roland carried her handbag. Julie gave $10 happy dollars for the success of BINGO & to have won $100; Jim Audiffred was happy to meet Bill, visiting Rotarian from RI. He is an electrical engineer.  Jim wants members to convince Bill to join our club.  Brenda was happy that although there was no wine at BINGO, her guest won $420! PP Bill was happy that his 3rd youngest (daughter) was graduating from UNE’s Pharmacy School as Valedictorian!, Joe Bassett was happy to be back & that he and his wife were going to be Great Grandparents; Jeremy was happy about the Bond Market and saving $1.2 million – could be possible solution to Track and Waterhouse Field; Conrad had fun at Bingo; Half naked photos of Roland on Facebook;  Jackson was happy about the District Conference and hearing Jim Godbout’s presentation on the Red Ribbon Committee; Matt was happy his camp didn’t have any damage; Lucie was happy about the District Conference & Roland and Doug sitting together. Lucie was fined for kicking Karen out; Nicole was fined for the mishap during the 4 Way Test; Jackson was fined for missing a visiting Rotarian during his announcement; Sarah fined for a Facebook post on a listing; Roland fined “just because” and phone not on “silent”; Matt was fined for an ad in the Journal Tribune; Lucie fined for “Pretty in Pink”; Fausto was fined for going to the gym; Bill Kany fined for self- promotion.
Week in Review 5/24/2017 Sarah Curley 2017-05-24 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bill Kany on May 22, 2017
WHAT’S IN A THANK YOU?  Thirty years ago on May 23 my oldest child was born.  At that time I set as a goal helping any kids we may have pay for college so they would not have any significant debt when they got to the real world.  This past weekend my youngest of three graduated from UNE’s Pharmacy School.  All three of my kids graduated from college with no or very little debt.  It had been a lot of hard work but it was worth it.
            On Sunday, May 21, my daughter Erin got to speak as the Valedictorian of her class.  I had helped her with her speech, but near the end she took a moment to thank her family and specifically talked briefly about both Holly and me, thanking us both.  To be completely honest I could not tell you exactly what she said because the pride was pushing its way out of the corners of my eyes as I listened to her speak, and I was doing my best to hold it together, but I knew that she had thanked me and had recognized all the hard work that made her education possible. Frankly, it was only a sentence or two, but it was all I needed.  Later as I reflected I truly felt appreciated and could never really ask for anything more.
            Why do I share this?  Next week on May 31 we all have a chance to go to the Center of Technology and thank a group of men and women who gave their time and money to make our first off site Rotary house happen.  There will be contractors and material suppliers there who, in this housing economy, certainly could have been somewhere else making money instead of giving their time, energy, expertise and materials to our project.  They deserve our thanks. This is one meeting that everyone should try to attend.
            Look, I realize about 4 of you read the Tack and of those 4 maybe 2 of you read my musings, but we should all make an effort to encourage every member of our club to make the meeting on May 31 at the Center of Technology.  Sure, it starts an hour early, but your work will wait while we take the opportunity to say thanks to some people who really helped us out.  I suspect those thank you’s will mean more to them than you know.  Let’s all try to be there on May 31.  Thanks.
            Have a great week. 
Musings of a former President Bill Kany 2017-05-22 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Sarah Curley on May 17, 2017
President Lucie started the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by Brenda Pollack.  Past President Roland was asked to do the invocation.  He inquired as to whether or not the president of the Interact Club was in attendance.  After discovering she was in fact there, he promptly passed the prayer/invocation responsibility to her.
Past President, Bill Kany, is in need of some suggestions for the public/private sector awards this year.  Please let him know as soon as possible if you have any ideas.
Bernice presented the club with a check for $25,000 which represented our half of the net proceeds of this year’s TV Auction!!
BINGO is this Sunday, May 21st. Doors open at noon time with the games beginning at 2:00 p.m.  You can purchase your game cards at the door.  $1,400 in cash prizes to be given to some lucky winner(s) plus a Winner-Take-All game.
May 26th is the Flags for Our Veterans project at St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Biddeford. Rotarians will meet at 8:00 a.m. at the West Street entrance, near the office building.  There are over 1,400 flags to place.  It usually takes about 1 ½ hours if we have enough help.  The more hands we have, the quicker it will go! This is a rain or shine event.  If you didn’t sign up, you can still just show up and help for however long you are able to.
COT House Party on May 31st.  Reminder that the meeting be starting at 11:15 – one hour earlier than usual!  This is going to be a big celebration that you won’t want to miss!
Jim Godbout said that he is in need of a volunteer cleaning crew of about 12 on Saturday, May 27th.  If you are able to help out, please get in touch with Jim.
Roland Gagne was the lucky winner of the $42.00 50/50 jackpot which I believe he generously donated to the Red Ribbon initiative.
SAA were Matt & Sarah so Sarah was unable to write the specifics and fine at the same time. The only item I could hear clearly in the “front room” was the fact that Matt was the recipient of a big hole in his pants from a nail he got hooked on while speaking with Nicole.  PP Ken Farley went in search of a hammer to rectify the situation.
We were joined today by some of the senior members of the BHS Rotary Interact Club.  Their advisor Ruth Shaw introduced the officers.  Madison Perry is the President and Mitchell Farley is the Vice President.  Everyone proceeded to introduce themselves, where they were headed to school and their chosen field of study.  This is once again an impressive group of students! 
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Posted by Karen Chasse on May 15, 2017
Please see the attached invitation to the Rotary House Celebration on Wednesday, May 31st.  We will have tours available before and after lunch and present plaques to those businesses who have graciously donated their services. Here is what is needed from you:
  • Please attend to show your appreciation and celebrate what our Rotary Club and the COT has been able to accomplish. This is a phenomenal partnership and we should all be very proud. Remember to personally thank the businesses too.
  • Please sign-up to be a tour guide or help with set-up or clean-up the day of the event.  Details at the meeting Wednesday but you can email Conrad Welzel if you want to help but can't make this week's meeting (
  • Rotarians are asked to wear a Royal Blue shirt and khaki or black pants so we stand out and look united.  Nicole is ordering blue polo shirts with the Rotary Logo (Men and Womens fit) so if you would like to purchase one, let her know immediately the size.  They are approximately $30 each.  (
  • I will post a FB event, please share it.
Thank you,
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Posted by Bill Kany on May 15, 2017
The Interact Students are coming!  That’s right, this Wednesday, May 17 the Biddeford High School seniors who are in Interact along with their incoming officers will be making their annual visit to our club to tell us about their year and share with us their post-high school plans.  It is always a good meeting, so please try to attend. It is always interesting to hear what the students are going to be doing after high school. We owe a big thank you to Paulette Bonneau who helped to coordinate the Interact visit. 
            So you remember how we set a deadline for soliciting items for the auction and we have to extend it five times.  Well, I am extending the nomination time period for awards as well.  Our committee met last Friday but we are lacking private or perhaps a public sector nominee.  To be honest, we can skip a year, but I would really like to give out all the awards as we do every year.  So please, give some thought to a person or two who has really stood out in helping people in need or our communities and share those suggestions as soon as possible.  Again, the committee really does appreciate and use your suggestions.
            Don’t forget to sell your Bingo tickets.  Also, if you are going to be around on Sunday, warm up your daubers or whatever you call those things you mark your cards with, sharpen up your elbows to fight off the Bingo sharks, and get ready to BINGO on Sunday May 21.  It is nice fundraiser to help meet our Polio Plus obligation so if we can sell our tickets and pull in the sponsors it sounds like the Rochambeau Club will do most of the rest.
            Have a great week. 
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Posted by Karen Chasse on May 11, 2017
A single family home on Main Street in Biddeford sat shuttered for years. The abandoned home was less than 1000’ from the Biddeford Regional Center of Technology (BRCOT), and despite its woeful condition and back taxes owed, Superintendent Jeremy Ray saw a perfect educational opportunity.  As a member of the Biddeford Saco Rotary Club, he worked with their Board of Directors to consider sponsoring a renovation of the house.  They agreed and the city deeded the property to the Club for the duration of the renovation.  A year later, a celebration with an open house will take place on May 31 between 9:00 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. followed by lunch.  Park and gather at the BRCOT.
“It’s a win-win-win,” Ray said of the renovation project undertaken by Club volunteers and BRCOT students.  “The club has generously supported our Building Trades programs for over 20 years.  We have constructed several modular homes, sold them for a modest profit, and the funds have supported both the Rotary’s community work and the Center of Technology.  The benefits of a project like Main Street are even greater: our students get real-life, on-the-job experience in a challenging build environment.  The neighborhood is improved by our work.  Volunteers and those who have donated services and materials feel proud of their investment.  The city is paid the back taxes, and when the home is sold, it returns to the tax rolls.”
“The Rotary House is an exemplary model of technical, hands-on training for our students,” said BRCOT Director Paulette Bonneau.  “They are learning valuable skills, working side-by-side professionals in the field, seeing their success first-hand, and enthusiastic about their learning.  We are extremely proud of the students in this project from Biddeford High School, Kennebunk High School, Old Orchard Beach High School and Thornton Academy.” 
Rotarian and major project sponsor Jim Godbout agreed.  “The kids are working so hard, sustaining a months-long effort, adapting to conditions ranging from weather to codes to working with the various trades.  This project is solely managed by the Biddeford Saco Rotary Club, logistically and financially, so we are grateful to our Rotarians and local businesses who have volunteered hundreds of hours and contributed countless thousands of dollars.  It’s truly a community investment with a community payoff.” 
Major donors to the project included: Master Level – Anderson Insulation, BRC Bedard Roofing and Construction, Maine Granite & Marble, Spang Builders, Tremblay Kitchen Cabinets, Moody’s Nursery, and Coastal WinAir Company; Journeyman Level - Quality Floors, Kevin Bedard Construction, and Distinctive Tile; Apprentice Level – Nate Libby Masonry, Kamco Supply, Biddeford Painting, Ventura Staircase & Woodturning, K&S Overhead Door, Deering Lumber, Southern Maine Builders, Parent Drywall, Boise Cascade, and Woodman Edmands Danylik Austin Smith and Jacques; and other donors - Taylor Rental, Dupuis Hardware, Builders Supply, Maine Street Design, Hydronic Alternatives and Ray Dusseault Masonry.
The house is in the final stages of renovation and will culminate with a celebration recognizing all those who contributed. Local businesses who contributed will be honored during lunch at the Biddeford Regional Center of Technology.  “The City was so impressed with the work of our students and volunteers that they’ve agreed to deed another property in arrears to the club.  In September, a new group of Building Trades students will again partner with Rotary volunteers to restore a shuttered property and improve our community,” Ray said. 
Rotary volunteers and Center of Technology students renovate shuttered house in community service project Karen Chasse 2017-05-11 04:00:00Z 0


The Animal Welfare Society, incorporated in 1967, is a private, 501(c)(3) non-profit humane society. The society was formed in the early 1960s by a group of caring individuals including the late Mrs. Elmina B. Sewall and the late Mr. Donald Shepard.

Today, AWS is an open-admission No Kill* shelter serving York County, Maine. AWS operates an animal shelter and adoption center in West Kennebunk and offers life saving community programs including Pets and Women to SafetyPaws in StripesPaws Across AmericaHumane EducationBehavior and Training classes and an in-house veterinary clinic. AWS serves as the animal control impound facility for 21 municipalities in York County. AWS is also home to the Cleo Fund providing spay/neuter assistance to individuals and feral cat colony advocates statewide.

In 2016, AWS adopted out 4,057 cats, dogs, rabbits and other animals in need and achieved a live outcome rate of 98%. AWS’ activities are supported by a staff of 42 full- and part-time employees and more than 150 volunteers providing nearly 12,000 hours of service annually.

We are able to fulfill our mission through the generosity of those who contribute through donations, pledges and bequests. These funds go directly toward the care of the animals at the shelter and to programs that benefit the people and animals in our communities.

*AWS defines a No Kill shelter as an animal shelter that does not kill healthy or treatable animals regardless of space or length of stay. As an adoption guarantee organization we reserve euthanasia only for unhealthy animals that are terminally ill and cannot be treated or those with behavior that is dangerous to public safety.

- See more at:
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Posted by Sarah Curley on May 03, 2017
President Lucie started the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by Sarah Neault with the 4 Way Test and finally Joe Moreshead with the invocation.
President-Elect Jackson Brown stood to introduce visiting Rotarians and guests, of which there were none.
Announcements:  There is a new member posting at the front check-in area.
Fireside Chat is tomorrow night (05/04) at Lucie’s house.
May 6th is a joint day with Saco Bay Rotary for OOB Ballpark – 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  May 13th is slated for the rain date.
BINGO!  Please sell your tickets.  Spread the word – Sunday, May 21st – Doors open at noon time with games beginning at 2:00 p.m.  The event will be run by the Rochambeau Club this year for the benefit of our Polio Plus & Charitable Giving programs.  SPONSORS ARE NEEDED!  We need to collect $1,400 in sponsorships and have only $600 committed so far. Please contact Julie Villemaire at or 286-5474 if you are able to sponsor a game or know someone who can.
Rotary House meeting next Friday at 8:00 a.m. at Nicole Carroll’s house.
Red Ribbon week was a success!! Round of applause!!
Friday, May 26th, we will be helping to place flags in St. Joseph’s cemetery on West Street in Biddeford (near Ray’s Market) from 8:00 a.m. until approximately 9:30.
The 50/50 pot of $34 was won and generously donated back by Susan Gajewski.
SAA:  Happy Dollars:  Julie Villemaire- vacation; Dana Lane – to be back; Josh Elllis- married for 2nd time; Dr. Joe – wife outing to house & Hannaford; Adam- happy going to Lucie’s; Roland- Dad is home after illness; Lucie has a new fancy car; Elaine is happen Shannon is joining; Peggy Bean- happy for a good night’s sleep (resulting in missing the board meeting); Matt happy with Sarah for insurance
Fines:  Jeremy- happy LePage isn’t here??; Chris- part-time Rotary member;  Day of Caring $ from school people; Joe M. for special delivery of cake; Heather G. for texting (Karen did it with Siri- but Lucie paid); Bernice for 11 years in Rotary; Susan for getting hurt at the gym; Adam for pin-ups; Roland for not being fined before; Joe for his pink pants(aka known as salmon); Jim G. for hi photo in Post Scripts; Roland for “prostitute”.
We did not have a speaker today but we did have an induction of our newest member, Shannon Kazinski, who was sponsored by Elaine Palmitessa.  Welcome Shannon!
Post-Auction Auctioneer, Jackson Brown:
Season Tickets to the Mavericks- Jeremy Ray $10
1 Week of OOB Rec – Don Pilon $35
Maine Indoor Track Karting (2 passes) – Adam Parent $35
Private Swim Lesson at Saco Sport & Fitness – Adam Parent $30
$50 GC to KFC/ Taco Bell – Julie $40
Oak Wooden Bowl – Heather MacLean $70
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Posted by Julie Villemaire on May 03, 2017
President Lucie promptly started the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance followed up by a little mixed up version of the 4 Way Test led by Matt Simmons.  Jim Audiffred provided the invocation.
Vice President Bernice Wood introduced visiting our visiting guest, Tim Michalak.
Next Thursday, May 4th, from 5:30 -7:30 p.m., 280 Hills Beach Road, Biddeford, there will be a Fireside Chat for new members.  Please get in touch with President Lucie if you did not receive an invite.
Mark your calendars for Friday, May 26, 2017, for the Flags for our Veterans projects.  Our club gets together to help one of the local Veteran posts place flags for over 1200 Veterans in St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Biddeford.  We usually meet around 8:00 a.m. near the caretakers building (West Street entrance).  If we have enough volunteers, it takes less than 2 hours to complete.  You can get a little exercise in while experiencing a great fellowship opportunity.
Jim Godbout provided an update on what was happening for Red Ribbon Week.  He mentioned that the Red Ribbon Committee was able to collect enough sponsorship funds to cover the cost of the red t-shirts that were going to be handed out to all of the students in Biddeford, Saco & OOB. 
From the Journal Tribune:  Tonight’s (4/27) tri-community presentation will encourage individuals and their families to reflect upon current trends in drug use and what the community can do to promote healthy behaviors without the influences of illegal drugs or other misused substances.
A number of individuals are slated to speak at the event, including Bronwyn Barnett, executive director of Biddeford’s Community Bicycle Center and Ryan Esbjerg of Flex Your Face University, who will speak about the organization’s goals of celebrating life’s small moments.
Bill Paterson, director of Coastal Healthy Communities Coalition’s Project Alliance at the University of New England, will also speak, his topic is the importance of living drug-free and will give a presentation on "Marijuana and the Adolescent Brain."
Every high school student will be receiving free Red Ribbon T-shirts, Godbout said — that’s 3,000 students wearing a shirt custom-designed by An Ho, a member of Thornton Academy’s Class of 2018, who won the Rotary Club’s T-shirt design contest.
Red Ribbon Awareness Week is sponsored by Biddeford Savings, Saco & Biddeford Savings Institution, P&C Insurance, Maine Magazine and CHHC’s Project Alliance.
The 50/50 pot was won by Debra Burrows and donated back to the Red Ribbon Committee!
9th Annual BINGO:  Don’t forget to sell your tickets!  Each member was given 4 tickets at today’s meeting.  If you didn’t get any, Julie will have them for you next week.  The event will be Sunday, May 21st. Doors open at noon time with games beginning at 2:00 p.m.  The Rochambeau Club staff will be running the event for us this year so we don’t need volunteers to run it.  We need you to come play!!!! We are still in need of sponsors for the games.  If you or someone you know would like to sponsor a game, please let Julie know.  The cost of the sponsorship is only $100 and will get your business listed on the game listing given to each player.  It will also be announced throughout the event and will be listed on the Rotary website.  Sponsors are also able to hand out advertisement, swag, etc. at the actual event.  If you need an electronic version of the Bingo poster, please let Julie know.  It can be customized to include your contact information if you’d prefer.
Happy Dollars were up next:
Don Pilon was happy to his Tim Michalak, from Norway Savings, as his guest today.
Dr. Joe’s wife is recovering nicely from surgery!
Kristen Lane is happy to be back.
Laurie Jo happy to celebrate her birthday –(04/27).
Julie not as happy to celebrate her birthday (4/28) – the 11th anniversary of her 39th birthday.
Paul Deschambault says that his wife Carole is happy to announce their 45th wedding anniversary.
Bronwyn was happy that the CBC won the Bangor Savings award.
Sarah was happy to have met up with a TA student and they were jazzed up about the Red Ribbon events!
Fines followed:
Jim G. was fined for causing Matt to know something over and breaking it.
Elaine Palmitessa for causing confusion with all of her license plates.
PP Bill was fined for paying someone to say his name and beautiful in the same sentence.
President Lucie was fined for the credit union no being a sponsor of Red Ribbon week.
Adam was fined for stealing a seat & wacked with t-shirt (that’s what my notes say but I’m sure there’s something missing in between…..)
Nicole and Julie were fined for wearing “flowery” clothing when everyone knows that it’s April showers that bring the May flowers.
Rae was fined “just because” – although she gave $2 because she was special.
Randy was fined for watching basketball games in Spanish & had to reach out to his Facebook friends to come to his rescue.
Heather Gendron announced that she would be picking up scholarship applications from the high schools on 04/28.  Tuesday and Wednesday  (May 2nd and 3rd ), from 3-5 p.m., she needs volunteers to review the applications.  She needs at least 7 people to help choose the top 3 winners from each school who will go on to a final live interview process.  Each recipient will receive a one-time  $1,000 scholarship.  This has been changed from the $1,000 each year for 4 years.
Jim Godbout announced that the Rotary House will be getting flooring next week (which is actually this week by the time you read this) and then the plumbing will follow.  He swung by the new Rotary house at 574 Main Street.  He said he will have the students draw up some plans and will present to the club for approval.
Today’s presentation was from Kathy Reid and the OOB Natural Helpers. Kathy was excited about the events of Red Ribbon week and the way they were able to partner with BHS and TA.
Amanda, who has been in charge of the OOB Natural Helpers for about 6 years, talked a little about the program.  She mentioned that last year Rotary helped with the funding which provided training with Day One which they were able to pass down to the high school students.
They have between 20-25 Natural Helpers and new students come on each year.  They are typically not Freshmen because they are still adjusting themselves.
They learn how to become active listeners and look for signs.  Sometimes the kids reach out to the Natural Helpers themselves.
They watch for Red Flag issues (i.e. eating disorders, emotional issues, abuse, suicide, etc.).
They focus on anti-bullying.
They have a “Kindness Day”.
They do a “Sticker Shock” event with Officer Porter- They go around and put stickers on the alcohol as a reminder that purchasing alcohol for minors is illegal.  They hope to do this twice a year – around Super Bowl time and the holidays.
The group would like to meet weekly but manages to meet at least once a month.  They do meet more frequently if there is an event coming up.
Week in Review 4/26/2017 Julie Villemaire 2017-05-03 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bill Kany on May 01, 2017
Our chairman for the awards committee, Bill Kany has requested your input.
Again it is time for the Awards Committee to get together to select worthy recipients for the Club’s public sector, private sector, humanitarian and vocational awards. Included herewith is a description of each award and some past recipients of each award. What the committee needs from you are suggested award recipients in each category. Please note, that in almost every instance, the awards are given to people suggested to the committee by members of our club.
Please note that while award recipients are frequently members of our club, they do not have to be members.  In fact,  most of the time the recipients are not members of the club.  I would also point out that even if you do not have an idea for an award recipient for one particular category, please give us as many suggestions as you can for the other categories. We would appreciate it if you would get back to us as soon as possible with your suggestions. Awards day is tentatively scheduled for June 21, 2017. We do need to meet to ultimately decide on the award recipients and then the awards need to be ordered and engraved so please get your suggestions back to us by May 8.
If you have any questions regarding any of the award categories, please contact me (Bill S. Kany at 602-7381 or email me at or the other members of the committee, Rollie Eon, Joe Moreshead, and Keith Jacques.
Here are the award descriptions.  I have attached a list of the past recipients of each award.
The Private Sector Award is awarded to a citizen whose good works have been performed independently of their employment in the private sector. Recipients work for the public good, while being privately employed or not employed by a government or community entity. An example of a past recipient would be a building contractor who works towards helping the hungry through setting up a self-supporting meal program.
The Public Sector Award is awarded to a citizen who, in the course of their employment or funding, serves the public with government and/or public monies. Recipients are usually employed by a government agency, hold a political office, or have their good works funded in the course of their employment. An example of a past recipient would be a state senator who has worked towards promoting the good of the community.
The Humanitarian Award is awarded to a citizen, private or public, who has done exceptional work to further the good of humanity in the community. Past Recipients include a nurse who set up a hospice program in the area.
The Vocational Service Award is awarded to a citizen, private or public, who has done exceptional work to promote vocational education and vocational programs.
Public Sector Award Nominees
NAME(S)                                                                   Reason for Nomination
Private Sector Award Nominees
NAME(S)                                                                   Reason for Nomination
Humanitarian Award Nominees
NAME(S)                                                                   Reason for Nomination
Vocational Service Nominees
NAME(S)                                                                   Reason for Nomination
From Bill Kany
Annual Rotary Awards Bill Kany 2017-05-01 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bill Kany on May 01, 2017
I would like to start with a plea.  The Awards Committee is now accepting nominations for the Public Sector, Private Sector, Humanitarian and Vocation Service awards that we give out each year.  All of us know someone worthy of such awards but we need your suggestions.  Please get your suggestions back to me as soon as you can.  The committee really does appreciate and use your suggestions.
            Question? What is the story with President Lucie’s new Mercedes, the front symbol on which lights up like the Bat Mobile?  That thing costs more than my house.  How does she do it?  Either credit unions pay more than I thought which is entirely possible given their total lack of commitment to this country by paying their fair share.  It could be that credit unions have the most relaxed security and audit facilities on earth so it is perfectly fine to just help oneself to the cash in the vault, or it could simply be that one of Lucie’s last claimed vacations was actually just an excuse to fly to Miami and sell a kidney on the black market. 
            I have to say that I am a little shaken up and might be suffering from a little PTSD.  Last fall I sat near the top of the bleachers at Waterhouse Field which I now know was a death defying act.  I am guessing the latest condemnation of one of the best Class B fields in the State may have moved up Karen’s capital campaign a day or two.
            Another Red Ribbon week has passed.  Our club should be very proud of all the activities that occurred at the three area high schools.  Clearly, the renewed focus on drug awareness and the promotion of healthy alternatives at the area high schools came about because of the efforts of our Red Ribbon Committee and particularly the efforts of Jim Godbout and Karen Chasse. 
            The Red Ribbon Community Night on April 27 had better attendance than last year, but the empty seats still outnumbered the people by at least two to one.  Frankly, I think the empty seats were more attentive than the students who had been incentivized to be there.  Looking out over the audience I can tell you that few if any of the students there could tell you whether we were talking about drugs or snowmobiles.
            Clearly Bronwyn and her students from the CBC and BLAST stole the show.  Bronwyn and a young woman did a great job describing the CBC and the importance of after school programs and two young men got up and described their experiences at the CBC and the experience of colliding with a car on a bike and the extreme recovery associated with such an accident.  The kids did a fantastic job and I think related best to the audience. 
            Bill Patterson, our local addiction guru and head of the Coastal Healthy Communities Coalition, talked about the dangers of marijuana use by adolescents and talked a lot about the challenges of the legalization of pot in our state.  Some of his slides showed such things as “Pot Tarts” and candy bars which were indistinguishable from the real Pop Tarts and candy bars.  There is no question that such products are going to get into the hands of our kids in Maine which will present huge challenges.
            Finally we were joined by Ryan Esbjerg (pronounced Esberg, but spelled Esjberb on his slide).  Ryan started “Flex Your Face” which is another way to say “smile”.  His movement is apparently based on the idea that we all need to take pleasure in the simple things in life and if we are misusing drugs or alcohol we need to figure out why and not just try to stop the misuse because if you can get at the root of your issue you might be able to then deal with the addiction more effectively.  Ryan had a ton of energy.  At times he was a bit hard to follow, but I do know that he is not a counselor, doctor, pastor, preacher or an inspirational speaker because he said that a few times.  I also know that he has a thing for Boca Raton, Florida which is apparently where I am required to go when I retire.  I definitely want Ryan selling whatever I am selling because he can flat out market stuff.
            Thank you to the 25+ Rotarians who attended.  Let’s keep Red Ribbon moving along and see if we can get other clubs to start replicating our model.
Musings of a Former President 5/1/2017 Bill Kany 2017-05-01 04:00:00Z 0
Posted on Apr 26, 2017
Natural Helpers
Natural Helpers is a national program.  Those selected are a cross section of students identified through an anonymous school wide survey. Ideally those chosen are representatives of all the subgroups in the school community.  They are invited to participate in the Natural Helpers program.  If they accept, they are trained as Natural Helpers.  The training consists of Retreat Training and Ongoing
Training, and the process continues indefinitely, with a different group of students
selected each year.
Tri-Valley Natural Helpers are a group of students who are selected by their peers and staff who have shown a natural skill for helping others.  They are trained to handle a variety of situations and to keep what they are told confidential.  They have been a wonderful resource for other students and they are an asset to our school.  Ms. Booze is the advisor for the Natural Helpers.  The Natural Helper program is funded by the Safe School Committee.
What do Natural Helpers Do?
  Beyond participating in Retreat Training and Ongoing Training, students play a variety of roles as Natural  Helpers.  Among them:
 *Continuing to help their friends with their concerns.
 *Recognizing when people have serious problems like depression, chemical
dependency, and abuse-- and referring them to trained helping resources.
 *Working with members of their helping team to discuss issues and specific
   --Providing accurate information.
   -- Becoming more involved with their school and community.
   -- Lending a sympathetic ear to loners and new students.
    The program is sufficiently flexible to allow students to choose roles that are most comfortable for them.  We suggest that, just as the title of the program indicates, students choose roles that are "natural".  For the most part, Natural Helpers continue to do what they always do --quietly help their friends.
Natural Helpers of OOB High School 2017-04-26 04:00:00Z 0
Fireside Chat Lucie Kay 2017-04-24 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Julie Villemaire
The 9th Annual BINGO Fundraiser to benefit the RI Polio Plus Program and our Charitable Giving Program, will be held on Sunday afternoon this year instead of a Saturday morning.  Games will start at 2:00 p.m. with doors opening at noon time on May 21st.  The BINGO games will be run by the Rochambeau Club crew this year (as a test) in hopes that more of their “regular” Bingo players will come back. This is serious business for many of the players and they don’t enjoy the games or attend as often when it is a fundraiser and they don’t have the “professionals” calling the game.  The Rotarians have always done a good job but we are going to change it up a little and see if we have a better turn out than the last couple of years.  I’m really hoping that this will be the year for the best showing of Rotarians at this event.  This may be the last year that we do the event so I’d like it to go out with a bang!  With the Rochambeau Club volunteers, ALL of the Rotarians and their families will be eligible to actually play the game! 
We will still need to get sponsors and pre-sell tickets.  There will be guaranteed $1,400 in prize money handed out.  If we get enough in sponsors, pretty much everything we raise is profit.  There is very little expense to this fundraiser.  The more tickets we can pre-sell the better off we will be.  There are no refunds, so if someone buys a ticket and decides not to come play at the last minute, we have their donation.  Tickets will be $20 and will cover all of the regular games.  There will be a few additional games, including a winner take-all,  that can be purchased at the door.  Sponsors who donate a $100 or more will have their name printed on the game program that is provided to all players and will be announced throughout the event.  They can also hang signs and/or hand-out trinkets, coupons, etc. to attendees.  Their name will also be listed on our Website and Facebook page.  If you are interested in sponsoring a game or know someone who is, please get in touch with Julie Villemaire (call or text 286-5474 or email
4 tickets will be provided to each Rotarian ($20 each) and I would ask that you do your best in trying to sell them.  BINGO isn’t just for the old folks anymore (at least 16 years old to play).  We’ve been averaging about 60 “pre-sold” tickets each year.  Based on our club size, that averages out to less than one ticket sold per member.  I’m hoping to have the tickets ready to distribute next week (April 26th).
Please call Julie with any questions/concerns.
Thank You in advance for your helping in making this the best BINGO event yet!  “Just say Yes!”
Thank you to our Bingo Sponsors for this year!
York County FCU
Saco & Biddeford Savings Institution
Pension Professionals
McAllister Machines
Dana Lane, CPA
Harborview Lending
The Maine Real Estate Network
Neil’s Motors
Precision Screw Machine Products
P & C Insurance
Blue Elephant Catering  
Bergen & Parkinson Attorneys
Gorham Savings Bank
Clark Insurance
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Posted by Karen Chasse on Apr 20, 2017
Each year the Biddeford-Saco Rotary Club sponsors an annual essay contest for all eighth graders in Biddeford, Saco and Old Orchard Beach schools.  This year marked the 22nd year they have held the contest.  The theme of the essay is “What the Word Family Means to Me,” which focuses on the students’ views of the importance of family life, their understanding, and appreciation of differences that exist with other families. The best essays are selected by the school’s faculty of teachers based on the established criteria: relevance to the topic, quality of composition, creativity, and grammatical, spelling accuracy. 
On April 12, the first place winners from each participating school were invited to read their essay before an assembly of Rotarians, parents, school principals and teachers.   Each was awarded a Certificate of Achievement along with a $100 prize.  The first place winners were: Emily Boilard, Biddeford Middle School; Claire Loeser, Thornton Academy Middle School, Saco; Dayja Nguyen, Saco Middle School; Penelope Thao, Loranger Middle School, Old Orchard Beach; and Alannah Shevenell, St. James School, Biddeford.
Congratulations to the other prize winners who received $50 or $25 prizes as well: Katlyn Bickford and Aliyah Bureau - Biddeford Middle School; Julia Pisani and Hayley Litvinchyk
- Thornton Academy Middle School, Saco; Amy Blanchard and Paige Beaudoin - Saco Middle School; Alison Prejean and Ethan Hutchinson - Loranger Middle School, Old Orchard Beach; and Brian Perrault and Julia Violette - St. James School, Biddeford.
The Biddeford-Saco Rotary Club is pleased to be part of community involvement.  If you would like more information on how to become involved with Rotary, please visit their website at
PHOTO CAPTION: The Biddeford-Saco Rotary Club recently awarded winners for their twenty-second annual essay contest (l-r): Dayja Nguyen, Saco Middle School; Claire Loeser, Thornton Academy Middle School, Saco; Alannah Shevenell, St. James School, Biddeford; Penelope Thao, Loranger Middle School, Old Orchard Beach; and Emily Boilard, Biddeford Middle School.
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Posted by Brian Dallaire on Apr 19, 2017
Bill Kany and I would like to thank all of you that participated in our 2nd annual Foundation Day on April 19th. That day just happens to be Paul Harris' birthday and this year is the 100th anniversary of the Rotary Foundation.  Our goal is to have as many member contribute in some form to the foundation every year.  So far between contributions made at the meeting and directly to RI we have had 37 members donate over $2,500 this year.  Also thanks to all of you that donated swag for the Yankee swap that helped encourage contributions and added a bit of fun.
There is still time if you missed the meeting and would like to donate before we close the books for this Rotary year.  Remember that cash, check made out to The Rotary Foundation, or credit cards on the RI website are all ways to may contributions.
Thanks again
Brian Dallaire
Foundation Co-Chair
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Posted by Bill Kany on Apr 19, 2017
Club Members:  Please remember that this Wednesday, April 19, is Rotary Foundation Day.  If you have not contributed to the Foundation during Lucie's year (and we have the list), please bring in a check or cash for your contribution to the Rotary Foundation. For every $10.00 you donate up to $100 you will receive a raffle ticket to be drawn for a tremendous treasure trove of swag.  If your ticket is drawn you will get to select an item which you can then trade with anyone who selected before you.
If you have swag or perhaps a gift card that you will never use, please bring items in so that we will in fact have some things to give away. 
It was a fun day last year and I am sure this year will be the same so please make every effort to attend this week's meeting at the Run of the Mill.
Thanks Bill
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Albert P. Deshaies, 87, of Biddeford passed away on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at the Maine Veterans Home in Scarborough.  He was born July 9, 1929 in Biddeford, the son of Albert and Therese (Auger) Deshaies.  He graduated from St. Louis High School in 1948 and earned his Bachelor’s Degree at Boston College, graduating in the class of 1952. 


Al served in the US Army from 1952 to 1955.  On June 26, 1954, he and Madeleine Brunelle were married at The Church of Our Lady in Bamberg, Germany. 


His work history included 6 years as an agent with Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. and 5 years as manager of Canal National Bank in Biddeford.  He then served as president of St. Joseph’s Federal Credit Union for 27 years, retiring in 1993.  In the following years he worked as a photographer for Paquin & Carroll Insurance.


He was a member and past president of the Biddeford-Saco Rotary Club and was also recognized by Rotary International as a Paul Harris fellow.  Al had a lifetime interest in music and photography.  He participated in both St. Louis High School and Boston College bands. He also played in the Alumni Band, the Italian Heritage Center Band, and the Harvard Summer Band.


Al was preceded in death by a son-in-law Frederick Lynch.


Surviving are: Madeleine Deshaies, his wife of 62 years, of Biddeford; one son, Philip Deshaies and his wife Cecile of Biddeford and their children Adrien, Roxanne, Bernard, and Michelle; three daughters, Janice Lynch of Saco and her daughter Alyssa, Celeste Bellerose and her husband Garry of Victor, NY and their son Nathan, Denise Leal of York and her children Caroline and Jonathan.


There will be no visiting hours.  A private family service will be held. Arrangements are by Hope Memorial Chapel 480 Elm St., Biddeford, ME 04005.  Memorial donations in Al’s memory may be made to the Albert “Bruce” Brunelle Memorial Scholarship care of Biddeford High School, 20 Maplewood Avenue, Biddeford, ME 04005.  To share condolences online, please visit



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Posted by Karen Chasse on Apr 04, 2017
Rotary and Schools Collaborate to Host Red Ribbon Awareness Week Community urged to attend presentation on April 27 at 6:30pm
BIDDEFORD, SACO, OOB, Maine – April 4, 2017 – Every $1 spent on the prevention of drug misuse saves $7 in treatment. To steer our community toward healthy behaviors, the Biddeford Saco Rotary Club’s Red Ribbon Committee is focusing its efforts on preventing young people from slipping into the devastating grip of drug misuse and addiction. Working in conjunction with school educators from Biddeford, Old Orchard Beach, Saco and Thornton Academy the Rotary’s Red Ribbon Committee is hosting multiple events during their second annual Red Ribbon Awareness Week, April 24-28, with a community-wide presentation on April 27 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Thornton Academy’s Garland Auditorium. All members of the community are welcome. The event is free and will be livestreamed at
“Our goal is to serve as a catalyst to mobilize communities, educate youth and encourage participation in drug prevention activities” stated Red Ribbon Committee Co-Chair and Rotarian Jim Godbout.  “We all recognize drug misuse is at epidemic proportions in our country. It costs our country billions of dollars each year through tax dollars, so we are all affected directly or indirectly. I applaud the schools for working collaboratively together and with our Rotary Club, and I invite everyone to join us in a culture of change from acceptance of drug misuse in its many forms to all community members living lives of health, wellbeing, and joy.”
The tri-community presentation on April 27 encourages individuals and families to reflect upon current trends in drug use and what the community can do to promote healthy behaviors without the influences of illegal drugs or other misused substances. A series of speakers will address the trends in drug use and local effects, including: Bronwyn Barnett and the students in the Toastmasters Club from the Community Bicycle Center will speak about making healthy choices; Bill Paterson of Coastal Healthy Communities Coalition’s Project Alliance will speak on “”Marijuana and the Adolescent Brain”; Ryan Esbjerg of Flex Your Face University will speak on their unending goal to ignite people's lives through the celebration of small moments in their day; and the top three student t-shirt design winners will be presented with their cash prize awards.
In addition to the community-wide presentation, each high school has also planned activities for their students throughout the week of April 24 including all students receiving a free Red Ribbon t-shirt thanks to the following sponsors: Biddeford Savings, Saco & Biddeford Savings Institution, P&C Insurance, Maine Magazine, and Coastal Healthy Communities Coalition’s Project Alliance through the University of New England. The Rotary Club held a t-shirt design contest and An Ho ’18 from Thornton Academy will have her design placed on the front of all the shirts. 
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Posted by Bill Kany on Apr 03, 2017
            If you were not at the meeting on March 29, 2017, then you did not hear Governor Lepage speak.  First, it was striking to see the Governor's weight loss.  I think most of us know that he had some form of stomach surgery to aid in his weight reduction, but the transformation is amazing.  It also seems that his weight loss may have also improved his demeanor to some extent.  Some of the information he provided was quite striking and, if it is accurate, then it is difficult to argue with.  For example, New Hampshire has no income tax and no sales tax and has the seventh highest real estate taxes in the country.  Maine has one of the highest income taxes in the country and sales tax and yet we are the ninth highest taxed state for real estate taxes in the country.  While it would seem we have a taxation problem, I would suggest that we also have a spending problem if we need that much revenue. 
            He also shared with us that the cost of solar power is astronomically higher than the cost of electricity generated from coal, natural gas, hydro and bio-energy from forest produce. He indicated that 64% of Maine's electricity comes from renewable sources.  That is very good news environmentally, but it is very bad news economically because the cost of renewable energy is substantially higher than other sources.  One of the results of these higher energy costs is certainly the loss of some industries in Maine that have found that they can substantially reduce their fuel costs by going south or to other countries.  The Governor is clearly an advocate for hydro-electric power and bio-energy, but the bottom line is that the state needs to bring down its energy costs in order to attract new businesses and keep existing businesses.
            Switching back to taxation, the statistics regarding states with and without income taxes and their economic growth over the last several years are incredibly striking.  States without income taxes have experienced substantial economic growth over the last several years while states, like Maine with income taxes, have seen an actual drop in economic output.  Unfortunately, the 3% tax that the people of Maine just approved for families earning over $200,000.00 which includes limited liability companies and S-corporations will result in less high earners choosing to relocate to Maine and will force retirees to move to states like Florida which have no income tax.  Moving to Florida for a retiree is an instant 7% raise and, if they generate more than $200,000.00 a year, it could be a 10% raise. 
            The interesting thing about the 3% tax is that it was designed to provide funds for teacher salaries and benefits.  The reality is that Maine has a constitutional provision that requires the state to fund 55% of the costs of education, but the state has not funded 55% of the cost of education for many of its communities and that is particularly true for communities with larger tax bases.  The more rural communities may be receiving 55% of their education costs from the state, but communities like Biddeford and Sale do not.  Governor Lepage is pointing out that he has not been reducing expenditures for education and, in fact, has been increasing state expenditures for education while the number of students in grades K-12 has actually diminished significantly over the last few years down to a total of approximately 177,000 students.  Governor Lepage's argument is that Maine expends a very low portion of its overall education dollars in the actual classroom as compared to other states.  He argues that too much money is spent on administration and other fixed administrative costs that could be reduced with some centralization of those services.  Apparently, Maine has 174 superintendents statewide which means that each superintendent is responsible for less students than most high schools have throughout the country.  He pointed out that Florida has 3 million students K-12, but yet it only has 64 superintendents throughout the state.
            The bottom line is that I think we are all sick and tired of giving close to 50% of our income to the local, state or federal government.  While many people may not like the Governor's approach, it is difficult to argue that the concept of lowering taxes by bringing spending into control and increasing earnings in the state which can be taxed at reasonable rates to cover the necessary costs of running our government.  Perhaps if more people listened to what the Governor was saying as opposed to fretting about how he says it, we would all be better off.
Foundation Day
Brian Dallaire mentioned that on April 19, 2017 we will have our Second Annual Foundation Day.  Everyone in the Club is encouraged to bring in a check or cash for the Rotary Foundation.  If you have already contributed to the Foundation, we will be able to verify that.  While we have not come up with a specific dollar figure, I will give you the "rules" for the fun part of the meeting.  Say for every $10 you contribute to the Foundation, you will receive a raffle ticket.  The raffle tickets will go into a pot.  One by one we will draw raffle tickets.  If we call your number you will get to pick from a table full of swag donated by our members.  Each time someone selects a piece of swag, they will be able to trade it with someone who might have already selected an item.  The final person whose raffle ticket is selected will have the choice of any item already picked in the room.  It is our modified version of a yankee swap. 
            To make the Foundation Day work, we need three things.  First, we need people to show up at the meeting.  Second, we need members to donate swag from their respective businesses or perhaps a gift card that they might have kicking around.   And third, we need everyone to donate to the Rotary Foundation.  Again, if you have already donated, we will be able to pull that list, but if you did not donate during Lucie's year, please plan on bringing in a check or cash made payable to the Foundation.  This should be a fun way to help support the Foundation and to help Lucie meet her Foundation-giving goals.  If you have any questions about Foundation Day, please contact any member of the Foundation Committee including its Chair, Brian Dallaire.
            Have a great week!
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Posted by Paulette Bonneau
Pledge of Allegiance:  started by President Lucie Kay @ 12:15
4 Way Test:                Roland Gagnon                                                          
Invocation:                             Joe Moreshead                       
President-Elect (Jackson Brown) Introduces Visiting Rotarians & Guests:
Visitors: Doug Kay, Renee Huot, Jeff Slayton Chuck Gawauski
Jackson announced Rotary meets every Wednesday at 12:15 at Run of the Mill
50/50 Drawing: Don Pilon and gave to the Red Ribbon Committee
Sergeant At-Arms (SAA):
Happy Dollars:
  • Bernice thanked everyone for their help with the auction and another for not being prepared.
  • Laurie-Jo thanked everyone for help with the phone bank
  • Sabine was happy because she had a nice trip to Guadeloupe
  • Brenda P- enjoyed her day at the auction and another dollar for starting her new job at Evergreen Credit Union.
  • Jim Godbout-spoke to 3 Rotary Clubs and proud of what this club accomplishes.
  • Matt Simmons-proud of his 10 year old son starting in the 12 year old Major League group this spring
  • Adam Parent-happy he is going to Florida
  • Ray Demers is happy that he is finally fully staffed.
  • Lucy kay was fined for the heck of it.
  • Jackson was fined because he has fan club members that squeal like 16 year old girls.
  • Bill Kany was caught cleaning his glasses with his own spit.
  • Sue G. was fined for avoiding the camera at the auction.
1. Lucy thanked everyone for their efforts with the auction.  It was a success.  70% of the membership participated in the auction in some way.
2. April 12 is our Essay Contest Day to be held the York County Credit Union, Saco.  Parking is limited, please car pool.
3. April 19th-Foundation Day- bring your donation and we will have swag to win.
4. Next Board meeting is April 12th at P & C  Insurance.
5. Sarah Neault is back!!! YAY!
6. Red Ribbon T-Shirt design will be chosen later today.  Red Ribbon is not only about education but also networking-Jim spent Sunday talking with a parent and connecting her to resources in the community.
7. Jim also announced he will need help with cleaning up the grounds and house in the next few weeks.
8. Dr. Joe Boyles wife is having a surgery.
Speaker Presentation: Governor LePage spoke on 3 main points:
  1. Taxation: the State has money in the bank, paying their bills and has a strong safety net for the disabled and elderly.  He wants the State to move to a consumption tax; wants to do away with income tax.
  1. Energy: our costs are too high and driving business out and not driving business in to the State.
  1. Education: His goal is to reduce the number of superintendents in the State and put more money in the classroom.  He also wants one teacher contract for the State to decrease the gap between northern and southern Maine pay scales.
  1. Other point he made: 80% of the Mainers were in favor of welfare reform-his words-“poverty is not a disability.  To get out of poverty, it takes hard work and education, not entitlement.
Apologies are sent in advance for any misspellings of names.
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Posted by Bill Kany on Mar 27, 2017
OK let’s hear it for Bernice, she survived being Auction Chair and it would seem that the 28th Annual Rotary Club TV Auction went off with few, if any, hitches.  It was tremendous to see so many Rotarians from our club involved, and it is always good to see the collaboration between the two clubs.  A few points are worth mentioning.
            First, I was watching the auction in Greenwood when Jeff Slayton, District Governor Marge Barker and Lucie went on TV.  The look on Lucie’s face was like they said to her we are holding your entire family for ransom and you must go on TV with the DG or we will start killing your family members one by one.  Does being on TV have to look that painful.
            While the auction is always a nice collaboration with Saco Bay, each year I am reminded that our club dominates the production of the auction.  Julie runs Pick and Pay with unmatched precision.  We should all know that without Julie we do not have an auction.  Rollie, Ken, Karen and Fausto did far more to keep the auction on time than anyone from the other club.  Keep in mind that Ken, as busy as he is, has written the script for the last bunch of years.  Jim McAllister and his band of merry men and women (not sure Rob Moody is merry but go with it) kept us tabulated all day.  Sure, Sherry McDonald is an integral part of that process but Jim and his crew can sort bid slips faster than a Las Vegas blackjack dealer can shuffle.  Lucie made sure everyone was fed and hydrated all day.  Laurie Jo, stepping in for CJ, was absolutely crucial in making sure we had the needed phone operators. I know that Paulette Bonneau was a huge help in recruiting students to man the phones.  While I am sure that phone bank process was a stressful one, it all appeared so seamless.  Even Don Pilon and Conrad Welzel, along with Jackson, were there all day moving display items in and out.  While it would be nice to have more physical items, it is always good to be able to show a few things on the screen.  It was also fun watching Don try to juggle bike helmets.
            In talking to Bernice I believe she said that we had over 50 members of our club work on some aspect of the actual auction, and I am not talking about solicitations.  That is a tremendous showing that we should be proud of.  At the end of the auction I read on the air that we had raised almost $52,000.  Bernice told me afterwards that the $52,000.00 number did not include some of the sponsorships which means the number could be higher so stay tuned.  The bottom line is that the power of Rotary was on display again and we should all be proud to be part of such a well-run event.
            Lastly, on April 19 we are going to do our second annual Foundation day.  On that day everyone who donates to the Foundation will get a number making them eligible for our swag Yankee swap.  If your business has swag please plan on bringing in a few items that each person can pick from, but remember that the person who picks next can steal your new found treasure.  We had a lot of fun last year and raised some really good money for the Foundation so please plan on being there on the 19th, bring your Foundation donation, and plan on bringing in some highly sought after business swag.
Have a great week. 
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Pledge of Allegiance: By President-Elect Jackson            

Patriotic Song & who led it: Jackson Brown led the meeting     


4 Way Test & who led it:   Roland Gagne    


Invocation (prayer) & who led it:  Joe Moreshead     


President-Elect  Introduces Visiting Rotarians & Guests: None this week


Announcements:  There will be various announcements from the President & possibly other members of the club.  You can always ask for the member’s notes for clarification if needed.  

-Laurie Jo mentioned we are in desperate need of volunteers for the auction. We still need 6 people on the phone lines. She encouraged anyone who is available to show up at 11:30 Sunday and she will assign a job.She offered to train those who are willing to help out.        

-Prayers for Lucie Kay, Her mother in law passed away Monday, March 20.

-Reminder Gov. Lepage will be attending the 3/29 meeting 

-Jim gave a rotary house update- flooring will be installed throughout April


50/50 Drawing:  List the amount and who the winner was.  Sometimes the winner will donate the proceeds back to the club and earmark it for a specific cause.

$ 31   Winner: Earl Goodwin to Red Ribbon        


Sargent At-Arms: Matt Simmons

-Bill Kany- Was fined and actually gave money!

-Roland Gagne spoke of a $7500 contribution that was made to the club


Happy Dollars:

_Bronwyn- Happy that Community Bicycle Center was awarded a 6 year grant to implement a 7th grade to graduation mentoring program. 

-Lawrence Boyle- 2 sons celebrated birthdays

-Conrad- 6 mo old granddaughter was very ill and is now doing well and recovering.


Tammy, Bill Kany, Rob Moody, Mark Nahorney, & Jeremy Ray for receiving Reader’s Choice awards, and congrats too!                                                                                                                                                                                                


Speaker Presentation:  

             George Powell visited our Rotary Club today


George is the CEO of Summit Diagnostics, a company that he started in 1988. They perform drug testing, and they have a clear understanding of laws, drug addiction, & recovery. They watch drug related trends. He presented a power point presentation which included everything from how addiction happens, to the effects on a person, to the consequences of drug use. 

Maine has the highest rate of drug use over any other state.

Addiction most typically starts from prescription drugs. This occurs when a patient is prescribed a medication to take for pain and is on it for too long and becomes dependent. 15,000 people die each year from drug overdoses.  78 people die each day in the US from overdoses. They are from prescription drugs, opioids,  stimulants, and central nervous system drugs. Fentanyl, a synthetic opiate, is coming to US from China, and is a huge problem here. Drug screening may be performed via saliva test or a urine test. The machines that scan saliva samples cost around $300,000! The urine sample test kits cost around

$7 and test for 16 different drugs. They can indicate whether a drug is present but won’t tell you  which specific drugs are present. 

George gave a very informative talk and we all learned what a widespread epidemic this has become. James A. said we are all subject to a urine  sample after the meeting *  




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Rotary TV Auction 2017-03-21 04:00:00Z 0
Rotary TV Auction Items Page 1 2017-03-20 04:00:00Z 0
Rotary TV Auction Items Page 2 2017-03-20 04:00:00Z 0
Pledge of Allegiance: started by President Lucie Kay @ 12:15
4 Way Test:  Elaine Palmitessa          
Invocation:  Jim Audiffred

PE Jackson Brown announced Rotary meets every Wednesday at 12:15 at Run of the Mill. There were no visitors today



  1. Joe Bassett is doing well following his surgery.
  2. We need people to sign up to work at the auction: food, telephone bank, kitchen duty, Pic N Pay
  3. Email Jim McAllister if you are interested in sorting bids after the boards close. It is a very easy task. Rob Moody has committed to help him all day-need some other to help.
  4. Need a few hands Friday night to help Jerry Lapierre set up at the Community Center.
  5. Student essay contest is April 12th at People's Choice Credit Union, Saco.
  6. Conrad Welzel will chair the 5/31/17 Rotary House celebration.
  7. City of Biddeford deeded 518 Main St to the Rotary last week.
  8. Red Ribbon Committee will meet on 3/20 at 5:30 at the Community Bike Shop. Agenda: pick the T shirt design and organize the community night.
  9. Charitable Giving Committee is meeting after today's meeting.
50/50 Drawing: Tammy Ackerman won the $23 and donated it to the Red Ribbon Committee
Sergeant At-Arms (SAA): Sarah Curley and Matt Simmons
 Happy Dollars: Joe Boyle is just happy.
Brenda P. is happy that her 8-year-old granddaughter is adopted today. Jackson B attended PETS and realized our club is far ahead of many others.
Karen Chasse was happy because she got a car for the first time ever that has a warranty. Elaine P had to pay because she made an error on Brenda P.'s birthdate.
Jackson had to pay for his beautiful looks. Heather M forgot the 4 Way test.
Lucy started the meeting late.
Joe Moreshead is sporting the Tom Cruise look.
Lucy thanked Joe M. for picking up the water from Poland Spring for the Auction. Joe had to pay for not being available next Saturday.
Speaker Presentation: Guy and John representing the 00B Ballpark.
  • Volunteers manage the park
  • It is Triple A rated and is self-supporting seating 6000.
  • Rotary assisted in the past to build handicap ramps
  • They need volunteers to help with cleanup, fixing things etc. Looking to have a group on  May 6th  participate.
  • They host 180 ballgames a year
Work items at the Ballpark

   1.Complete terrace deck and stairs. (Skills carpentry, painting.)

  1. Repair restore right field fence.
  2. Clean out and begin restoration of second concession stand. Relocate dumpsters clean  up.
  3. Install Bullpen fence posts, need (backhoe)
  4. Pressure wash stadium walking surface
  5. Weed Control on warning track.
  6. Build utility house in parking lot for power water.
  7. Repair visitors shower walls (take down find leak, repair, replace tiles)
  8. Paint new Sky Box windows, install latching system.
  9. Paint, touch up all rust spots on security fence
  10. Fabricate and install privacy barriers in Men's  Restroom
Jackson Brown spoke a little bit more about his PETS experience:
  • Made good connections
  • Change to pushing hard for business connections, use of e-meetings, Skype etc.
  • Soft on meeting attendance as long as individual is participating in club activities in the community
  • Pushing corporate memberships

Adam Parent shared a little about himself with our remaining time:

  • He was an Interact member in high school and LOVED it.
  • He joined the Rotary to meet other mature Rotarians (he is still waiting for that to happen)
  • He has been a realtor for the past 4 years
  • Married his high school sweetheart of 14 years and trying not to have kids
  • He trains for marathons and his biggest hobby is spending time with his horse that he bought 2 years ago.
2 New members were inducted: Linda Verville and Debbie Burrs
Apologies are sent in advance for any misspellings of names.
    Week In Review 3/15/2017 Paulette Bonneau 2017-03-15 04:00:00Z 0

    President Lucie started the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Joe Boyle led the 4 Way Test and Jim Audiffredprovided the invocation.


    Vice President Bernice Wood introduced visiting Rotarians & Guests:  Terri Wentworth


    Auction Update:  We have all of the items!  The boards will be put together this afternoon. Thanks to Julie for typing up the slips and Joe Moreshead for constant interruptions.  Bill Kanywas able to secure 3 $500 sponsorships!  Sign-up sheet for kitchen duty will be going around.  Julie requested volunteers to help call bidders from last year whose email bounced back.  There is also a sign-up sheet for various duties in the Pic N pay area.


    April 12th is the Essay Contest which will be held at People’s Choice FCU (not Duffy’s) on the Industrial Park Road in Sac


    President Lucie is looking for volunteers to plan a celebration for the Rotary House on May 31st.


    Jim Godbout:  Red Ribbon week is April 24th-28th.  Meeting is rescheduled from 21st to the 20th.  The new t-shirt design is due next week.


    Rotary House:  This has had tremendous in-kind donations in our community!  Tremblay Cabinets, Distinctive Tile, Maine Marble & Granite.  “This Old House”  producer may make an appearance!  Jim also announced that we got a second house to renovate.  It is located at 518 Main Street, Biddeford.


    Anniversaries:  Paul Deschambault-18 Years!

                             Elaine Palmitessa-5 Years!


    The 50/50 was won by Jim Audiffred.


    Sargent of Arms:  

    Happy Dollars:  Julie- Happy auction items are in

                              Joe Boyle – Hopeful $ for wife’s good health

                              Adam- Happy to be back

                              Mark- City Theater show opening

                              Joe Moreshead-Snowshoeing win

                             Don Pilon-Tammy Ackerman new member

                             Paul Deschambault - Happy to be back

                             Matt- Son won tournament

                             Nicole- Booming real estate market

                             Fausto- Leaving for New Orleans


    Fines:  Bernice- Coffee Mug; Jim Godbout-Maine Home Magazine; Paul D. – Facebook beach                           photo; Jeremy Ray-didn’t provide happy $ for new Rotary house; Roland- special meal.


    New Members Inducted:  Tammy Ackerman and Amanda Coward


    Speaker:  Commissioner of York County Government, Marston Lovell


    Discussed the Opiate Crisis 

         2015- 36 people died in York County

         There are at least a dozen people a day needing detox before going to jail.

         Trying to divert the drug users from going to jail & getting the help they need.


    Greg Zinger ):

    ​Location is adjacent to the County Jail

               64 bed facility recovery center proposed to be open for York County

    ​​Permitted for 36 beds at this time

                           Working of funding / tax dollars

                            $1.7 million needed to start and operate

    For more information visit

    Week in Review 3/8/2017 Sabine McElrath 2017-03-08 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Paulette Bonneau on Mar 01, 2017
    Pledge of Allegiance:  started by President Lucie Kay @ 12:15
    4 Way Test:                                                                                       
    Invocation      Joe Moreshead                                                           
    President-Elect (Jackson Brown) Introduces Visiting Rotarians & Guests:
    Announcements: 1. Rotary Auction items need to be submitted ASAP.  At this time there is a significant shortage.  The next Rotary Committee will meet March 10th.
    2. Jim has been successful in his endeavors to gain t-shirts for all the kids in the three school districts participating in Red Ribbon events in April. Brady Printing is working with Jim.
    3. Essay contest is April 12th at Duffy’s Tavern  
    4. Rotary House Celebration-May 31st
    Rotarians and community members that contributed to the successful project will convene at COT.  Lucie is looking for a small committee to organize this event. 
    Sergeant At-Arms (SAA): Sarah and Matt
    Speaker Presentation: Classifications were done instead of a presentation
    No speakers this week
    Classification: Brenda Pollock is an old member new member.  She is thrilled to be back after a 12 year hiatus.  She thanked her parents for raising her with the values she has and has proudly passed it on to her two children.  She started her career in Maine as the Director in the Chamber of Commerce Industry and National Historic Preservation Main Street development program. She then became a Public Relations Manager for a national waste-to-energy facility.  She then managed an international regional airline start-up which led her to Montreal where she was promoted to VP of Sales and Marketing with an international aviation company.  In 2012 she launched her own business to assist companies improve culture and make a positive impact on their bottom line.  She has written two books and spent two years sailing on the East Coast with her best friend and captain whom she married in 2015. 
    Apologies are sent in advance for any misspellings of names.
    Week in Review 3/1/2017 Paulette Bonneau 2017-03-01 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Sabine McElrath on Feb 22, 2017
    Pledge of Allegiance
    4 Way Test led by Randy Forcier
    Invocation by Jim Audiffred          
    Jackson Brown Introduced guests:
    Bill Leffler - visiting Rotarian
    Betty Balderston
    Debra Burrows
    Bernice update on TV Auction:
    Only 145 items have been collected so far
    265 items to go
    All items need to be in by February 24
    Auction is scheduled for 26 March
    Fairpoint is sending us a check for $1500 for phone service
    Items are to be dropped off at Precision Screw at 30 Gooch St. or
    brought to the meeting (but please do not bring canoes to Run of the
    Jim Godbout gave an update on the Rotary House: They have selected an interior decorator who is helping with picking colors, cabinetry and flooring.  Ground work will start in the spring.
    Red Ribbon update:  Looking for businesses interested in sponsoring the Red Ribbon t-shirts for all high school students in Biddeford, Saco and Old Orchard Beach.  Cost will be between $15k and $18k.
    Lucie inducted new member Brenda Pollock.
    Update by Conrad on Wine Tasting:
    Final tally (almost):
    $11,825 income
    $3,975 expenses
    $7,850 net income
    Happy dollars were flying around:
    Joe Boyle: great visit with granddaughters
    Brenda: fifth time grandmother
    Conrad: happy about wine tasting success
    Bernice: happy Conrad sent thank you notes
    Laurie Jo: accounting is done
    Sabine: happy fellow Rotarians covered note taking; happy to see her dad in Miami
    Lucie: happy Karen watched her mother-in-law
    Lucie started the meeting late.
    Lucie adjourned the meeting at 1:25.
    Week in Review 2/22/2017 Sabine McElrath 2017-02-22 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Sabine McElrath on Feb 22, 2017
    Betty shared a presentation with us.  Some facts from those slides include:
    11-24% of people over the age of 60 experience some form of elder abuse.
    Abuse can be:
    • physical
    • sexual
    • psychological
    • neglect
    • abandonment
    • financial exploitation
    Abusers tend to be:
    • 71% family member
    • 19% spouse
    • 6% friend or neighbor
    Estimates are that only 1 in 14 cases are ever reported.
    Red flags that may indicate abuse is taking place:
    • Sudden changes in appearance or personality
    • Becoming uncommunicative
    • Visible injuries
    • Isolated
    • Complaints about caregivers
    • Immediate danger - call 911.  State Police are trained to spot elder abuse
    • Adult Protective Services - 1.800.624.8404 (Part of Maine Department of Health & Human Services)
    • Legal Services for the Elderly - 1.800.750.5353  Free legal services to those over 60.
    Betty Balderston from Legal Services for the Elderly Sabine McElrath 2017-02-22 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Bill Kany on Feb 15, 2017

    Ah!, another week and another Rotary meeting.  For the second week in a row attendance was pretty skinny.  I'm guessing that the weather has contributed to the downturn in attendance.  For us healthy folk who park in the lower parking, we can attest to the fact that the parking lot is shrinking very quickly.  


    ​Despite the small attendance, we are certainly capable of making a lot of noise.  In fact, Lucie was half way through the pledge of allegiance before anyone noticed that she was "leading us" in the pledge.  Most effective leaders look around to make sure that people are following.  I actually have no recollection who led us in the four-way test, but it's the same four-way test every week so I'm sure you could live without that information.


    Clynk, Clynk, Clynk.


    ​Julie Villemaire put new Clynk bags (they are a different color now) on the tables.  We have been shirking our drinking responsibilities for the last few months and I believe the Clynk numbers are down.  So drink up Rotarians so we can help support those young girls in Africa as they continue their education.  Our livers be dammed.  


    That Was One Hell Of A Prayer.


    ​Joe Moreshead occasionally provides our invocations and usually takes about 10 seconds to thank God for doing so much and asking so little, but this week he decided that it was time for a democratic filibuster.  In fact, Joe read a letter from a Civil War soldier which letter was apparently read at the Inauguration by Chuck Schumer.  You may know that Chuck Schumer is now the leading Democratic Senator in the United States Senate.  I am guessing that Senator Schumer figured that if he read this letter it would delay Trump's swearing in by at least a year since the letter was quite long.  Of course, Joe prefaced the letter by saying it was only a couple of paragraphs, but I do believe that at least two Rotarians passed out while he was reading it.  The letter was an eloquent dissertation from the soldier to his wife and children professing his love for them but also confessing that he was torn between his love of country and his love of family and felt that he had no choice but to fight for his country.  Perhaps this was Schumer's way of identifying that President Trump may have a conflict between his love of country and his love of his other businesses.  In any event, I am always astounded by the poetic nature of these old letters from men and women, many of whom had little education and I try to compare them to today when a soldier's communications to his wife and children might be a hashtag followed by one hundred and forty characters.  I can see it now “#I might die today love you.”  After Joe's filibuster, he then gave his patented brief prayer and the meeting continued with more than a few members scratching their heads.





    Essay Contest.


    ​Lucie reminded everyone that the Essay Contest meeting will be held on April 12 at Peoples Choice Credit Union on the Industrial Park Road in Saco.  We might want to consider carpooling, because there is somewhat limited parking there, but I can assure you that the room itself is more than large enough for the Club and all of our guests on that day.  After all it was built by a credit union which does not have to worry about paying real estate taxes, income taxes, you name it.  However, I do think the indoor lap pool is a little over the top.


    Secondary Office for Blue Elephant Catering.


    ​Apparently, our Rotary meetings are also the second office for Fausto who received a couple of phone calls during the meeting until he practically broke his phone trying to shut it off.




    ​SOLICIT! SOLICIT! SOLICIT!  Bernice announced that with nine days left to go before our solicitation deadline, we only have 72 items turned in.  That is horrible.  If any members of the Club are sitting around thinking that they do not need to solicit items because other people will do it, please think again.  Our Club is responsible for a minimum of half of the items which means that we need to bring in 205 items.  While the lion's share of the 72 items may have come from our Club, we desperately need everyone to step up and solicit some local businesses to get the items in by February 24th.  I know people joke about that deadline not being the real deadline, but it is the real deadline.  After all the items come in, Julie Villemaire has to enter them all into the system and then they all need to be placed on individual quickie and big boards.  Procrastinating on soliciting items results in all of the back office activities being delayed which means that there is a logistical crisis as we approach the auction itself.  If you do not know who to solicit, please ask.  Bernice shared a list of Chamber businesses some of which are on our existing list but many of which are not.  They are great potential donors.  Please make the effort to go out and solicit a few items.  Again, if everyone in our Club solicits three to four items, we have all that we need with the hope that Saco Bay will do the same.  


    ​Bernice also announced that there are still 10 quickie board sponsorships left.  These are $175.00 sponsorships which is a great way for a business to support the auction when that business does not have a product or service to donate.


    ​Julie Villemaire also made a push for making sure that people fill out their solicitation slips completely.  Keep in mind that you may be very familiar with the donating business but our prospective bidders may not be.  Take the time to be a little descriptive.  That will help the auctioneers when they are describing each one of the items.  This is a huge fundraiser for us so we need all hands on deck to make this work.


    Red Ribbon Committee.


    ​Jim Godbout announced that our Red Ribbon Week will again be held at the end of April during the week of April 24.  The Red Ribbon Committee will be meeting on February 21st at 5:30 at the Community Bicycle Center to discuss Red Ribbon Week and to discuss the T-shirts that we were going to supply to each student from Biddeford High School, Old Orchard Beach High School and Thornton Academy.  We will be trying to reach out to businesses in the community to get sponsorships for those T-shirts.  


    Rotary House Project.


    ​Jim Godbout also announced that the students are currently hanging interior trim in the 471 Main Street, Biddeford Rotary House.  Diane Tremblay is in the process of building the custom cabinets for the house which is a fantastic donation.  Jim also mentioned that someone had donated the garage door for the garage which is another significant contribution to our project.  Both Jim and Jeremy Raye mentioned that discussions are now ongoing related to possibly acquiring a new house for the students to work on located at 518 Main Street in Biddeford which is directly across from the Center of Technology.  This is a much larger house.  It could be a great project for the students and our Club.  Jeremy mentioned that there will be an upcoming meeting with the City Council to discuss the prospect of providing another house toour Club, so if any Biddeford residents could email their councilors in support of the project, it would be greatly appreciated.  




    ​Fausto, Sarah and Matt then got up to do their Sergeants-at-Arms' thing.  There were a number of happy dollars including Matt Simmons heading to Florida.  He also mentioned there would be no adult education classes due to the snow.  It is my hope that Matt doesn't miss too many of those classes because he is in line to get his GED this spring at which time he will be able to spell his name properly.  Carl Goodwin was happy because he won $750.00 in the Doc's Tavern Super Bowl pool. No one was surprised. Dr. Joe Boyle was happy because he was able to make the meeting because he could not catch his cat to get him one last shot before going in to have his cat's blood sugar test.  Oh, the things we do for our pets!  Sue Gajewski arrived at the meeting in time to get one of Jim Audiffred's cookies.  Lucie paid Karen Chasse to announce that the York County Federal Credit Union was able to cut Karen's interest rate in half on her car loan.  One should certainly marvel at the things that a non-profit organization can provide to its members.  Roland Gagne left his jacket on for the entire meeting because he was forced to sit with Lucie.  Steve Morin celebrated 17 years in the Club and Randy Forcier was celebrating 10 years in the Club.  Nicole Carroll bemoaned celebrating Valentine's Day alone and in response to that Fausto indicating that Valentine's is overrated.  Finally, I should note that I won the 50/50 this week and donated the money to the Sergeants-at-Arms so they would leave me alone for at least one week.  


    Final Appeal.


    ​I will end with one final appeal that every Club member make a concerted effort to get their auction items in as soon as possible.  If you cannot get them to Joe Moreshead's place of business, please call Bernice and she can pick them up.  It does no good to keep them at your office or in your car.  We need to get them in as soon as possible so that we can have another successful TV auction.  Thanks for all of your help and have a great week.


    Respectfully and sometimes disrespectfully submitted by Bill Kany

    Week in Review 2/15/2017 Bill Kany 2017-02-15 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Bill Kany on Feb 15, 2017

    ​Our guest speaker this week was Scott McDonald (a/k/a Mark McDonald if you ask Joe Moreshead or Fausto) from the fraternal organization known as "Modern Woodmen".  Modern Woodmen has been around since 1883 and is really a financial advising firm though it also has insurance components and apparently is also a bank.  It is a non-profit organization which was originally established to support widows and orphans, in other words the same membership as credit unions.  All of its customers are its owners similar to a mutual savings bank or a credit union, but Modern Woodmen is a very large multi-billion dollar nationwide organization which is one of largest financial service organizations in the country.  


    ​The interesting thing about its business model is that because it is a non-profit, it pays no taxes and with the funds that are saved from not paying taxes it donates that money back to the communities that it serves.  Scott McDonald indicated that last year Modern Woodman contributed $636,000.00 to different causes in the State of Maine.  Modern Woodmen's primary benevolent effort includes a matching fund program in which they will match different fundraising efforts up to $2,500.00. 


    ​Modern Woodmen sells the same investment products and provides the same services that most banks and other financial advising firms may provide but their emphasis is on promoting community.  They sponsor speech contests for third to sixth graders and they provide educational materials for a whole host of subjects from ecology awareness to financial literacy.  They also provide every day hero awards to individuals in the community who go above and beyond the call of duty and those individuals receive a plaque and $100 to donate to their favorite charity.  Modern Woodmen, like our Rotary Club, sponsors a number of college scholarships, and, like our Club, they also enjoy getting involved in hands-on projects.  


    ​The reason we invited Scott McDonald of Modern Woodmen to come and speak, is because his organization matched the funds raised at the Chamber of Commerce auction this year resulting in a significant contribution to our Red Ribbon Committee.  No one really knew what Modern Woodmen was about so this gave us a chance to learn about Modern Woodmen while also giving Scott an opportunity to let us know about all of the good things that his company is involved in.  It would certainly seem that our Club might be able to collaborate with Modern Woodmen in the future on other projects and, if you are involved in any other non-profits, you may want to reach out to Scott (who has fantastic chocolate business cards).  


    Scott Macdonald from Modern Woodman Bill Kany 2017-02-15 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Donald Pilon on Feb 08, 2017


    Pledge of Allegiance: Jackson 4 Way Test:  Julie Invocation:  JoeMoreshead

    President-Elect Presided at today's meeting; Jackson Brown (Lucie was unable to attend) Bernice Woodintroduced visiting Rotarians; None. Guests; Amanda Coward and Linda Vermille



    Auction meeting this Friday at Saco Biddeford Savings rear door with green awmng.

    Bring Auction Items to Precision Screw Company, 30 Gooch Street, Biddeford by 2/24/17. QUICKY BOARD spaces are still available $175.00/space. Order yours now!

    Charitable Giving meeting with Jim McAllister meeting after club meeting today. Joe Bassett is in the hospital. Has just undergone surgery.

    Need a TACK person for next week, 2/15/17.

    Wine & Beer Tasting Update: Conrad has unofficially calculated gross revenues of approximately $10,000.00. He is adding up expenses. Could net about $6,500.00. Conrad wants to thank everyone that helped out with the Wine and Beer tasting especially his committee. Ken Farley, Jim Godbout, Karen with sponsors, Steve Morin, Fausto with food and 50/50.

    Fausto contributed $1,050.00 from food revenue to Red Ribbon. 50/50 Drawing: Carl Goodwin... $24.00 to Red Ribbon


    Sargent At-Arms:

    Dr. Joe found himself practicing veterinary medicine recently to a diabetic cat. Jeremy was in Houston for the Super Bowl and all was well at home.

    Karen's son has been promoted to a supervisor at Titan Supply Matt' s4th grade son is on the basketball circuit and scoring well. Bernicebrought a guest today, Linda Vermille

    Conrad contributed $5.00 to celebrate a successful Wine & Beer Tasting. Fausto's birthday this month

    Joe's tag line on Facebook-Shameless

    Jackson started the meeting at 12:17 (2 minutes late) Keith didn't like Bills short haircut

    Sue a dollar

    Heather just wanted to contribute a dollar



    Week in Review 2/8/2017 Donald Pilon 2017-02-08 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Donald Pilon on Feb 08, 2017


    Janice Budzik-Conley, a Tech-Integrator from CK Bums School in Saco spoke about the "Read to ME" Challenge. The Read to ME Challenge is a month-long public awareness campaign to promote childhood literacy in Maine held during February 2017.

    The Read to ME Challenge is an Opportunity to contribute to a child's literacy growth by reading aloud to one or more children for at least 15 minutes, to capture that reading episode via a photo and post it on social media to challenge others to do the same. Over 100 Maine schools, community literacy teams and other literacy-related organizations partnered in the 2016 campaign.

    Janice was here today to ask the Biddeford/Saco Rotary Club to participate in this reading program this month in our local schools. A number of Rotarians have volunteered to read to students in local schools. If you are interested contact Fausto.



    Maine Department  of Education

    -  Read to ME Challenge

    The Read to ME Challenge is a month-long public awareness campaign to promote childhoodliteracy in Maine held during February 2017.


    What was the Read to ME Challenge?


    The Read to ME Challenge is an opportunity to contribute to a child's literacy growth by reading aloud to one or more children for at least 15  minutes. The steps for taking the challenge are listed below and you can access resources to promote the challenge through the links on the lefthand side of this page.  You can also read about how the challenge


    1S 1l)i llutes  da tor li racy
    is spreading across Maine by visiting the Read to ME Challenge articles.


    Steps for Taking the Read to ME Challenge

    • Read to and/or have a child/children read to you for at least 15minutes.
    • Read an engaging book, chapter of a novel, newspaper ormagazine article, comics, nursery rhymes or poetry.
    • Capture a photograph of short video (15-30 seconds) of yourself reading to the child.
    • Use #ReadtoME or #ReadaloudME to post the photoor video on social media with your challenge to others toread aloud 15 minutes to a child or children they know.
    • Recommended social media platforms include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube.
    • If you live a distance from a child you'd like to read to, useSkype or Facetime to read aloud via digital means.
    • If you are unable to complete the challenge within 48 hours,consider:

    0 Donating a book to a school or public library, a food cupboard, a homeless shelter or a little free library near where you live.

    0        Volunteering your time at a library.

    0 Singing to or having a conversation with a child (these methods build language, too).


    For more information, contact Lee Anne Larsen, Literacy Specialist for the Maine DOE.


    Janice Budzik-Conley, a Tech-Integrator from CK Bums School in Saco Donald Pilon 2017-02-08 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Bill Kany on Feb 06, 2017

    At the end of the Superbowl (can I type Superbowl without paying Goodell?) I so badly wanted to take control of Bob Kraft’s mind and have him take the Lombardi Trophy from Goodell and then step back and flip Goodell the bird on national TV.  It might have been the most fitting ending to one of the greatest comebacks of all time.  Goodell, who was cheering for any of the other 31 teams in the league to win the Superbowl, had to be incredibly bummed that Atlanta let this game slip away.


    ​I can tell you when I am old and completely bald (I can’t say gray because I am clearly there already) I will be sure to tell my yet unborn grandchildren to never give up like Tom Brady and the 2017 Superbowl Champions who scored 31 unanswered points in one of the greatest sports comebacks of all time. Heather MacLean, the Patriots won the Superbowl and no Andrew Benintendi does not play for the Patriots.  I will tell that that most of the commercials during the Superbowl sucked and well halftime was Lady freakin’ Gaga hanging from some wires (that would have been a fantastic wardrobe malfunction), but it was a second half of football for the ages. 


    ​On a totally unrelated matter, solicit, solicit and solicit some more for the auction.  The February 24 deadline is real.  There is a tremendous amount of behind the scenes work to get the items lined up on the Quickie and Big Boards so please do your asks and get the items either to Bernice or to Joe Moreshead.  If you have stuff that needs to be picked up call Bernice and she can get it.  If someone would please get a frig donated I would love to see a full size rig on the roof of Bernice’s car. And as a reminder, gift cards are great and always acceptable but if you can get some nice physical items they make the auction better.  


    ​Finally, the essay contest meeting will be on April 12.  We tried to do it at Duffy’s again but they want an arm and a leg for a lunch buffet so we are looking at alternative locations.  If anyone has any suggestions for a larger location for the essay contest please let Lucie know. I do know that we had the essay contest at Run of the Mill during Ken’s year and Ken worked hard on the speaker system, but the fact remains that some of the students are very soft spoken and a quieter location which will enable all of us to hear their great essays and their messages would be better.


    Have another great week.



    Musings of a Former President 2/6/2017 Bill Kany 2017-02-06 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Sabine McElrath on Feb 01, 2017

    Michael briefed us on some the issues the Legislature is working on.

    The Maine Supreme Court will be looking at the ranked choice voting referendum that passed to determine its constitutionality.

    Also evaluating the recreational marijuana statute and studying the after effects of other states, like Colorado, who have legalized it.
    One interesting statistic he cited was that in Colorado, traffic fatalities rose 37% since the law passed. (editorial note: this does not prove cause and effect).

    Looking into restoring the tip credit for wait staff.

    He also spoke about the many special interest groups who are behind the voter ballot questions and how they write the referendums, often without much regard for the legality of the wording.
    Michael Thibodeau‎; President of the Maine Senate Sabine McElrath 2017-02-01 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Sabine McElrath on Feb 01, 2017
    Pledge of Allegiance
    4 Way Test led by Bronwyn Barnett
    Invocation by Joe Moreshead

    Jackson Brown Introduced guests:
    Cassandra Mooers
    Amanda Coward
    Deborah Taylor

    Update by Conrad on Wine Tasting:

    No totals yet overall but the 50/50 earned $600 and the silent auction close to $1500. Expected to be about $3000 in ticket sales once all the money is turned in. We should have done as well as last year, if not better.

    Thanks to all who volunteered and thanks to Heather for getting tablecloths.

    Bernice update on TV Auction:

    All items need to be in by February 24
    Auction is scheduled for 26 March
    Members should have received packets with info. from last year's donations. Packets and lists are in place so multiple members don't solicit from the same merchants several times.

    Items are to be dropped off at Precision Screw at 30 Gooch St. or brought to the meeting (but please do not bring canoes to Run of the Mill).

    Lucie announced that York County Community College held a fundraiser selling off pavers and our club bought two of them. One of them bears A.W. Kany Jr.'s name and the other bears the name of our club. She passed them around for all to see (pictures of them; not the actual stones).

    Mark Nahorney informed us that he has the Rotary t-shirts and the list of all that ordered them. Please pick them up if you ordered one or he will sell them to someone else.

    Roland Gagne gave an update of the refugee grant. The final movement of funds to the project is near and there is a shortfall of around $1000.

    Jim Godbout gave an update on the Rotary House: the sheetrock is being taped and painted as well as the interior trim. To celebrate all the participants, club members, COT students, and the local tradespeople who donated skills and materials, Jim announced a huge party will be held at the COT on May 31st.

    Red Ribbon update: The committee has launched a t-shirt design competition to kids in the OOB-Saco-Biddeford schools with prizes of $500, $250, and $100 to be awarded for the best 3 designs.

    Lucie presented service awards to the following people:
    Sabine McElrath - 1 year
    Steve Morin - 17 years
    Craig Pendleton - 2 years
    Randy Forcier - 10 years


    Happy dollars were flying around:
    Mark: City Theater won 2 awards in Broadway News
    Craig: in honor of his cousin who recently passed away
    Conrad: the wine tasting event is over and he is leaving government affairs at the end of June
    Joe: happy to be a member of this club
    Heather: sad about a recent funeral
    Jeremy: lucky to have met Karen who just landed him a $50,000 grant for fancy lights
    Randy: scored the beer sale event of the week days before the Super Bowl
    Bronwyn: happy to pass out ballots so CBC can win a grant from Bangor Savings
    Fausto: happy for help with the 50/50 at the Wine tasting

    The rest of the people were fined:
    Lucie: starting a minute late
    Jackson: missing our song date last Wednesday
    Karen: for calling Fausto greedy at the 50/50
    Fausto: for parking out front (fines aren't really working on that one)
    Randy: for ordering a special lunch
    Bernice: for ordering a special drink
    Joe: having no respect for Lucie and chatting up his table of female guests
    Various: late dues
    Week in Review 2/1/2017 Sabine McElrath 2017-02-01 05:00:00Z 0


    David S. Nealley, Publisher

    Maine Seniors Magazine

    “For the prime of your life”


    This presentation is for mature audiences only


    “None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm” Henry David Thoreau


    What does it mean to be a senior? Or a senior partner = credentialed, experienced one with vast knowledge and the wisdom to know when and where to use it. 

    All national statistics and Maine’s stats show we will need our seniors to stay in the work force longer.

    Mentoring in the business world is an increasingly common way to share their knowledge and expertise with the next generation of workers. 

    Maine has the highest volunteer rate in the nation due directly to the volunteer spirit of its seniors.

    Seniors 50 plus control 70% of the discretionary income and 80% of the financial assets in Maine. 

    This group buys approximately 42% of all new cars and 48% of all luxury cars. 

    Approximately 20% of Mainers are 65 and older. 

    Three facts that make seniors an asset to Maine:

    1. The value of volunteer time

    2. The value of experience and knowledge on non-profit boards to government service and private sector boards

    3. The philanthropy


    Myth vs Fact


    The majority of older people suffer from poor health; 

    Fact is very few older people report having really serious problems or being in very poor health and only 4-5% are in nursing homes.


    Older people are less productive than younger people; 

    Fact is most older perform as well or better compared to younger workers


    Older people have a loss of mental acuity.

    Fact is only 7% of people over 65 suffer from any form of mental loss. Question: What is a Senior Moment? Answer: Cognitive overload.


    Seniors are not liabilities but instead are tremendous assets to Maine. It is true that only 23% of Mainers age 60 and older own smart phones and only 45% of those 65 and over are online. This is why we started MAINE SENIORS Magazine. Plus, we thought it was important to turn around and control the narrative.


    Maine has Senior Power! It’s Maine’s greatest natural resource.



    David S. Nealley, Publisher, Maine Senior Magazine Donald Pilon 2017-01-25 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Donald Pilon on Jan 25, 2017



    Pledge of Allegiance: Jackson Brown (Lucie was not in attendance)

    No Patriotic Song

    4 Way Test:  Jim Godbout

    Invocation:  Jim Audiffred

    No Visiting Rotarians and 1 guest. Sara Brouillard (a new member in our club)


    Announcements; Auction is March 26, 2017. Packets are out. Please solicit those people and companies that donated last year. There is a list of donations on the Rotary website. Please review if you’re not acquainted with this donor list before you go out into the community to solicit donations.

    QUICKY BOARD-Anyone interested in being a Quicky Board sponsor contact Dan Cote. 

    Auction Posters are now available: Pick one up at the next meeting and post it in your place of business as well as in your community. The neighborhood pharmacy, coffee shop, Hannaford’s, Shaw’s, Banks Credit Unions, Rapid Ray’s, Schools, Municipal Buildings, Rec Centers, Senior Centers, Churches and your Facebook page. 

    11th Annual Rotary Wine & Beer Tasting this Saturday 6:30PM-8:30PM at the Pepperell Mill Campus, Biddeford. Bring sold ticket money to the next meeting.. No tickets for sale at the door.  Need help with set-up and clean-up. 

    House Update-Jim Godbout, boiler is in, taping of sheetrock is on schedule. Looking at building a garage if setbacks can be met. Planning a cookout on site in May to celebrate the completion of the house and obtaining a certificate of occupancy. 

    Red Ribbon Week, April 24-29. School Community night April 26th at Thornton Academy. Program being developed. A special Tee-shirt is being explored with students designing a logo for RR Week.

    THANK YOU CARDS from Peggy Bean’s Family and Sister Joanne from the Ester House. 

    Jackson Brown and Bernice Wood (Bernice was the sponsor) officially welcomed new member Sara Brouillard into the club. Sara works for The Maine Real Estate Network in Saco. 

    50/50 Drawing: $31.00 in the pot was won by, Nicole Carroll

    Sargent At-Arms:    Ken Farley-his son has been accepted to the Maine Maritime Academy, Dr. Joe sold 4 tickets to the wine & beer tasting to some of his Ogunquit Rotarians. Conrad’s new kitchen is completed. Fausto, his business has won a national award! Something else about letting his daughter go skiing with Joe and now she has come down with a cold. 

    Anniversaries: Keith Jacques 21 years, Matt Simmons 12, Don Pilon 1.

    Unpaid Dues: Matt, Naomi, Roland, Mark.





    Week in Review 1/25/2017 Donald Pilon 2017-01-25 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Bill Kany on Jan 19, 2017

    Former President's Message


    Rotary Tack – January 25, 2017


    ​For those of you who did not make the joint auction kick off meeting with Saco Bay on January 19, you failed to see the strong silent type in action.  Our fearless auction leader, Bernice Wood, managed to make it through the entire auction presentation without uttering a word.  Now that had to take willpower.  For those who know Bernice, you know she can talk a blue streak.  She can talk a dog off a meat truck.  For her to defer to her co-chair and let Saco Bay suck up the lime light had to be difficult, but her presence was clearly felt.


    ​In all seriousness, it is auction time again.  The auction is our largest fundraiser and it is a lot of work and a lot of fun.  First, we have to get the big part of the job done which is to solicit 410 items.  Between our two clubs there are about 140 members.  Do the math folks.  That’s 3 items each.  We should all be able to do that in our sleep, especially because some people do a lot more than that.  Please get out there and solicit some good stuff.  We would love to see more physical items.  This is a TV auction, not a radio auction.  We want to show stuff off instead of just showing Karen in her crazy hats.  So work your magic, ask donors to stretch and see what we can get to make the 28th Annual Auction the biggest one yet.


    ​If you have a business that does not have a product or service that can be auctioned off or you solicit such a business ask them for a Quickie Board sponsorship ($175.00) or a Big Board sponsorship ($600.00).  Both provide the business with good exposure in both the paper and on TV (we are actually shown all over the state and livestreamed as well) and help to support both Rotary Clubs.  In addition, we always accept cash gifts that we can use to purchase goods at a discount to fill out the auction, and again, cash helps us bring in more money for all the causes we support.


    ​Finally (almost), mark your calendars for March 26, auction day.  Please be there to answer phones, tabulate, be on air, help with “Pick and Pay” or to keep the food flowing to all the workers that day.  Auction day really is a lot of fun and a great chance to work directly with your fellow club members and the members of the Saco Bay Club.  


    ​Incidentally, please do not ask Heather MacLean what a Quickie Board is.  She seems confused by the term which she seems to think has something to do with Adam Benintendi.  


    ​Lastly, for those of you who did not attend the meeting on the 19th you may not appreciate with the legalization of marijuana our battle cry of “Bid High, Bid Often” has new significance.  Impaired bidding means larger bids and more money for us.  Impaired auction workers mean the need for more munchies, more FEC violations and the need to check and recheck all information.  An altered states auction should be fascinating.  


    ​Enjoy the week.



    Musings from a Former President 1/19/2017 Bill Kany 2017-01-19 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Bernice Wood on Jan 19, 2017

    Biddeford - Saco Rotary Club​Saco Bay Rotary Club

              Lucie Kay - President​ ​ Jeff Slaton - President






    SUNDAY, March 26th, 2017

    12:00 to 9:00 PM



    The Rotary Clubs of Saco Bay and Biddeford - Saco are pleased to announce their Twenty-Eight Annual TV Auction in collaboration with Time Warner Cable of Maine.  Over the past 28 years we have raised over a million dollars that we have used to support countless community groups and charities.  Please see the back of this letter for a listing of some of our club activities and the groups with which we have partnered on projects or supported financially.


    Your past participation is greatly appreciated and once again, we need your help and continued supportto make this another successful Rotary auction. In fact, our goal is to make our 28th auction the biggest ever.  


    There are many ways to help!  We are seeking:

    ➢ 410 donated items or gift certificates with a retail value of at least fifty dollars ($50)and we suggest an item that is of interest to a broad segment of the public and represents your business well.
    ➢ Quickie Board Sponsors for $175 each (36 available).  Your business will be recognized on air as the sponsor of this ten-minute bidding board.
    ➢ Big Board Sponsors for $600 each (five available). Your business will be recognized on air as the sponsor of this 90-minute bidding board.  These boards will contain auction items valued over $250.
    ➢ Major sponsors.  Your business will be recognized on air with a banner or through a sponsorship of a big board item which will be featured during the 90-minute bidding boards.


    The auction will again take place at the J. Richard Martin Community Center in Biddeford.  It is an icon within our communities that provides an efficient location in which to run the auction and a convenient place for the people who purchase the auction items to pick them up.  The auction is a fast paced, exciting event with very few idle minutes and the space allows the public to see how we do it all.  Thousands of phone calls will be taken by volunteers from all over Maine and even other parts of the country while Rotarians auction off items and try their best to entertain.  


    We hope that you will help us produce another successful auction with your generous donation that allows you to help the community and gain recognition for your business.  A Rotarian will be in touch with you soon to talk about your potential participation in this year’s auction or to perhaps discuss sponsorship opportunities.  Thank you for your consideration.





    Bernice Wood

    Biddeford – Saco Rotary Club​


    David LePauloue

    Saco Bay Rotary Club




    The following is a partial listing of organizations and community projects that have received local Rotary Club support through the funds raised at our Auctions.


    Bon Appetite Soup Kitchen​Camp Susan Curtis Camperships

    Local Food Pantries​Handicapped Accessibility Donations

    York County Child Abuse & Neglect Council​Community Support Services, Inc

    Salvation Army​High School Youth Exchange Programs

    YMCA of Southern Maine​Tomorrow’s Promise Playground

    Rotary Youth Leadership (RYLA)​American Legion Post 26​

    Vocational House Project at Biddeford​Dictionary Project for 3rd Graders

    YWCA​​Project AWARE, Inc.

    UNE Scholarships​Saco River Walk Program

    Thornton Academy Scholarships​Biddeford & Adult Community Education

    Biddeford High School Scholarships​McArthur Library Annex

    Old Orchard Beach High Scholarships​Crop Walk Maine

    Toys for Tots​Biddeford Recreation Department

    Biddeford City Theater​Counseling Services, Inc.

    Thornton Academy Gazebo​Eastern Trail Alliance

    Saco Heath Nature Walk​VOANNE Veterans Services

    Cascade Falls Nature Trail​Saco Little League

    SMMC Cancer Care and Pediatric Asthma​Day One

    Senior Connection-Home Safety Program​Rotary Park

    Open Hands Open Heart​​St. James School

    Visiting Nurses Service Daycare Center​Biddeford Community Center

    Maine Children’s Cancer Program​Program Literacy Volunteers

    Biddeford Little League Softball​​Engine One​​

    Local Fire Department’s “Learn Not to​3D CNC Machine for Biddeford Regional

    Burn” Trailer​Center of Technology

    Annual Children’s Holiday Party​Our Father’s House, Inc.

    for Disadvantaged Children​      ​​

    ​Old Orchard Beach Recreation Department

    The Ballpark in OOB​Sweetser 


    Dyer Library / Saco Museum​Ferry Beach Ecology School



    The Rotary clubs of Saco Bay and Biddeford – Saco

    wish to thank you for your continued support.

    Solicitation Letter for Auction Bernice Wood 2017-01-19 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Bill Kany on Jan 13, 2017
                So picture this:  You’re standing at your wine pouring station at the Rotary Wine Tasting Event.  You’re looking sharp. You’ve memorized the sheet of your red wines and you’re killing it dispensing information about varietals, breathing and debourbage (a white wine term but what the hell do you or they know?).  It’s getting a little later in the event, you’ve opened more bottles than you care to count right now and up walks:  1) a buddy of yours, 2) a good looking guy or woman who you would like to impress, or 3) a fellow Rotarian.  The conversation goes something like this.
                Hey, how’s it going?  Great, you Rotariaaans are greaaat! Thanks, we do like having a good time.  Yeah, don’t you guys sometimes wear those funny hats and drive little cars in parades? (with that question I am hoping it is not a fellow Rotarian unless they are really new). No, I think you’re thinking of Shiners but you were close.  What can I interest you in?  I have some great red wines including a merlot, a pinot noir and two Zinfandels you can try?  Would you like to know anything about any of them, I’m a bit of a wine tool.  Oh, I don’t care, but fill me up, will ya, I’m here for quantity not quality or whatever you winos call it.
                You think, clearly a little drunk, but hell so am I and so are most people here so she’s not going to care what I pour.  I’ll pour from the fullest bottle I have so I don’t have to waste it all at the end of the night.  She’s not going to taste it anyway.  Why don’t you try this merlot, I think you’ll like it.  Here, let me rinse your glass.  Wait, there’s a sip left in there, don’t dump it yet, that’s waste.  You know there are people in Africa who don’t get to drink wine very often.  She gulps the last few drops in the glass.  There now you can rinse it. 
                So you rinse the glass and pour a taste, a couple of ounces, and hand it back to her (please note you can substitute him for her here if you want).  She looks at you in a disgusted way with her head tilted slightly to the left, she throws back her hair (if it is a guy I am not sure he would throw back his hair) and says:  Dude, I asked you to fill it up.  It takes a lot for me to really taste a wine.  So hit me again please.  At that point you’re conflicted.  You really don’t want to stand there and take crap from this person and you certainly want to send her away happy, but on the other hand this is a wine tasting not an all you can drink buffet. The angel and devil go at it on your shoulders for exactly 3 seconds and you pour some more of the $10.00 merlot in her glass.  She says, Dude you’re the best, spins, stumbles a little, a bit of the wine sloshes out of the glass onto the floor and off she goes.  And you’re left wondering.
                OK, let me put on my lawyer hat and introduce you to the Maine Liquor Liability Act.  The Act is intended to prevent intoxication-related injuries, deaths and property damage.  Let’s assume (not a big stretch) that, by definition, the person you just served is an “intoxicated individual,” and, by definition, she is “visibly intoxicated” (yes, there is a state definition for that).   The Club is a “licensee” for the wine tasting event meaning we got a liquor license for the event.  You are a “server” under the law.
                Let’s spin the facts out a little.  You may think that anyone that drunk can’t be driving.  We all know better than that.  We may all know better, but she didn’t think she was that bad and she hops behind the wheel.  Hell, she only has to go a few miles and she is certainly of the opinion that she only had a few tastes.  On the way home she drops her cell phone and as she is fishing for it between the console and her seat she goes through a stop sign, t-bones another car and the passenger of that car is seriously injured.  She has the minimum amount of liability insurance and the passenger has serious injuries with huge medical bills and what will be a permanent impairment.  Dong!  Joe Bornstein is now involved and he is looking for other sources of money to cover the passenger’s damages and increase his contingency recovery.  That’s when they find out she had just left the Rotary wine tasting event.
                Under Maine’s Liquor Liability Act the passenger is an appropriate plaintiff (incidentally our drunk wine taster cannot sue us under that Act).  Guess who the appropriate defendants are.  The Biddeford-Saco Rotary Club and YOU personally!  You can be held personally liable if you negligently serve liquor to a visibly intoxicated individual and the intoxication proximately causes the damages.  In this case if the woman was not drunk she would not have dropped her phone, run the stop sign and crashed into the other car.  You can also be found to be reckless because the woman was visibly intoxicated, and you gave her more wine than you should have done, and you had no idea whether the woman was driving or not.
                So the Club gets sued and you get sued.  That is absolutely horrible.  I guess the good news is that the Rotary International insurance we purchase apparently includes liquor liability coverage, or so I am told.  Second, the damages under the Act are capped at $350,000.00.  Still a very large amount of money but not infinite dollars either. The bottom line is, however, that a person got seriously injured and you and the Club contributed to that.  The Club’s reputation and yours are trashed by this incredibly unfortunate event.  The other bottom line is such an accident might be avoided by not giving into the temptation to fill glasses during a tasting event and by making sure that people who have had too much to drink have a way to get home.
                Our beer and wine events are really fun, and I don’t mean to be a “buzz kill” (unfortunate saying here), but I was asked to share the law with you.  The good news is that we have insurance and we all know that if we pour properly everyone should be able to make it home safely.  Let’s try to avoid being defendants while having a great time.
    Musings from a Former President 1/13/2017 Bill Kany 2017-01-13 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Jan 11, 2017
    New Member Postings 2017-01-11 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Joe Moreshead on Jan 11, 2017
    Don Pilon took to the floor to introduce Peter Mills:
    Peter’s program was a lot of fun that was insightful and full of the typical facts associated with giving a dog and pony show only this show was the Maine Turnpike Authority. The best part of his presentation was the amount of time he allotted for a real give and take conversation with a bunch of folks. You can read his vitae however, meeting the guy in person was a real treat. He is a typical old school Maine gentleman that is very, very smart.
    We discussed issues impacting the Turnpike from growth to traffic accidents, environmental concerns, nimby’s, employment and even the pike traffic numbers serving as an economic indicator.  
    From Wikipedia
    Peter Mills (born 1943) is an American politician from Maine. A Republican, Mills served in the Maine Senate, representing the 26th district. He ran for Governor of Maine in 2006 and 2010 and lost both times in the Republican primary.
    Early Life and Family
    Mills was born in Farmington, Maine, and grew up in Gorham. After graduating cum laude from Harvard College in 1965, he served five years on United States Navy destroyers with several duty tours in the Vietnam War, for which he was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal. He later conducted intelligence missions against the Soviet Union for which he was awarded the Navy Commendation Medal.
    After graduating second in his class from the University of Maine Law School in 1973, he spent 32 years working as a lawyer in Maine. For 23 years, he has owned Wright & Mills in Skowhegan. He is a founding member of the Somerset Economic Development Corporation and a founding member of FirstPark, a business park in central Maine.
    Mills' family is also involved in public service. His father served in the Maine legislature, in the Navy, and in the federal justice department as U.S. Attorney. His sister, Janet Mills, was elected Maine Attorney General by the Legislature in December 2008. His sister Dora Mills was Maine's Public Health Director.
    He has three adult daughters and three grandchildren. Two of his daughters are employed in the education field. One serves in the United States Army.
    When not in the legislature, Mills practices law and manages woodlots in Cornville where he lives with his wife, Superior Court Justice Nancy Mills, and two dogs.
    Naval Service
    When he was a 17-year-old senior at Gorham High School, Mills was awarded a Navy scholarship to Harvard under the Holloway program.
    On his third summer cruise in 1964, he was a midshipman aboard the destroyer USS Blue while serving on Yankee Station. The Blue and another destroyer were relieved by the Maddox and Turner Joy just before the famous Tonkin Gulf incident.
    For five years of active duty, from July 1965 until July 1970, Mills had three tours of about 20 months each on the Dyess (DD 880), DESRON 2 staff aboard the Blandy (DD 943) and the McMorris (DE 1036).
    On the Dyess he became the Communications Officer and qualified as OOD underway. The Dyess sailed from Newport around the world in order to serve on the Vietnam gunline, do plane guard duty on Yankee Station and patrol the Taiwan Straits. It fired 2787 rounds of 5′38 while on the gunline.
    On Desron 2, Mills was the staff communications officer. From Norfolk, his squadron was sent through the Panama Canal to WestPac. For much of his time in the Western Pacific, his squadron staff commanded the gunline. While he was aboard the Blandy, the ship fired over 26,000 rounds of 5″54 which was a record for the gunline up to that time. They received return fire from the coast on occasion but without casualties.
    For his last tour he was OPS boss and senior watch officer aboard the McMorris out of Pearl and was responsible for training junior officers in ship handling.
    On one assignment, he was highly successful in collecting certain physical information about Soviet MRVs that was immediately released by the Nixon administration to support the ABM bill then pending in Congress. The bill still failed to pass.
    Maine Legislature:
    During 15 years in the Maine Legislature (most recently in the State Senate), he has served as a Republican lead on Tax, Labor, Judiciary, Appropriations, Education and Health & Human Services Committees. He was outspoken in advocating change in tax and school funding systems. He has worked with to pass reforms in health care and education.
    In 1999 he led the Labor Committee to overhaul Maine's Unemployment Compensation system, to eliminate benefits, build reserves and reduce taxes. In 2005 he launched "Don't Mortgage ME," a petition drive to repeal a $447 million borrowing scheme. In 2009 the Legislature passed his bill to design a portable benefit system for new teachers and state employees. In 2008 the Legislature unanimously passed his Fund of Funds bill to attract venture capital for growing businesses. Governor John Baldacci vetoed the bill.
    2006 Gubernatorial Campaign:
    In 2005, Mills declared his candidacy for Governor in the 2006 election. In the Republican primary, he faced former U.S. Representative Dave Emery and State Senator Chandler Woodcock. Mills lost to Woodcock by 2,400 votes. Woodcock lost to incumbent Democrat John Baldacci in the November general election.
    2010 Gubernatorial Campaign[edit]
    On July 22, 2009 Mills filed paperwork with the Maine Ethics Commission for entry into the 2010 Maine gubernatorial race. He was the fourth Republican to declare his candidacy, joined by Matt JacobsonLes Otten, and Bruce Poliquin.  Waterville mayor and businessperson Paul LePage was subsequently chosen to be the Republican candidate for Governor in 2010.
    After the State Senate:
    In 2011 Governor Paul LePage appointed Mills as the Executive Director of the Maine Turnpike Authority.
    Peter Mills, Maine Turnpike Joe Moreshead 2017-01-11 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Joe Moreshead on Jan 11, 2017
    God give me strength as I attempt to be your intrepid reporter for this week’s installment of the Biddeford Saco Rotary Tack whereas I was not assigned the task but had it delivered through an intermediary. No it was not the Russians rather a Connecticut Yankee. However, I am still a little blinded by the light emanating from the back of Bill Kany’s newly shorn head; man are you getting grey- sorry dude- sorry folks I digress.
    Lucy K called the meeting to order a little late and paid for it. Karen Chasse led us through the 4 way test. I did the prayer and asked for some divine intervention with my trans pass accounts. When did it become EZ Pass? Just another attempt by the man to keep me down.
    Visitors were introduced by the folks that brought them. Where was Jackson Brown today to introduce folks; I heard he was rolling down 295 out of Portland, Maine.
    Lucy introduced our Assistant Governor Susan Isley
    Bill Kany introduced former club member and chamber exec Brenda Pollock
    Conrad introduced Gary Ribado from Central Distributors
    Don Pilon introduced Bill Doyle, Saco City Councilor
    Don also introduced our speaker Peter Mills from the Maine Turnpike Authority
    Lucie then handed out participation tokens, too cheap for trophies, to all of those nice Rotarians celebrating another milestone membership anniversary. Congrats to all. Check out the Tack to see who they are. 
    • Jim Godbout will be having a Red Ribbon Committee meeting in few weeks. The week of April 24 through April 28th will be Red Ribbon Week. OOB, TA and Biddeford are all gearing up to work on a number of initiative and activities to continue a sustained message. Jim will keep us posted.
    • The Wednesday 01/18  meeting is being moved to Thursday morning, 01/19 Duffy’s, ( the old captain’s galley ). This meeting will a be joint meeting with Saco Bay Rotarians to officially kick off our annual auction.
    • Conrad discussed the wine tasting. A sign-up sheet was passed around for volunteers. Conrad and Gary Robado discussed the correct way to pour. We need to remember that this is a tasting and not a drink fest. WE need to pour like a tasting and not like we are pouring for ourselves. A 2 ounce pour is more than enough to try a wine. We will have over 20 wines. Our goal is to try and get people to try wines they think they don’t like even though they never drank them.
    • Susan Isley, Assistant District Governor invited Rotarians to share any thoughts or comments that she can bring back to the District for their visioning sessions. They would like to know what Rotarians are thinking.
    Lucy then pulled the 50/50 ticket. The winner was Matt Early. He donated his $32 to the Red Ribbon Committee.
    Lucy introduced our SAA Matt. Matt jump started the session with a Happy Dollars:
    Matt, $2- his kid turned 10 and he liked the fact that some guys still wear suits. Maybe Matt could get some fashion advise from Kany- he seems to know how to tie a tie- ask our guest speaker.
    Joe the dentist gave  $5 even though he has been in the club for six months- he really likes what he sees.
    Don Pilon $1--????
    Nicole $1, her daughter turned 5- I still haven’t gotten a ride in your new car
    Paul D gave $5 for not being at the wine tasting. He will be in Key West with Caroline. He also noted that he was the officiant at a wedding for someone associated to Ash Carter and shared retirement stories.
    Susan Isley $1, glad to be at such a great club- I say DITTO
    Then the fines came:
    Lucie K for a late meeting start, something about shooting Bill Kany Bill Kany for reference to “Dances with Wolves” ( not sure what was meant )and getting caught on CCTV making a deposit at a local credit union late at night, Karen Chasse for taking up my companies valuable time tying up the two top executive officers strong arming us for 100 bucks- Jim G for either being “handsie” or some hand character on a kids show- either way it sounded kinda creepy- what gives Jim?, I got fined for referring to the EZ Pass Program as Trans Pass- Matt then ran out of gas without his missing SAA’s Sarah and Fausto and sat down.
    Week in Review 1/11/2017 Joe Moreshead 2017-01-11 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Bill Kany on Jan 05, 2017
    As we look forward to 2017 I am guessing there will be times when we all get really busy or frustrated and we will question why we are Rotarians.  No matter how long you have been in Rotary there will be times when your commitment is tested.  If you do ever have those thoughts think of all the good our club did at the end of 2016 and I think you will be convinced that being a Rotarian is actually an important part of your life.
                Think of the fact that on December 16, 2016, clearly the coldest day of the latter part of 2016, a bunch of Biddeford Saco Rotarians braved the cold to raise over $2,000 for the Salvation Army absolutely kicking the ass of the Saco Bay Club.  It was pointed out that it was so cold the Fausto wore sleeves and Heather MacLean wore long pants (I am sure she had on her stylish long black gloves on for extra warmth).  Hell, it was so cold I was eyeing some of the larger Walmart Shoppers.  I was going to drop one right in the parking lot, field dress him or her and crawl into the caress to get warm.  Of course, then I realized I could just go inside to warm up so I abandoned by Dancing with Wolves scenario though I did encourage Lucie to shoot me since I had to spend an hour with her. 
                The fact is we had a bunch of Rotarians spend one to two hours outside in the dangerously cold temperatures to help others.  I would submit that such an effort is what Rotary is all about.          
                I would also suggest that the efforts of our Club, Lucie, Karen, Peggy and others to provide Christmas to over 100 kids was a Herculean task that clearly captures the essence of Rotary.  Our Club is filled with people who have a hard time saying no.  So many Rotarians took time from their families and/or jobs to get information about children, find the money to fund the gifts or provide their own and then did the shopping and wrapping necessary to give the kids some kind of Christmas.  Frequently, these efforts are not really appreciated or perhaps the people are so down and out that they simply do not know how to express their appreciation.  In other instances the parents were incredibly thankful because Rotary provided their kids with something for Christmas and they realized that there are people out there who care.  Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.
                Finally, there are times when Rotary is truly a family.  Ralph Bean, husband of long time Rotarian, Peggy Bean passed away.  Our club showed its support for Peggy by showing up in large numbers to pay our respects.  Fausto wore a shirt and tie and Heather MacLean when to her first visiting hours ever.  Of course, we learned later it was because she thought there would be snacks and we did have to watch her to make sure she acted appropriately (don’t touch the pillow!), but she was there to pay her respects.  That kind of support for a member of our Club is what we are all about. 
                So when you get sick of shoveling, or you are frustrated because you cannot get your new electronic device to work, or you’re standing in long return lines, or you are sick but you have to drag your ass into work, remember that you were a large or small part of making the holidays a little brighter for a whole bunch of people who really needed our help.  That should make you happy to be a Rotarian and inspire you to stick with it. 
                Have a Happy and Healthy 2017! 
    Musings from a Former President 1/5/2016 Bill Kany 2017-01-05 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Julie Villemaire on Jan 04, 2017
    TACK Reporter for January:    Don Pilon
                               February:  Sabine McElrath
    Image result for rotary meeting image   
    Our fearless President Lucie once again promptly started the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Dr. Joe Boyle worked his way through the 4 Way Test and Joe Moreshead, along with the help of Past President Karen Chasse, provided the invocation.
    As is our custom during the first meeting of the New Year, the Rotary Club of BIDDEFORD Saco toasted our sister club in BIDEFORD England (not a typo).
    The next Auction Committee will be meeting on Friday, January 13, 2017, at the Saco & Biddeford Savings Institution Community Room in Saco, 7:30 a.m. All members are welcome.  If you are new to Rotary, this is a good meeting to attend to see behind the scenes of the most incredible fundraiser that you will have an opportunity in which to participate.
    Auction Kick-Off Meeting will be held on Thursday morning, January 19th, at 7:15 a.m. at Duffy’s (the old Captain Galley’s).  This will be a joint meeting with Saco Bay.  We will NOT be having a meeting on Wednesday, January 18th.  This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and the most spectacular!  It will take all hands on deck to continue to make this the best event of the year.  Please do your best to attend this meeting and support our co-chairs for this year, Bernice Wood and Dave LePauloue (Saco Bay).
      Rotary T-Shirts:  The t-shirts have arrived!  Please see either Bernice Wood or Mark Nahorney to pick up (and pay if you haven’t already) your shirt.  Please note that this isn’t what the shirts look like. It’s the only picture I could find.
        Salvation Army Bell Ringing Results:  We did it again….on the coldest day of the year, no less….we helped raise over $2,000.00 for the Salvation Army!   Thank you Joe Bassett for helping to coordinate this bell ringing effort!  Saco Bay also helped out by bringing in $1,100 on their day.  Not quite what we accomplished but still a respectable amount.
            Video for the Auction:  Joe Genender will be working with Jim Godbout on a new video of the vocational house for this year’s TV auction.   
    (I’ve recently discovered Disney’s “Handy Manny” and he reminds me so much of Jim Godbout-you have to check it out! )
 Tasting Fundraiser:  Conrad Welzel and Heather McLean (co-chairs)
    Needs:  Lot of People; Make Money (ticket sales); Have Fun; Sponsors & Silent Auction Items
    Cost:  $500 for a Major event sponsor and $100 for Table sponsors
    Tickets will NOT be sold at the door.  They can be purchased ahead of time from any Rotarian and will also be available on Event Brite up until the last minute.  If you have someone coming and haven’t been able to get them a ticket, get the name to either Conrad, Heather or Steve Morin and they will put the name on a list at the door.  There will be a 50/50 drawing so make sure you bring someone with long arms!!
    Image result for discussion group images      Table Talks:  Jim Godbout is looking for facilitators for the “Table Talks” program.  This program is strictly working with adults and is curriculum based.  Typically 8-10 people meet to talk about the effects of alcohol or drugs and making healthy choices – learning life skills.  Through Project Alliance and UNE, there is a 3 hour training session offered.  They are looking at growing the facilitator base so they can spread the word.  If you are interested in learning more about this program or becoming a facilitator, please contact Jim Godbout.
 The $27.00 50/50 pot was won by Chief of Police, Ray Demers! It was hard to hear but I believe Ray donated the funds back to the Red Ribbon Committee.
 up was the SAA team of Fausto, Matt and Sarah to help Lucie reach her budget goal.
    Dr. Joe was happy to visit with his grandson.  Joe Moreshead was happy that the Saco Police Department was under such awesome new leadership as he got pulled over on Friday.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t hear what the outcome was.  It must have been okay because new Police Chief Ray Demers gave a happy dollar for possibly having another chance at Joe! Fausto gave a happy dollar for the “Christmas drop-off eye opener”.  Past President Bill was happy to have snow in the mountains but not much here.  Matt Simmons was happy to see that on the coldest day, ringing the bell for the Salvation Army, Fausto was wearing sleeves and Heather M. was wearing long pants.  Bronwyn was happy to be back and to not be pregnant any longer.  President Lucie was happy that Past President Karen helped her out with Dottie while Lucie was away.  That was enough happiness for this group so the SAA’s started doling out the fines.  Joe Moreshead (I have to list last names because there are 5 Joe’s in our club in case you haven’t noticed.) was fined for wearing a winter coat, with something on the hood, in 50 degree weather. PP Bill was fined for promoting business at a funeral.  Fausto was caught parking in front-again! Brian was fined for insinuating Fausto was a Queen and also for enjoying a gift that he had received to the fullest.  Brian had the gift on hand to demonstrate.  Lucie was fined for the “tease” of having a very small amount of beer for the toast to our sister club in Bideford England.  Jim Audiffred gave a late happy dollar for a magazine article in the Parade magazine entitled “Throw Acts of Kindness Around Like Confetti”.  He is willing to email this story to anyone who is interested-just let him know.  He said the nicest thing is to do something for someone who can’t possibly return the favor.  He highly recommends the book “All the Light We Can Not See”.  $1.00 was collected from all in attendance as an act of kindness. “To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world.” (Quote from Bill Wilson)
    Week in Review Julie Villemaire 2017-01-04 05:00:00Z 0
    New Year 2016-12-31 05:00:00Z 0
    Rotarians Providing Cheer for the Holidays! 2016-12-19 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Dec 16, 2016
    Rotarians again ring the bells for the Salvation Army at Walmart in Biddeford.  And boy it was a cold day!
    Another Year for Bell Ringing 2016-12-16 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Bill Kany on Dec 12, 2016
    Dear Santa:
                How are you?  I am fine?  Sorry I did not write sooner but our President, Lucie Kay, has had me so busy writing stuff for her that I have been pre-occupied.  Oh, thanks for the first installment on my Christmas wish list, but I said two feet on the ground in the mountains by Christmas and I’m holding you to it.  I know where you live old man.  Incidentally, don’t listen to Lucie Kay.  I have been nice all year and my employer paid its fair share of taxes so keep the snow coming.
                Despite our President, our Rotary Club has been very good at least during the holiday season.  I do understand your concerns about Matt Simmons (yes he spells it wrong, but forgive him as learning disabilities run deep in his family), but for the most part our club has been very well behaved.  I don’t believe Simmons heats with coal, but if you want to leave him some, knock yourself out like you do once or twice a year on the low mantels.  In fact, either directly or by enlisting the help of others, including the Saco Bay Club (naughty list, I know), we helped about 100 kids and over 30 families this year.  However, Santa we have reached our limit, so big guy with the incredibly high cholesterol and Type II Diabetes (give yourself a Fitbit), you have got to help us out with the rest of the families we cannot help.  We are hoping that as inquiries continue to come in that club members will refer people to you Santa as we have really reached our limit.  We don’t mind helping you out some, you fat bastard, but enough is enough.  Yes, I know the elves pension plan is killing you and Fed Ex and UPS are busting your balls, but step up and do your freakin’ job.  You work one day a year and all you do is bitch.  You should work at a credit union!
                So our club’s request is for you to help the rest of the families who really need the help.  I do have a few other requests for people who are just too damned busy to write themselves.  I really don’t know whether they are on the naughty or nice list but for the sake of this letter let’s assume they were nice at least once.  My list is in no particular order.
    1. Please give all of us bankers the gift that keeps on giving and give Trump a bigger pair so he will finally lead the charge and impose income taxes on credit unions.  I have no idea what you smoke in that pipe of yours, but even you are sharp enough to realize that the credit union gravy (sorry for the gravy reference, but stick with me here) train has gone on long enough.
    2. While we are on the subject of credit unions, see if you can bring our President a smile.  She could really use one.
    3. Please bring the aforementioned Matt Simmons an FF or Funny Fine.  He could really use at least one this year.
    4. It is getting cold so please bring Fausto a long sleeved t-shirt.  He needs to put the guns away until spring.
    5. Please bring Joe Moreshead a jacket.  Mr. Rogers called and he wants his sweaters back.
    6. For Jim Godbout, please make sure that you make it to his impoverished neighborhood of Kinney Shores.  Those poor people went years without proper boardwalks so Lord knows what else they may need.  While you’re at it hit the people in Bayview Terrace too.  They have gone without for long enough.
    7. If you’re feeling pretty generous and you have room in your sleigh, please bring men for Heather MacLean and Karen Chasse.  They really need your help there, but no Prancers for them.  If they are waiting by the fireplace when you arrive at their homes, run like hell.  You’ve got work to do.
    8. Bring Joe Bassett some new bells for the Salvation Army kettle stints.  The limp things he gives to us are useless.
    9. Bring Ken Farley a year’s supply of nip bottles.  Now you will have to check with Ken on how many are in a year’s supply but I’m guessing you’re going to need a bigger sleigh. 
    10. While you’re dolling out smiles bring one to Don Pilon.  He could use a laugh or two.
    11. Bring Bernice some luck.  She’ll need it with the upcoming auction.
    12. If you can find a yacht to drop in Sabine McElrath’s (no, I don’t make up these names) back yard by all means drop away, but if the yacht is out of the question how about a pre-cooked chicken? 
    Before I go on I have to ask, are you in the witness protection program?  I mean you live at the North Pool and you have more alias’s than Whitey Bulger.  Come on, one day you’re Santa, then your Father Christmas, then St. Nick (you wish!).   Whatever you’re hiding from must be pretty dangerous given the fact that you choose to live in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of elves.  Hell, they’re so short Elaine Palmitessa is the center on their hoop team.  But I digress.
          I would go on with my list, but I have to work, unlike those credit union elves.  The rest of the club has been good too, so give them the rest of the year off from Rotary and we will start fresh next year.
    Merry Christmas Santa and Members of the Biddeford Saco Rotary Club.    Keep up the good work and we will see you all in 2017!
    Musings from a Former President Bill Kany 2016-12-12 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Heather MacLean on Dec 08, 2016
    Don't forget to sign up yourself and guests for the up coming Christmas Holiday Party on Thursday December 8, 2016.
    FMI click on the 'Upcoming Events' above to RSVP.
    Rotary Christmas Holiday Party Heather MacLean 2016-12-08 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Lucie Kay on Dec 07, 2016
    Dear Rotarians,
    I wanted to take a time out from the hectic holiday schedules to thank you for making the first half of my Presidential year so much fun.  It certainly comes with a fair share of harassment from our previous leader but it always seems to be at a time when I could use a laugh the most.  I really enjoyed our Christmas Party this year, and I guarantee anyone who attended had fun.  For those who couldn’t make it, I encourage you to attend next year because it is a great way to get to know each other on a more personal level.  Thank you to our gracious hosts Brian and Debbie, to Heather for planning it, and to all those who brought delicious food and drinks.
    As I’ve mentioned at our meetings, this year was a record setter for Adopt-A-Family applications. Thank you to everyone who has stepped up and called families for Christmas lists, shopped, wrapped and will be delivering on December 21st.  Thank you to those Rotarians who went above and beyond to adopt additional children so together we could make almost 100 children smile on Christmas morning.  It is important to note that we are now at capacity and if you are approached for help, we must turn people away at this point.
    Thank you to all of you who have signed up to ring the bell on Friday (let’s try and raise over $1100 so we beat Saco Bay Club’s efforts) and finally, thank you to the Wine Tasting Committee who is already meeting to plan the next fundraiser!  Please note that this Wednesday (December 14) is our LAST CLUB MEETING in December.  We will not be holding our lunchtime club meetings on December 21 or 28 so please enjoy your holidays with your family and friends. 
    Thank you all for just saying “Yes!”
    President Lucie's Christmas Message Lucie Kay 2016-12-07 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Dec 07, 2016
                President: Jackson Brown
                President – Elect: Bernice Wood
                Vice President: Fausto Pifferrer
                Past President: Lucie Kay
                Treasurer: Susan Gajewski
                Assist. Treasurer: Matt Simmons (non-voting role)
                Secretary: Elaine Palmitessa
                Assist Secretary: Peggy Bean (non-voting role)
                Directors: Matt Simmons, Ray Demers, Jim Godbout, Joe Moreshead, Jim McAllister
    Election of New Officers 2017-2018 2016-12-07 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Heather Gendron on Dec 07, 2016
    Pledge of Allegiance:            Lead by President (Lucie Kay) by 12:15
    Patriotic Song & who led it:  Guest Singer – Andrea Wollstadt, playing the piano (Beautiful voice!) She has recorded a holiday CD with all proceeds supporting GSFB.  CDs are $20. FMI:
    4 Way Test & who led it:       Heather Gendron
    Invocation (prayer) & who led it: Paul Dechembault
    President-Elect (Jackson Brown) Introduces Visiting Rotarians & Guests:
    No visiting Rotarians, guest of Lucie Kay, Andrea Wollstadt from Good Shepard Food Bank
    Foundation Moment: Brian Dallaire announced $4,300 YTD to support the foundation from our club.  The club has supported the foundation over $250,000 since the club started.
    Gift Shopping: President Lucie announced that we were able to shop for 11 families including 32 children.  Huge thank you to all that came out to help with the shopping at Walmart, it was a huge success because of all the help.  Thank you!
    Anniversaries: Conrad Wetzel – 1 Year and Ray Demers (AKA Freak by Lucie) – 5 Years of service!  Congrats to both for their commitment above self!
    Saco Bay Rotary Visit: Karen Chasse and Lucie Kay had the opportunity to attend the Saco Bay Rotary Club, accepting a check for $775 to help shop for families in need this Christmas.  Thank you Saco Bay Rotary Club!  Special thank you from Karen Chasse who was impressed with several Rotarians who reached out to her from her Facebook post to help additional families this year.  Fausto, Heather M, Heather G, and a few other names.
    Salvation Army: Still slots available for Friday, Dec 16th between 9am – 9pm, please contact Jackson Brown if you can help fill the slots.  Also, Jackson will reach out to the interact club to see if they can fill some of the after 3pm slots still open.
    Rotary Christmas Party: Brian Dalliarie’s house, 1 Davis Drive, Biddeford Pool, Thursday, December 8th, 6pm – 9pm, bring favorite dish and Yankee swap gift.  Brian shared over 40 have already RSVP!  Sounds like a fun time to create lasting memories with your fellow Rotarians.
    50/50 Drawing:  Sue G., not sure of the amount. J
    Sergeant At-Arms (SAA):
    Happy Dollars:  Jim Godbout and Don Pilon very proud of Ray Demers, next Chief of Police of Saco. Ray is very happy about becoming Chief in January. (Congrats Ray, we are so proud of you!)  Lucie and Peggy happy about smooth Christmas shopping for the rotaries families going so smoothly this year! Conrad and Dr. Joe Boyle are happy!  (Did I miss why?), Karen happy to see Sara make more $ as Sergeant At-Arms than Matt and Fausto put together today!
    Fines; Jeremy Ray speeding ticket in Saco?!, Happy Birthday Earl, Happy Anniversary Conrad and Ray – PAY UP!, Joe phone going off not once but twice and for not sharing highly secret new purchase (???), Heather G. for Bangor Savings Bank not supporting the Parade of Lights this year, Sue missing very important board meeting, someone got fined for not paying their semi-annual dues to the club L and last but not least everyone who has not signed up for Bell Ringing this year – PAY UP!
    Lucie Announced Nominations for 2017-2017 Officers of the Club:
                President: Jackson Brown
                President – Elect: Bernice Wood
                Vice President: Fausto Pifferrer
                Past President: Lucie Kay
                Treasurer: Susan Gajewski
                Assist. Treasurer: Matt Simmons (non-voting role)
                Secretary: Elaine Palmitessa
                Assist Secretary: Peggy Bean (non-voting role)
                Directors: Matt Simmons, Ray Demers, Jim Godbout, Joe Moreshead, Jim McAllister
    Speaker Presentation:
    Susan Twombly
    Maine College Transitions Consortium (CLASS) Coordinator:
    Prepare for college, explore career options and serving all adult learners. Tuition-free classes available, placement testing, student support, career advising, and campus visits. 
    FMI: Call York County Adult Education Centers for college transitions classes near YOU!
    Week in Review 12/7/2016 Heather Gendron 2016-12-07 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Joe Bassett on Dec 06, 2016
     THE SALVATION ARMY CHRSTMAS KETTLE Sign up                   
                        December 16 2016    9:00am-9:00pm
                                 Walmart Biddeford
     Cell PHONE
    Work PHONE
    Dana Lane       
    James Audiffred
    Brian Dallaire
    Kristen Lane
    Lucie Kay
    Bill Kany
    Rae Ann Smith
    Jim McAllister
    Randy Forcier
    Jackson Brown
    Don Pilon
    Dr. Joe Boyle
    Bernice Wood
    Susan Gajewski
    Fausto Pifferrer
    Matt Simmons
    1-2 pm
    Heather McLean
    Sabina Allen
    Paul Deschambault
    Carole  Deschambault
    2-3 pm
    Naomme Paris
    Jim Godbout
    Conrad Welzel
    Page 2
    Cell PHONE
    Work PHONE
    3-4 pm
    Ray Demers
    Sabine McElrath
    Paulette Bonneau
    4-5 pm
    Heather Gendron
    Jeff Gendron
    Rollie Eon
    Delilah Poupore
    5-6 pm
    Earl Goodwin
    Adam Parent
    Laurie Jo Ready
    6-7 pm
    Alan Nelson
    Chris Indorf & Sons
    7-8 pm
    Julie Villemaire
    Alan Nelson
    Robert Moody
    8-9 pm
    Julie Villemaire
    Robert Moody
    Kettle Sign up Joe Bassett 2016-12-06 05:00:00Z 0
    Henry Tartre BIDDEFORD ­ Henry Amie Tartre, of Biddeford died on Friday, Dec. 2, 2016, at the Maine Veterans Home in Scarborough. He was born on March 23, 1932, to Joseph Andrew and Marie Jeanne (Casavant) Tartre in Waterville. He grew up in Augusta, attended St. Augustine elementary school and graduated from Cony High School in 1950, where he was an excellent track and field athlete. He set the state record and won the indoor Class A State Championship for high jump in his senior year. He attended the University of Maine in Orono, graduating with a bachelor's degree in business in 1957.   He proudly served in the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations, or OSI, during the Korean conflict. He was stationed in France during much of the conflict to take full advantage of his fluent French speaking abilities. When he returned to Maine, he began his business career and traveled to all corners of the state as an insurance salesman for the Royal Globe Insurance Co. He moved his family to Biddeford in 1964, and was a partner and eventually became president of Paquin & Carroll, Inc. Insurance Company (now P&C Insurance) until his retirement in 1986. He was a past president of the Biddeford­Saco Rotary Club. He also served on the board of trustees of St. Francis College (now University of New England). Henry had 4 children with his former wife, Mary Ann, and is survived by: two sons, J. Andrew Tartre II and his wife, Kathleen of Saco and their children, J. Andrew III and Ayla, Stephen Tartre and his wife, Sally of Kennebunk and their children, Sierra, Samuel and Amelia; and by two daughters, Meg Tartre of Dayton and Ann Tartre of Encinitas, California. He immensely enjoyed his five grandchildren and summer days spent at his camp on Bonny Eagle Pond in Buxton. He is also survived by many nieces and nephews. Visiting hours will be 4­7 p.m. Tuesday Dec. 6, 2016, at Hope Memorial Chapel, 480 Elm St., Biddeford, ME  04005. A graveside service will be celebrated at noon on Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2016, at the Maine Veterans Cemetery, 163 Mt. Vernon Road, Augusta, ME 04330. Donations in Henry's name can be made to the Maine Veterans' Home at 290 U.S. Route 1, Scarborough, ME 04074 or Arrangements are by Hope Memorial Chapel. To share condolences on line, please visit Funeral Home Hope Memorial Chapel 480 Elm St Biddeford, ME 04005 (207) 282­6300 Published in Journal Tribune on Dec. 5, 2016
    Former B-S Rotary President, Henry Tartre has Died 2016-12-05 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Naomme Paris on Nov 30, 2016
    Pledge of Allegiance:
    Lucie Kay
    End of Month Song:
    Joe Moreshead – You’re a Grand Old Flag
    4 Way Test:
    Susan G
    Pres. Elect.; Visiting Rotarians & Guests:
    President Elect Jackson Brown indicated that Carol Deschambault and Mike Coulombe were visiting guests.
    With a rowdy group, Lucie hoped everyone had a happy holiday.
    Kudos to Karen and Earle on a job well done with the $100 Raffle!
    Paulette indicated that interact students donated 40 turkeys and $300 in cash to the food pantry.  Way to go!
    Lucie reminded all about the shopping event which will be at the Walmart in Biddeford.   Shopping will begin at 6:00 tonight for the thirty-two children.  Approximately $125 will be spent on each child.  In addition, the families will receive gift cards to Hannaford.  Shop until we drop!  Gift wrapping of the purchased items will occur next week at York County Credit Union starting at 5:30. 
    If anyone is interested in adopting a family, please see Lucie.  There is an overwhelming need this year and unfortunately we are not able to help everyone.
    Red Ribbon held a meeting last week in which Karen was elected as Co-chair. Congratulations Karen!   
    The Rotary Holiday party will be held at Brian Dallaire’s home on December 8th from 6:00 – 9:00 PM.  The Dallaire’s reside at 1 Davis Drive, Hills Beach, in Biddeford.  Please remember to bring a “fun gift” for and any guests to exchange.  “Fun gift”, Google it!
    The first Biddeford/Saco Rotary Auction meeting will be held on December 16th.  More information to come.
    50/50 Drawing: 
    $ 37, donated to the Red Ribbon Committee.
    Sergeant At-Arms: Matt, Sarah and Fausto
    HAPPY Dollars:
    Joe Moreshead was pleased to report Agren’s Appliance gave a great deal on the purchased of an electric stove.  The stove was purchased for some very happy recipients through the charitable fund. 
    Fausto:  Castro died!  And that his ten and one half hour trip home from Philadelphia was over.
    Dr. Joe was happy to celebrate his birthday a week early.
    Peggy:  Thank you Laurie Jo for helping me to keep my sanity.
    Dr. Joe was happy to report that after thirty-nine years of serving lunch to senior citizens at Johnathan as a Wells/Ogunquit Rotarian, this year he was going to be a guest.  
    Julie:  Thank you Laurie Jo and Peggy for stepping up in my absence.
    A hat was passed around the room to provide Jessica (our waitress at Run of the Mill) with a final thank you for the great service.  Jessica accepted a position at a local doctor’s office.  Congratulations Jessica!
    Jeremy:  What exactly are you doing with your hands in that photo?
    Joe M:  For that Mr. Roger’s sweater.
    Steve:  Were you actually listening to rap music/104.7?
    Matt:  For creating a mini you.
    Jim:  Maine Magazine again?  Are you paying for all of those ads?
    Ken:  For walking out of the can drive.
    Heather:  For not signing You’re a Grand Old Flag.
    Karen:  What horrible photo’s!
    Bill:  Why not!
    Lucie:  Just because!
    Jim:  You gave a boring speech.

    Week in Review 11/30/2016 Naomme Paris 2016-11-30 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Naomme Paris on Nov 30, 2016
    Maine Bankers Association:
    • 1893/31 member banks/ voluntary membership
    • Industry is larger than $27 billion dollars (Maine’s budget is $6.7 billion)
    • Just over 9200 employees working at 485 branches
      • 26 Maine-based banks, 5 out-of-state
      • 19 state-chartered, 11 OCC charters & 1 FRB
      • 19 mutuals HQ’d (KSB Savings #8 of 19), 12 stock banks
    • Team of 12 providing group services:  provide health insurance, educational opportunities, and peer groups from security officers to CFOs to HR professionals to Directors to trust & wealth management teams. 
    • Advocacy is job ONE both in Augusta and Washington – defining advocacy
    • What we do best
      • Nearly $10.3 million in 2015 charitable donations
      • $717,800 --Dollars raised for community causes by bank employees
      • 170,000 -- Hours volunteered by bank employees to their communities
      • $1.96 Billion in Residential real estate loans
      • $3.0 Billion in Commercial loans to business
    • Banks make a difference – they deliver on dreams
      • Chronic CEOs concerns about CU image campaign:  Credit Unions – the myth and the reality
      • No state or federal income taxes
      • No sales tax (ATMs), no CRA requirements, no 990s and no meals & lodging tax in DC when on membership business.
    ADVOCACY - Some Statistics from the Maine Legislature (last session)
    • 1703 bills introduced in the 2-year session
    • 428 became Public Laws (18 P&SL + 78 Resolves)
    • Governor has vetoed 182 bills (previous record with Governor Longley @ 118)
    The Association‘s role at the Legislature in a 2-year cycle
    • Track over 200 bills – 25% we testify at hearings or have reportable lobbying time
    • More defense than offense
    Expanded Political Advocacy for MBA
    • Financial literacy for High School students
      • Partnership with Junior Achievement & Jobs for Maine Graduates
    • Senior$afe – elder financial fraud – front line staff
      • Partnership with State, local Agency on Aging, Legal Services for the Elderly & FIs
    State UPDATE – this session
    Legislature – One message – We need to grow the economy & the train the workforce
    TAXES - Estate Tax, personal income tax, non-profits, broaden the sales tax
    FORECLOSURES – nothing on the agenda.
    Maine House - Speaker Mark Eves was termed out and Sara Giddeon was nominated
                Was 78-69 and 4Is   Now: 77 Ds 72 Rs 2 Independents
    Maine Senate - Senate President Mike Thibodeau – Waldo - wants to stay
                Was 20Rs and 15Ds now, 18 Rs and 17 Ds
    Referendum questions
    1. Legalization of recreational marijuana – 2,620 vote difference RECOUNT
    2. Minimum wage question 55% - 45%
      1. $12 Maine’s minimum wage of $7.50 per hour to $9 in 2017, then by an additional $1 each year until it reaches $12 in 2020, after which it’ll be indexed to inflation. It also would raise Maine’s tipped minimum wage from $3.75 per hour to $5 in 2017, after which it will rise each year until it reaches the non-tipped minimum wage.
    3. Do you support K-12 education at 55% 3% tax over the 7.15%   9,580 LOSS – NO RECOUNT
    FEDERAL UPDATEbefore I mention specific Legislation, we do have Election 2016 
    • CD 2    Bruce Poliquin vs. Emily Cain  55% to 45%
    • CD 1    Chellie Pingree vs Mark Holbrook (Brunswick, Clinical psychologist & PhD – social services, corrections and police) 58% to 42%
      • No Senate Race (King in ’18, Collins in  ’20)
    federal REFORMS – Implementation
    All new regulatory world
    Open season on administrative rules
    Next phase of federal reform (specifically what this means for your bank)
    • Housing Reforms continue
      • Consolidation of Fannie and Freddie & FHA finally recognizing losses - a $16.3b shortfall
      • Housing Reform agenda continues with HMDA revisions this fall
      • Role of CFPB to regulate and control non-bank lenders?
        • Next target for CFPB – overdraft checking fees Q4
    • Plans to study marketplace lenders – On Deck, Kabbage, Lending Club, etc.
    Chris Pinkham from the Maine Bankers Association Naomme Paris 2016-11-30 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Bill Kany on Nov 22, 2016
    With Thanksgiving fast approaching, we have lots of things to be thankful for.  We all need to be thankful that the election season is over and, for at least two years, we do not need to hear about Emily Cain's battle with her weight problem.  I will certainly be thankful when the Hillary supporters stop whining.  Let's face it everyone, Donald Trump won, he's going to be our President, so get over it!  Reflecting on our meeting on November 16, we have lots of things to be thankful for. 
                First of all, let's be thankful for root canal.  Sure, many of us fear going to the dentist, but dentist visits can have a silver lining.  President Lucie chose to have root canal immediately before our meeting which prevented her from speaking.  As a result, Jackson had to run his second meeting in a row and we can certainly be thankful for the fact that he does a nice job running a meeting.
                We can all be thankful that Chris Indorf is now an education administrator and no longer a teacher.  Chris demonstrated the speaking ability of Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for President, by completely screwing up the introduction to the four-way test and then failing to be able to count to four.  I am sure if you ask Chris, he would tell you that Aleppo is just north of Bangor. 
                Let's be thankful for Randy Forcier's attendance run.  Randy is singlehandedly improving the Club's overall attendance record.  We had many clothing items at this week's meeting to be thankful for including the Goodwin brothers calling each other in advance of the meeting and electing to wear the same colored shirts, it was adorable.  Heather MacLean showed up in her black naugahyde skinny pants (she swears that only three naugas were killed in the production of those pants).  Of course, I inquired about what inspired the pants and she authorized me to disclose that she is in the process of getting a divorce.  The black symbolized the inevitable sadness one experiences in snapping the bonds of matrimony and the skin-tight nature of the pants announced that she will soon be available.  While none of us should be thankful for divorce, many of us should be thankful for a form-fitting wardrobe. 
                Thankfully, our stellar Red Ribbon Committee is going to be getting back at it after the departure of one of its co-chairs, Andy Greif, with a meeting scheduled for November 22, at 5:15 p.m. at the Community Bicycle Center.  All members of the Club are welcome to attend. 
                We can all be thankful for the fact that Christmas decorations have been up in stores since well before Halloween and that Peggy Bean has stepped up to help with the Christmas Adopt-A-Family efforts along with Heather MacLean.  As of November 16 it sounded like we will have four families with a total of 18 kids (we can be thankful for the lack of birth control) who we would be supporting this Christmas. I understand it may have blossomed to 17 families with 48 kids.  So it may be all hands on deck for this project! We will have shopping, wrapping and distribution coming up.  I believe the shopping will take place on November 30.
                We can all be thankful for the fact that we have a week off from our Rotary meetings next week so please do not show up to the Run of the Mill on November 23, the day before Thanksgiving.  We can also be thankful for the fact that that means that Lucie will not have presided at a meeting for three weeks in a row.  Even Roland Gagne is beginning to wonder if Lucie will ever run another meeting.
                Thanks to all those people who signed up to ring those crappy Salvation Army bells at the Walmart on December 16.  I am sure there are still slots available and the signup sheets will be recirculated on November 30.
                I am certain that Elaine Palmitessa would be thankful for any thoughts and prayers related to her husband who was recently hospitalized.  We had no details regarding his medical condition but I am sure we all wish him a quick recovery.
                Karen Chasse, adorned in polka dots, was certainly thankful that most everyone sold their raffle tickets.  She only had one left that was unsold and she was certain that she could sell that one.  She was also hopeful; however, that the money for the 37 tickets that have allegedly been sold but the money has not been turned in will show up at some point.  Jim Godbout was thankful for winning the 50/50 and immediately donated the money to Red Ribbon.  He then announced that he knew of a family that needed some help at Thanksgiving and encouraged everyone to put some money in the pot.  He was certainly thankful for everyone who opened their wallets and gave him some money to help that family at Thanksgiving.  It was later disclosed that the family was one of his neighbors at Kinney Shores.  Apparently, their silver had tarnished and they needed to hire outside help to get it all polished before Thanksgiving and this money was going to help hire the polishers.  Anything that we can do to help those poor people in Kinney Shores is really the least we can do for those impoverished folk. 
                We were then thankful for our Sergeants-at-Arms, Fausto, Sarah and Matt getting up to do their thing.  I am sure that Sarah and Matt were happy that Fausto was back because he carried their sorry-asses.  They actually walked up to the front of the meeting to the thunderous applause coming solely from Joe Moreshead, the consummate suck-up. 
    During the Sergeant-at-Arms' performance, there were a number of things to be thankful for.  We certainly should be thankful for the parking spaces in front of Run of the Mill to accommodate the weak and the frail like Fausto and Joe Moreshead.  We  should be thankful for the fact that Conrad Wentzell's mother is recovering from her stroke.  We should also be thankful for the fact that Jim Godbout is receiving so much publicity that he has now even arranged to have the moon as his private spotlight in some of his photoshoots.  Jim should certainly be thankful for the fact that Conrad Wentzell actually bowed down to him at the Pillars of Pride event.  We should thank both Jackson and Roland Gagne for attending the 100th Anniversary of the Rotary Foundation though they failed to satisfy the dress code for the event.  We should also be thankful Roland is full of enough crap that he can spontaneously speak when asked to do so at events such as the Foundation celebration.  I am certainly thankful for the fact that Bernice took some time out of her busy schedule at the food drive to pass out Saco and Biddeford Savings Institution swag and business cards.  I noticed she was encouraging the young man collecting bottles right next to us to open up an account at our Biddeford branch.  Fausto showed off an old picture of Joe Moreshead back when he was still in the porn industry and was sporting a Tom Selleck mustache.  I am thankful for razors.  Finally, we should all be thankful for the fact that Fausto is an internet stalker, otherwise our Sergeants-at-Arms would have little to talk about.
    Every week most of us are thankful for the fact that Jim Audiffred bakes cookies and brings them to our meetings for dessert.  It is certainly nice to have our own Pillsbury Doughboy in the Club.
    I am thankful for the fact that Randy Forcier is seldom confronted with the need to open sliding doors as Randy could not figure out the complicated sliding door system between the two dining rooms.  Randy, I will give you a hint, look for the gap between the doors and push to either the right or to the left.
    We should all be thankful for Jackson bringing in a new member to our Club, Nicole Carroll.  We should also express our appreciation to Karen Chasse who stood in for Lucie and read the little welcoming message for Nicole.  Finally, we want to thank hawkeye Joe Moreshead for spotting Nicole's Rotary pen which Jackson had carelessly discarded in the corner of the room.  Welcome to the Club, Nicole.
    Finally (perhaps not finally but it sounded good), we should all be thankful for organizations like the Esther House located in the Notre Dame convent building on Thornton Avenue across from the old fire station.  Esther House, which was apparently named for a woman named Esther who was a good Samaritan from Quebec as well as being named after a woman named Esther from the Old Testament of the Bible (I could get into the details but I don't want to bore you) is a transition home for women who have been incarcerated.  Sister Joanne Roy visited our Club and shared with us how the Esther House takes in up to seven women most of whom have previously been incarcerated and provide them with housing while they transition back into the world.  These women have all been through a transition program operated by the state and they generally come to the Esther House with jobs, but they need a place to live and they need some significant support while they get their lives back together again.
    All of the women who live at Esther House pay rent to the organization in the amount of $500.00 per month to help with the overhead costs.  They are assigned chores at the house and they eat dinner together.  They have meetings and they are provided incentives for doing good deeds.  They can receive counseling at the Esther House as well as visits from their probation officers. 
    Sister Joanne Roy told us that most of the formerly-incarcerated women were in jail for drug-related offenses.  They were usually stealing money in order to buy drugs.  As a result, many of the women who end up at the Esther House have addiction issues or other mental health issues.  The Esther House does not provide direct counseling but helps to coordinate that counseling for the women.  Furthermore, the support provided by Esther House certainly acts to subsidize any counseling that the women are receiving.
    The Esther House conducts yard sales and other fundraising events with the assistance and cooperation of the church while receiving the rent from the women and a $50,000 per year grant.  They are always in need of functional items for the house and they are apparently looking for an electric stove and an upright vacuum cleaner.  They do receive some support from the community including the employees at Haley's Metal Shop going in and helping to paint out some of the rooms in the house and UNE students going over and helping with some gardening. 
    We should all be thankful for the fact that there are such good people in the world who are willing to reach out and help people who have made poor decisions in their lives, but are trying to make things right again.  The Esther House is one of many very quiet, wonderful facilities in our area that really does make a difference.
    When we hear about the women who need assistance at the Esther House, their circumstances should make us all very thankful for what we have including our families, our health and  our collective ability to help others. 
    Please have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving and perhaps by the time we come back to a meeting on November 30th, Lucie will grace us at the podium.
    Thankful Bill Kany 2016-11-22 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Karen Chasse on Nov 17, 2016




    $500: John Donovan, sold by Karen Chasse; Paul's Variety, sold by Earl Goodwin; Joe Troegners Auto, sold by Earl Goodwin; Helene Plourde, sold by Earl Goodwin; James Pate, sold by Earl Goodwin; and John and Joan Ladakakos, sold by Earl Goodwin.

    $1,000: Norman Ruck, sold by Carl Goodwin; Mike and Peggy Donovan, sold by Earl Goodwin; and Dion and Giles Grandchildren, sold by Earl Goodwin.

    $5,000: Brent Peters, sold by Heather MacLean

    Congratulations to the $100 Raffle Winners Karen Chasse 2016-11-17 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Bill Kany on Nov 14, 2016
    I was able to read Delilah’s Tack before writing this.  Clinical in nature, but it definitely hit the highlights.  I absolutely love the new spelling of Paul Deschambault’s name, Paul DeChambeau.  It is a cross between a Parisian beaver trapper’s name and a new snowshoe club.  Paul is currently trying to locate a new route to China.
    I wanted to remind everyone about the Christmas party on December 8th at the Dallaire’s home at the end of Hill’s Beach.  The Christmas party was a lot of fun last year and I am sure it will be a great fellowship event again this year.  Last year we did a Yankee swap type of gift giving with most items being things “As seen on TV”.  In Heather McLean’s unique fashion she suggested either items “As seen on TV” or sex toys but I think what she really meant was “sex toys as seen on TV” and I have a couple of gift ideas.
    First, there are the anatomically correct Chia Pets.  They come in the male and female versions.  You stick on the seeds, water them and watch the seeds sprout.  They come with Chia Pet grooming tools so if your Chia patch is getting a little out of hand you can do some grooming to your own personal preference to keep your garden nice and neat.
    The second suggestion is the Ronco gas powered “personal massager”.  The power is out, you have no batteries but you just need that “personal massage”.  Pull the cord on your two stroke (no pun intended) personal massager engine developed by Homelite in cooperation with Ronco and just relax, the power will be back on soon.  Sure it’s a little loud, but it comes with a set of noise cancelling headphones.  Furthermore, it comes with a whole set of attachments including a power cultivator, edger, weed whacker and, you guessed it, a hedge trimmer.  Ronco, we make your relaxation our business.
    Those are just two of the many items you can purchase for Heather’s Yankee swap this year.  Do your shopping early and make every effort to attend this year’s Christmas party.
    In Yankee Swap each participant brings a wrapped, unmarked gift and places it in a designated area. Guests are given numbers as they arrive, or their names are randomly drawn, and they select and unwrap gifts from the pile in that order — with a twist.
    Musing of a former President 11/14/2016 Bill Kany 2016-11-14 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Delilah Poupore on Nov 09, 2016
    Pledge of Allegiance: Recited at 12:15
    4 Way Test     Chris Indorf
    Invocation (prayer)   Joe Bassett
    Bernice Wood Introduces Visiting Rotarians & Guests:
    Guests:   Todd Seska
    -South Portland Rotary Club announced passing of Rotarian Jim Russell
    -Duffy’s event, Nov. 17, Drawing for the Charity Fund. All who purchased ticket are welcome!
    -Let Karen Chasse know if you haven’t sold any of your tickets.
    -The writer of these minutes would like to thank Paulette Bonneau for help remembering names!
    -Jim announced Nov. 22 Red Ribbon Meeting, details to come
    50/50 Drawing
    -Paul DeChambeau won the 50/50 raffle. $28. Donated to Red Ribbon.
    Sergeant At-Arms (SAA):
    Matt Simmons and Sarah collected happy dollars:
    -Paul DeChambeau mentioned his sister was re-elected for state senate.
    -Joe happy to be an American.
    -Joe Bassett happy to attend Scarborough HS’s musical production, a young man.
    -Jackson Browne happy that political ads are over
    -Jim happy to be part of an organization, Rotary, that is here to serve all. Made a $100 donation to the Foundation.
    -Roland told of his family’s story and tied it to last night’s election results.
    -Roland Gagne 
    -Jeremy Ray Biddeford Charters passed last night.
    SAA charged the following Rotarians:
    -Roland for a special meal.
    -Bernice for saying the wrong start time, sort of.
    -Joe for getting help from Heather in fixing his coat.
    -Jeremy Ray and Paul DeChamberu, and Paulette Bonneau for having a birthday this month.
    -Karen because there was something that Matt meant to charge her for last week.
    -Joe Bassett for having his 33rd anniversary of membership, Heather Gendron 9th anniversary, Pierre 1st year.
    -Bill Kany just because. Plus, for Thornton football not being in the finals.
    -Charged everyone who woke up happy $1, and everybody who woke up unhappy $1.
    Week in Review 11/9/2016 Delilah Poupore 2016-11-09 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Delilah Poupore on Nov 09, 2016
    Successful project, started with Engineering students re-designing layout, Rotary doing demolition and mold removal, then moving walls, sided and roofed, plumbing, new tub upstairs, electrical students put in wiring. Garage is next step (1st year students will become involved in that). Deck framing is done. Side porch enclosed and windows installed. New stairs. Upstairs now has 3 bedrooms. Plumbing for washer/dryer and downstairs bathroom. Insulation and sheet rock in December. Students have really owned the project. The second year students are great candidates for local employment: good skills, motivation, work ethic. One of the girls said she came into the program not sure she could use a hammer, and now she built a house. On schedule to be done by May.
    Jackson asked about the Title. Keith Jacques said waiting for the judge to sign, expected this month.
    Jim mentioned donations by local contractors, like Rob Moody and more.
    Bill Kany offered Matt Simmons some helpful advice about social media.
    Paulette Bonneau, Center of Technology reported about the COT house Delilah Poupore 2016-11-09 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Bill Kany on Nov 07, 2016
    If you talk to Jim Godbout he can tell you all about tankless hot water heaters.  Well it so happens we have a thankless President this year so I thought I would share a few thank you’s with you.  Actually, I know Lucie is appreciative but sometimes the words just get stuck in her throat.
                As painful as it may be, we really need to thank Bernice for another successful food drive to benefit the food pantries in Biddeford.  It is not easy filling all the slots especially with little cooperation from Saco Bay and Interact.  For all of the Rotarians who did participate, it was a lot of fun and thank you for your time and effort for such a good cause.
                We all need to thank Earl and Karen for all their efforts related to the $100 raffle.  It is a huge fundraiser for us and without Karen’s coordination and Earl’s sales of tickets it would not be the annual success that it has been for so long.  Actually for all of you who have sold and turned in your tickets, the Club thanks you.  Every little bit truly does go a long way to make this fundraiser a success.
                Denis Elie recently resigned from the Club and the Board accepted his resignation with extreme regret last week.  Denis is a past president of the Club, the 2010 Vocational Service Award recipient and an individual who contributed so much to our Club over the years.  Denis was the man when it came to auction set up and even stored the auction stuff for many years at his business.  He, along with Mark Tuller, was the leader of our Past President’s Fund and Company B Fund investment groups that have done such a great job in growing and preserving those funds for our Club over the last several years.  Denis’ commitment to vocational education and improving education for all students may have led him to his new career as a teacher.  The Club owes Denis a great deal for all he did for our group over the years.  He will truly be missed, but our loss is the gain for the students in the Biddeford school system.  We should all wish him the best of luck in his new endeavor.
                We should all be thankful that November 8th will be a memory soon.  It is truly unfortunate that this great country could only produce the presidential candidates that we had to choose from.  Furthermore, it is equally as unfortunate that we had to endure a campaign of unlimited attacks and counter-attacks from both sides with little or no indication of the policies that either candidate will promote.  We all need to be thankful that we live in an incredibly strong country created by brilliant individuals who saw the necessity for creating a set of checks and balances which should insure that our country continues to be the envy of the earth despite whoever may be elected President. 
                Finally, Friday is Veterans’ Day.  It is not just a short work week, it is also our opportunity to thank those individuals who were willing to disregard their health and safety to selflessly carry out the orders imposed upon them to advance our country’s objectives around the world.  I have a difficult time imagining the courage and strength it must take to put one’s self in harms’ way because you are ordered to do so.  So many men and women have given their lives to advance this country’s causes of freedom and the promotion of democracy around the world. We should all take the time to thank a veteran for what he or she did for us this Friday and quite frankly every day of the year.
                On behalf of Lucie and the entire Board, thanks to all of you for all the good things you do for the club and our community.  So many of you do so much to make a difference in our area and it shows.
    Musings of a Former President Bill Kany 2016-11-07 05:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Lucie Kay on Nov 03, 2016
    To: Kay, Lucie []
    From: David Wollstadt []

    I write to you as the President of the Old Town Rotary Club, and as the father of Andrea Wollstadt, elementary music teacher in Biddeford and a resident of Saco (with her husband, Rob Duquette, and children Stella and Luke. Andrea has recorded a holiday CD to benefit the Good Shepherd Food Bank, which supplies low-cost food commodities to food pantries throughout Maine.
    A representative of Good Shepherd recently spoke at one of our meetings, describing their food supply challenges and noting that they currently have their Northern Maine warehouse in the former Bangor Daily News press building in Hampden. Andrea describes her project as follows:
    I am a music teacher in an elementary school. I work with young students on a daily basis and I have truly come to love each and every one of them. While many students come from stable family environments, there are many others who experience poverty. For some of my students the worry of going hungry is a constant concern. I decided to start a project to help raise funds for The Good Shepherd Food Bank. The Good Shepherd Food Bank obtains and distributes food to local relief agencies and food pantries in Maine. With the help of Maine's top musicians, I recorded a holiday CD. All proceeds from the sale of the CD will go directly to the Good Shepherd Food Bank. I am asking people to help fund this cause by becoming a "donor" and pre-ordering a CD. CD's can be purchased for $20 either directly from me. Once I have reached 125 donors (or pre-orders) the project will be fully funded. All monies collected AFTER the initial 125 donors will go directly to the Good Shepherd Food Bank.
    You can learn more and listen to some tracks by clicking on the following link:
    Dave Wollstadt President, Old Town Rotary Club
    Subject: Holiday CD to benefit Good Shepherd Food Bank Lucie Kay 2016-11-03 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Naomme Paris on Nov 02, 2016
    Pledge of Allegiance:
    Lucie Kay
    4 Way Test:
    Roland Gagne
    Joe Moreshead
    Pres. Elect.; Visiting Rotarians & Guests:
    President Elect Jackson Brown indicated that there were no visiting guests or Rotarians.
    Foundation Moment:  Brian Dallaire indicated that the Rotary Foundation has closed the door on a second full year of the new grants model and there’s lots of good news to report:  The Foundation awarded 1078 Global Grants in 2014-2015, up to 24% from the previous years’ total. The dollar value of Global Grants totaled $64.9 Million.  The most popular Area of Focus was Disease Prevention and treatment, followed closely by Water and Sanitation.  The Rotary Foundation also awarded 487 District Grants, totaling $23.8 Million.
    Conrad stated that there will be a meeting at the end of January for anyone on the wine tasting committee. 
    In September, Don Pilon went to a District Vision workshop in Portland presented by Tony Wagner.  Don found the presentation/workshop to be very interesting.  If you are an extravert then you will definitely be engaged.  How can the District be more helpful with the club?  Help them to be more helpful to us!  There will be two other sessions held in November and January in Portsmouth, NH and Topsham. 
    Julie Villemaire currently has three families with seven children each for the 2016 Christmas Adopt a Family Program.  Please let Julie know if you are aware of any additional families which may be in need this holiday season. 
    Lucie K indicated that despite the cold, the Food Drive was very successful.  A total of $2,000 was collected which means $1,000 will go to each food pantry.  A total of 1,182 lbs. of food was collected.  Hannaford was the winner!  Thanks to Jim Godbout who reached out to all of his coffee buddies.
    Congratulations Bronwyn Potthoff on the addition to your family!  Etta was born on October 20, 2016.
    Two generous community partners and longtime contributors to learning, Jim Godbout and Roland Eon were honored at The Pillars of Pride evening.  Congratulations!  Thank you, Karen Chasse for making this evening a success.
    Brian Dallaire has graciously offered to host the Rotary Christmas Party at his home on December 8, 2016 from 6:00 – 9:00 PM.  The Dallaire’s reside at 1 Davis Drive, Hills Beach, in Biddeford.  Invitations & pot-luck sign ups will be sent via email and the website.
    There are approximately two more weeks until the $100 Raffle is held.  The drawing will be at Duffy’s Tavern and Grill on November 17, 2016 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM.  Please remember to inform anyone who has purchased a raffle ticket to attend this event.  Earle, please keep up the good work!
    Lucie K gave our recognition pins for years of service.  Congratulations!
    Peggy Bean:  21 years
    Earle: 45 years
    Pierre D:  1 year
    Dr. Joe Boyle: 40 years
    Rae Smith was newly inducted to our Rotary family by Lucie K.  Rae was a former Rotarian in the Saco Bay Club.  And of course, Earle
    50/50 Drawing: $25 by Carl Goodwin, who promptly turned it all over to the Red Ribbon effort.
    Sergeant At-Arms:
    HAPPY Dollars:
    Sabine McElrath was happy for spending four hours at Market Basket with good friends for a good cause.
    Brian Dallaire won’t be joining us for Rotary next week.  After 34 years he will be awarded as Distinguished Alumni Lecture at the University of Cincinnati.
    Carl Goodwin had dinner on Saturday and gave $100 gift certificate.
    Dr. Joe Boyle got to spend time with an old friend, an exchange student.  Dr. Joe was sad that he wasn’t able to bring his friend to Rotary but was happy to her that his friend will be joining Rotary back home.
    Naomme Paris was happy to be following Bill Kany’s lead for taking the Tack minutes.
    Matt Simmons wanted to thank everyone for providing him with material each week for fines.   
    Matt Simmons started off fining Lucie K. just because.
    Bernice Wood for her beautiful jacket.
    Roland Gagne for having a special meal and Bernice Wood for having a special side.
    Chris Indorf, guilty by association.
    Sue G for her Red Spinner costume.
    Luci K for not dressing up and participating.
    Pierre Giroux for last week…something to do with Thorton Academy.
    Anyone who didn’t participate in Stuff the Bus or attend the Pillars of Pride.
    Week in Review 11/2/2016 Naomme Paris 2016-11-02 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Naomme Paris on Nov 02, 2016
    Lucie K. introduced Bill Patterson who heads up the Coastal Healthy Communities Coalition (CHCC) Project Alliance at UNE.   
    The Project Alliance coalition aims to increase collaboration and take action to reduce the risks related to alcohol, marijuana and other drugs for youth and community members in northern York County. Coalition membership includes leaders from diverse sectors of the community, including schools, businesses, youth groups, religious groups, media, municipalities and more. 
    CHCC’s substance abuse prevention work is supported by funding from the Maine Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service, the Office of National Drug Control Policy and the national Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.  The alliance addresses underage drinking and the use of alcohol and marijuana use among youth ages 12-18 by working directly with youth, parents, retails, law enforcement and schools.  A few programs offered by CHCC are as follows:
    • Responsible Beverage Server trainings: Trainings which give owners, managers and staff of establishments that serve alcohol the knowledge and skills needed to help them serve alcohol responsibly and fulfill the legal requirements of alcohol service.
    • All Stars: This youth-led initiative for high school students aims to prevent harmful behaviors among adolescents and help adolescents build bright futures. Activities focus on developing positive norms and decision making skills as well as building idealism, pro-social values and resistance skills. 
    • Project Sticker Shock: This program is designed to reach adults who consider purchasing alcohol for minors. Student volunteers place bright stickers warning about the penalties for furnishing alcohol to minors on alcohol products that appeal to underage drinkers. The project is a partnership between youth, retailers, concerned parents, community members, prevention professionals and law enforcement with the goal of educating potential furnishers, raising public awareness about underage drinking and deterring the provision of alcohol to minors. 
    • Table Talks: These are small group discussions held in a parent's home or in another community meeting space. They provide a comfortable setting for parents to communicate openly with each other about underage drinking and how to prevent it. Each Table Talk is meant to be friendly and relaxed, and is led by a trained facilitator.
    CHCC works to prevent prescription drug and medicine abuse in northern York County.  Fifteen Thousand tons of prescription drugs were collected in Maine last spring with two tons in York County alone.  A few programs include the following:
    • Drug Take-Back Days: In collaboration with the Northern York County Prescription Drug Coalition, CHCC sponsors and promotes semi-annual drug take-back days where community members can safely and securely dispose of expired, unused and unwanted medicines.
    • MedReturn Boxes: CHCC partners with local law enforcement departments to make MedReturn boxes available, allowing community members to safely and securely drop off expired, unused or unwanted prescription and over-the-counter medications. Drop boxes are located in every police department lobby in northern York County.
    Bill Patterson, Coastal Healthy Communities Coalition (CHCC) Project Alliance at UNE Naomme Paris 2016-11-02 04:00:00Z 0
    Biddeford + Saco Chamber Auction Karen Chasse 2016-10-31 04:00:00Z 0
    Pilars of Pride Karen Chasse 2016-10-29 04:00:00Z 0
    Stuff the Truck Assignments for Oct 29 Bernice Wood 2016-10-27 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Bill Kany on Oct 26, 2016
    With the election about a week away, it seems inevitable that we will have at least four more years of Obama.  Yes, I realize he is not running and the Constitution will not allow him to run (not because he was born in Kenya, but because he has already served 8 years (22nd Amendment to the Constitution which Obama threatened to change with by Executive Order), but we will have four more years of Obama.  One of the huge benefits of four more years is that everyone will continue to get a trophy.  In honor of the impending election results, I have some trophies to give out.
    • Lucie wins the award for the fastest transition from ringing the bell to starting the Pledge of Allegiance ever.  She did her best imitation of Speedy Gonzales, the superfast Mexican mouse of Bugs Bunny fame, who came to this country illegally 47 years ago and recently was granted amnesty by the Obama administration despite 3,457 speeding tickets and despite the fact that he is a mouse!  Yes, long before the bell had stopped emitting noise and long before we had stood up Lucie was half way through the pledge like she had somewhere else to go.  She insisted that she had to get back to work because those GPS tracking units are not going to install themselves.
    • Best lip-sync award goes to Randy Forcier who, while he has been to 3 meeting in a row, clearly has forgotten the 4 way test and had to lip-sync it because he could not see it from where he was standing.  I am quite sure he was at least one number behind because his lips kept moving long after we stopped reciting.
    • Worst Prayer ever award goes to our very own Fausto who got down on his knees, placed his palms together and recited very badly: “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray to God my soul to keep, but if I die before I wake, I pray to the Lord my soul to take.”  Fausto’s version was something like that proving that such a bedtime children’s prayer does not translate well into Philadelphia-ese, but it was a bedtime prayer.  Furthermore, it is the creepiest children’s bedtime prayer ever.  The kid goes to bed happy until she prays and then realizes that she may not make it through the night.  It is not bad enough that the kid then lies in bed wondering if she is going to die, but then has the image of God taking a shop vac and sucking her soul out of her body if by chance death befalls her before dawn.  That prayer is fantastic for the counseling industry but probably mitigates the fear of the monster under the bed since the kid is going to die anyway.
    • Best Prayer of the Day award goes to Laurie Jo who essentially beseeched God to undo all the crap that Obama and Hillary have done over the last 8 years including addressing war and world violence, hunger, pollution and the Clinton Foundation.  Paul Deschambault suggested it was a Trump rally prayer, but it was far too articulate to be anything associated with Trump.  Trump’s prayer would be something like:  “Donald (instead of God), thank you for making the world so fantastic again.  I thank you bigly.”
    • Worst song meister ever award goes to Joe Moreshead who started the club out in the key of Z flat, emphasis on the flat, in singing God Bless America.  It was a combination of fingers on a blackboard, dying cats and Bob Dylan.  Could we go to singing once a quarter?
    • The pace yourself award goes to President Elect, Jackson Brown, who showed up for his first meeting in quite a while.  He is being coached by Roland Gagne who is Jackson’s trainer, cut man and corner man.  Picture Roland as Burgess Meredith, yes the former Penguin on the television version of Batman, in Jackson’s corner imploring Jackson: “Pace yourself Jackson.  While I don’t really recall my year as President because I was seldom there, it is a long year so you need to rest up.  Don’t be a bum and overdo it this year.  You’ll need the stamina for the later rounds.  You almost burned yourself out on that damned auction, cruise for a while or you’ll never make it.”
    • The new Mama award goes to Bronwyn Pottoff who just last week gave a happy dollar because her baby was due in two week and she had her daughter Etta the next day.  Being fashionably early is one thing but two weeks, that kid wanted out.  Keeping with the tradition of her mother, Etta’s real name is Ettangilariz Vanyileiaawe Potthoff.
    • The drink like a bunch of bastards award will be shared this week by Julie Villemaire who continues to insight alcoholism to promote our Clynk giving program.  I believe she said: “Iz for da chitlens”, but I am not sure because she was filling a Clynk bag with empty fifths at the meeting.  She will share the award with Lucie who thought it was a good idea to confiscate as many free nip bottles as she could carry from her last cruise and give them to Ken Farley who promised to finish them before he made it back to his apartment.  At least he was walking, or trying to walk there.  Contributing to the delinquency of a Rotarian squarely violates the 4 way test of the 12 day plan or something like that.
    • The best raffle tickets sales coordinator award (long name, great results) goes to Karen Chasse for refusing to go all mean on us even though she still only has about half the tickets in and sold.  She is going to be away next week on the taxpayers’ dime so please get your money to Lucie or Earl.  If you need another ticket please reach out to Karen who guaranties she will go all crazy if you don’t sell your tickets and turn them in at the last minute.
    • Cheapest Person Alive Award (I called her a cheap bastard and was reminded that I should have used the term “cheap bitch” which seemed a bit more harsh while anatomically correct) goes to Bernice Wood who drinks 12 cups of coffee a day and 11 of them are supplied by her employer and who has one raffle ticket to sell and she has not bought it yet or sold it to anyone.  News flash Bernice, you can’t take the money with you so buy the damn raffle ticket.  Maybe you’ll win and you can squirrel away your winnings.  What fun!
    • The newest holiday giving chair-person award goes to Julie Villemaire who is replacing Paul Deschambault after many years of ably running the event. Julie said her committee is looking for families who might need help at Christmas.  In true Julie fashion she already announced that the shopping for presents will be done on November 30 after the store is cleaned out on Black (racist I know) Friday.  I believe Julie will wrap the presents before we buy them, she’s so organized.  Please make sure that Sarah recruits the Interact kids because it has been a long time since I shopped for a 12 year old girl.
    • Award for best introduction of the day goes to Lucie who literally read her Agenda that said: “Introduce Sergeants at Arms”.  I am sure her heart was not in it.
    • The award for best happy dollars was a tie and goes to: Julie Villemaire for her husband making it through 12 rounds of chemo and for her new granddaughter.  Those are reasons to be happy.  Karen Chasse for refinancing through Jackson and saving some real money.  Okay so it wasn’t Saco & Biddeford Savings Institution, but that’s okay.  Paul Deschambault for suggesting that Laurie Jo’s prayer was a political statement for Donald Trump.  I believe that was a dementia dollar.  Carl Goodwin was happy he sold all 25 of his raffle tickets, which is incredibly impressive but a distant second to his brother Earl.  Carl, you’ll always playing second fiddle to your big brother.
    • The award for the worst happy dollar goes to Dana Lane who was happy because the Falmouth boys beat the Thornton Academy boys in soccer.  First of all Dana, we are the Biddeford Saco Rotary Club so we should be cheering for Biddeford and Saco teams.  Second, they’re the Yachtsmen for God’s sake, of course they are going to win at soccer, cricket and croquet.  What the hell is a Yachtsman anyway.  I believe their team jackets are double-breasted blazers with copper buttons and epaulets topped off with an ascot.  Their team mascot is the Skipper from Gilligan’s Island.  If you’re expected to win, a happy dollar is totally inappropriate.  Now if they come down and beat us in football then a happy dollar is in order.
    • Award for Rotarian dressed most like a former NPR pedophile goes to Joe Moreshead for his Mr. Rogers sweater.  It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood Joe.  Would you be my neighbor?
    • Award for best setup man goes to Ken Farley who rigged the 4 way test banner to fall on Fausto’s head.  It was fair to most all people concerned.
    • Rotarian of the year award so far goes to Lucie for her significant accomplishments of buying a new Rotary flag for Mechanic’s Park and for putting my name on the Past President’s plaque.  I do not think she can keep up this success all year.
    • Award for worst question to our guest speaker goes to Paul Deschambault for asking Bryan Chabot, candidate for Probate Judge whether he has any former girl friends who are going to come back and haunt him like our present Probate Judge whose issues go far beyond a few failed relationships. 
    • The Award for the best pick up line at Market Basket goes to: “Hey, want to share a pre-cooked chicken”, which was followed in second place by: “Hey, don’t waste your money on that Tylenol.”
    • The Award for the greatest fellowship goes to the food drive on Saturday.  I worked with Lucie, Heather Gendron and Sabine (a/k/a Sabrina) and had a great time.  Lucie demonstrated her compassion by kicking out some poor guy trying to collect bottles right next to us saying, “Hey, we’re begging at this door, take a hike, bottle boy!”  Sabine shared some fascinating medical advice and impressed me with her self-sufficiency.  Heather agreed to heed Sabine’s medical advice.  The bottom line is that you can have fun and learn a lot at a Rotary hands-on project.  Man, do I feel a headache coming on.
    • Award for the laziest electorate in the world goes to all the United States voters who allowed our two major party candidates to be Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  The greatest country in world has produced two of the most disliked candidates in history, neither of whom deserves to be or should be president.  Having said that, however, we cannot compound our stupidity by staying away from the polls on Nov. 8.  We do have to elect a president and we do have to elect local officials and weigh in on some very important statewide referenda so please hold your nose and vote.
    Speaking of voting, our speaker was Bryan Chabot who is running for the Judge of Probate position in York County.  I have always considered it strange that our Probate Judges who really have to have some specialized knowledge are our only elected judges.  Of Course, we currently have a probate judge who has been suspended for ethical issues and he has another ethical issue pending. It is really time for a change which leaves us with Brian Chabot and a gentleman named B.J. Broder who I do not know.
    Bryan is a litigation attorney in Sanford.  He lives in Wells with his wife and two young children.  He does not have a lot of probate experience but he had the right attitude and a recognition that people go to the Probate Court to deal with personal and many times time sensitive issues.  He definitely seems committed to coming up with ways to move the docket along.
    Bryan is an Army veteran who spent time in combat in Iraq.  He showed a nice video that a fellow soldier did for him supporting Brian’s efforts to become a judge.  Based on the video it certainly sounded like Brian had saved the man’s life in Iraq. 
    Attorney Chabot explained that the Probate Judge position is part time.  He would be there 2 days per week and would do his private practice the rest of the week.  The York County docket is very busy with 1,700 filings last year though only about 600 of those filings require an appearance before a judge.  He feels we deserve to be served better by the court and his priorities are to:  restore a relationship with the County Commissioners; restore the relationship with Registrar of Probate and come up with better ways to move the docket forward. 
    The bottom line is that the residents of York County do deserve a Probate Court that is committed to addressing our needs without internal strife and needless delays brought on by political wrangling.  Bryan Chabot seems committed to providing what we need and deserve and certainly deserves our consideration.  \
    • Award for shameless plug goes to the Chamber of Commerce. A representative of the Chamber attended the meeting doubling the Chamber’s attendance for Lucie’s year.  The plug was for the Chamber’s holiday party and auction which this year will benefit our Red Ribbon efforts.  See the information follow-up story and do what you can to attend.
    • Award to all of you, I am signing off now as your scribe.  Thanks to all who took the time to read my rantings. 
    WE ARE ALL WINNERS Bill Kany 2016-10-26 04:00:00Z 0
    New Flag Hoisted by B-S Rotary President Kay Roland Gagne 2016-10-26 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Bill Kany on Oct 19, 2016
                In anticipation of Halloween, I figured I would try to visit a very scary place.  I had a thought in mind and I headed to the UNE Robotic lab for some help.  UNE's robotic lab is absolutely incredible.  In a very short period of time, they were able to shrink me down to microbial size and place me in a self-propelled submarine-type vessel the size of a spec of dust.  They then secretly inserted me into Lucie Kay's ear.  Amazingly, there is a direct passage from Lucie's ear to her brain which is where I ended up on the morning of October 19.  Of course, surprise, surprise, Lucie was talking on the phone so she had no idea I had made it into her brain.
                Her brain did not disappoint me.  It was dark, cold and full of cobwebs.  If you have ever been into an abandoned empty metal warehouse, you have an idea of what it was like to be inside Lucie's frontal cortex.  My tiny feet echoed with each step I took.  There were wires hanging everywhere with sparks flying as they swayed back and forth.  In one corner there was this large generator-looking machine which appeared to be steam powered.  I realized it was the center of her brain.  Over in a corner I found this tiny rusted piece of equipment.  I dusted of a name plate and saw that it was the part of her brain that makes her smile.  It explained a lot.  I am not even sure it was working.  I was completely creeped out, but I was amazed that I could see out through her eyes and hear everything she could hear.  The scariest part, however, was that each of her thoughts audibly reverberated through her brain over what appeared to be the speakers from the TV show M*A*S*H.  I could actually hear her every thought and those thoughts chilled me to the core.
                At 12:13 (why 12:13 I have no idea) she thought, “well here I go again.  I wonder if these idiots will listen to me today” as she rang the bell.  The din in the room continued.  She thought, “oh my God, what do I have to do shoot someone?  The hell with them, I'm just going to jump into the Pledge of Allegiance.  Just think I could be making mortgage loans at the CU but instead here I am herding these damn cats again.  I pledge allegiance…."
                Her thoughts continued to ring out over her PA system.  “Hell, who did I say would do the 4-way test?  Oh yeah, Sue Gajewski.  Let's hope she can make it through 1 through 4.  Phew, made it without incident, not bad, now let's try the invocation with Joe Moreshead.  He's usually good for a quick nap.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, God this blah, blah, blah.  Finally, Amen.  Let's see, no song this week.  That's something to thank God for.  Now, oh yeah, I wrote on my agenda, "smile."  There, I got that out of the way.  Now I can let these hooligans sit down.”
                Lucie then introduced Bernice to introduce visiting Rotarians and guests.  "How hard can that be?"  Bernice had one guest to introduce.  It was State Rep, Marty Grohman, but Bernice introduced Martin Foreman, a visiting Rotarian.  Close!  At that point Lucie launched into a series of announcements.  Bernice reminded us all about the October 29 food drive at the Biddeford Hannaford and Market Basket.  Bernice told us that she will email the list out of who is working.  Then Lucie thought, "Come on Bernice, it’s a food drive not a cattle drive, move it along."
                Karen Chase reminded everyone about selling their raffle tickets and getting the money in.  Raffle night is November 17 at Duffy's.  Lucie:  "I hope we sell all the tickets.  If we sell less than 250 during my year, I would just die.   Of course, Earl would probably kill me anyway."  Karen actually promised to bring out the mean Karen if the money for the raffle tickets is not in next week.
                “Oh God, I can't believe Bill Kany, the freak, is not here.  Who's going to write the Tack?  Hey, not my problem.  He could be a little more dependable.  Man, I've got a headache, feels like someone is walking around in my head.  Oh, agenda says "smile."  Ow, that hurts.”
    Brian Dallaire did his Rotary Foundation minutes which took about 45 seconds.  He told all about Polio Plus because World Polio Day is on October 24.  2.5 million children have been immunized worldwide.  There are only two countries left with endemic polio and Rotary has raised $228 million to eradicate polio!
                Lucie thought: "Seemed like the Foundation hour.   Why did I start these minutes anyway?  She reminded us that the week of October 24 is Red Ribbon week please so wear your Red Ribbons.
                What a view up here.  I can see everything.  Heather Gray stockings; Randy Forcier attending two weeks in a row; and Delilah was back (sounds like a song).  She came back and immediately won the 50/50 though it took her forever to realize it was her winning ticket.  Lucie: “Come on people how freakin’ hard is it to see that you have the winning ticket, I’ve got some consumer loans to make.”
                Paul Deschambault let us know that the new Rotary flag will be raised in Mechanics Park at 1:45 on October 26, right after the meeting.  It echoed out in Lucie's brain, "it will probably rain!"
                Time to introduce the sergeant-at-arms.  Lucie subconsciously pleaded; “I just hope they don't fine me too much.  The credit union will only pay so much in fines.  Boy, if they ever have do pay income taxes, this gravy train is over.  Let's see what happens.”
                “Geez, happy dollars, how can these people feel happy.  Obviously, they don't live with their mothers-in-law.  Let's get through this.”
                Adam Parent was happy to join the club.  He was in Interact.  Lucie percolated, "It's about time Interact gave us a member!”  Heather McLean met Bill Clinton at Dartmouth, but refused to testify against him.  She said she touched Clinton but when asked Bill Clinton swore: “I never touched that woman, but wait what is your definition of touch.?”  Hillary immediately sent Heather a nasty letter telling her to stay away from her husband at least until the election is over but ended by saying she supports all rights of women everywhere, Vote Hillary.  Of course, Heather wore a Dartmouth Green mini for the visit just like my Mom used to do. Dr. Joe had a good dental reunion, his 40th and most still had their teeth.  Joe Moreshead is voting for the Seinfeld and Castanza ticket.  Lucie wondered, "Are they the Libertarian candidates?"  Bronwyn gave a happy dollar for two weeks to go to her baby though Sarah Neault interjected that means anytime.  Lucie pondered:  "Yeah, when you've had 3 or 4 kids already, they can drop out  anytime."
                Then sergeants Matt and Sarah fined a few, Adam Parent fined for going casual now that he takes Rotary for granted.  Joe Bassett, who apparently has forgotten where babies come from.  Chris Indorf did his best Molly Ringwald impression, Pretty in Pink.  Lucie thought "What was he thinking?"
                Apparently, Matt Simmons stands in front of the office in a foam dollar bill costume and Elaine Palmitessa refuses to waive to him.  "No shit" echoed through Lucie's head.  Karen was fined for telling the truth, we suck at seeing:  Yes and bears poop in the woods.  Fine her for that too.
                Man, I just noticed Lucie's hair roots.  They are not red, but I digress.
                While eating, Lucie bragged about installing GPS tracking devices on cars her CU finances.  She thought "Now I'll know everywhere my little deadbeats go."  Just imagine the sheer power of having a tracking device on all your customers cars.  Just imagine if the Russians hacked those devices.  They can do more than influence elections.
                Our guest speaker was Finn Melanson from the League of Women Voters.  Lucie wondered, "I thought Finn was a woman.  It is the League of Women Voters, what the hell.  What kind of name is Finn?  Freakin Huckleberry. Maybe he identifies as a woman voter."
                Finn Melanson gave us a very good explanation of ranked choice voting.  It is question 5 on the ballot on November 8.  With ranked choice voting, voters can rank candidates first, second, third, etc.  If no candidates get a majority, the candidate with the least votes is dropped off and the second and third place votes received by the candidate who is dropped are allocated to the remaining candidates until one gets a majority.  It would be used for governor, the legislature and United States representatives and senators.
                Ranked choice voting means the winner always will have a majority of the votes.  Our current system allows the candidate with a plurality to win, in other words with the most votes.  Ranked choice voting may discourage negative campaigns because no candidate wants to piss off the electorate.  Lucie; “Yeah right, I’m pissed off just listening to this.” Lucie further interjected:  "What the hell is he talking about.  I've got work to do.  I've got GPS units to install.  Why is the club asking so many questions.  Maybe I should just ring the bell."
                I told you it was scary in her head.  Geez.
                Bottomline, we would be the first state with ranked choice voting.  It might violate our state constitution.  It might make things better, but it will deviate from almost 200 years of state history.  Lucie thinks "Hey if it's good enough for Lewiston, it's good enough for Maine, let's go!"
                It was an educational talk which will give us all something to think about.  I should note that Finn felt question 5 on the ballot was the most significant.  I imagine others feel the pot question is the most important.  Lucie thought, "the minimum wage question is the biggest one.  If it passes, the credit union's payroll will double!"
                Right then I knew I was in one of the scariest places on earth.  Lucie rang the bell and sneezed and I flew out and headed to UNE to get big again.
                I left my vessel behind.  It has a GPS tracker in it.  Knowing where she goes will be downright petrifying.
                Happy Halloween.
    A Scary Place To Be Bill Kany 2016-10-19 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Bill Kany on Oct 12, 2016
                Have you ever heard the expression, “I would like to have been a fly on the wall at that meeting”? Well, I’m a fly and I wondered what it would be like to be a fly on the wall at a Biddeford Saco Rotary Club meeting.  Well, I can wonder no more.  I stowed away in the crazy hair of that lady who stood behind the podium during the meeting and never smiled.  I’m telling you it was a jungle in there.  I almost passed out from the hair spray residue.
                When I escaped that tangled hell I headed to the south wall to observe this thing called Rotary.  Frankly, it was no dung heap.  Not too exciting at all.  I heard people saying “boy I hope Kany isn’t so tough on people in this week’s Tack.  Well Kany ain’t writing this Tack, I am so give up on the idea of unicorns, kitties and balloons.  We flies live in crap all day so we tend to tell it like it is. Incidentally, my name is Musca Domestica, yes I’m Latin.  I’m a drinker (Google it!) so pardon me if I nod off every now and then, kind of like Nelson.
                I guess the lady with the hair is called Lucie.  She has a hell of a time controlling a meeting.  A good bug zapper (sorry, I’m chocking up.  One of those damn zappers took out my whole family, those dumb asses) would bring that group in line.  Seemed like a pretty good crowd for their meeting.  I guess the metro-sexual guy with the pink and white check shirt (more on that later) is a pretty good draw.
                Lucie asked some scruffy guy who hadn’t shaved for weeks to recite their cult mantra.  He had a uniform on but I think he works at the transfer station.  I swear I saw him there.  Impressively, he could read because he read that cult message word for word including the numbers.  Even a stupid fly like me can remember four numbers without a teleprompter.
                I think that Lucie got her dress from the Von Trappe family though the metro-sexual asked her about her pussy ribbon.  I have no idea what that is so I would suggest you Google it in the privacy of your own porta potty where I do most of my computer research.
                So Lucie gets done with a few announcements and asked that nice man, Bill Kany to come up.  Apparently Kany has been driving around with one last award in his car (kind of like Randy Forcier driving around for months with checks in his car when he was treasurer) and he finally got around to giving it out.  He gave the award to that same scruffy transfer station guy who turns out to be a police officer (I love their horses).  His name was Ray Demers and he got a Paul Harris Fellow which I hear is a big Rotary award.  I guess this Ray is a pretty good guy who deserved the award though he looked like a hobo dressed up like a cop for Halloween.  Congrats to Ray on his award.
                Lucie announced that she got a new flag for Mechanic’s Park.  I hate flags.  They take up too much air space.  I guess it was a pretty big accomplishment for President Lucie to secure this flag.  They should have taken a picture.  She gave it to another scruffy guy named Paul to run up the flag pole which he said he could arrange.  Why do you need to arrange to put up a flag? 
                Lucie had to remind the group that there are only 74 days until Christmas.  She was looking for suggestions for families who might need help from the Club’s Christmas giving program. It certainly reminded me that I have to get shopping for more crap (literally).  I have 1,000s of cousins to buy for but no immediate family (bug zapper, sob).  What am I thinking, I have a life expectancy of 30 to 60 days (Google it!) so I will be dead.  No need to buy presents, one benefit of being a fly.  It was also announced that the Salvation Army bell ringing will be on December 16 and that wicked sharp Matt Simmons asked what time.  Unfortunately, for him he’s a little slow.  All that holiday talk was making me sick.
                Karen Chasse (sans striped dress I heard about) announced that raffle ticket sales have started.  Josh Ellis sold all of his (one!).  Hey Josh why not bust your ass and double your annual output?  Some guy named Earl sold 16 tickets already.  I’m buying my ticket from him. I hear he sells all the winners.
                Oo, sorry, cramp in my sixth leg, I’m going to take a break and fly over to Bernice’s area.
    Bernice, working on her 12th cup of coffee for the day in her special mug (she has no idea I landed on the rim of that mug and well you know) announced the stuff the truck food drive event of October 29th.  She said there was still time to sign up.  She said the Saco Bay Club is not stepping up.  I have been on the wall of one of their meetings too and I’m not surprised.  Definitely there are flies all over them.
                It was announced that the Biddeford High School Interact Club has around 50 members and they meet each week on Wednesday at 2:40 for about 10 minutes.  The Club is looking for some members to attend their meetings.  Ken Farley said that brevity is king with teenagers.  Not sure where he was going with that.
                A guy named Roland Gagne got a bunch of applause (clapping hands make me nervous, but I can clap my wings 200 times per second, Google it!) for his District and Global Grants totaling $186,501.00 for a school for refugees in Jordan.  He said that this Club will be doing a bunch of the accounting because sending money into Jordan may not have the desired effect.
                Sue Gajewski, who said she went on vacation but she doesn’t work so I am not sure how you go on vacation when you don’t have a job, announced that Martin Chance from the Bideford (they clearly don’t know how to spell), England club is in the area and they were going to lunch.  I’ll see if I can get in on that.  I love free food.
                Jim Godbout got up (I have seen him around a fewer sewer holes) and let everyone know that the 3 area school departments are implementing drug awareness programs including starting the All Star program at the 5th grade level in all 3 school systems which is good news.  He also thanked Rob Moody and his nephew for helping cut down an 80 foot silver maple at 471 Main Street.  Rob described himself as the tree catcher.  Apparently his javelin catching career is over. 
                A guy named Matt Simmons got up to be Sergeant at Arms all by himself.  You think it’s tough looking at him, try looking at him with 4,000 eyes (Google It!).  I mean it was scary.  He collected a bunch of what he called happy dollars which is probably what I would pay when I find some warm road kill.  James Audiffred gave a dollar because his face healed and me and my 4,000 eyes are not going to swing at that softball.  Dr. Joe said his Norwegian exchange student from 40 years ago is coming back to visit him and he is going to his 40th dental school reunion.  How old is this guy?  Ken Farley went on ad nausium about finding his sunglasses months after the combined meeting with the Sunset Bay Club (they’re meetings suck, no food).  Imagine the length of the story if they had been prescription sunglasses.  Christ his story lasted 5 fly years.  Sue Gajewski gave a happy dollar for her vacation which can’t be a vacation because she doesn’t work and why do you give a happy dollar when you come back from a so-called vacation instead of giving one before you leave when you are really happy?  Karen Chasse’s daughter came home from college and Karen was happy.  You just cleaned out the nest and you’re happy that she came home?  I couldn’t wait to see my 2,000 kids leave but of course they all flew into that dam bug zapper (wiping 5,000 tears).  Matt Simmons gave himself some money because his kid got the Charlie Hustle Award which I am guessing means his ten year old kid bet on his peewee football team to win even though he was playing in the game.  He also paid himself because his son made the A Team for the Maine Lightning travel baseball squad.  Clearly, he got his athletic prowess from his mother.  Some guy named Randy Forcier crashed the meeting claiming he is a member and gave a happy dollar because his daughter turned 2 (keep her away from the bug zappers) and he just got back from vacation.  Again, happy why?  And this lady, yes I said lady, Sabine McElrath (Google It!) gave a happy dollar because she wasn’t roasted in the Tack last week.  Clearly an oversight.  I mean what were her parents thinking when they came up with the name, Sabine.  No one, and I mean Bernice, spells it right and no one pronounces it right.  Maybe they meant Sabrina and there weren’t enough boxes on the Swiss Birth Certificate form.  I mean the Sabines were an ancient Greek culture (Google It!).  Sabine women were kidnapped by Romans to populate Rome.  Huh.  Now that I know that, it is kind of a cool name.
                That Lucie person introduced a new member who she called Adam.  I guess his full name is Adam Parent and he is a new member to the club. Hey, Adam if you had been a fly of the wall you could have saved yourself.  Too late now.  Lucie actually used a little inflection in her voice in welcoming Adam into the Club, but she tortured the cool Tom Brokaw quote.  Highly memorable.
                Then the metro-sexual guy got up.  I’m moving over to get a better view.  Hey, I can fly 45 miles an hour (Google it!) so I will be there before he finishes clearing his throat.  Huh, kind of a clear area on the back of his head to land on, no I’ll stay on the wall.  I swear he made his shirt from a table cloth I landed on at a gay pride picnic.  I may be wrong.  His name is Joe. Joe talked about the history of manufacturing in Maine.  He related with fondness the 1936 strike by women workers that had to be spelched by troops sent in by the governor.  Nothing worse than a woman with a flyswatter in her hand!  I got the impression from Joe that Maine has never been a huge manufacturing state though things certainly took off after WWII when the middle class emerged.  But even back then labor shortages hamstrung industry like today and progressive policies and globalization may have held Maine manufacturing back. 
                He described the history of his family’s company as going from the mass-production of parts (for high heel shoes no less) to producing small highly precise runs of parts.  He related that his company went from a high of 97 employees (1987) to a present 25 with ups and downs in between.  He described how so much high volume manufacturing is going to other countries with lower wages, and overall lower costs leaving manufacturing in this country with the more precise lower volume work but without the skilled labor to do the work.  Joe talked about the need for skilled experienced workers who he steals from other shops and the big guys like Pratt Whitney steal from him.  Clearly there is a need to encourage young people to consider manufacturing as a great career and if we do not start producing more workers with the technical and soft skills manufacturers need, more and more jobs will be leaving our country.  Jim Godbout blamed it on child labor laws and he is probably right.  A few 12 year olds lose a limb or two in a machine and Congress panics. 
                Joe’s talk was interesting and generated some good input and comments.  A little heavy for a fly, but what the hell. 
    Off to the dump for some good eats.  I have no idea who said, oh to be a fly on the wall at a Rotary meeting, because I have more fun hovering over a freshly filled trash can.  No offense of course.  Oh, and if you see a fly don’t swat it, it could be one of my cousins and heck we’re going to die in 30 to 60 days anyway (Google It!).
    A FLY ON THE WALL Bill Kany 2016-10-12 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Bill Kany on Oct 05, 2016
    Rotary Tack – October 5, 2016,
    Hey, we have to write the Tack this month.  Geez, stop with the references to “we” do you really want them to know that we are schizophrenic?  Hey, as long as they don’t think we are crazy like Lucie Kay, I don’t care.  Good point, but let’s get on with it.
                How do you like how she opens the meeting?  She usually just blasts into the Pledge of Allegiance and hopes we’re listening.  Hey, this time she actually asked us to join her in the pledge.  Sure, but she said it with a big sigh like it was such a pain in the ass. No, I think she was just pissed because she had on her purple Hillary pants suit.  No, man, that is her tribute to Prince pants suit.  I told you that.  Enough with the Prince tributes.
                What kind of prescription does Brian Dallaire take before he gives those Rotary Foundation minutes?  I don’t know but we should give some to Lucie.  Does the District seriously think they are going to get 100 new donors to give at least $10,000.00 this year to the Foundation.  That is a lot of cake.  You in?  I figured you and I could split a $100.00 donation and we would be doing pretty well.  Hey, if anyone wants to part with 10 grand let Dallaire know and he can get really excited, but wait awhile because the dude is off to Iceland for a wedding.  I thought he was already married.  Please keep up.
                Do you think Kristen Lane practiced the 4 way test all week before doing it?  No, she just practiced counting.  She’s an accountant dumb ass.  Have you ever heard Dana Lane do the 4 way test? Yeah, good point.
                How bout that invocation by Pierre Giroux?  Clearly a religious man.  What, he paused so long he was praying for a prayer to come to him.  He paused so long Ray Demers was able to send out 4 more texts.
                Speaking of Demers and the Mayor, Ron Michaud, did you check out those attempts at beards.  ZZ Top has nothing to worry about.  They looked like a couple of extras from a saloon scene in an old western.  Yeah, and the mayor was the poor bastard who gets shot and flies through the front window of the saloon.  I guess they are raising money for some charity.  I think the club should donate money so they’ll shave.
                Did you see that dress Karen Chasse had on?  I think she was a barber shop pole.  No, Fausto was right, she was the Cat in the Hat.  One stripe, two stripe, red stripe, white stripe.  Should have been black and orange and then I would have gotten it.
                Lucie Kay had one or her more lucid moments (nice!) and announced some anniversaries in the club.  Karen Chasse has been in the club 16 years.  Yeah, one year for each stripe on her dress like the America flag.  James Audiffred has been in the club for 34 years.  Seems longer to me.  Boy, did he give the mayor crap about his real estate taxes or what?  Hey, Jim is pretty much on a fixed income and makes cookies for a living.  He has to count the pennies.  Sure, but if he thinks taxes are going down he’s crazier than I thought.  I don’t think Jim can be any crazier than I think he is.  I hear Dana Lane has been in the club for 16 years. Yeah, but if you take out the 16 tax seasons he is really been in the club 12 years.  They also said Rob Moody has been in the club 6 years.  Man is that guy quiet.  I don’t think he has said 6 words in those 6 years. No I remember his prayers, they’re pretty long and much smoother than Pierre’s.  Hell, Ray Demer’s face is a lot smoother than Pierre’s prayer.
                Were you paying attention during the meeting.  Huh?  Never mind.  There were a few announcements.  The Board approved financing a paver for the YCCC fundraiser in the name of the club and our Dad, A. William Kany, Jr.  Nice touch, but why Dad?  He started YCCC you idiot.  No he started the York County Technical College.  You are a moron.
                Remember we are collecting food on October 29.  Yeah, I am going to be at Market Basket and you’re going to be at Hannaford in Biddeford.  At the same time?  I think so.  This I have got to see.  We are going to be there all day stuffing the food pantry trucks.  If anyone didn’t sign up see Bernice.
                You know Bernice just had a huge birthday.  We really should not mention her age.  It was a big milestone.  I will give you a hint, she was not 50 and she was not 70.  So she turned 59.  Sure for the second time.
                We got our raffle tickets again.  Do you want to buy one from me?  Hell, I have my own to sell.  I know, but just get them done and back in or Earl will be all over your ass.  Now I get it, there were 250 stripes on Karen’s dress, one for each ticket that needs to be sold.  That’s how she keeps track of the sales.  Brilliant!  Don’t forget to put on our calendar that the raffle party is on Nov. 17 at Duffy’s.  You going?  Yeah, I think so how about you?  Not sure yet. 
                Jim Godbout said he thinks the Rotary house will be marketable by May of 2017.  Sure, if Jacques gets off his ass and fixes the title it will be marketable.  We’re doomed.
                Did you see those sergeants at arms?  Yeah, do you think they prepare before they get up there or do they just wing it?  Hey, Fausto had the good Dr. Suess line, back off.  Simmons, I swear there should be a D in his name.  Why because that’s what he got for grades in school?  No, never mind, but the guy is zombie-esc up there.  We need to bring him back to life somehow.  Hey he fines your ass every week.  Yeah and he’s so imaginative when he does it. 
                Did you check out those happy dollars.  Sure Dallaire is going to Iceland, freaking Jeremy Ray went to the Ryder Cup (his wife must have a really good job!), Fausto bought a Mexican hat for his Chihuahua (not going to lie to you I had to look up how to spell that and I Googled it under “useless dogs”)  and Conrad Welzel is excited about getting more abuse about the new York toll barrier.  Man, do we live sheltered lives!
                Lucie Kay “eloquently” read the welcome speech for Bronwyn Potthoff.  Christ, we wrote that for her, that least she could do was use a little inflection in her voice.  I thought I was listening to Hillary.  Hey, she had the pants suit on.  What kind of name is Bronwyn Potthoff.  I think it is the combination of a James Bond actor and someone from Hogwarts.  What?  Do you think she’s pregnant?  I’m not sure but remember don’t say anything in case we’re wrong.
                Did you listen to Mayor Michaud?  Who? The mayor of Saco.  Was he there?  Yeah, he gave us a 30 minute ad about Saco during which City government took credit for everything including finding a cure for Zika.  The redevelopment of Building 4,  the city did it.  Unitil expansion, the City again.  Biddeford Saco Water Company improvements, you guessed it, the City.  Parades, flags, old cars, art shows.  Now wait a minute, I thought the Main Street Saco organization did that.  No, it was the City.  Riverjam, Pumpkin Fest, Holiday Festival, eradication of polio, you guessed it again, the City of Saco. 
                Now I will admit that the City is working to separate the dump from its athletic fields.  Seems like a good idea.  Yes, but didn’t anyone notice the issue before they put the two of them side by each?  Hey, don’t steal his thunder now.  But they are going to fix the traffic in Pepperell Square.  Sure, but he didn’t mention the daily cluster on the Industrial Park Road that makes everyone leaving Saco late while those precious Poland Springs trucks can roll through.  Yes, but we do love our bottled water. 
    Clearly there is a lot going on in Saco and we’re going to pay for all of it.  So keep up the good work Mayor and just let us know how much money to send in and when.  We all want to make sure we are an age friendly community to go along with our non-functioning windmill and a jetty which will not be built in our lifetime and which we will need to take care of (how much work is it to take care of a pile of rocks?) and which will be like trying to hold back the ocean with a broom.  Hey, but don’t worry they have done studies and our taxes are in line with other communities like ours. Oh, okay I feel better now.
    Hey, have a great week and you do the same.  I am going to go out and shop for a shirt with horizontal red and white stripes.  You coming?  Sure.
    The week according to Bill Bill Kany 2016-10-05 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Delilah Poupore on Sep 28, 2016
    Pledge of Allegiance:            Typically started by President (Lucie Kay) by 12:15 
    Patriotic Song & Paul Dechambeau led it.    
    4 Way Test & Chris Indorff led it.    
    Invocation (prayer) & Joe Bassett led it. 
    President-Elect (Jackson Brown) Introduces Visiting Rotarians & Guests:
    Rotarian: past member of this club, Ron Drouin
    Guests:  Shannon Goulet, Hannon Jalbert

    -UNE will host Day of Service, Oct. 15. 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Paul Dechambeau has volunteered to coordinate. Bottle drive. Food drive at same time. Contact Paul to become involved.

    -Meeting of the Interact sub-committee was held last week (the high school Rotarian organization). Paulette Bonneau reported that it meets weekly on Wednesdays at 2:40 p.m., so our Rotary will go to their meeting and discuss opportunities for collaboration.

    -Bernice reported that Stuff the Truck is happening on Oct. 29. It will occur at Hannaford and Market Basket. Rotary will work with the Saco Bay Rotary on it. See Facebook for the event.

    -$100 Raffle underway. Sale dates will be 4-5 weeks to sell them, drawing on Nov. 17, 6 p.m. at Duffy’s. 

    -Jim Gadbout reported that Ray will be applying for Chief of Police in Saco, and Jim recommended that our club respond to the City of Saco’s request for feedback.

    -Jim reported that Oct. 23-31 Red Ribbon campaign. T-shirts and bracelets have been given to the local high schools. Banners will be hanging. Jim encouraged everyone to help get the word out. The more people get involved in the discussion, the better things will be.

    -The house at the high school is coming along really well, with some new changes added by Paulette Bonneau. 
    50/50 Drawing:  
    Winner is Joe Morsehead. $20 to Red Ribbon. $13 Sergeant in Arms Fund.
    Sergeant At-Arms (SAA): 

    Dr. Joe is happy his wife is gone for 14 days. 
    Joe Bassett was happy he went fishing instead of a Rotary meeting.
    Matt Simmons’ son’s 4th grader won his football game this weekend.
    Paul Dechambeau put in $20 as a thank you to a fellow Rotarian who allowed him to use his house on PEI.
    Roland is happy bc his daughter sent him a message this morning, “Be kind to your daughter bc one day she will be in charge of your wheelchair.”
    Sargent In Arms 
    -Bill Kany charged for being on the cover of
    -Bernice charged for being in the paper where she was said to “Squeal” at the Chamber Expo.
    -Jackson charged for being away for a while.
    -Joe M. charged for showing up last week at Run of the Mill, but didn’t come to Rotary.
    -Delilah has charged for doing stand up paddle board in the paper.
    -Bill K charged “just for good old times.”
    -Paul charged for not knowing who the Sargent in Arms team is.
    -Dennis charged for being at Don Sheet Metal.
    -Ken for being late.
    -Lucie for  something.
    -Jim donated a $50 gift certificate to restaurant 555. Roland won it for $50.
    Week in Review 9/28/2016 Delilah Poupore 2016-09-28 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Delilah Poupore on Sep 28, 2016
    Jeremy Ray, Chris Indorff, Karen Chasse, Kyle Keenan (MS Principal) were invited to speak about the Biddeford school system.
    Jeremy said that in his fifth year here the image/perception of the school department is changed, through work of schools. Increasing BSS competitiveness with other area schools, due to the level of quality of the educators plus addressing some of the community issues. Some of the community issues are:
    Economic Investment
    -72% of mill space occupied
    -$25 Million invested in Pepperell Mill campus
    -Seeing the changes downtown with new businesses
    -Industrial park is 95% full
    -65% of students eligible for FRL (poverty metric)
    -19% are ESL (from 63 students in 2009 to 159 last year)
    -51% live in single family homes
    -38% graduation rate (5% above Maine average)
    -positive retention rate for college level
    -transience: only half of Kindergarteners are still with us in 8th grade
    -declining enrollments (more citizens in Biddeford over 65 than 5-18 year old)
    -prepare our students for 21st Century careers and education.
    -STEM Academy (Science, technology, engineering, mathematics). Interconnected and integrated study among these areas and humanities, as well as to the “real world.” 
    -BSS encouraged by Jeremy to take some risks to provide best education possible. 
    -6th grade pathway from middle-school to culminate with specialized, endorsed diploma, with articulation agreements with colleges (potentially UNE)
    -No equivalent to this program in our area, so did national best practice outreach.
    -“Real World” problem-solving (always looking for more business and non-profits who could collaborate with students in the STEM program)
    Personalized Learning K-12
    -More teacher training in strategies to more personalize learning, to increase engagement
    -Proficiency based learning (different from habits of work and learning, which they are also judged on). Making the progression of the learning process more transparent. 
    -UNE, St. Joseph’s and Thomas College increased partnerships
    -Dayton sub-contracted superintendent services to BSS
    -Compass Project (boat building project)
    -Rotary Club, Community Bike Center
    -Changing of school start times (with Saco, Dayton), meeting the CDC recommendations.
    Community Outreach
    -unique for BSS to hire Karen Chasse to do communications, outreach, relationship building (mostly only happens in private schools)
    -Fundraising (Biddeford Education Foundation to enrich learning, in areas that may not be part of the school budget, 501c3) and Waterhouse field renovation, digital sign advertising
    -Alumni Affairs
    -Our focus: expand community outreach, keep spending in check, improve academic outcomes, increase engagement with families, improve daily attendance, and more
    -Waterhouse Field was one of the best facilities in the state of Maine, now in state of deep disrepair. Lighting, bleachers, needed. If we don’t do something, we will not be able to play there.  $3.4 – 4.5 Million needed. Fundraising efforts underway. Challenging to fundraise. May go to bond.
    -JFK School (kindergarten center). Oldest building in the system. Looking at innovative ideas.
    -COT has received $700,000 worth of rehab and improvement. “What classrooms should look like.” Shops are still quite small.  Have applied to the state for construction $.
    Community Concerns
    Substance abuse
    Effectively serving increasing diversity
    Dwindling state and federal funding
    “Our future is bright, we’re headed in the right direction.”

    Biddeford School Department Delilah Poupore 2016-09-28 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Bill Kany on Sep 27, 2016

        Last week’s meeting featured some classification talks and a really good exchange of ideas about Interact.  As the years have passed it seems that Interact at Biddeford High School has become more about earning points than about really caring about helping the community.  That may be symptomatic of students being pulled in too many directions or it may indicate a faculty leader who is tired.  It could be that students are more concerned about their resumes than the projects presented to them, or it could be a failure on the part of our club to realize that the Interact energy was diminishing and we failed to properly engage the students.
        It would seem that with Sarah Neault’s leadership and Jackson’s past Interact experience and the ideas expressed in the club last week we do have the opportunity to bring Interact back to the vibrant active organization that it has been.  It may take the commitment of all of us to more fully involve the students in our projects while making sure that we get involved in theirs.  Interact, like Rotary, should be more than just being a member of a club that looks good on a resume.  I am convinced that we can properly convey that message to the Biddeford High School students and get the BHS Interact Club back to being the student led force in the community that it once was, but if Sarah and others ask for the club’s help we need to be willing to give it.
        If you were not at the meeting we also discussed the request from UNE to work with over 600 students to pull off a community project of some sort on October 15.  We did not have much notice for this request.  We threw out the idea of having the biggest bottle drive ever to support a cause important to both UNE and our club.  If anyone has other ideas on how we could engage 600 students with just 2 weeks to plan please let Lucie know.  It is not often that you have 600 volunteers willing to step up and help so we should really try to take advantage of the opportunity.
        Have a great week.  Bill

    Musings of a Former President 9/27/2016 Bill Kany 2016-09-27 04:00:00Z 0
    Biddeford Saco Rotary Club 2016-09-23 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Paulette Bonneau on Sep 21, 2016
    Pledge of Allegiance:  started by President Lucie Kay @ 12:15 

    Patriotic Song & who led it:    Only sing at the end of the month
    4 Way Test & who led it:        Laurie-Jo Ready        
    Invocation    Keith Jacques  
    President-Elect-Elect Introduces Visiting Rotarians & Guests:
    Bernice Wood introduced our guests: MaryAnn Ingraham 
    Andy Glacier, fellow Rotarian visited from Kittery.
    1. Sarah Neault is holding an Interact Committee meeting at her office-144 Main St at 3:30. Thursday-9/22/16
    2. Lucie Kay announced she received a flier from Habit for Humanity-for a fundraiser called Walk to Raise the Roof on Oct.2nd in Kennebunk. They are looking for walkers or volunteers.
    3. Lucie was contacted by UNE-some students (only about 600) are looking to do a project on October 15th-Bill Kane suggested a community bottle drive as one idea.
    4. If anyone has any ideas for presentations, please bring them forward to Bill Kany.
    5. T-shirt sign up sheet –going with Rotary colors and not the orange.
    6. $3820 was raised for the Alzheimer’s Walk.
    7. Ken Farley is asking for anyone that has money from SUDS Fundraiser, to please turn it in to Laurie Jo ASAP.
    8. Karen and Earl are organizing the $100 Raffle-it will be held November 17 from 6-8 pm at Duffy’s.  
    9.  Stuff the Truck will be October 29 from 9-4.  
    10. Wine Tasting Committee is meeting today to determine a date

    50/50 Drawing:  Congrats to Fausto for getting the winning number.

    Sergeant At-Arms (SAA): Sarah and Matt
    •    Joe attended UNE’s Rugby game this weekend and was happy that two fellow Rotarians from our club said hello.
    •    Conrad is happy he had his birthday!
    •    Lucie was happy she was in Cancun for her birthday and survived a 14-hour delay at JFK airport arriving at her.  Matt also noted that her recent credit union advertisement reminds us that size really does matter (all said in fun)
    •    Bill Kany was happy that he went to the Springsteen concert last week with his son.
    •    Mark Nawhinney celebrated his anniversary
    •    Ken Farley was happy that he did the Alzheimer’s Walk
    •    Bernice needed to pay for taking Matt’s pens at the Chamber expo
    •    Andy Glacier contributed for the positive energy he was experiencing in the room.
    •    Matt had Josh pay for his add in the paper and his fine suit he was wearing today.
    •    Fausto paid for his phone ringing during the meeting.

    Speaker Presentation: Classifications were done instead of a presentation

    Kirsten Lane, originally from Maine, graduated from Gordon college in 1995.  Following graduation, she worked in Boston then moved to the Cayman Islands for 18 months.  When she returned she got her CPA and worked for Deloitte.  She moved to California with her husband.  She returned to Maine in in 2014 after the birth of her daughter.  She is currently working with Dayna and they are moving into a partnership (business).
    Paulette Bonneau-doesn’t like to talk about herself, nor write minutes about herself.  Graduated from Stonehill and grad work at Univ. of Michigan.  Was a practicing licensed clinical social worker before becoming a school administrator.  Currently the Director of Biddeford Adult Education and the Center of Technology.  Prior to transitioning to COT, I was the Principal at Kennedy School. Spare time spent on the boat in the summer, and enjoy other seasonal outside activities-gardening, biking, skiing , etc.
    Dr. Joe Boyle from Ogunquit likes to talk about himself.  He grew up in Massachussets, one of 7 children, and fell in love with Maine when he attended summer camp in his youth.  He has a degree in English from B.U. and taught in several private schools, the last being Berwick Academy.  He then attended dental school at Case Western and became a dentist following in his father’s footsteps.
    Apologies are sent in advance for any misspellings of names.

    Week in Review 9/21/2016 Paulette Bonneau 2016-09-21 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Bill Kany on Sep 19, 2016
    Last Monday (that’s September 12 for those of you who can’t calculate last Monday) we experienced the best of times and worst of times as a Red Ribbon Committee.  One the one hand Tony Hoffman was incredibly well received by the students from Old Orchard Beach, Biddeford High School and Thornton Academy.  On the other hand, Mr. Hoffman gave an impressive talk at Biddeford Middle School in the evening at a session open to the public and intended to target parents that was not well attended at all. 
                Jim Godbout expressed his frustration with the turnout. The event had been featured in the newspapers, promoted on social media and I am certain we all talked it up.  In the end, however, clearly not enough people realize how bad the problem of drug misuse has become in our area.  I actually thought the Tony Hoffman handled the lack of attendance well by expressing his opinion that these things take time and we have to expect that parents are not going to get behind this for a while.  I do share Jim’s frustration, however, especially if you consider that our public kickoff event for Red Ribbon week in April at Thornton Academy was also very poorly attended by parents and the public in general.
      My editorial comment would be while it may take time to get parents to appreciate what we are doing, it is more difficult to understand why more Rotarians did not attend.  Hey look, I know that some of you had other commitments, but this was one of our biggest undertakings as a club.  The District Governor and District Governor Elect found the time to be there but more than half of our club did not show up.  We need to spread our message and word of mouth continues to be one of the best ways to do that.  So please, as we have more events addressing drug misuse awareness, make an effort to attend so you can spread the word about what was addressed.  As for the Rotarians who did make it, thank you for coming and please spread Mr. Hoffman’s message that there are healthy alternatives to drugs.
                On a totally unrelated matter, I wanted to share that I went to see Bruce Springsteen at Gillette Stadium with my son, Andy last Wednesday.  Bruce Springsteen will soon be 67 years old but he played for over 4 hours straight and an epic performance.  I have seen him a number of times but I can tell you he gets better with age.  I could not help but realize the guy is 10 years older than me but has the endurance of a 25 year old.  In reality, it clearly was his love for what he was doing that propelled him to play for so long and so well. 
                Incidentally, he easily filled Gillette though if you have read his biographies there was a time when his band had little or no following at all.  Clearly there is hope for our Red Ribbon efforts after all.
                Have a great week.  Bill
    Musings of a Former President 9/19/2016 Bill Kany 2016-09-19 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Paulette Bonneau on Sep 14, 2016
    Pledge of Allegiance 
    Bernice - 4 Way Test
    Joe- Invocation
    Visitor guest - Joe Genender
    Adam Parent - posted
    Bromwyn Binette - CBC
    Julie - 12 year pin

    Joe - Heart of Rotary, transfer from Ogunquit
    Alzheimer Walk- $450 over goal
    Walkers can meet at 7:30a.m. at York County Credit Union or meet at the walk which starts at 9:00 a.m. on 09/17/16.
    The Club’s red Ribbon event was successful-Lots of positive feedback regarding the speaker Tony Hoffman.  Jim thanked everyone for their support of this event.
    SUDS fundraiser was also successful-some changes for next year are under consideration such as having it in October. More to come. If you have money out, please get it to Laurie Jo. Ken thanked everyone for their support of this event.
    Jim reported the Rotary House renovations are up and running.  The new plumbing instructor, Brad Harding, will work with the kids on site for plumbing instruction.
    Oct 23 - Oct 30 Nation Red Ribbon Week - Wear our ribbons and more info to come.
    Charitable fundraiser is in the works-plan to sell 250 tickets at $100 a piece.  People can chip and split the proceeds for a ticket.  Members are expected to sell at least one ticket.
    Saco Bay Rotary and us will be participating in a food drive-October 29th
    Recognized Birthdays:  Marc Mahoney

    Rotary Anniversaries: Peggy, Conrad, Jim and Julie

    Week in Review 9/14/2016 Paulette Bonneau 2016-09-14 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Paulette Bonneau on Sep 14, 2016

    ITN:  A driving service provided for elderly that do not have transportation.  They are looking for volunteer drivers in the Saco, Biddeford, OOB area.  Drivers bring folks for groceries, recreational activities, doctor appointments, etc.  If you know anyone that is interested, contact Jon Andrews at 207-282-1979 or at

    Our Services


    Getting seniors to important medical appoitments

    The Independent Transportation Network® (ITN) is dignified. Older adults who join ITN® become dues-paying members of a non-profit organization committed to their independence and mobility. When they pick up the telephone to schedule a ride, they are not asking a favor. The transition from the driver's seat to the passenger seat is never easy - for the drivers or for their families - but it is infinitely easier when there is a viable transportation alternative that keeps the older adult in control.

    Consumer Oriented

    The ITN service is also consumer oriented. We provide excellent customer service with the arm-through-armdoor-through-door standard that sets us apart from taxis. Like using one's own automobile, the ITN service is available 24/7 and gives customers the flexibility to schedule their rides in advance or as needed, as well as the option to ride alone or with others, as they please, to destinations of their choice.

    Characteristics of the Service

    • Membership based - people 60 years and older (age eligibility varies by affiliate), and visually impaired adults are eligible to join
    • Community based affiliates are supported by private, rather than public resources
    • Affordable fares that are typically lower than a comparable taxi ride
    • Available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for any purpose
    • Not "just a taxi" - drivers provide arm-through-arm, door-through-door service and help with packages
    • No money is exchanged in the vehicle, and tips are not accepted
    • Riders pre-fund a personal transportation account, and a monthly statement details all payments and charges
    • Uses automobiles, rather than vans or buses
    • Rides may be booked at any time, with discounts for advance notice
    • Riders may travel alone or with others, with discounts for shared rides
    - See more at:
    ITN Portland presented by John Andrews Paulette Bonneau 2016-09-14 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Bill Kany on Sep 12, 2016
                Ever served on a Board and considered a motion to accept a person’s resignation?  Almost every such Motion is seconded with the addition of “with regret”.  Many times that addition seems so cliché and insincere.  Last week we accepted the resignations of three club members, Frank Dumais, Frank Gooding and Andy Greif.  All three will be missed and it was with far more than regret that we accepted their departures from the club.
                The Franks have purchased properties in Florida and will be heading to warmer climates when things turn cold up here.  Both are past Presidents of our Club and Paul Harris recipients.  Both Franks served our Club and our communities well as Rotarians, employees and as citizens.  They were both very active Rotarians and their departures leave us with a big hole.
                Andy is headed west to Taos, New Mexico.  He is not moving to Mexico as someone suggested at last week’s meeting, though I do suspect that the witness protection program may be involved.  He is actually moving to a commune (shocker) which may be clothing optional (talk about regret).  Andy and his wife intend to enjoy their retirement in Taos where Andy will continue to design and wear women’s glasses and work on cutting edge hair designs.
                The hole left by Andy extends well beyond our Rotary Club, though his absence will be profoundly felt by our Club as well.  As a sitting director of the Club, Paul Harris recipient and a founder and Co-Chair of our Red Ribbon Committee, Andy was a very active Rotarian who could always be counted on to keep us centered.  As a Community leader and youth mentor, Andy left an indelible mark on the Biddeford Saco area which I am certain will never fade.
                All three of them will be missed and I regret to say that accepting their resignations with regret seems so inadequate.  We certainly wish them all well.
                Regrettably submitted,  Bill.
    Musings for a Former President (with Regret) 9/12/2016 Bill Kany 2016-09-12 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Karen Chasse on Sep 07, 2016
    President Lucie Kay led us in the Pledge of Allegiance followed by the 4-way test led by (new transfer) Rotarian Dr. Joe Boyle.  The invocation was then led by Joe Moreshead.  VP Bernice Wood introduced guest Bronwyn Barnett (soon to be the old Andy Greif as he moves on from CBC) and new-to-our-club Rotarian Dr. Joe Boyle, previously from the Ogunquit Club.
    The 50/50 was won by PP Paul Deschambault who donated it to the Red Ribbon Fund. 
    Foundation Minute – As our Foundation Chair this year, Brian Dallaire will talk about the Rotary Foundation for one minute each week in honor of the 100th Anniversary.  The Foundation was created in 1917 by the 6th President who set-up an endowment fund to do good.  It began at $26.50 and is currently $2.6 million.  The Rotary Foundation is listed in the top three charities in the country.
    Farewell Andy – President Lucie recognized Andi for his 10 years in our club as he retires and moves to New Mexico.  You will be missed Andy!
    Tenure Recognition to the Following Rotarians – Lucie thanked the following people this week:
    • Roland Gagne – 18 years
    • Josh Ellis – 6 years
    • Mark Nahorney – 1 year
    Celebration of Suds – PP Ken Farley talked about the beer fest and distributed the volunteer list.  If you are one of the six people who read the TACK then you know by the time you read this it has passed.  Thanks to all those who sold tickets and helped volunteer!
    Alzheimer’s Walk – Sue Gajewski noted we are currently at 62% of our goal and the club is also contributing $500.  We currently only have 8 walkers for the event on September 17th whereas we had 20 last year so please see Sue if you can come!  It is only a two-mile walk and Sue guarantees nice weather (even two weeks in advance!).
    Tony Hoffman – We hope everyone headed Jim Godbout’s advice and joined us for the community presentation on September 12th with Tony Hoffman.  Thanks to everyone for RSVPing for the meals and shared the event on FB, with their friends, with strangers, etc.  Our Red Ribbon Committee works hard to coordinate these educational events with the schools and the community so it is important we promote making the connections.  A special thanks go to Biddeford Savings and Saco & Biddeford Savings for making it possible with their generous donations!
    Happy Dollars – SAA Matt Fausto accepted happy dollars from:
    • Heather MacLean - her birthday and Dartmouth drop-off of her daughter.
    • Andy Greif – a mixed emotions dollar.
    • Mark Nahorney – One-year Rotary Anniversary.
    • Dr. Joe Boyle – Happy to be in our club and happy to celebrate 40 years in Rotary this spring!
    • Paul Deschambault – son is getting married in November and he thinks it might actually happen!
    • Jim Godbout – sad $5 on Andy’s departure and happy he has had the chance to know him
    • Bronwyn Barnett – happy for Andy’s 15-year commitment to CBC and being her mentor for six years right out of college. 
    • Matt Simmons – for his son entering 4th grade
    • Fausto Pifferrer – Reuben’s 2-month sober anniversary and proud of himself for not giving him a bottle to get off his back (yes, he said it out loud). He also gave a sad $2 for Andy’s departure.
    Fines– Then they handed out the fines:
    • Outstanding Dues: President Lucie, Joe Moreshead, Heather Gendron, Ken Farley, Paul Deschambault, Jackson Brown, Peggy Bean, Jim Audiffred and Roland Gagne. 
    • President Lucie – Just because.
    • Roland Gagne and Mark Nahorney – for making the paper of the Chamber BAH.
    • Bernice Wood – Because they were sure you were there since you are at all Chamber events.
    • Matt Simmons – late for the Board meeting
    • Fausto Pifferrer – wearing a shirt with a collar and sleeves
    Club Assembly Update -
    • Past Presidents Frank Dumais and Frank Gooding have submitted their resignations.
    • Pillars of Pride Event to support the Biddeford Education Foundation:
      • Our Club is sponsoring this event which recognizes too pillars in our community.  This year Rotarians Roland Eon and Jim Godbout are the recipients honored.  Karen Chasse thanked those who have sponsored the event to date or contributed an auction item and encouraged Rotarians to attend if they are able to (tickets are $50 each).  The event is Saturday, October 29th (invitation attached).
    • Rotary House
      • Jim Godbout spoke of the partnership with the Center of Technology and the City to educate our youth on real life skills in the trade versus simply building a new home as we have done in the past with the modular.  The renovation of 471 Main Street has been a great collaborative project with a variety of contractors helping.  Thanks to Spang Builders for their recent contributions.  He encouraged us to continue doing more with tradesmen to prepare our much-needed work force and make our youth better community-minded contributors.
      • To date, Jim has financed the project as we await for the final default for a clean title. 
      • The house has two and a half bedrooms, one and a half baths, washroom on the first floor, one and a half garage and custom cabinets by Diane Tremblay.
    • We closed with the importance of promoting our fundraisers which make approximately $100,000 a year so that we are able to give back to the community through scholarships, charitable fund, Red Ribbon, and more.
    Week in Review 9/7/2016 Karen Chasse 2016-09-07 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Conrad Welzel on Aug 31, 2016
    Lucie K. introduced Commissioner of Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS), Mary Mayhew.
    The Commissioner said what a pleasure it is to talk about DHHS & the changes that have been made over the last few years.
    Because we talked about our Red Ribbon Comm.  & substance abuse she said she would first focus on that. DHHS spends $74M on substance abuse treatment. That the money for these programs follows the demand and is used wisely.
    An example is a new 24/7 Hotline that was recently created for people to call when they need help, as the program progresses it will expand.
    60% of Child Welfare situations are due to substance abuse. The goal is to provide services that create the best outcomes for the children.  
    75% of heroin addicts started with a legal prescription This is a major reason Opiate addiction is so bad thus several new initiatives have been put into practice that are designed to prevent addiction such as limiting the number of days for prescriptions. Other examples are best practices that are efficient and done in a timely manner, such as a Clinic in Brunswick that that has been recognized for being very effective and didn’t have to add any full time staff to accomplish the changes & the success.
    Treatment is a major component, and the goal is to increase the success rate presently the national standard is 30% of those who start treatment complete it, hospitals are now questioning if this is too low of a bar to accept. This just shows that there is still a lot that needs to be done.
    DHHS has a Budget of $3.4B.  The efforts of the past years have been to examine these services how can they best be provided how do the services crossover each other and how can DHHS be better managed and integrated.
    Medicare has been in a financial crisis for 40 years.  DHHS staff has become so used to this that nobody was getting upset when another crisis was announced.  The Commissioner has a sign that is meant to change that, it says “Freaking Out”, with a gal to keep staff concerned.
    Other DHHS initiatives include, ME has become a leader in closing facilities like Pineland, but has been very slow at providing services to those who need them.  The State has also been growing the number of new people who receive services and often these new people’s needs are not as critical as others who are not getting the services they need.  Examples of people who are not getting all of the services they need are people with brain injuries or who are developmentally disabled. The last few years this has been changing for the better.
    DHHS role in promoting employment, programs like TANF at times have not adhered to Federal Process, and the State has had to pay the penalties for their actions.  The new approach is asking people what can they do (what skills do they have) & what education do you need to do what is need by the business world. The American dream is to have a job and a good life, not to live in poverty and be supported by Government Programs.
    The goal is to encourage people to get out there work, volunteer, stay in High School, feel good about themselves. That will go a long way to changing the paradigm.
    DHHS for the first time thoughtfully doing a budget hoping that this will help change some of the practices.
    This was a very high level overview of DNNS & its changes

    Paul D.  Q.  What about EBT Card miss use?
    1. Federal law makes it hard to deter but the state has passed a few laws and set up some safe guards to help prevent.
    Carl G.  Q.  How do you stop the fraud?
    1. Again Federal restriction make it difficult, examples like now if you are no longer living in Maine and the 14 year old computers catch it you are shut out of the program.
    Commissioner of Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS), Mary Mayhew Conrad Welzel 2016-08-31 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Conrad Welzel on Aug 31, 2016
    Pledge of Allegiance:
    Lucie Kay
    4 Way Test:
    Sabine McElrath-February
    Joe Bassett
    Pres. Elect.; Visiting Rotarians & Guests:
    President Elect Jackson Brown introduced Visiting Guest; Bronwyn Barnett, Tammy Ackerman, & Visiting Rotarian Dr. Joe Boyle.
    President Lucie K. announced that it was GREAT to have Earl G. back.
    Lucie reminded us of the E-Mail sent out by Kerstin Kirchner from the Saco Bay Club about the Literacy Project and needing volunteers at Ruth’s Reusable on September 17th.   
    Stuff the Bus will be on Saturday October 29th from 9 to 4.
    Ken F. asked us to PROMOTE, PREMOTE! The Beer Festival, he shared that he had a signup sheet for volunteers at the Beer Festival from 1-4 Pm on September 10tn in Biddeford at the Pepperell Mill Community Room.
    Karen C. Announced on September 12, Tony Hoffman will be speaking 3 times. If you want to join Jim G. and his Red Ribbon Committee for lunch or Dinner, please let Karen C. know by 9/1/16.
    Bernice W. is passing around signup sheets for the Alzheimer’s Walk & Tee Shirts on September 17th.
    Andy G. gave a brief history of the Red Ribbon Committee so that today’s speaker DHHS Commissioner Mary Mayhew was aware of our efforts.
    50/50 Drawing:
    Matt S. for $26, donated to the Red Ribbon Comm.
    Sergeant At-Arms:
    HAPPY Dollars:
    Started off Fining Lucie K. just because.
    Carl G.  Glad Earl is back.
    Earl G.  Glad to be back.
    Denis E.  $3 one for each kid that is gone back to school.
     Fausto P.  for is $10k rare breed dog.
    Lucie K. because she is Happy.
    Conrad W. glad to see Comm. Mayhew as todays Speaker, a longtime friend.
    Dr. Joe Boyle $3 for his 3rd meeting with us, that his previous Rotary Club has allowed him to transfer to our Club & that he spoke to his Step-Granddaughter who will be working in Jordon as diplomat & she will help with the Rotary Grant Program that Roland Gagne has been working on & spoke to us about last week. Joe also mentioned that his name is Joe not Jim as printed in a recent TACT, Conrad W. paid a fine for that.
    Matt S. for Delilah‘s Biddeford Main Street program getting National Recognition as a Main St. Project.
    Fausto P. for CJ helping him house hunt.
    Lucie K. for not following the Agenda by introducing Jackson B. & doing 50/50 in the wrong progression.
    Joe M. Fausto P., CJ, & Sara for taking parking spaces out front of Run of the Mill.
    Brian D. for always smiling & recently not giving to Happy Dollars, he smiles so much he must be Happy!
    Denis E. for his picture in the paper.
    Week in Review 8/31/2016 Conrad Welzel 2016-08-31 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Bill Kany on Aug 29, 2016
        August 31!  Lucie is two whole months into her presidency.  Doesn’t it seem more like six months?  Seriously, where does the time go and we are just now getting busy.  Don’t forget the following:
    •    We are having our second annual beer festival on Sept. 10.  Ken needs volunteers and sent around a signup sheet at last week’s meeting.  Please plan on selling some tickets and showing up to help out and drink some beer.

    •    September 12th, Tony Hoffman will be here to speak about drug misuse to the area schools and to the public.  Please plan to attend the public forum on September 12th at the Biddeford Middle School Auditorium.  We would love to have a great turnout to make sure people are aware of this incredibly important issue.

    •    Please sign up to walk in the Alzheimer’s walk on September 17 or at least go on line and financially support our team and encourage your friends and family to do the same.  Great strides have been made in dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, but we are a long way from a cure.  With everyone’s help we get one step closer to a cure.

    •    October 28th we will be stuffing some form of vehicle to help the hungry at Market Basket and Hannaford in Biddeford.  We certainly hope it is warmer than last year.  The event is a lot of fun and is all for a great cause so plan on being there for part of the day.  Just plan on dressing appropriately, Heather.

    •    Before we know it we will be selling raffle tickets again.  Did I mention that time flies?
    The Power of One.
        If you think about it many good things start out with one person getting inspired and then working to get others involved in the effort.  While Rotary may have over 1,300,000 members worldwide, it is the initiatives of individuals that drive all of the great things that Rotary does.  Polio Plus started with a single individual being inspired by the story of the efforts to eradicate polio in the Philippines.  Our Red Ribbon Committee started with a challenge from Jim Godbout who had seen enough death and suffering and wouldn’t take it anymore.
        Last week we saw the power of one twice.  Lucie stepped up and invited everyone to her house for a great social event.  Yes, others helped (except those of us who went on the boat), but the idea and the event would not have occurred without the efforts of Lucie.  Rotary has to be fun and engaging or it does not work.  Lucie got us together to have fun and I guaranty you that her efforts will pay dividends for our club.  Well done!
        On August 24th we heard from Roland Gagne who saw an issue with educating refugees in Jordan and decided to do something about it.  What started as Roland’s vision became the effort of three Rotary Districts, many Rotary Clubs, Rotary Foundation and countless Rotarians to create a school and after-school programs to educate refugees who would otherwise go with no education.  Roland’s commitment to this project and our club’s seed money has grown into a $186,000.00 project to help children in a war ravaged part of the world.  Thank you Roland for making it happen.  One person really can make a huge difference.
        So if you have any idea or become aware of an issue that you think needs to be addressed, don’t sit back and wait for someone else to act, step up, bring it to the club’s attention and then see what Rotary can do.  But it starts with just one.

    Musings of a Former President 8/29/2016 Bill Kany 2016-08-29 04:00:00Z 0
    Saturday September 10, 2016 1-4PM; Pepperell Mill Campus (Community Room), 40 Main Street, Biddeford
    The 2nd Annual Celebration of Suds brings local craft brewers and craft beer lovers together to experience the best craft brews in the area. This event supports the charitable giving of the Biddeford-Saco Rotary Club who has been making a difference in our community since 1920. 
    Featuring: Banded Horn Brewing, Boston Beer Company, Funky Bow Brewery, Gritty’s, Samuel Adams, Shipyard Brewing, and The Run of the Mill.

    Music will be provided by the one and only, the legendary Pete Finkle.

    Support Rotary and have a great time doing it! Tickets only $25 each!  For Tickets:
    Celebration of Suds; Foam at the Falls 2016-08-29 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Conrad Welzel on Aug 24, 2016
    Lucie K. introduced our own Roland Gagne to talk about the Rotary Grant he was applying for to help Iraq & Syrian Children that are Refugees in Jordon. 

    Roland first apologized for no Power Point presentation because he has been running around with his Father to Doctors appointments this morning. 

    Roland explained that when refugees come to Jordon they expect that they will only be there a short time & then get to go back to their country.
    However, that has not been the case most of these people are very skilled people who are trying to protect their families and have been in Jordon for years now.
    Jordon does not allow refugees to have a job in to work in Jordon.

    The goal is to help out the refugee children in their formative years.
     The Grant is being supported by 3 Rotary Districts; our District, Pittsburg District & a Middle East District.  The total is $186,000.
    The focus is to help 200 children 25 teens. It will also help educate their parents on why & how they can get the help.
    The biggest hurdle is providing a sustainability requirement.  

    Today Paul D. brought a guest Hasan Jasim who is from Iraq & taught in Jordon and lives in Biddeford. 
    Hasan was introduced & members started to ask question.
    Jim A.  Can you share how the schools work in Jordon?
    Hasan, there are Public & Private schools and there is very little support from Jordon for refugees.  Also if there is money so much is taken off the top before it actually gets to the students. Roland G. explained that the way the grant is written that there should be very minimal “Graph”. 
    Carl G. Asked how Hasan ended up in Maine. He explained that he was in the Iraq Army and decided to move to USA & he and his wife are part of the Biddeford community and volunteer at the schools.  Paul D. also shared that he thought that by having Hasan at the meeting we could better understand whether the Rotary was doing the right things with the Grant and what we should watch for. 
    Bill K asked how much more money is need for the Grant. Roland explained that it is now fully funded. Jim G asked about the sustainable requirement Roland explained that it is hard but that he believes the pieces are there.  Hasan said there is some Government money that most likely will help for future tuitions. 

    Jim Boyle mentioned that his step-daughter was presently in the US but will be going to Jordon as a US diplomat and he will make her aware of this program.

    Roland Gagne & theGlobal Rotary Grant for Syrian Refugees Conrad Welzel 2016-08-24 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Conrad Welzel on Aug 24, 2016
    Pledge of Allegiance:
    Lucie Kay
    4 Way Test:
    Sue Gajewski
    Joe Bassett
    Pres. Elect.; Visiting Rotarians & Guests:
    Vice President Bernice Wood introduced visiting Rotarian, Dr. Joe Boyle from Ogunquit and Guest Hansan Jasim, Rae Smith, Adam Parent, & Patrick Gagne
    Lucie K. Thanked everybody for their as members of Rotary & their help at the party this past Saturday. She knows she can count on us to be there and we are.
    Ken F. spoke about the beer Festival Sept. 10th. Get your tickets from him or they can be bought “On-Line”. 
    Sue G. Shared that the Sept, 17th Alzheimer’s Walk is close to meeting it’s goal with 8 or 9 walkers signed up, that the group will meet up and go a s a group, tee shirts will be done. 
    Looking for Volunteers for Sept. 17th Ruth’s Reusable. 
    Jim G. Reminded us of the Tony Hoffman speaking engagements on Set. 12. He Thanked Fausto for being ready every Sunday from now to the 12th to pick up Tony. Tony will speak @ Biddeford High & Thornton Acad. During the day. There will be a Dinner @ Run of the Mill w/ Tony @ 4;30 and then an evening event at Biddeford Middle School. 
    Lucie K. announced that “Stuff the Bus” will be held this year on Oct. 29th , from 9 to 4. It should be warmer than last year. We will need volunteers that day. 
    50/50 Drawing: 
    $30 won by Jim A. (?)
    Sergeant At-Arms:
    Fausto P. Sara C. & Jim G (Acting Collector)
    Happy Dollars:
    Joe B. for the Summer traffic.
    Jeremy Ray. Outstanding fishing trip
    Jeremy R. for the construction process @ the Center of Technology.
    CJ Dubois-Cote for great weather @ the beach while she was on vacation. 
    Dr. Joe. Boyle for being @ his 2nd Biddeford Saco Rotary meeting. He like it so much he will be transferring from the Ogunquit club to ours. 
    Bernice W. for the great fellowship event on Saturday.  
    Bill K. for Doug K. & a GREAT boat ride. 
    Roland G.  Thanks to a great job of catering by Fausto.
    CJ, When Fausto clicked on her site he was connected to “Best Nude Beaches”.
    All Rotary members who are members of Biddeford Saco Chamber & didn’t go to the Member Appreciation Night.
    Ken F. for needing a ride from Lucie’s party home, then needing to return back & forth to get his keys.
    Jim A. for wearing a hat that Fausto should own. 
    Carl G. for his Birthday.
    Bernice for caressing CJ’s leg at the party.  
    Ken F. & Peter? for wearing similar shirts.
    Jim G. For confusing Fausto regarding which Sunday he was to pick up Tony Hoffman.    
    Thank You to Jim A for making delicious cooks again, we will miss them when he is on vacation.
    Week In Review 8/24/2016 Conrad Welzel 2016-08-24 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Bill Kany on Aug 19, 2016
                As you probably know, it is very much "in vogue" for people to have elaborate "signature lines" at the end of their emails.  Of course, they include the individual's name, their organization, their title and all of their contact information.  Some of them include catchy quotes or perhaps the mission statement of their organization.  Any Greif has recently taken the signature line to a new level by adding an adjective to his title.  His signature now says "Andy Greif, Executive Director (Outgoing)."  While I have always known Andy to be an outgoing individual, I have never seen anyone add an adjective to their title to provide a description of themselves.  So, his new signature line is "Andy Greif, Executive Director (Outgoing)."  I think this is something that may catch on.  Can you imagine Lucie Kay's new email signature.  It would read: "Lucie M. Kay, AVP, Branch Manager & Business Development Officer (Always Says Yes)."  That parenthetical undoubtedly would increase her business and increase her offers on Tinder.  Matt Simmons could have "Matt Simmons, Financial Advisor (Sears & Roebuck Suit Model)."  We all know that Matt is a wicked-sharp dresser so why not trumpet that fact.  You could have "Joseph Moreshead, President (Gregarious)" and "Bill Kany, Senior Vice President (Owns a Thesaurus)."  You could either have Sue Gajewski or Denis Elie with a parenthetical after their name (I Do Absolutely Nothing) or (Leisurely).  The parenthetical information would give the recipient of the email a little bit of insight into the sender.  Bernice Wood could have a signature line that reads: "Bernice Wood, Vice President, Business Development Officer (Hell On Wheels)" or "James Godbout, President (Get 'Er Done)."  Sarah Curley could add (Quiet But Deadly).  I really think that Andy is on to something here and we should all consider adding little descriptions of ourselves to our email signature line.
                I am in one of those moods that I have to share a complaint.  Have you ever called up somebody to chat and part way into the conversation, the person you called says "Well, I've got to let you go." at which time they hang up.  My feeling is that if a person doesn't want to talk to you anymore, they should simply tell you to shut the hell up because they have something else they need to do.  The implication that somehow the person on the other end of the phone has captured me and now is willing to let me go or free me to do other things just bugs the heck out of me.  Hell, I called them, but now they are letting me go.  What if I have more to say?  I think the next time someone says that to me, I am going to say, "No, you're stuck with me for another 15 minutes so suck it up."  The fact of the matter is that unlike Alan Nelson, who can leave 20 minute voicemail messages during which he seldom takes a breath, most of my phone conversations last about 30 seconds.  I am going to try to make it a point, however, to stretch those conversations out when someone insists on letting me go. 
                The following observations were written before this event went viral.  Have you been watching the Olympics?  Despite the Rio sewerage and crime, Ryan Lochte, allegations of doping and ridiculous sports-like rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming, I love the Olympics.  Oh sure, there are things I don't like about the Olympics like professional basketball players beating up on a team from Senegal or women built like Olive-Oil insisting on wearing bikinis and diving around in the sand after a volleyball, but, for the most part, I must admit that I love the drama of what are still somewhat the purest forms of sports.  I do prefer sports that are not judged.  How does an individual differentiate gymnastics performances or spring board dives?  Give me an event with a score or a time any day.  I am admittedly a "homer" in that I want to see the Americans win every event, but I also appreciate seeing the athletes who clearly take pride in just being there.  Why not, they are their country's best and some of the best in the world, so even if they finish eighth out of eight, they still got to represent their country on the biggest stage. 
                Every now and then I see something at the Olympics that further reinforces my love for the games that come every four years.  Last week, in a Women's 5000 meter qualifier, a woman runner from the United States named D'Agastino (a Dartmouth grad) and another runner from New Zealand got tripped by another competitor and went down in a heap.  The American running jumped to her feet, but instead of resuming the race and trying to catch up with the pack, she stopped and helped the New Zealand runner to her feet telling her to come on we have to finish.  The reality is that these athletes have worked so hard to get to the Olympics and finishing their event means everything.  Obviously, that American knew it, but she also knew that it meant everything to that other athlete, so she helped her up and the two of them continued around the track.  They clearly had no chance of winning and in fact the American runner was injured (torn ACL) and fell part way toward the finish line.  At that point, the New Zealand runner picked up the American and the two of them crossed the finish line together. 
                So when you read about the corruption of the International Olympic Committee or you see the poverty in the streets of Rio as contrasted by the shining Olympic Stadiums which will become billion dollar ruins in a few years and you reflect on the doping scandals that pervade the Olympics, remember the American and New Zealand runners who implicitly recognized that the Olympics are about promoting International Goodwill and pure amateur athletics where the goal is to do your best and to finish what you started.  That shining example of sportsmanship helps to diminish the significance of all the other negatives surrounding the Olympics.
                Well, I will let you go!
    Musings of a Former President 8/19/2016 Bill Kany 2016-08-19 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Conrad Welzel on Aug 17, 2016
    Pledge of Allegiance:
    President Lucie Kay Lead the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. 
    4 Way Test:
    Sarah Nault
    Laurie Jo Ready
    Pres. Elect.; Visiting Rotarians & Guests:
    Jackson Brown Introduced Guest; Bronwyn Barnett & Ray Smith, & Visiting Rotarian Dr. Joe Boyle from Ogunquit. 
    New Member Induction:
    President Lucie Kay & Dana Lane introduce New Member; Kristin Lane.
    Kristen has been a CPA for 16 years is Dana’s nephew’s wife (so she is related), & is joining Dana’s CPA firm.
    Lucy shared the importance of the Rotary family; working, laughing, & depending on each other. She encouraged Kristen to get involved have fun & share her ideas/thoughts with us. She also shared 2 quotes, giving Former President Bill Kany some credit (begrudgingly), that she felt represented being a Rotarian, “The simplest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intentions.” & “It is easy to make a buck it is much harder to make a difference.”.  With that Dana made it official by giving her a Rotary Pin and the ceremonial picture was taken. 
    Jim Godbout reminded us that Tony Hoffman would be here Sept. 11-13. 
    Tony is a former Elite BMX Bike Racer who at a young age became a drug addict.  Now sober for over 10 years he has been a Motivational Speaker focusing on how to avoid Substance Abuse, & how to make healthy living choices.  Tony will have just returned from the Rio Olympics where he was a BMX racing Coach. Fausto Pifferrer will help with all the travel & eating arrangements. Tony will be making 3 presentations on September 12th; Biddeford High School, & Thornton Academy where he will be speaking to students & in the evening @ Biddeford Middle School for the general public, with the hope the evening event will be well attended by our Rotary Club. So mark it on your calendars.
    Lucie Kay reminded us that her “PARTY” is this Saturday 8/20/16 starting at 2pm. There is parking at both hers house 280-282 Hills Beach Rd, & Brian Dallaire’s house on Davis Dr.  It was noted that Brian has a Hot Tub. 
    Lucie sent around a Thank You card to Cheryl Tranchemontagne for the Donation to Polio Plus, & wanted to thank Helen Plourde for the Donation to the Red Ribbon Fund. 
    We were also reminded that Sept. 12th is the Beer Festival & to get tickets either at the Rotary meetings or you can purchase them on line. 
    50/50 Drawing:
    Joe Moreshead $28 (Although it was announced as $56) Joe donated it to the Sergeant At- Arms Fund to help make the Budget.
    Sergeant At-Arms: Matt S. & Acting Joe M. & Jim G.
    Happy Dollars:
    Brian D. for Naomme P. for helping w/ The TACK. 
    Conrad W. for 35th Wedding Anniversary. 
    Joe M. Sad Dollars because he is giving up his 50/50 winnings to the Sergeant At-Arms Fund he only wished it was $56.
    Dr. Joe Boyle because he lives in Ogunquit & will not have any house guest till October.
    Paul D. $2, He visited Lac-Megantic met w/ the Fire Chief who gave him a tour to see all of the progress they have made since the explosion.
    Kristin L. Happy she has joined this Rotary. 
    Lucie K. for not knowing their guest names, not knowing how much the 50/50 pot was. 
    Jackson for not doing something right.
    Sarah N. for her picture in the paper.
    Denis E. for whatever happened w/ his Daughter & a float. 
    Somebody ?? (I wish I could remember who) for such a “studly “picture  & tie. 
    Everybody who is not going to Lewiston event to support the Libertarian Candidate.
    Thanks to Jim for bringing the cookies!
    Week in Review 8/17/2016 Conrad Welzel 2016-08-17 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Aug 17, 2016
    Lucie K. introduced Jen Fullman from Boots to Roots. 
    Jen Recently retired from the US Air Force after 24 years of service. She did everything from fly B-1’s to being a Commander.
    Her mentor in the USAF was a Dave Hicky from W. Gardiner, ME. 
    Dave retired from the USAF after 23 years & had maintained strong connections in his home town & state however he had a very hard time finding a job when he got home. 
    Once he did get reestablished he realized he could help other Veterans with the same needs he had experienced and over 2 years helped out 15 people.
    It was then that he decided to create a “Not for Profit” organization to help returning Veterans get established in Maine. He called it “Boots to Roots”.  Last Fall David called his friend Jen and here she is.
    They have since officially become a Not for Profit, done research on what are the needs of returning veterans & how can Boots to Roots actually help the returning veterans. 
    There are 2 pieces that were repeatedly mentioned in their research, 1, there is no outreach early on (before retirement) for Veterans, & 2, no one stop-shopping of what is available to returning Veterans.
     Since than they have been working with all branches of the service to reach out early in the process & to communicate with the enlisted person before they retire & start understanding what their interest/ skills are & what their hopes/plans are when they retire. 
    Boots to Roots does not want to duplicate other services provided. It wants to help shepherd people to these services or support the Veterans when they can. They have had some success w/ several US Coast Guard retires.  
    Q & A
    Jim A. asked where Jen’s office was? She said her car & her home. 
     Carl G. asked if there was a York Co. resident looking for some sort of work presently.  Jen responded that one she was thinking of had Law Enforcement experience but it might not be the direction he wants to go when he retires, that is part of why they reach out as early as possible in the retirement process. 
     Jim G. asked if there was a connection w/ the individuals commanding officer to help in the hiring process. Jen said no that their hardest obstacle is creating trust with the Veterans & that most likely would negatively impact that effort.  
    Paul D. remarked that the local Rotaries & the Chambers of Commerce all were making efforts already to help Veterans in this area of Southern Maine. He knew several communities had job openings in everything from Law Enforcement to construction.
    Jen Fullmer, Exe Dir Boot2Roots 2016-08-17 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Conrad Welzel on Aug 10, 2016
    Pledge of Allegiance:
    President Lucie Kay Lead the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
    Patriotic Song:
    The Run of the Mill patrons were thankful that this was not the week for our Patriotic Song.
    4 Way Test:
    Sabine McElrath-February Flawlessly lead the 4 Way Test.
    Jim Audiffred lead us in Invocation with special remembrances to Neil Morin who has Lung Cancer.
    Pres. Elect.; Visiting Rotarians & Guests:
    President Elect Jackson Brown welcomed guest;
    Bronwyn Barnett & Kate Newman
    Lucie K. asked for a volunteer for the Literacy Program, with no takers, the President expressed that there soon would be someone just saying “Yes”. She also reminded us that there will be a Beer Festival on Sept. 10., get your tickets at the meeting &/or sign up on line. She also passed around a “Thinking of You” card for Earl Goodwin who has not been able to attend the meetings for a while.
    Ray Demers Put a plug in for the Saco Police Dept. Open House on Sat. 8-13-16 from 10AM to 1PM. He thanked Fausto P. & the Red Ribbon Comm. for donations.
    Sue G. passed around a signup sheet for the Summer Outing @ Pres. Lucie Kay’s house on 8-20-16 & reminded us of the Alzheimer’s Walk on 9-17-16, (see Link), there will be a sign up sheet to get T-Shirts next week.
    Jim G. Reminded us that on 9-12-16 the Red Ribbon Comm. Will be hosting 3 Presentations that day 2 for students at Biddeford H.S., Thornton Acad. & in the evening for the public @ Biddeford Middle School, he hoped that the Rotary members could show up in force that night. He thanked both Biddeford Savings & Saco Biddeford Savings for their help sponsoring the day.
    Next week after Rotary there will be an Interact Comm. Meeting.
    After Rotary today Jim McAllister was holding a Committee Meeting, (Sorry I didn’t catch which one).
    50/50 Drawing:
    Chris Indorf $29.
    Sergeant At-Arms:
    Happy Dollars:
    Conrad W. for a healthy new Granddaughter, Baby & Mom are doing GREAT!
    Sabine M. -F.  Bank, (?? SORRY, I was sitting right next to her, you would have thought I would have written down more than the word Bank.)?
    Ron Drouin for finally being acknowledge by Joe M.
    Bronwyn B.  Was happy to have cash in hand, that she is pregnant so it is ok to ask how she is doing.
    Roland G. Happy to be back to meetings, Thankful that so many parts of the International Program are going well including 1 of the woman from Kenya got her Nursing License.
    Devin Hamilton was Happy we invited him to speak today.
    Lucie K. For so many things; Lobster, not so happy face, not wearing her tiara to name a few.
    Chris I., Matt E. for finally coming back.
    Bill K. for having a “Dress Code” when he was President & now not “Dressing for Success”.
    Karen for hanging out with Fausto.

    Week in Review 8/10/2016 Conrad Welzel 2016-08-10 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Conrad Welzel on Aug 10, 2016
    Bill K. introduced Devin Hamilton & Justin Chenette of the Journal Tribune.
    As a member of the Saco Bay Rotary Justin reminded us that they were as good a Club as the Biddeford Saco Club.
    Everybody has a Passion; the role of the Journal Tribune (JT) is to tell the region about these passions.
    Devin recently moved to Maine with his family because he liked what he saw in the community. He started his career as a paperboy.  As a young person in the newspaper business he saw changes coming with the internet. The Journal Tribune is adapting to the new world of media & electronics. Now you can get 10 free stories a month on the website, you can also buy the paper on line or have it delivered.
    There are 55K on line users but there is a cost to do that thus you have to charge people to get the service, (The 4 Way Test Banner fell on Andy G. @ that moment) some asked “Is it the Truth?”.
    The Obituary Page information is 31 % of the on line use. Devin shared a story of how important it is to get the information correct. Devin also discussed the importance of communication both as the public w/ the newspaper but also the newspaper getting involved with the community. There is an effort to create a Community Education Board for the Journal Tribune  coming soon.
    Justin shared the new Journal Tribune brand “JT” & “JT Cares”. There are several additional services that now exist in the “JT One Stop Shopping” including video production & website design., as well as a new Sunday Edition that is filled with local news. If we want info like the “Beer Festival”, in the JT get it to them like 4 weeks in advance.
    Q & A: Jim G. commented that he hopes the JT will work with Rotary & the Red Ribbon effort. Joe M. commented that the Rotary & the JT have historically had a good relationship & Devin should consider joining.  Bill K. asked how do we get to the right people to make sure that we are sharing our passion?
    Devin Hamilton & Justin Chenette of the Journal Tribune Conrad Welzel 2016-08-10 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Bill Kany on Aug 09, 2016
    Membership Month:
                Did you know that August is Rotary Membership month?  I had no idea and I have to say that I really have a hard time getting excited about Membership (who does) until one considers the following.
                First and foremost, many hands make light work.  The more members we have the more we can spread the load around, and let’s face it deep, deep down we are all a little or a lot lazy, so let’s get more people involved to make life a little easier.
                More people in the club mean we’re all fined just a little bit less.  The Sergeants could spread the hurt around and undoubtedly have some new material with new targets to go after.
                New Members mean more people who might be willing to drive Sue Gajewski home after the beer festival.
                New members mean more people who might look wicked sharp in our orange t-shirts.
                New Members might actually listen to Lucie during a meeting. 
                New Members may also wear long Maude-like sweaters and give Sarah a run for her money or they may have their own painted toenails and vintage t-shirts to show Fausto up each week.  Hell, they might want to join Ken Farley and, as he says, the clubs of yore in having a cocktail at lunch which will certainly spice things up a little.  Heck, we may find a new member with 7 kids or one more than Sarah Neault will have.
                While I am only guessing, the average age or our club has got to be around 50. With some younger new members we might get the average age down so that our average does not qualify for an AARP card. 
                More new members might mean more people at the cool table.
                My guess is that Lucie will be working hard to get our club down to a more manageable size.  We have members who never come to a meeting and never participate in any activity or fundraiser.  Perhaps their schedules have changed, their job responsibilities have increased or they joined Rotary for the wrong reason to begin with and they now realize that it is not for them but they choose not to resign.  I suspect Lucie will clean them out and we will need new Rotarians to take their place.
                Hey, let’s face it, the more the merrier (I think I borrowed that phrase from Michelle Obama and want to give credit where credit is due).  More members mean bigger parties, more fellowship and more fun.  Let’s all see if we can all recruit a new member this year to “make our club great again” (I think Michelle Obama said that too). 
    Board Business:
                There are a few things to share regarding our Board meeting on August 3.  The Board voted to accept the resignation of Justyna Cybowicz.  We voted to approve $500 through Red Ribbon in funding for the Saco Police Department’s barbeque and open house on August 13 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  And the Board voted to do our annual food drive on October 29.  We hope to collaborate with Saco Bay again but that is still in the works.  We also discussed Andy Greif’s impending departure and the indication is that we will fill his board seat for his remaining term with the more than capable Sue Gajewski, a veteran of the Board who attends the meetings anyway as our assistant secretary. 
                Finally, the Board agreed that we will not meet on the day before Thanksgiving or the last two Wednesdays in December.  This latitude is part of the kindler gentler Rotary that realizes that people have other things going on in their lives and if we want to retain members Rotary has to accommodate the other demands that we all have.  So mark your calendars accordingly and know that your attendance stats should improve with no meetings on those days.
    Red Ribbon Event:
                As was announced at the meeting, Red Ribbon is sponsoring a nationally known speaker, Tony Hoffman, to speak to the students at Biddeford High School, Old Orchard Beach High School (they will go to BHS for the event) and Thornton Academy on September 12.  Mr. Hoffman will arrive on the 11th and stay until the 13th before flying out.  If anyone can help drive him around during his stay please let Jim Godbout know. 
                Most importantly, however, there will be a public forum at which Mr. Hoffman will speak at 6:00 PM on September 12 in the beautiful Biddeford Middle School Auditorium.  We need a strong turnout for that event.  Please plan on bringing a few friends, family members or co-workers to that event.  We want to make sure that as many people as possible hear Mr. Hoffman’s message and filling the auditorium will help to spread the word.
    Next Week’s Speaker:
    On another note, our speaker for August 10th will be Devin Hamilton who is the new publisher of the Journal Tribune who will talk to us about the Journal and the future of newspapers.  It should be an interesting discussion.
    Tribute Regarding Women:
    Perhaps inspired by our club president, I wanted to share with you the words of Sir William Golding about woman.  Mr. Golding said: “I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men, they are far superior and always have been.  Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater.  If you give her sperm, she’ll give you a baby.  If you give her a house, she’ll give you a home.  If you give her groceries, she’ll give you a meal.  If you give her a smile, she’ll give you her heart.  She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her.  So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit!”
    Former President's Message Bill Kany 2016-08-09 04:00:00Z 0
    Crib notes version:
    There were Rotarians and some guests.  Customary traditions were followed to start the meeting.  Thank you’s to our club, thank you’s from our club.  Information on upcoming events.  Someone won money.  Many donated money. Food was eaten.  A great story of two guys with a crazy idea and success.
    Details, details, details………….
    President Lucie led us in the Pledge of Allegiance, 4-way test was led by Mark Nahorney and our invocation was performed by Joe Bassett.
    Vice President Bernice introduced guests:
                    Bronwynn Barnett (new Director at CBC) was a guest of Andy Grief
                    Mike Berman and Rick LaRue, both from UNE were guests of Don Pilon.
    President Lucie passed around some thank you notes we received from:
    Dennis Robillard for assisting him and his club with the handicapped ramp at the Ballpark in OOB.
    Carson Newman for the scholarship our club awarded him.
    Rachel for a charitable request we fulfilled.
    Thank you to Biddeford Savings Bank for their donation to the Red Ribbon Committee.
    Thank you to all of the Rotarians who delivered the Lobster Bake this weekend.
    Jim Godbout’s fundraising beach party at Kinney Shores raised $2,600 – Thanks to Jim for hosting and Conrad Welzel for spending his whole weekend wandering around and judging everything on the beach from sand castles to open beer bottles.
    Upcoming Events:
    Fellowship event at Lucie and Doug Kay’s house at Hills Beach (should be an easy commute for Brian Dallaire) on Saturday August 20th.  For more info look to the left side of the Tack.  Sign-up sheet went around for food. 
    Celebration of Suds beer festival will be held on Saturday September 10th in the Community Room at Pepperell Mill Campus (next to Portland Pie and Banded Horn Brewery) from 1 to 4 pm.  Music will be provided by Pete Finkle.  Volunteer signup sheet will be passed around starting next week.  Tickets are ready and each Rotarian should take some to sell.  People can also purchase tickets on the website – just search Biddeford Events and you’ll see our event right there.  Tickets are $25. 
    Alzheimer’s Walk will be held on Saturday September 17.  Our goal is to raise $2,500.  We are currently at $545.  Please donate if you can.  More walkers are welcomed.
    50/50 was won by Susan Gajewski
                    Happy Dollars:
                    Ken F. for inviting himself to Sue and Chuck’s camp.
                    Don P. for having two guests from UNE join him at the meeting today.
                    Fausto for Reuben finishing his program and coming back to work.
                    Karen C. for a great girl’s weekend.
                    Matt S. for getting back to Rotary and for his son’s successful tonsil surgery.
                    Everyone at the lobster bake that didn’t have their badge.
                    Lucie for not having her tiara out, for wanting to institute a new hazing ritual for new members.
                    Jim A for reading a book at the lobster bake.
                    Bill K. for old times’ sake.
                    Keith J. for setting too high a bar for SAA’s.
                    Karen C. for a spelling error in an email.
                    Lucie K. for caring a little too much about her beverage at the lobster bake.
                    Mark N. for something, but I didn’t catch it – no matter justice is had.
                    Keith J. for attendance less than 50%.
                    Don P. for having his Rotarian magazine delivered to the clubs P.O. Box.
                    Susan G – paid her tithe for winning 50/50.
    Our speakers were Marc Feldman and Pat Roche from Think Tank – a co-working office environment that is located in Pepperell Mill Campus.
    Pat moved to Maine 6 years ago.  He was a building contractor that couldn’t afford and office but didn’t like the isolation of working from home and didn’t enjoy the noise or calories afforded by coffee shops.  He then created a 2,500 square foot co-work space in downtown Portland that filled up within months.  They moved and expanded to meet the demand.
    Co-work space is generally an open concept office intended to bring entrepreneurial people together to foster community and ideas.  They do provide offices with walls to provide privacy.  Co-work space is community focused and provide all of the necessary items an office should have, such as a kitchen space, conference room, internet, printer stations, phone booths, ergonomic desks, etc.  Co-work spaces are popular because they are inexpensive and provide remote or telecommuter employees an opportunity to get away from home or coffee shop. 
    Marc liked the co-work office idea and looked to bring one to Biddeford several years ago, however timing wasn’t right.  Last year he came back and felt the timing was perfect.  He met with Pat to discuss the concept and get ideas and they became partners on the Biddeford site of Think Tank. 
    Think Tank finished construction last fall and they opened just before Thanksgiving 2015.  Currently, all but 3 offices are filled and they will consider expanding if demand increases.
    Space at Think Tank can be rented in a myriad of ways from a monthly rate for a certain number of hours in the space to monthly rate for a private office.  They also offer floating memberships for approximately $125 per month.  They also offer rental of their conference room (based on availability) for approximately $25 per hour.
    For more information email Marc Feldman – COO at
    Meeting adjourned at 1:25
    e-Tack 8/3/2016 Ken Farley 2016-08-09 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Ken Farley on Aug 06, 2016
    The Celebration of Suds is just over a month away and we now have tickets available for sale.  The cost is $25 per ticket.  I will have tickets at each of our regular meetings along with posters to advertise.  There is an event now on our Facebook page, please invite your Facebook friends - this is a fantastic free advertising tool.  Tickets can also be purchased through Eventbrite, there is a convenience fee of $2.37 to the purchaser but it is super fast and easy.
    We have lined up the following brewers:
    The Run of the Mill
    Banded Horn Brewing
    Funky Bow Brewery
    Shipyard Brewing
    Samuel Adams
    Allagash Brewing
    I have spoken to and continue to work with Gneiss in Limerick and Dirigo Brewing which is a new brewery in Biddeford (Riverdam Mill) that is under construction.  
    I have heard suggestions from Rotarians about Lone Pine Brewing that may have a local connection - I think one of the founders is Dr. Paul's son.  Another is Bissell Brothers in Portland.  If any of you know anyone at these breweries (or any others not listed) please let me know as soon as possible, I would appreciate your help in making the connection as that always makes the pitch easier.
    We are still looking for sponsors:
    Keg:  $500
    • Included in newspaper ad
    • Named in press releases
    • Listing on event and Rotary website
    • Acknowledgement on Rotary Facebook Page
    • Thank you sign at event
    • 2 complimentary tickets
    Growler:  $250
    • Named in press releases
    • Listing on event and Rotary website
    • Acknowledgement on Rotary Facebook Page
    • Thank you sign at event
    • :  $150
      • Listing on event and Rotary website
      • Acknowledgement on Rotary Facebook Page
      • Thank you sign at event
    A volunteer sheet will begin going around at this week's meeting, please say yes.
    Please let me know if you have any questions.
    Ken Farley
    Planning for The Celebration of Suds Ken Farley 2016-08-06 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Naomme Paris
    One guest was announced by Jackson Brown: Elaine Grangy. 
    Our President Lucie Kay made the following announcements:
    In regards to the Fulfill Rotary Auction Lobster Bake scheduled for Sunday, July 31, 2016 from 1:00 - 4:00 pm - Brian Dallaire confirmed six Rotarians are signed up - Jim will make his famous strawberry shortcake with fresh biscuits (yum)- lobsters will be purchased from Fishing Optician in Camp Ellis.
    Jim Godbout will be hosting the 1st Annual Kinney Shores Day to held on Saturday, July 30, 2016.   Don't forget to mark your calendars! All proceeds for this event will be donated to Red Ribbon Committee.  There will be several events which will occur throughout the afternoon.  All residents, Rotarians, and Renters in Kinney Shores are Welcome.  Know of any good judges?  We could use a few.  If you'd like more information or want to get involved, please call Jim Godbout at 207-283-1200 or email  
    Jackson Brown announced that 99% of funds from the Rotary auction have been collected.  A check in the amount of $20,000 has been received for the Rotary club.  Great job!
    Bill Kany mentioned that Andy Greif and the Community Bicycle Center received 22 tickets to the August 6th Sea Dogs games against the Akron Rubberducks (yes, Bill was serious!).  The tickets are in the Troubh Skybox which is a fantastic place to watch a game.  Andy donated them to the club so we can raise a little money for Red Ribbon Committee.  Bill Kany suggested that some club members and their family and friends go to the game in exchange for a small donation for the tickets.  He recommended a donation of $20.00 to $25.00 per ticket.  If you or your business would like a few tickets and you are willing to make a donation for them, please contact Bill Kany as soon as you can with how many tickets you would like to purchase.  Tickets are a first come, first get basis.
    Paul Deschambault gave an update on the Canada trip planned for August 5-7.  Roland has invited folks to camp out at his place.  Paul and his wife are going and he has directions as there are a couple of ways to get there.  Please see Paul or Roland for more information.
    On August 20th there will be a Fellowship event @ Lucie Kay's place at Hills Beach.  Pot luck - everyone to bring something and sign up on our website.  Lucie will provide lobster rolls.  The event starts at 2:00.  More information to come.
    The beer festival committee has been busy working to set up the Celebration of Suds this year.  This year the event will be held in the community room at Pepperell Mill Campus (same room as the wine tasting) on Saturday September 10th from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.  Music will be provided by Pete Finkle.  Tickets and posters should be ready by next week sometime.  Tickets will also be available online through  Our clubs PR committee will be setting up an event on Facebook and inviting as many of you as possible.  Please use this free advertising tool to "invite" your friends and promote this event.  We are looking for sponsors for the event.  A volunteer sign up sheet will be passed out in the next couple of weeks.  Please do what President Lucie Kay has suggested and "just say yes"! 
    Congratulations Raffle Winners:
    Conrad won the 50/50 raffle of $27.00.
    Bernice was the lucky raffle winner of a $50 gift certificate to Huot's Seafood for attending the combined meeting of clubs last week at Dunegrass. 
    Happy Dollars:
    Lots of Happy Dollars - this is a very happy time of year!  The meeting was very noisy with lots of chatter so it was difficult to hear what was being said.  These were all the happy Rotarians:  Karen, Joe, Andy, Bernice, Bill, Jim A., Jim G., Ken, Sarah, Paul, Mark.
    Fausto mumbled some fines to:  Josh, Lucie, Jim G., Joe, Elaine, Karen and Ken.
    Week in Review 7/27/2016 Naomme Paris 2016-08-01 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Bill Kany on Jul 29, 2016
        Okay, for anyone who attended last week’s meeting, the speaker was a little different.  Hell, Lucie had him pick the winning raffle ticket and he pulled one, looked at it and put it on the table.  He never read it until we begged him, Odd, yes,
        His busy is interesting.  He has put together shows featuring music, film clips and comedy from the 40’s and 50’s.  He shows them at nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other venues for the elderly.  The concept is that our memories make us who we are and as we forget our past we lose who we are.  By watching the old clips and hearing the old music, the theory is that memories are regenerated and for a while anyway people find themselves.  The idea is fantastic but there were few people at our meeting who really remember Doris Day or Rosemary Clooney so perhaps the meaningfulness of the nice business model was a bit lost on us especially when the demo went on and one from one old movie to the next old song.  I should note that I did see a picture of Doug Kay and his first wife sitting in the back seat of their ’57 Buick convertible.  She was hot in an old fashioned kind of way.
        I, for one, can certainly remember where I was when I first heard “Any Too Proud to Beg” because I believe I was begging at the time.  Just ask Lucie about the significance of Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” to her.  I am told that music and smells are the two things that can stimulate memories more than anything else.  I don’t think any of us will ever forget MERC.
        Soon we will need all hands on deck related to the 2nd Annual Beer Festival.  Plans are well underway for the September 10th event.  We are all going to sell tickets this year like we do for the wine tasting events to make sure we have a big crowd.  We are also having the event inside this year to avoid the risk of a bad weather day.  Let’s make sure we give Ken Farley and his committee all the support we can to make it a great time.
        Don’t forget to mark your calendars for August 20 when we all invade Lucie’s Hill’s Beach home for some fellowship.  Brian Dalliare has promised that we will be able to do some 4 wheel drive racing on his lawn which is near Lucie’s property.  We will need to make Ken wear a life jacket all afternoon so we don’t lose him in the currents of the Biddeford Pool gut.  Lucie has promised her world famous lobster rolls with lobster caught by her husband, Doug.  It should be a fun time and we should all support President Lucie and make every effort to be there.
        Please take the time to sign up for the Club’s Alzheimer’s team which will walk in the Alzheimer’s Walk on September 17 down in York.  If you can’t make the event please go on line to support the team with a donation.  We are still a long way from finding a cure to this horrific disease which robs individuals who they are, but these fundraisers provide a fun and inspirational way to help fund a cure while also supporting the 1,000’s of families affected by the disease.  Your help will be appreciated.
        Next week our speaker is Marc Feldman who is going to talk to us about Think Take Co-Working which should be an interesting look at a business model for the future that is here today.  
    See you next week.  Bill
    Musings from Former President Bill 7/29/2016 Bill Kany 2016-07-29 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Julie Villemaire on Jul 20, 2016
    TACK committee:
     Sarah Curley, Naomme Paris, Paulette Bonneau, Don Pilon, Sabine McElrath, Delilah Poupore, Heather Gendron, Chris Indorf, Justyna Cybowicz, Conrad Welzel & Bill Kany.  
    Reporter for     June-Nicole Carroll
    TACK Committee (Co-Ordinators): Julie Villemaire 2016-07-20 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by CJ Dubois-Cote on Jul 20, 2016
    It was only the 3rd meeting of the year and President Lucie is already shaking things up!  We made history with our first joint meeting of three Rotary Clubs:  Biddeford-Saco, Saco Bay and Saco Bay Sunset. The meeting was held in the evening at the Dunegrass Golf Club in Old Orchard Beach where we enjoyed light refreshments and great fellowship.
    The guest of honor for this evening’s meeting was District Governor, Marge Barker.
    President Israel Collins of the Saco Bay Sunset Club had some welcoming remarks for everyone and then President Jeff Slaton of the Saco Bay Club led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Singing was not on the agenda for this evening but I believe everyone should warm up their vocal cords for the meeting on the 27th at Run of the Mill !!
    Mark your calendars for the 1st Annual Kinney Shores Day being held on Saturday, July 30th, 2016 (THIS WEEKEND!)  All residents, Rotarians and Renters in Kinney Shores are Welcome!  It sounds like a fun packed afternoon beginning with Sand Castle Building Registration (2:00 p.m.), Family Scavenger Hunt at 2:30 p.m. which will be followed up by Minute to Win it Games at 3:00 p.m.  At 4:00 p.m. the renowned Juggler and Magician Robert Clark will take center stage.  Brick Oven Pizza, Burgers and Hot Dogs are on the menu followed up by the Sandcastle Judging at 5:30 p.m.  If you’d like more information or want to get involved, please call Jim Godbout at 207-283-1200 or email  The proceeds for this event will benefit the Red Ribbon Campaign!
    Our very own President Lucie Kay announced that there would be a return trip to Lac Megantic (Lucie couldn’t pronounce it and I’m probably spelling it incorrectly) the weekend of August 5th – which means NEXT WEEKEND if you are just reading this now.  Tents/Pop-Ups are welcome.  For more information, please get in touch with President Lucie Kay, PP Roland Gagne or PP Paul Deschambault. 
    The Saco Bay Sunset Club is selling “4 Way Test Beer Glasses”.  The cost is one for $8.00 or four for $30.  If you are interested in purchasing any, please get in touch with either Israel Collins or Dennis Robillard.

    The 50/50 pot of $36.00 was won by PP Karen Chasse.
    The meeting was concluded after Doug Hooper led the group in the 4 Way Test.
    Week in Review 7/20/2016 Joint Meeting CJ Dubois-Cote 2016-07-20 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Jul 20, 2016
    District Governor, Marge Barker was the speaker for the evening.   I’ve included portions of her speech below:

    She thanked all 3 clubs for allowing her the opportunity to meet with everyone.  She congratulated Saco Bay for their District Grant application to improve childhood literacy education outside the library.  Reading & fresh air together enhances vocabulary and literacy skills. She also commented on Saco Bay also receiving a District Grant for building a wheelchair access ramp at the Ball Park in OOB used by Wounded Warriors and other groups.  Because of the collaboration between the Biddeford-Saco, Saco Bay & Saco Bay Sunset Clubs, the work was completed in swift order.  This project exemplifies collaboration to its fullest.  

    DG Marge commented that the Biddeford-Saco Club was chartered in 1920 and that we’ve had 4 women presidents, with our current President, Lucie Kay, at number 4.  She also commented on the Red Ribbon Committee that was established with the Biddeford-Saco Club.  She is hoping to learn more about the details of our program which she believes mirrors others throughout the district and would love to foster collaboration among these clubs.
    DG Marge is also aware of our club working with international partners on a Global Grant in Jordan with a focus on literacy-which is something dear to her heart. She stated that so much is being done throughout the community and the world because of our commitment to Rotary.  Working together helps to shape those we come into contact with.  With all the sadness in the world it is humbling to know such dedicated men and women are working together to make this a better world.  
    Tony Wagner has been asked to serve as Assistant Governor for Saco Bay Sunset and Suzanne Ilsley has been asked to serve as Assistant Governor for Biddeford-Saco and Saco Bay.  The International Convention is in the US-Atlanta-where we will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Foundation.  
    On October 22nd, your Clubs will invite members from your community to a celebration highlighting the work we have done on Polio eradication.  Over the last two years there has been a Polio Walk in Portsmouth.  For the past 8 years, our Club (Biddeford-Saco) has held a Polio Plus Bingo Fundraiser.  The money we raise does make a difference.  The opportunities are endless.  Please continue your efforts making a difference in your areas and tell the public what we are doing to eradicate Polio.  Remember, we are only one plane ride away from contracting this crippling illness.

    According to Rotary International President, John Germ, “As members of Rotary, we are out to change as many lives as we can, for the better.  Not alone.  Not as individuals. But together-as a team-through Rotary Serving Humanity.”

    District Governor, Marge Barker 2016-07-20 04:00:00Z 0
    We will NOT be meeting at our regular time this week, but rather a Joint Meeting with the Saco Bay & Saco Bay Sunset Clubs will be held with the District Governor Marge at the Dungrass 6 to 8PM Wednesday July 20.
    Meeting Reminder for July 20, 2016 2016-07-20 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted on Jul 20, 2016
    Speaker Mark W. Eves is serving his second term as Speaker of the Maine House and his fourth term in the Maine House of Representatives, representing the towns of North Berwick and South Berwick.  He lives in North Berwick with his wife, Laura, their three young children, two goats, two pigs, and a coop full of chickens.

    As Speaker of the House, he is responsible for presiding over all of the actions of the House of Representatives.

    Under Speaker Eves’ leadership, the Legislature passed a bipartisan middle class tax cut, boosted property tax relief for all Maine families, and strengthened investment in Maine children and workers.

    In his professional life, Speaker Eves is a trained marriage and family therapist.  He has 15 years of experience working in the field of behavioral health and family therapy, as both a clinician and administrator for statewide community health organizations like Sweetser, Odyssey House, and Woodfords Family Services.

    Speaker Eves has counseled and helped develop school and community-based programs to help children, adults, and seniors struggling with mental illness and deep poverty.  He also ran his own clinical private practice.These experiences have guided his policy focus in the Legislature.

    Speaker Eves earned a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Louisville. He is the youngest of seven children. His father was a pastor in the U.S. Military and his mother was a school teacher.

    He is a very proud father, son and husband.




    House Speaker Mark Eves 2016-07-20 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Bill Kany on Jul 14, 2016
    Former President's Message
    Rotary Tack – July 20, 2016
                Sergeants at Arms.  Okay, let’s do the math.  The annual, that’s for the whole year with roughly 50 meetings, budget for the Sergeants at Arms (I swear Sergeant should be spelled Sargeant but it’s not) is $1,800.00.  That comes out to $36.00 per meeting.  In two meetings our new and clearly enthusiastic Sergeants have raised $149.00 or $74.50 per meeting for an annual haul of $3,725.00.  Now I was thoroughly and repeatedly criticized for budgeting $2,400.00 for my Sergeants at Arms or $48.00 per week which this group will raise by week 32. 
                One must appreciate their exuberance and creativity along with their drive to over-achieve, but we are condoning is taxation without representation.  My advice is simple:
    1. Budget $20.00 per week for the rest of the year and hope it is enough. 
    2. Don’t sit at the table with the star until they start saying if you are not sitting at a table with a star pay a dollar and then beat them over the heads with the stars.
    3. Ask for your inheritance early.
    4. Go to the bathroom when they are up there.
    5. Start buying scratch lottery tickets like it’s your job.
    The good news is that at the rate they are going they could stop fining us just before Christmas and they will have done their jobs.    
                            No lazy days of summer for this club.  We have a bunch of activities coming up.
    Next week we have no regular noontime meeting and instead will meet at Dunegrass from 6:00 to 8:00 in the evening in a combined meeting with Saco Bay and Saco Bay Sunset to greet our new District Governor, Marge.  Please make every effort to be there if you can.
                On July 31, the club needs volunteers to run the lobster bake we donated to the Rotary Auction so the Saco Bay could get half the money without doing any of the work (sounds kind of like the auction itself).  If you can help out with the cooking, serving and clean up please let Joe Moreshead know.
                On August 20 (that’s a Saturday) Lucie is inviting the club members and their families to her house at Hills Beach (actually on the “Gut” leading to the “Pool”) for a fellowship event.  Mark your calendars, and there will be more details to come.  Sounds like a fun time at a beautiful setting and a great chance to trash Lucie’s yard.
                On September 10 we will be hosting the second annual Rotary Beer Festival under the leadership of Ken Farley.  Last year’s event was a blast and now we semi know what we are doing so this year should be even better.  Again, mark your calendars, call your friends and make every effort to be there.  Sue Gajewski will need a ride home!
                Finally, as the days of summer wind down we will participate in the Alzheimer’s Walk and fundraiser again down in York on September 17.  Last year was a lot of fun, and we raised some good money for a great cause.  Please plan on joining the walk this year, if you can.
                Remember, just say yes, don’t say no, yes, ma’am can I have another, etc. are our mantras for the year, and if you forget you will be fined.
    Respectfully submitted by your lowly scribe, Bill.
    Musings from Former President Bill 7/14/2016 Bill Kany 2016-07-14 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Lucie Kay on Jul 13, 2016
    Yearly Committees
    Committee: Board of Directors
    Chair: Lucie Kay
    Members: Elaine Palmitessa, Peggy Bean, Susan Gajewski, Andy Greif, Bernice Wood, Bill Kany, Fausto Pifferrer, Jackson Brown, Jim Godbout, Joe Moreshead, Laurie Jo Ready, Matt Simmons
    Committee: Sergeant-at-Arms
    Members: Fausto Pifferrer, Matt Simmons, Sarah Curley
    Committee: $100 Raffle
    Chair: Karen Chasse, Sabine McElrath
    Members: "Earl The Pearl" Goodwin, Joe Moreshead, Josh Fearon, Matt Simmons, Naomme Paris
    Committee: Finance Committee (Ad Hoc)
    Members: Ken Farley, Dana Lane, Laurie Jo Ready, Randy Forcier
    Committee: Strategic Planning (Ad Hoc)
    Members: Andy Greif, Bill Kany, Jackson Brown, Ken Farley, Lucie Kay
    Committee: Adopt a Family & Christmas Party
    Chair: Julie Villemaire, Heather Gendron
    Members: Laurie Jo Ready, Bernice Wood, Delilah Poupore, Heather MacLean, Paulette Bonneau
    Committee: Alzheimer's Walk
    Members: Jackson Brown, Pierre Giroux, Susan Gajewski
    Committee: Auction
    Chair: Bernice Wood
    Members: Bill Kany, Conrad Welzel, Jackson Brown, Julie Villemaire, Karen Chasse, Ken Farley, Laurie Jo Ready, Lucie Kay, Susan Gajewski
    Committee: Awards
    Chair: Bill Kany
    Members: Joe Moreshead, Keith Jacques, Rollie Eon
    Committee: Beer Festival (Sept 10th)
    Chair: Ken Farley, Susan Gajewski
    Members: Justyna Cybowicz, Heather MacLean, Mark Nahorney, Paulette Bonneau
    Committee: Polio Plus Bingo
    Chair: Julie Villemaire, Pierre Giroux
    Members: "Earl The Pearl" Goodwin, Ray Demers, Rob Moody
    Committee: Community Service Projects
    Chair: Rob Moody, James McAllister, Sabine McElrath
    Members: Bill Kany, Bruce Ruben, Carl Goodwin, Jim Godbout, Keith Jacques, Matt Early, Sarah Curley
    Committee: Fellowship
    Chair: Susan Gajewski, Fausto Pifferrer
    Members: Andy Greif, Conrad Welzel, Craig Pendleton, Elaine Palmitessa, Matt Early, Matt Simmons, Steve Morin
    Committee: Foundation
    Chair: Matt Simmons, Brian Dallaire
    Members: Bill Kany, Denis Elie, Leon Tranchemontagne, Paul Deschambault, Rob Moody, Steve Morin
    Committee: International Youth Exchange
    Chair: Roland Gagne
    Members: Jackson Brown, Susan Gajewski
    Committee: Invocation
    Chair: Joe Bassett
    Members: Jim Audiffred
    Committee: Marketing
    Chair: Karen Chasse
    Members: Brian Dallaire, Chris Indorf, Craig Pendleton, Elaine Palmitessa, Mark Nahorney, Sarah Curley
    Committee: Membership
    Chair: Heather Gendron, Bernice Wood
    Members: Bill Kany, Craig Pendleton, Joe Moreshead
    Committee: Stuff-The-Bus
    Chair: Bernice Wood, Sabine McElrath
    Members: Craig Pendleton, Delilah Poupore, Fausto Pifferrer, Lucie Kay, Randy Forcier, Steve Morin
    Committee: Past Presidents Day
    Chair: Keith Jacques
    Members: Bill Kany, Frank Gooding, Ken Farley, Mark Tuller, Rollie Eon
    Committee: Past Presidents Scholarship Investment
    Chair: Denis Elie, Mark Tuller
    Members: Randy Forcier, Matt Simmons
    Committee: Programs
    Chair: Bill Kany
    Members: Brian Dallaire, Andy Greif, Chris Indorf, CJ Dubois-Cote, Heather Gendron, Jeremy Ray, Joe Moreshead, Josh Ellis, Keith Jacques, Lucie Kay, Matt Early, Susan Gajewski
    Committee: Red Ribbon Committee
    Chair: Jim Godbout, Andy Greif
    Members: Bernice Wood, Bill Kany, Conrad Welzel, Donald Pilon
    Committee: Roster/Website
    Chair: Brian Dallaire
    Members: Elaine Palmitessa, Naomme Paris
    Committee: Rotaract Club
    Chair: Donald Pilon
    Members: Fausto Pifferrer, Mark Nahorney
    Committee: Scholarship
    Chair: Denis Elie
    Members: Bruce Ruben, Dana Lane, Heather Gendron, Paulette Bonneau, Sarah Neault
    Committee: Tack
    Chair: Julie Villemaire
    Members: Brian Dallaire, Chris Indorf, Conrad Welzel, Delilah Poupore, Donald Pilon, Heather Gendron, Justyna Cybowicz, Naomme Paris, Paulette Bonneau, Sabine McElrath, Sarah Curley, Susan Gajewski
    Committee: Vocational
    Chair: Jim Godbout, Carl Goodwin
    Members: Chris Indorf, Denis Elie, James McAllister, Jeremy Ray, Paulette Bonneau, Ray Demers, Steve Morin
    Committee: Wine Tasting
    Chair: Steve Morin, Conrad Welzel
    Members: Chris Indorf, CJ Dubois-Cote, Heather Gendron, Heather MacLean, Ken Farley, Mark Nahorney, Paulette Bonneau, Randy Forcier
    Committee: World Community Service
    Chair: Rob Moody, Roland Gagne
    Members: Jeremy Ray, Jim Audiffred, Joe Bassett
    President Lucie Announces Committee Assignments Lucie Kay 2016-07-13 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Bill Kany on Jul 08, 2016
        Remembering Leon Tranchemontagne:
     As you all know, we lost Leon Last week.  Leon joined the club around the same time that I did and he was sponsored by Past President and Civic Leader J. Richard Martin.  Being sponsored by Dick alone is indicative of your strong character and Leon was a character.  To be honest, we do not lose many current Rotarians to death so when it happens it is kind of tough.  Remembering Leon helps.

        Leon was an incredibly quick-witted wise cracking individual, so yes, I loved his sense of humor.  The side comments from Leon were priceless and while he frequently muttered them, so not all could hear, they were many times repeated because they were worth repeating.
        Leon loved his convertible and always gave a happy dollar when he was able to put that top down for the first time in the spring.  Leon was extremely proud of his family and especially his youngest daughter who he mentioned all the time.

        Leon experienced some tough times in his life, losing a daughter and surviving a liver transplant, but through his long liver transplant ordeal he kept his sense of humor and he paid the donation of the liver to him forward by speaking to many Rotary Clubs and other organizations about the virtues of being an organ donor.  I do remember him talking to our club about organ donation.  He spoke eloquently with the appropriate mix of humor and dramatic flair all of which was clearly from the heart, or in Leon’s case from the liver.  He could not get through his talk without a tear or two of his own and many from us in the room.  He was a great advocate for organ donation and I am certain his efforts truly had a significant impact on others.

        Leon was not without his flaws.  After all, one of his chief running buddies was James Audiffred with whom he cooked many a meal at the local food kitchens and the Ronald McDonald house.  Leon’s saving grace was that he gave James crap all the time.

        Leon was a Paul Harris Award recipient, a past Sergeant at Arms and a member of our club who will be missed.  I only hope that the top is down now and Leon is driving down the road in a brand new Jag.
        President Lucie:  
    If you have gone to the website, Lucie’s entire speech is there.  Of course I have a few comments.  First, Lucie acknowledges that I pay taxes and she does not pay taxes.  Now, I have given her crap about the credit union not paying taxes, but she apparently feels that, as a credit union employee, she is also exempt from taxation.  As a result of this admission I am seeking a reward from both the IRS and the Maine Department of Revenue for her failure to pay her share and I suspect that Jackson’s presidency may have to start a little early.

    Lucie started out by saying that “change is good for an organization” and then proceeded to explain why she and I are similar so no changes should be expected.  Ergo, if you follow that logic, change is good but there will be no change and therefore this year should suck.  While I am sure that will not be the case, I am certain that this year will be anything but logical.
    Lucie’s catch phrase is “Just Say Yes” which I believe I had on a t-shirt in college and it did not work for me.  I checked with Doug Kay and he assured me that Lucie does not follow her own philosophy at home even on a harvest moon.  But, I am sure that yet again our members will step up and say yes time and time again for two reasons.  First, it is the right thing to do and second, to get Lucie off your back.  Let’s face it, the best fundraiser all year will inevitably be the “whine-tasting” event based on the amount of whine we have endured already.
    There is no doubt that we will have another great year (especially if Lucie is indicted for her admitted failure to pay taxes).  She has a busy slate already with fellowship and fundraisers scheduled.  So, just say yes (God I wish that expression really would work), and we will have a fun year despite our diabolical new Sergeants at Arms who appear so unassuming but will cause at least one personal bankruptcy before the year is over.  
    Your Scribe Bill who continues to be a regular contributor to the Saco Sewer System.

    Musings from Former President Bill 7/8/2016 Bill Kany 2016-07-08 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Lucie Kay on Jul 06, 2016
    We often hear that change is good for any organization and sometimes welcomed. Fortunately, Bill and I are a lot alike so this coming year shouldn't change too much if you’ve enjoyed this past year. To ease your mind, I thought I would state some of the obvious similarities and things to expect during this coming year:
    Bill works for THE BANK so he
    • pays taxes
    • charges you fees
    • will give you a loan if you’re a star with an A credit rating right after he makes you jump through hoops
    • has all kinds of time on his hands to write lovely Tack messages AND
    • never takes vacation unless forced because work is just like vacation.
    I work for THE CREDIT UNION so I
    • don’t pay taxes
    • don’t charge you fees
    • give you a loan immediately, even if you’re credit score is less than perfect.
    • so busy helping the “members” that I don’t have time to write clever TACK messages AND
    • I take vacation every chance I can because work is work.
    Now, that I have identified the similarities between our jobs, I will point out some in our personal lives:
    • Bill has three kids - two boys and one girl.  I have three kids – two girls and one husband.
    • Bill grew up in Saco and loves Thornton Academy.  I grew up in Biddeford and love the Biddeford Schools.
    • Bill speaks fluent English.  I speak fluent French.
    • Bill invests less than $20 to maintain his grey-haired look. I invest well over $20 every 2 weeks to maintain this Lucille Ball image.
    • Bill struggles with delegating so he spent the entire day at each project we did this past year.  I love to delegate so I promise you will see me at the projects but I trust in all of you that I do not need to be present all day. 
    • Bill has a way with words and somehow makes insults sound humorous.  I am not a wordsmith so will most likely just insult you. 
    • Bill doesn’t have a worry in the world, except BINGO which is very stressful to him.  I worry about everything in the world except BINGO. 
    • Bill is afraid of his wife.  Doug is afraid of me.  AND
    • Bill is a lawyer.  Thankfully, I am not. 
    See, we are extremely similar so I don’t expect you to see any drastic changes in the year to come.  Aren’t you thankful? 
    In all seriousness, I would be lying if I didn’t admit I am extremely nervous about being President.  I know I am not the first Rotarian to feel this way, and enough of you have told me, “The Club runs itself” but it is everyone coming together to pitch in that makes this club successful.  I am going to ask you to please support me in this effort through a new motto and hopefully my legacy – JUST SAY YES! 
    • If I come to you and ask for your help, JUST SAY YES, even if it is out of your comfort zone. 
    • If a fellow Rotarian is planning a service project and needs our help, JUST SAY YES, even if it is the third Saturday in a row. 
    • If you are asked to help the Interact students with their ventures, JUST SAY YES, because it is our responsibility to mentor those future Rotarians. AND
    • If you are asked to sell another ticket or solicit another auction item, JUST SAY YES, because it is those fundraising dollars that allow us to change this community.
    Now, let’s practice – Repeat after me – Just say yes.  Great job!
    Each year the Foundations asks each President to think about what they would like to accomplish and set goals. I plan to keep our fundraisers the same and I may add some other fellowship or community service projects but overall, I know whatever goals I set we will exceed because that is just how amazing this Club is.  We have a superb group of Rotarians in this Club who care about our community and world at-large, helping each other and like to have fun doing it. 
    Therefore, the goal I have set is simple – I challenge each of you to find your “spark,” as Andy would say.  What are your interests?  What do you want to spend your time doing that could improve our community?  Maybe it’s in your current skill set or maybe you want to try something totally different.  What committee do you want to be on?  I urge you to take the opportunity, take the leap, and get involved.  Don’t let Rotary be just a weekly meeting with friends to further your business goals.  Let Rotary be a conduit for service and I guarantee it will have an incredible impact on your life.  I want to ensure everyone is invested and involved because that is when the true connection with Rotary occurs.  I guarantee it will be time well spent and you will not have any regrets.
    I am confident with your support, and a JUST SAY YES attitude, we can achieve our goals. 
    Thank you.
    President Lucie's Inagural Lucie Kay 2016-07-06 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Julie Villemaire on Jul 06, 2016
    The 4th WOMAN to become our club’s President, Lucie Kay, promptly started the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. She announced that we would be sticking to singing a patriotic song once a month but it would be at the end of the month instead of the beginning.  Pierre took a stab at leading the group with the 4 Way Test and Paul Deschambault provided the invocation.  A moment of silence was held for one of our beloved Rotarian, Leon Tranchemontagne, who recently passed away, as the club Charter was draped in a black cloth.   Rotarians wishing to pay their respects were asked to meet at 5:15 p.m. at Cote’s Funeral Parlor in Saco (07/08) so we could enter together. The church service was held on Saturday, 07/09, at St. Brendan’s Church in Biddeford Pool
    President-Elect Jackson Brown took center stage as he introduced visiting guests and Rotarians.  There were no visiting Rotarians, however, Susan Gajewski brought her husband Chuck, Heather McLean brought her daughter Sabina (and put her to work at the front desk) and Dana Lane brought Kristin Lane (I know they are related but I missed the introductory meeting.)
    PE Jackson Brown was celebrating 11 years in Rotary!
    07/20/16, there will be a joint meeting with the Saco Bay Club and the Saco Bay Sunset Club at the Dune Grass from 6:00 p.m. – 800 p.m.  This joint meeting will take the place of our regular meeting that day.
    We will be welcoming our new District Governor, Marge Barker.  Brian Dallaire will set up an “event” with Club Runner so watch for an email.  Susan Gajewski will need a head count to provide Dune Grass.
    08/07/16 (Sunday, 3:00 p.m.) is the Lobster Bake (spearheaded by Joe Moreshead) that is put on by our Rotary club.  It was one of the auction items that brought in big bucks!  Joe is looking for volunteers to help with the event.  It will be held on Amherst Street in Biddeford.  Please contact Joe if you are able to lend a hand or two. Post meeting the date has changed to July 31.
    08/20/16, Fellowship Event at the Kays at Hills Beach!  Members are invited to arrive between 2-3:00 p.m.
    Pot Luck! Fire!  Boat Ride! Amazing Sun Set!  Lots of Fun!  More information to come….
    50/50 Raffle of $26 was won by Heather Gendron who graciously donated her winnings to the Red Ribbon Committee fund.
    Susan Gajewski added a few other dates for Rotarians to plug into their calendars:
    09/10/16 Beer Fest
    09/17/16 Altzheimers Walk
    12/18/16 Christmas Fellowship at Faustos!
    The new Sargents At-Arm this Rotary year are Fausto, Matt Simmons and Sara Curley!!  They jumped in full force and collected an astounding $88 on their first time.  President Lucie neglected to let them know they didn’t have to meet the budget at the first meeting.
    Happy Dollars were received from the following Rotarians:

    Jim Audiffred for having Leon as a friend; Conrad Welzel for having a great 4th of July; “Former”  President Bill Kany for getting to sit in the audience; Past President Ken Farley’s daughter got her driver’s permit; Past Woman President #2 Julie Villemaire wished Current Woman President Lucie Kay the best of luck this year; Delilah Poupore was happy to have a gig on Main Street; Brian Dallaire for having Debbie home; Dana Lane for Kristin Lane completing an application to become a member of our club; Fausto gave $30 for Rubin’s AA accomplishment.  
    That was enough happiness for these newbie SAA’s-it was onto the fines.
     A word of advice for anyone who wasn’t at today’s meeting – bring you wallets!  Joe Moreshead was fined for being the last one in; any Rotarian who had a “star” at their “VIP” table had to pay up- I’m not quite sure if ALL the tables may have had a star-hmmm; all of the prior SAA’s who were in attendance had to pay for setting the bar so high; VP Bernice Wood, Susan Gajewski, and Former President Bill Kany had to pay up for looking like they were going to push Current President Lucie off the bench in a photo op at the Changeover Dinner; President-Elect Jackson was congratulated on his 11 years but fined for stealing their thunder; Past woman President #3, Karen Chasse was fined for bringing back 80’s pictures; Pierre Gioroux was fined for forgetting to invite guests to join us in the 4 Way Test of the things we think, say OR do; Past President Denis Elie was nailed for his FaceBook being hacked again;  The SAA’s didn’t want Former President Bill Kany to feel left out so he was fined “just because” and also for making everyone cry at last week’s meeting; Past President Ken Farley was fined for his FaceBook profile;  Heather MacLean was fined for forgetting to list her daughter as a guest;  Vice President Bernice Wood was fined for posting all of the award recipients on FaceBook EXCEPT for Fausto.  They imposed the final fine of the day for Current Woman President, Lucie Kay, for her picture in the paper & also her larger than life picture on the movie screen.  Susan Gajewski was fined for knowing the names of 31 martinis; Brian Dallaire was fined for his Noah’s Ark post on FaceBook; Joe Moreshead was hit up for double parking at the board meeting – Fausto brought the proof!  Everyone who didn’t know the name of our current president also had to cough up a buck.
    Week in Review 7/6/2016 Julie Villemaire 2016-07-06 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Lucie Kay on Jul 06, 2016
    We often hear that change is good for any organization and sometimes welcomed. Fortunately, Bill and I are a lot alike so this coming year shouldn't change too much if you’ve enjoyed this past year. To ease your mind, I thought I would state some of the obvious similarities and things to expect during this coming year:
    Bill works for THE BANK so he 
    •    pays taxes
    •    charges you fees 
    •    will give you a loan if you’re a star with an A credit rating right after he makes you jump through hoops
    •    has all kinds of time on his hands to write lovely Tack messages AND
    •    never takes vacation unless forced because work is just like vacation.
    I work for THE CREDIT UNION so I 
    •    don’t pay taxes
    •    don’t charge you fees
    •    give you a loan immediately, even if you’re credit score is less than perfect.
    •    so busy helping the “members” that I don’t have time to write clever TACK messages AND
    •    I take vacation every chance I can because work is work.
    Now, that I have identified the similarities between our jobs, I will point out some in our personal lives:
    •    Bill has three kids - two boys and one girl.  I have three kids – two girls and one husband.
    •    Bill grew up in Saco and loves Thornton Academy.  I grew up in Biddeford and love the Biddeford Schools.
    •    Bill speaks fluent English.  I speak fluent French.
    •    Bill invests less than $20 to maintain his grey-haired look. I invest well over $20 every 2 weeks to maintain this Lucille Ball image.
    •    Bill struggles with delegating so he spent the entire day at each project we did this past year.  I love to delegate so I promise you will see me at the projects but I trust in all of you that I do not need to be present all day.  
    •    Bill has a way with words and somehow makes insults sound humorous.  I am not a wordsmith so will most likely just insult you.  
    •    Bill doesn’t have a worry in the world, except BINGO which is very stressful to him.  I worry about everything in the world except BINGO.  
    •    Bill is afraid of his wife.  Doug is afraid of me.  AND
    •    Bill is a lawyer.  Thankfully, I am not.  
    See, we are extremely similar so I don’t expect you to see any drastic changes in the year to come.  Aren’t you thankful?  
    In all seriousness, I would be lying if I didn’t admit I am extremely nervous about being President.  I know I am not the first Rotarian to feel this way, and enough of you have told me, “The Club runs itself” but it is everyone coming together to pitch in that makes this club successful.  I am going to ask you to please support me in this effort through a new motto and hopefully my legacy – JUST SAY YES!  

    •    If I come to you and ask for your help, JUST SAY YES, even if it is out of your comfort zone.  
    •    If a fellow Rotarian is planning a service project and needs our help, JUST SAY YES, even if it is the third Saturday in a row.  
    •    If you are asked to help the Interact students with their ventures, JUST SAY YES, because it is our responsibility to mentor those future Rotarians. AND 
    •    If you are asked to sell another ticket or solicit another auction item, JUST SAY YES, because it is those fundraising dollars that allow us to change this community.
    Now, let’s practice – Repeat after me – Just say yes.  Great job!
    Each year the Foundations asks each President to think about what they would like to accomplish and set goals. I plan to keep our fundraisers the same and I may add some other fellowship or community service projects but overall, I know whatever goals I set we will exceed because that is just how amazing this Club is.  We have a superb group of Rotarians in this Club who care about our community and world at-large, helping each other and like to have fun doing it.  
    Therefore, the goal I have set is simple – I challenge each of you to find your “spark,” as Andy would say.  What are your interests?  What do you want to spend your time doing that could improve our community?  Maybe it’s in your current skill set or maybe you want to try something totally different.  What committee do you want to be on?  I urge you to take the opportunity, take the leap, and get involved.  Don’t let Rotary be just a weekly meeting with friends to further your business goals.  Let Rotary be a conduit for service and I guarantee it will have an incredible impact on your life.  I want to ensure everyone is invested and involved because that is when the true connection with Rotary occurs.  I guarantee it will be time well spent and you will not have any regrets.
    I am confident with your support, and a JUST SAY YES attitude, we can achieve our goals.  
    Thank you.
    President Lucie's Inaugural Lucie Kay 2016-07-06 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Bill Kany on Jul 06, 2016
        All right let’s start with the title of this weekly report.  I don’t like the term “Past President”.  It implies that the prior President is no longer with us.  I will use the term “former”, like the artist formerly known as Prince.  Okay, bad example but you get the idea.  I have been tasked with continuing to let you know what Lucie wants you to know so once she tells me what she wants you to know I will pass it along.
        Unlike my year, let’s be gentle with Lucie for now.  She’s on her honeymoon and it’s her first time. My ass it’s her first time.  Hell, we just had a full moon (sorry inside joke, ask Lucie to explain it.  I am sure that she will).  We really have to keep in mind that English is Lucie’s second language.  So when she says hi my name is Lucie, in her head she just said: Bon jour, je m’appelle Lucie.  And really she is thinking, what the hell am I doing up at this podium and why do I feel like I have to go to the bathroom?  Don’t worry Lucie, yes, you will forget the words to the Pledge of Allegiance, the skinny hostess will kick you out of the second room before the meeting gets started and Jackson won’t always be around to introduce visiting Rotarians and guests, but you’ll be fine.
        We will have our first Board meeting on July 6th at P&C Insurance which will help Lucie get her feet wet.  We will discuss our new budget along with what we will continue to spend money on and what we will change.  All are invited, the Board meeting starts at 7:45 AM.  It should be a spirited discussion and I am sure that Lucie will let you know everything we talk about.
        I believe these will be some of Lucie’s considerations for the year.
    1.    Bring back the fruit sale, but build small lemonade style stands and sell the fruit on the street.
    2.    Combine the beer and wine events so that everyone in both cities can get nice and drunk for one set price.
    3.    Abandon the Rotary house project and build ice shanties for sale instead.
    4.    New member hazing will be brought back with a vengeance including requiring them to walk up and down Main Street wearing a sandwich board with the 4 way test on it.
    5.    Each member of the club will be spontaneously called on to be Sergeant At Arms.
    6.    Singing will be brought back at every meeting and the Star Spangled Banner will be the required song along with Oh Canada.
    I am sure that Lucie will have other surprises for us as well.  The bottom line is please support her like you helped me and we will have another great and fun year in Rotary.  I have no doubt that Lucie will be a great president of our fantastic club so please do all that you can to continue to make our club the best club in the district.
    Thanks from your former President, Bill

    Former President's Message Bill Kany 2016-07-06 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Jim Audiffred on Jul 03, 2016

    It is with sorrow that James would you like everyone in the club to know that Leon Tranchemontagne passed away on Sunday. 

    Tentatively calling hours will be Friday at Cote Funeral Home in Saco and the funeral will be on Saturday. Rotarian will pay their respects @5:15.

    Leon P. Tranchemontagne, 76
    BIDDEFORD - Leon P. Tranchemontagne, 76, of Bidde- ford, passed away Sunday morning on July 3, 2016, at Gosnell Mem- orial Hospice House in Scar- borough. He was born in Lowell, Mass., on May 16, 1940, the son of George and Beatrice (Chiasson) Tranchemontagne. Leon graduated from St. Ignatius High School in Sanford, and from New Hampshire College, Class of 1966, currently known as Southern New Hampshire University.
    After college, Leon was in personnel for over 20 years at Johnson and Johnson, Dorr Woolen, Sunbeam and ITT. Before retiring, he was in real estate for 15 years and owner of Fine Homes. Leon was an automobile enthusiast. One of his greatest joys in life was taking his classic sports car for drives along the coast.
    On March 30, 2003, Leon was given the gift of life through an organ transplant. After this gift, he wanted to give back by spreading awareness of organ donation throughout New England, with presentations through the Rotary Club and other organizations.
    He was a devoted member of the Biddeford Saco Rotary Club for over 20 years. He was a recipient of the Paul Harris Award.
    Family was most important to Leon. For the last 40 years, their yearly family reunions have been a way for the family to get together and were always the highlight of his year.
    He was predeceased by two brothers, Jean and Paul; and by two sisters, Lea Cote and Irene Itabashi.
    He is survived by his wife of 42 years, Cheryl (Brennan) Tranchemontagne; three children, Lea Tranchemontagne, Karen Jack and her husband Tony, and Peter Tranchemontagne; seven grandchildren, Kaelin, Blaine, Christopher, Brandon, Jordan, Victoria, and Steffon; great-grandchildren; one brother, George; and several nieces and nephews.
    Visitation will be from 4-7 p.m. on Friday, July 8, 2016, at Cote Funeral Home, 87 James St., Saco. A Funeral Mass will be held at 10 a.m. on Saturday, July 9, 2016, at St. Brendan's Church in Biddeford Pool. Burial will be at a later date. To view Leon's memorial page or leave an online condolence, please visit: 

    Those planning an expression of sympathy are asked to consider donations to
    Hospice of Southern Maine
    180 U.S. Route 1, #1
    Scarborough, ME 04074

    - See more at:



    Rotarian Leon Tranchemontagne Jim Audiffred 2016-07-03 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Susan Gajewski on Jun 29, 2016
    Bill K. led us in his final presidential Pledge of Allegiance then asked Andy G. to lead us in the 4 Way Test. James A. shared a short and to the point Invocation for Bill’s last meeting as President. 

    President Bill introduced President Elect Lucie to introduce visiting Rotarians and guests. Guests were Taryn W., Andrea M., Nathan C., Nicole C., Christine L., and Emily E. Visiting Rotarians were Assistant Governor Suzanne I., Assistant Governor Tony W.  and Ted T.

    Bill thanked Susan G. for hosting a group of Rotarians at her camp last night who were attending the Change Over event Tuesday night at Camp Hinds and thanked Bernice W. and Lucie K. for bringing the food and drinks. We all left by 10 pm even though the event went until 11:30 pm! Thanks also to Jackson B., Roland G., Karen C., Taryn W. and Doug K. for coming. Bernice was teased a little bit about her speedy driving…34 mph in a 45 but in her defense she said, “but I was talking!”

    Carl G. said the final check for the house would be forthcoming and the Rotary/COT house sold for $38,000.

    There were no Red Ribbon updates today.

    Dana Lane won the 50/50 of $34.

    For their last Sergeant at Arms happy dollar and fines extravaganza, Joe M., Karen C., and Keith J. were very prepared!

    Happy Dollars:  
    Heather M. is sad that they lost their car in an accident but happy that her husband is fine and “all his parts are working” – no one asked for details, Laurie Jo is celebrating her 20th anniversary, Mark T. brought a Rotary flag from Newport, VT near the Canadian border and was fined another dollar for having a good time, Joe B. had a 3 hour boat ride with all sorts of weather…and the Skipper and Gilligan, Sarah N. and her husband are expecting their 4th child in December - congratulations!, Jeremy R. is celebrating his 9th anniversary, Tony W. was happy to be at the Change Over last night, really? and happy with Bill’s successful year, Fausto was happy for six friends lending an ear of support, Paul D.’s wife Carol is retiring from UNUM on July 1st, Dana L. celebrated with family at Portland Headlight, Suzanne I. is just happy to be the new District Governor, Matt S. is on vacation for the next 10 days, Bill gave lots of happy dollars - $2 from Rollie so he could eat at ROTM and $5 to be “out of here”.

    Dana L. 10% for his 50/50 win and $1 for nepotism, Bill for prescription…not too much info about this fine?, Bill for mowing his son’s lawn and not his Dad’s lawn, Karen gave Bill two new SMHC hats since his were so dirty, Heather G. for her belated birthday, Bill since he and Ray D. were “caught”, Bernice  for the wrong voicemail message last week, Lucie for her “full moon “ story at camp last night…don’t ask, Jackson for giving Keith the scoop on the full moon story and not Karen, Matt for not helping Bill carry in all his boxes this week, Matt and James A. were both fined for being so enthusiastic about Bill’s last meeting as president…how rude!, Matt, Sarah and Fausto for “the secret”, Bernice for Lucie’s gavel, Dennis for bringing his daughter to the meeting, Roland for sitting by himself out by the lake last night AND for leaving the Change Over before anyone else, Andy for his fancy fanny pack (do they still sell fanny packs?) and for messing up the 4 Way Test with “and” not “or”, Brian for not shaving but Bill can’t really tell the difference, Joe for being disrespectful to all his Sergeant at Arms today, Josh F. for coming to the meeting and another dollar fine for bringing a guest and finally any Rotarian that has not been fined during Bill’s presidency should cough up a dollar now!

    Keith gave Bill an extra-large poster of his high school graduation picture, temporary glasses and all! Bill said he never realized how many times that photo would come back to haunt him!

    James A. made fudge and passed it around…it was super yummy!

    Bill had a few more awards to give out this week:

    Fausto P. received the Paul Harris Award AND the Service Above Self award for club participation, for donating food for our events, and for donating money back to the club after events. Congratulations Fausto. You are a great Rotarian.

    Andy G. was given the Private Sector Award for making our community better. Bill thanked Andy for all his guidance this year too. Congratulations Andy. We will miss you next year.
    Laurie Jo received a Service Above Self Award for the countess hours she puts in as Treasurer. She inherited a mess and has fixed everything. Congratulations and thank you for all you do Laurie Jo.

    Bill said that his year ‘flew by’ and he read a passage from “Boys In The Boat” about teamwork and the USA rowing team that won gold in Berlin in 1936. He assured Lucie, Jackson and Bernice that they would not be rowing the boat alone because we all work so well as a team. Bill also thanked all of us for being his TEAM for the past year. Thank you Bill for your leadership, your humor and never missing a meeting! Perfect attendance as President, just like Roland! With a few teary eyes in the crowd, Bill introduced the new Biddeford Saco Rotary President, Lucie Kay.

    Lucie was placed in a chair with the banana hat and Bill proceeded tell us all a bit about our next President:
    •    Lucie had to troll the nursing homes looking for a husband,
    •    Lucie has two beautiful daughters,
    •    Lucie is the only person who would ever complain about having to move to a beautiful home in Hills Beach,
    •    Lucie has tons of vacation time every year,
    •    Lucie will be explaining for the next year how her pants ended up in the back of Bill’s car,
    •    Lucie sews Talbots tags in her Gap pants,
    •    Lucie will be completely gray in one year,
    •    Lucie can relate very well to our Rotary Club since we don’t pay taxes either,
    •    Lucie has English as a second language and has repeatedly called Bill names in French!

    We all found these factoids quiet humorous! Lucie was given her gavel with the correct year but the wrong name. Thank you Bernice!

    Karen brought a gift for Bill. It was an orange and black Biddeford Basketball chair…which was just a joke because he really couldn’t keep it! Bill added that if TA ever goes to Class C, they will play Biddeford again to which Jeremy replied, “We’re Class B!”

    Lucie gave Bill his gavel with pin plaque which was correct. YAY! Nice job Bernice! Bill was also presented with a lovely Rotary lamp instead of the traditional Rotary chair for his year of exemplary service. 

    Thank you, Bill. You made Rotary meetings something to look forward to each week. Lucie has some big shoes to fill but we know she’ll be awesome. Welcome to the helm Lucie.

    Meeting adjourned.

    Week in Review 6/29/2016 Susan Gajewski 2016-06-29 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Sarah Neault on Jun 22, 2016
    President Kany led us in the Pledge of Allegiance; Joe M. led the 4-way test; and Jim A. led the invocation.
    Jim A. asked that we keep Leon and his wife, Cheryl in our thoughts and prayers.
    Keith J. informed the club that service on the California owner of the Rotary house hasn't been completed and that process is underway.
    Jim G. noted that the Red Ribbon Committee is working with Jeremy R., Superintendent of the Biddeford Public Schools, to implement new drug prevention and awareness programs this Fall.
    The fundraising committee is meeting on Monday, June 27 at 5:15 p.m. at Keith J. law offices on Main St., in Biddeford.
    Next Tuesday, June 28th is the changeover event where Lucie K. will be recognized as our club President for the 2016-2017 Rotary year by the District.  They will be meeting at Sue G.'s house for dinner and will travel to Camp Pine for the event to begin at 7:00 p.m.
    Visiting Guests and Rotarians:
    Sharon Snell is visiting from the Bideford, England club. Welcome!
    We had 5 guests: Linda Roth, Rene Menard, Joyce Haley, Nicole Carroll, and Mayor Alan Casavant. 
    Today's raffle winner is Mark Mahoney and the pot is $34.00.
    Happy Dollars
    Keith J. was happy!
    Julie was happy to report that she is going to be a grandmother again! Congratulations.
    Joe M. was happy!
    CJ was happy that her daughter picked a venue in Bar Harbor and a wedding date of June 17, 2017!  Yeah!
    Ken Farley was happy too!
    Mark M. for not donating his raffle winnings to the SOA.
    Jim A. for giving bad advice to the seniors during the scholarship interview process.
    Matt S. for his lack of respect for President Kany.
    Denis E. for being on vacation from substitute teaching.
    Joe M. for his pants.
    Brian D. for chiming in about Joe's pants.
    Denis E. for sending his copy of Rotarian magazine to the club's address.
    Lucie for messing up the announcements of visiting Rotarians and guests after 50 weeks practice.
    Mark M. for his retirement.
    Joyce Haley for her 20 year absence from the club.  Note Joyce was the first woman to join our club!  
    Bill K. for 1. not remembering who serves as SOAs; 2. $2.00 for forgetting Chris I. and Denis E.; 3. for making Matt S. carry in all the awards; 4. for the fact that Karen's daughter's grades were not reported correctly at TA; 5. for giving Keith wrong information.
    Everyone that did not attend the business after hours paid $1.00.
    All board members whose terms expire paid $1.00; and, 
    Lucie for nothing at all!
    Week in Review 6/22/2016 Sarah Neault 2016-06-22 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Bill Kany on Jun 22, 2016
    The following is my presentation of the awards last Wednesday, June 22.  I have not included the awards for the people who were not able to make the meeting.  Awards Day is our Club's opportunity to recognize the contributions people both in our Club and outside our Club have made to our community or the world.  As you know I have tried to make it a habit to thank Club Members all year for things they have done for the club or in the community.  The Awards Day really just takes the thanks to a much higher level.   If you think about it, the Biddeford Saco Rotary Club is over 95 years old. Members of our club have been the who’s who of community leaders and our club has done things like Rotary Park, the Ferry Road bike path, helped fund the Truslow Center, I can go on and on.  The bottom line is that receiving an award from our Club is high praise indeed and should be considered as such.
                We all know that we take the acts of kindness by others for granted every day.  We just assume that first responders are going to be there to help us until you see that video of the Boston Marathon bombings and you realize that the only people running toward the blast are wearing uniforms. Awards Day is our opportunity to break the bad habit of taking people for granted and say thank you to some who have gone above and beyond in helping others.
                Each year we give out four distinguished awards.  They include our Private Sector, Public Sector, Humanitarian and Vocational Service Awards. The Private Sector Award winner was not present on June 22 so I will skip that award.
    Public Sector Award
                The next award will be our Public Sector Award.  To remind you of the description:  The Public Sector Award is awarded to a citizen who, in the course of their employment or funding, serves the public with government and/or public monies. Recipients are usually employed by a government agency, hold a political office, or have their good works publicly funded in the course of their employment.
                We are living in a world today in which civility in the world of government has gone away.  Just look at our Presidential election and down to our recent state elections as examples of incredible mudslinging indicative of an error in which we simply cannot all get along.  One cannot be a true Democrat or Republican unless you are at one polar extreme or the other.  Gridlock now mars almost every level of government.
                This year’s Public Sector Award winner is someone who has always worked to bring civility and common sense to government no matter what level he has worked at.  Through extremely challenging meetings involving incredibly difficult and sensitive issues our recipient worked to keep his council above the fray.
                At the same time this individual saw a significant need in the community to address drug misuse and addiction and created a task force to begin to address those serious issues at a time when action was so critical.
                This individual has always acted with the best interests of the citizens of Biddeford in mind.  This year’s BS Rotary Public Sector Award winner is Mayor Alan Casavant.
    Humanitarian Award Winner
                Our Humanitarian Award is given to someone whose life has been defined by his or her good deeds.  The award is described as follows:   The Humanitarian Award is awarded to a citizen, private or public, who has done exceptional work to further the good of humanity in the community.
                This year's Humanitarian Award winner is an individual who has made it a habit to get involved. Every time I turn around I find out that this person has been involved in a project or a cause either quietly or at the head of the pack.
                Specifically, how many of us have been reading stories in the paper over the last two years about the ever increasing problem of drug addiction and drug overdose deaths.  How many of us watched 60 Minutes and said wow opiate addiction is out of control, that’s terrible, someone should do something about it.
                This individual heard the same stories and watched as people died all around him and said enough.  This person literally stood up and challenged this club to help him do something about the drug problem.  The person inspired and led the creation of our Red Ribbon Committee by refusing to accept anything less than action.
                By all of his actions this individual has made our communities and our club better and I have no doubt that he will not rest until his wife tells him to.  I am proud to give this year’s Humanitarian Award to Jim Godbout.
                Vocational Service Award
                The Biddeford Saco Rotary Club Vocational Service Award description is as follows:  The Vocational Service Award is awarded to a citizen, private or public, who has done exceptional work to promote vocational education and vocational programs.
                This award is given to individuals who have recognized the importance of promoting the trades and the need for a skilled workforce.  They have also been people who know that four years of college are not for everyone and we must strive to encourage the pursuit of the interests and strengths of all students.
                This year’s recipient is not just someone that recognized a need, this year’s recipient went out to the business community and asked what do you need?  What can we do to help area businesses?  What skills are you looking for?  This year’s recipient recognizes that not all young people want to or are capable of going on to 4 year colleges and that it is essential to meet the needs of all students and not just those heading to the Ivies.
                This year’s recipient is actually a cutting edge organization that has created the first in the country machinist education program for high school students who may want a career in manufacturing.  This organization has a commitment to helping students find their career path through the development of internships with local businesses which give students a chance to see if that business or profession is for them.
                This year’s Vocational Award winner is an often overlooked gem of an asset in our community which has truly demonstrated its commitment to vocational education.  The winner this year is Thornton Academy.
                                                    Paul Harris Awards
                We also have the privilege today of giving out Rotary’s Paul Harris Awards which award is arguably the highest honor bestowed by Rotary.  Named after one of Rotary’s founders, the Paul Harris Award signifies that the recipient has truly worked to promote the ideals of Rotary while helping our club be the best it can be..
                We are happy to give out three Paul Harris Awards this year.  I will give them out in no particular order. Because two of the winners were not at the meeting I will only mention the one Paul Harris Award that was given out.
                The next Paul Harris winner is another club member who came into the club and hit the ground running.  Everything that she does for the club she does well with an energy and a sense of pride.  She is incredibly conscientious in everything she does and seems to be at every event.  She has worked very hard to revitalize our Interact Club and I have no doubt that given some time and more support from our club, the Biddeford High School Interact Club will be one of the best in the district. I am proud to give the next Paul Harris Award to Sarah Neault.
    Goodwin Outstanding Service Award
    In 2007, our Club created the Goodwin Outstanding Service Award to recognize the contributions to our Club by Earl and Carl Goodwin.  Those two gentlemen have done so much for our Club and contributed so much to our communities that it only made sense to create an award in their honor.  This is really our Club's version of a lifetime achievement award centered around what a Club member has done for Rotary.  This is our 10th Annual Goodwin Outstanding Service Award bestowed.
                This year’s recipient is a past president who is and has been involved in so many efforts it is difficult to list them all.  This Rotarian really could be referred to as Father Christmas for all of his efforts to make Christmas a little better for the less fortunate, but I think his efforts to help the people of Lac Megantic which effort captivated and motivated the entire District really made him a Rotary MVP.
                This year’s Goodwin Outstanding Service Award winner is Paul Deschambault.
                I should note that Paul is on the Awards Committee and we purportedly voted to give the award to another member of the club but we had voted before he arrived to give it to him.  He had no idea.
    Service Above Self
                After the Goodwin Award, Rotarian of the Year and perhaps equal to Paul Harris Awards, it is my opinion that Service Above Self Awards are really the highest awards our club can award.  After all it is the underlying moto of Rotary and it is a phrase that really captures the essence of the recognition.  I will always remember seeing a Service Above Self Award hanging from my father’s wall of fame and another hanging in Alan Nelson’s office and thinking how cool would it be to get one of those.  So this year I did not give out any Presidential Awards.  All of my highest thank you’s are Service Above Self Awards.  I should note that I included an original haiku on each of the plagues.  As most of you probably know haikus are a form of poetry in a 5/7/5 meter.  They don’t rhyme and don’t involve the word Nantucket.  While I am not an accomplished poet, they are all unique and the sentiments are what count.  I will give these out in no particular order.  I did not include in the list those members of the club who were not at the meeting.
    Karen Chasse
    Ken Farley
    Sue Gajewski
    Joe Moreshead
    Julie Villemaire
    Lucie Kay
    Rotarian of the Year
                Our awards culminate in the President’s choice for the Rotarian who stood head and shoulders above the rest.  I could have printed this plague a long time ago.  This person does not take no for an answer, is constantly moving forward, is constantly thinking of others and is generous to a fault.  He has made of club and each of us better by responding to his challenge and following his example.  I will be ever indebted to him for all he has done in my year.
    The 2016 Rotarian of the Year is Jim Godbout.
    Annual Biddeford-Saco Rotary Awards Bill Kany 2016-06-22 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Bill Kany on Jun 20, 2016
     For those of you who did not make the meeting on the 15th, it was Past President’s Day.  We had it out on the patio at Run of the Mill.  It was a little hard to hear since there were restaurant patrons seated all around us who probably wondered why we were pledging allegiance to the flag and I sure they were a little puzzled by James Audiffred’s latest speech, I mean prayer. We didn’t have a great turn out of past Presidents, but we had a few veterans back.  We were all shocked when Dave Lowe declined to speak.  Ken Farley also started a new tradition of having the youngest Past President sit in a high chair for the meeting.
        I did want to remind everyone again that June 22nd is our annual awards day.  It is the opportunity for the club to acknowledge the outstanding contributions that people have made to our communities while also giving me a chance to acknowledge some club members for their outstanding work for the club.  Again, please make every effort to be there if you can.  I am also happy to announce that the Paul Harris awards came in so we will be able to give those out as well.  In all seriousness, our internal club awards are really important.  It is the club’s opportunity to thank members for their hard work.  Please try and be there, who knows you may get an award.
         On Thursday, June 16 we partnered with the Run of the Mill to host the Chamber Business after Hours. Despite logistics concerns related to La Kermesse we had a good turnout.  The Run of the Mill put on a great spread and I think we came away with a few member prospects.  It is certainly something I hope we continue to do.  
        Right now Lucie is trying to schedule a budget meeting for June 27 in the evening I think.  We are trying to nail down a location (perhaps here at Saco & Biddeford Savings Institution in Saco).  We will keep you informed at the exact date and time so if you would like to have input into Lucie’s budget this will be your chance.  
        If you have not heard, Lucie has been helping to take care of her father-in-law who was receiving hospice care at home.  Unfortunately, Dr. Kay passed away either Sunday night or Monday morning.  It was and is a tough time for Doug and Lucie so please give her your best.
        Otherwise, have a great week.
    Thanks Bill
    President Bill's Message 6/20/2016 Bill Kany 2016-06-20 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Karen Chasse on Jun 15, 2016
    President Bill Kany led us in the Pledge of Allegiance followed by the 4-way test led by an enthusiastic Brian Dallaire.  President Bill then asked SAA Joe Moreshead to come up and drape the charter, followed by a moment of silence, for Past President Dennis Petit.  The invocation was then led by Jim Audiffred in which he thanked all the Past Presidents and their wives (yes, I immediately wondered where my wife was to help me during my year).
    The 50/50 was won by President-Elect Lucie Kay who donated it to the Red Ribbon Fund.
    Get Well Soon! – Cards were circulated to wish Heather MacLean’s husband and Peggy Bean’s husband fast recoveries.  
    Thank You! – Bill thanked the following people this week: 
    •    All Past Presidents for building our incredible reputation in this District.
    •    The Entire club for their part in ensuring we received the District Governor’s Citation – not because we “taught to the test” but because we do amazing things that naturally meet the guidelines.
    •    Roland Gagne for his international project which was highlighted at the District Conference and noted as “the best global project the District has ever seen.”
    Dates to Know:
    •    Business After Hours: Tomorrow, June 16th at 5-7pm at Run of the Mill.  Parking will be complicated due to La Kermesse Block Party.  ROTM parking lot will be closed so please park up at the Train Station and ensure you are out of that lot by 8pm.  Two drink tickets for beer or wine will be provided, along with some nice door prizes.  
    •    Annual Awards: At our regular meeting on June 22, our club will honor community members and fellow Rotarians for going above and beyond.  This is a meeting you want to attend! 
    •    Changeover Dinner: Lucie’s changeover will occur on June 28th at Camp Hinds with a pre-party at Sue Gajewski’s camp.  Please let Lucie or Bill know if you would like to attend.
    Membership  – At the District Conference it was discussed that membership is dwindling and to help in that effort, they are being much more flexible around scheduling and membership rules.  They are now allowing Presidents the option to cancel more than two meetings per year; corporate/business memberships are now allowed in which several members may rotate each meeting; the attendance requirements are less strict; and they encourage more interaction between the Rotary Clubs and the Interact Clubs.
    Rotary Park – PP Al Carrigan noted it was our Club’s 50th year during his Presidency in which we did work at Rotary Park.  He has created a slide presentation from the early days to today and will schedule a time in the Fall to be on our program schedule.
    Happy Dollars – SAA Joe accepted happy dollars from:
    •    Jim Audiffred was grateful for PP contributions and their SPOUSES and happy for his 35th wedding anniversary.  To show his gratitude, he gave $135 to the Past Presidents Scholarship Fund.
    •    CJ Dubois-Cote was happy Sunday would be nice so she can hit the beach.
    •    Bill Kany for surviving the District Conference.
    •    Denis Elie for his newest adventure and sleeping on a mountain.
    •    Paul Deschambault for his sister, Susan, winning the Senate seat in yesterday’s election.
    •    Matt Simmonds for paying off Karen to do the TACK and his 11th wedding anniversary.
    •    Al Carrigan as he realized he was the longest serving past president in attendance today.
    Fines– Then SAA Joe handed out fines to:
    •    The entire back table for not listening to Bill during announcements.
    •    Lucie Kay for “Heavy PETS”.
    •    Brian Dallaire for his excitement.
    •    Jim Audiffred for his lecture on the power of love.
    •    Ken Farley for his new look.
    •    Denis Elie for his “schools out” casual look.
    •    The entire front table for being out of control.
    •    Mark Nahorney for his casual retirement dollar.
    •    Ray Demers for looking so sharp in his white shirt with his “partner”
    •    And finally, a raffle of an Elements GC which went for full value to Roland Gagne.

    Week in Review 6/15/2016 Karen Chasse 2016-06-15 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Karen Chasse on Jun 15, 2016

    PP Keith Jacques then introduced the Past Presidents by their year, along with their guests.  He encouraged any members who have not been President to consider it.  It is an honor and will be your best year in Rotary.  Plus, you get free lunch once a year, including a beer or a glass of wine!  He noted his most happy moment when he was President was not what he had done his year but was watching certain members experience their “breakout year” in the club in which they challenged themselves, found the true meaning of Rotary and really went above and beyond.  He challenged everyone in the room to make next year their breakout year (plus Lucie would love you for it)!
    1964     Joseph G Grondin
    1965     Harry M. Wooster
    1966     William L. Smith
    1967     Albert P. Deshaies
    1968     Henry A Tarte
    1969     Richard E. Sweeney
    1970     E. Raymond Noiseux
    1971     Donald E. Scribner
    1972     Grenville S. Arsenault
    1973     Albert E. Carignan
    1974     William C. Langevin
    1975     Frank DeFrancesco
    1976     Earl A. Goodwin
    1977     Norman R. Faucher
    1978     Robert W. Cole Jr
    1979     Richard J. Reny
    1980     Harold M. Arsenault
    1981     Royal N. Sheltra
    1982     Gregory F. Clifford
    1983     Ronald Drouin
    1984     Dennis Petit
    1985     Thomas Moore
    1986     James F. Pastorelli
    1987     J. Richard Martin
    1988     David Beattie
    1989     David Lowe
    1990     Steven Fennell
    1991     Donald Lauzier
    1992     Robert Begin
    1993     Mark Thomas
    1994     Richard Buffum
    1995     Gilbert Dominque
    1996     Thomas Wells
    1997     Bill Guay
    1998     Helene Plourde
    1999     Richard Lagarde
    2000     Mark Tuller
    2001     Keith Jacques
    2002     Stephen lves
    2003     Keith Gosselin
    2004     Paul Deschambeault
    2005     Roland Eon
    2006     Scott Simmonds
    2007     Denis Elie
    2008     Frank Gooding
    2009     Steve Morin
    2010     Julie Villemaire
    2011     Frank Dumais
    2012     Karen Chasse
    2013     Roland Gagne
    2014     Kenneth Farley
    Past Presidents Highlighted Karen Chasse 2016-06-15 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Bill Kany on Jun 13, 2016
    This week is Past Presidents’ week which is our chance to thank the past Presidents of our club who have done so much to make our club the organization that it is.  It is supposed to be a beautiful day and we will be out on the patio at Run of the Mill so please make every effort to be there.
        I also wanted to remind everyone that on Thursday, June 16 we, along with Run of the Mill, will host the Chamber Business after Hours at Run of the Mill.  Again, if the forecast is accurate we will be able to be outside.  The prior Businesses after Hours have been a lot of fun and great member recruiting events.  It runs from 5:00 to 7:00 PM so please try to attend.  
        I also wanted to remind everyone that June 22nd is our annual awards day.  It is the opportunity for the club to acknowledge the outstanding contributions that people have made to our communities while also giving me a chance to acknowledge some club members for their outstanding work for the club.  Again, please make every effort to be there if you can.
        Finally, I have never been a person who supports “teaching to a test”.  I am always offended by the stories about school districts that spend all year simply preparing students to take certain standardized tests as opposed to just teaching the subject and hoping that the students get enough out of the class to do well on whatever standardized test they are taking.  At the beginning of my Rotary year we received the RI President’s criteria for getting a Presidential citation and a District Governor’s Citation Challenge.  I looked at the list and really felt that if we got any such recognition it would be because we did the right thing during the year and not because we “taught to the test”.  
        Well, fast forward to this past weekend and Lucie and I attended the District Conference in Brighton for the day on Saturday which was held almost exclusively in a large tent.  To be honest, it was not real warm and it rained for a decent part of the afternoon.  There were speakers throughout the day who were pretty good, but we had to sit is these folding chairs supplied by some rental company (sorry Sue) which were the same chairs they make prisoners sit in at Gitmo so they will confess.  The day began at around 8:00 AM and at 8:30 PM the District Governor called up all of the current Presidents (the tent was more than half empty by then as many were suffering from hypothermia) and gave out some awards.  To my surprise we received the highest District Governor’s citation that she gave out and we received a Silver RI President’s Award and only 2 other clubs in the district got that high an honor (except Portland Rotary that got the Gold Award, but I am sure that they taught to the test).
        Those awards are really acknowledgements of all of your hard work and dedication to our club’s efforts and I thank you all for everything that you did for the club this year and for all that you have done in the past and will do in the future.  At the end of the day, certificates get placed in a file or a scrap book and are forgotten, but I can assure you that I will never forget all that each of you did during my year as President to continue to make our club one of the best clubs in the District.
        Have a great week.
    Thanks Bill
    President's Message 6/13/2016 Bill Kany 2016-06-13 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Sabine McElrath on Jun 08, 2016
    President Kany kicked off the meeting leading the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.  The 4 way test was led by Roland Eon and Joe Basset gave the invocation.
    Guest and Visiting Rotarians:
    Andrew Turner, – guest
    Todd Cesca – guest
    Griselda Zeljkovich – visiting Rotarian Venado Tuerto
    Florencia Haspert – visiting Rotarian Santo Tome
    Nestor Destefanis – visiting Rotarian Victoria
    Sebastian Roma – visiting Rotarian Venado Tuerto
    Israel Collins – visiting Rotarian Saco Bay Sunset
    50/50 Raffle:
    Keith Jacques won $32 which he graciously donated to the Red Ribbon Committee.
    Presidential Thanks-Yous:
    Bill Kany led the meeting, opening by thanking Heather Maclean for her project of building a Red Ribbon display for the District Convention.
    He thanked Jim Audiffred Roland Gagne and their wives for hosting our visiting Rotarians from Argentina. 
    We had a chance to hear briefly from each of the Argentinian Rotarians and Bill presented each one with a banner from our club and a pin with our countries’ flags on them.
    Happy Dollars and Fines:
    SAA Joe Moreshead, Keith Jacques and Karen Chasse. 
    Fausto was happy to greet our Argentinian visitors in Spanish!
    Karen was happy her daughter graduated from Thornton and she can watch the video of her being hypnotized!
    Keith Jacques was happy he feels better this morning than his daughter did after celebrating her 21st birthday yesterday.
    Ken Farley was happy his son did something amazing (but that I didn’t hear because Ken was in the other room).
    Bill Kany
    Chris Indorf
    Jeremy Ray
    Andy Greif
    Bernice Wood
    Lucie Kay
    Paul Deschambault
    Denis Elie
    Brian Dallaire
    Week in Review 6/8/2016 Sabine McElrath 2016-06-08 04:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Sabine McElrath on Jun 08, 2016
    Currently under the umbrella of ENGINE and housed in the shop at Biddeford High School.  Primary work is boat-building with middle and high-school students to teach them the skills of teamwork, workmanship and pride in their work as they build a boat together.
    Also involved in other community efforts like a pilot boat-building effort at UNE and summer camps.
    Added programs for adults at the high school shop, not just boat building, but other wood shop classes were offered this spring and will resume in the fall.
    The boats are sold to the public, raffled off at fundraisers, and some are commissioned by individuals. 
    Next big fundraiser is the Biddeford Boatbuilding Festival to be held at the Pepperell Mill Campus on the 16th & 17th of July.  8 teams will build their own Compass Skiff, a 10-foot motorboat in just two days.
    There will also be vendors, exhibitors, kids activities, and food at the venue. 
    How can we get involved with the Compass Project?
    • Volunteer our time
    • Buy or commission a boat to be built
    • Build a boat with family or business
    • Spread the word

    Join us for the first Biddeford Boatbuilding Festival on July 16 & 17 at the historic Pepperell Mill Campus in downtown Biddeford.

    Six participant teams–corporate sponsors, families, or youth organizations–will each build their own Compass Skiff, a 10-foot motorboat, over the course of the weekend. All materials and supplies will be provided, no prior expeirence or skills needed. The festival will conclude with a celebratiory boat launching into the Saco River. Each team will then take their boat home to paint and use. Completed boats are great for fishing, using as a tender, or as the first boat for kids. They also make great gifts, donations for charity fundraisers or auctions.

    The festival will also include nautical-themed exhibitors, local youth nonprofits, a Saturday evening event at Engine with special guests the Lowell Brothers, kids’ activities, food and music, and more.

    Funds raised will support Compass Project’s year-round boatbuilding and rowing programs for at-risk youth.

    The Biddeford Boatbuilding Festival will be a fun event, with artisans, vendors, and exhibitors, guest speakers, activities for kids, local food, and live music.

    The cost per team is:

    Family Team : $950 For families of 3-5 people, ages 8+
    Youth-Led Team : $750 For youth groups of 3-5 people, ages 8-18, accompanied by an adult.
    Corporate or Corporate-Sponsored Team : $2,500 Participants may vary throughout build. Great team-building exercise for businesses. Corporations may choose to sponsor another group or participate themselves.

    WHEN: Saturday, July 16 and Sunday, July 17
    TIME: 8:30am-4:30pm
    WHERE: 32 Main Street in the Pepperell Mill Campus next to Portland Pie in downtown Biddeford
    FMI: Email Shane Hall or call 207-391-6830



    Shane Hall, the Program Director for Compass Project Sabine McElrath 2016-06-08 04:00:00Z 0