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Fellow Club Members:
I had intended to attend our last meeting but was prevented by technology from tuning in.  I particularly wanted to attend to share a couple of thoughts about Past President, James Pastorelli, who recently passed away.

Jim was born on August 22, 1920, the same year our club was formed.  He joined our club in 1968.  When I went to my first Rotary meeting in 1987 in a smoke filled large room at the Colonial Hut in Biddeford (where the 7-11is today) Jim was the President.  Jim was a quiet leader among a group of very loud, larger than life men (no women in Rotary then) in a club with over 120 members.  Jim clearly had the respect of the club. By the time Jim served as President he was actually retired from the automobile business.  He was the founder of Coastal VW in Saco for any of you old enough to remember that dealership which is long gone.  He lived in Kennebunk with his wife of 61 years, Vernita.

If you read Jim’s obit you would know that Jim was a World War II vet and the recipient of two Bronze Stars.  He was a true hero.  I always found Jim to be a true gentleman who enjoyed a good laugh.

My favorite memory of Jim came from the 2019 Past President’s Day when Jim drove himself to the meeting at age 98, parked in lower parking lot and walked up to the meeting.  How cool was that?  Bob Begin and I sat across from Jim, and we talked a lot about the old club days.  I was not surprised to learn that Jim lived a couple of weeks after his 100th birthday.  They simply don’t make many people like Jim any more.

It was an honor to have been in the Club with him.
Thanks for reading this.   Bill
  • Conrad spoke with Haley and Brenda regarding feasibility
  • There are many steps to setting up our own program - joining forces with another organization would make more sense for us
  • Support programs are already out there, and children will need mentors now more than ever
  • It's also a difficult time to ask teachers for their input (they are overwhelmed with the logistics of regular school needs)
  • Organizations to keep in mind: Apex Youth Connection, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Junior Achievement Biddeford-Saco (Melissa will check in with JA regarding their current needs)
  • Brenda will follow up with Karen today regarding Youth Full Maine
  • Thornton Academy food assistance program could also use some help
  • They do not receive any federal funding
  • The Headmaster's Student Assistance Fund provides food assistance as well as basic needs such as coats, shoes, or Internet access
  • It costs $1,200 a year for breakfast and lunch for one student
  • There are approximately 350 students in need this year (about 270 last year)
  • The annual auction was cancelled last year, which equals $125,000 in funding
  • Kaitlin motions to donate $1,000 to Thornton Academy, seconded by Marty
  • The motion carried - Haley will pass along necessary info to the subcommittee
  • The subcommittee awaits further details from Youth Full Maine regarding their current funding and needs
  • Kaitlin to send spreadsheet to Brenda detailing the subcommittee's efforts to date 
  • Haley to send info regarding headmaster's program to Brenda for press release
  • Garden discussion will be at the top of the agenda at the next meeting (9/30/20).
  • Brenda will call the food pantry to see if they could use some of our leftover hand sanitizer; Don talking to Seeds of Hope / Conrad checking with Vet 2 Vet 
  • Conrad reaching out to OOB schools and Big Brothers Big Sisters
Attendance: Joe Bassett, Sarah Curley, Brian Dallaire, Jane Foley, Roland Gagne, Susan Gajewski, Martin Grohman, Keith Jacques, Jim LaBelle, Kristen Lane, Heather MacLean, Joe Moreshead, Mark Nahorney, Bill Paterson, Don Pilon, Brenda Pollock, Kathy Shea, Haley Thompson, Kaitlin Tito, Conrad Welzel
Guest: Randy Morrison of Maine Behavioral Healthcare
President Don welcomed everyone
Pledge of Allegiance
Joe Moreshead led the 4-Way Test
  • Chamber of Commerce golf tournament takes place 9/17/20
  • Blood drive sign ups are going so well, the Red Cross added additional donation slots (55 total, 15 are open)
  • 1 Power Red left to fill - if all are filled, this will be the first time it's been done
  • Matt Tuller's induction will take place at next week's meeting
  • COVID-19 subcommittee meeting this week, after club meeting
  • A 1-hour massage with Michelle Blais will be auctioned off at next week's meeting
  • This year's Christmas party is cancelled; Secret Santa will take its place for anyone who is interested in participating 
  • Bill Paterson - $1 - Completed his guitar (a Fender Strat knockoff)
  • Keith Jacques - $1 - Joe's rendition of the 4-Way Test made him realize how low the bar is set
  • Mark Nahorney - $2 - Producing a highlights show which will be on YouTube Oct. 9, 10, 11 / Also producing a documentary on the 125th anniversary of the theater
  • Don - $1 - Happy about golf tournament tomorrow
  • Jim LaBelle - $1 - Also happy about golf tournament
  • Marty - $1 - Salon Circus re-opened (they have been closed since March)
  • Conrad - $1 - 3 days until his birthday so he's not old yet
  • Roland - $1 - Zoom's private chat feature is appreciated, also the 100th anniversary subcommittee is meeting again
  • Joe M. - $1 - Going to Katahdin on Friday
  • Joe M. - $5 - For messing up the group hike meeting time
  • Don - $1 - Bell at start time was extremely loud
  • Don - $1 - Initiated the 4-Way Test out of order
  • Sarah C. - $1 - Welcome back fine
  • Conrad - $1 - For Courier article and making fun of Joe
  • Brenda - $1 - For getting article in Courier
  • Jim LaBelle - $2 - Self-promotion 
  • Sue G. - $1 - For not knowing name of king post truss in background
  • Roland - $1 - Just because
Randy Morrison is the Director of Peer Services at Maine Behavioral Healthcare since late 2015. Over this time, peer services have expanded greatly to now comprise over 50 positions. In York County, he oversees two Peer Support Centers, substance use peer recovery services within the Emergency Department at Southern Maine Health Care and their outpatient treatment service, multiple peer support specialists within MBH's case management and other services.
  • Randy has been the Director of Peer Services since 2015
  • The program assists people who are in recovery for substance abuse or in need of mental health support
  • They are located in the mill building with the large mural (York St., Biddeford)
  • The center is open to anyone who needs it, regardless of insurance status
  • Everyone who works there is also in recovery
  • COVID protocols are in place - Zoom meetings are offered, meetups outside or going for a walk also permitted
  • They are launching a youth focused program this fall that will include drop-in spaces (more details to come)
  • There has been a spike in overdose deaths since COVID began
  • It is important to create opportunities for people in the community to connect with others who understand mental health struggles
  • Low income and homeless people may experience difficulty accessing online programs
  • The center saw approximately 20-30 people per day in 2019
  • There is a pool table, and lunch and support groups are typically available 
  • Funded through State of Maine grants
  • COVID presents challenges in connecting people with mental health services (care can be delayed, which is especially difficult for people in crisis)
  • We can help people by getting the word out on the existing sources of assistance
Meeting adjourned at 1:00 PM.
Attendance: Joe Bassett, Melissa Cilley, Brian Dallaire, CJ Dubois-Cote, Roland Gagne, Susan Gajewski, Martin Grohman, Bill Kany, Kristen Lane, Heather MacLean, Joe Moreshead, Bill Paterson, Fausto Pifferrer, Don Pilon, Brenda Pollock, Kathy Shea, Haley Thompson, Kaitlin Tito, Conrad Welzel
Guest: Irene Lim of Fernleaf Bakery
President Don welcomed everyone
Pledge of Allegiance
Joe Bassett with invocation
Brenda led the 4-Way Test
  • Conrad and Don are guest speakers at the Bideford, England club meeting on 9/10/20
  • July 6, 7, 13, 14 available at River Winds 
  • Most respondents to survey not comfortable resuming in-person meetings
  • Kenya Global Grant, spearheaded by Freeport club - Zoom meeting 9/10/20
  • House project - Sue wrote a check for $59,000
  • The club would like some more information regarding funding sources and projected income
  • Melissa could use some online mentors (please see email request for more information)
  • 6/10 Power Reds slots filled
  • Free COVID-19 antibody test if you donate
  • Haley will post info at Thornton Academy, Brenda & Bill will also post at their workplaces
  • All negative blood types are needed 
  • Subcommittee meeting next week, immediately following the club meeting
  • Tabled discussion regarding Youth Full Maine until we have more information about other sources of funding
  • Victory Garden project ongoing - The Farmer's Daughter in Dayton would be happy to help
  • Hand sanitizer donations are assembled and ready for distribution
  • Joe Moreshead - $3 - Bike ride last Thursday with Apex Youth Connection
  • Brenda - $6 - Her granddaughter's achievements with Brave Bees and her upcoming participation in Miss Preteen Maine
  • Conrad - $1 - Happy weekend with the grandkids
  • Conrad - $1 - Sad dollar for a former speaker's passing
  • Brian - $1 - Africa is polio-free
  • Marty - $1 - His daughter has been dropped off at school and is doing well
  • Sue - $1 - Paddle boarded 4 miles
  • Melissa - $1 - Has not found additional space yet, but can help some kids in the space they currently have
  • Kaitlin - $1 - For Zoom photo
  • Don - $1 - Usurped Joe M.'s authority
  • Don - $1 - Insulted Bill Kany
  • Marty - $1 - ?
  • Fausto - $1 - Blew off Joe for lunch
  • Family owned business - Irene, her husband, and one other employee
  • Everything baked from scratch, avoiding use of chemicals
  • Due to coronavirus, they have switched to a curbside model
  • Irene's husband developed the ordering system
  • Cakes, pies, cookies, scones, etc. are available for ordering online
  • There are many customization options for coffee which is challenging in terms of software - not currently available for curbside
  • The satellite location in South Portland closed prior to COVID/for unrelated reasons
  • PPP has been helpful as insurance company will not cover loss of use due to COVID shutdown
  • The bakery is retail-only, no wholesale, as Irene wanted it to be a neighborhood bakery 
Meeting adjourned at 1:05 PM
Attendance: Joe Boyle, Melissa Cilley, Brian Dallaire, Jane Foley, Roland Gagne, Heather Gendron, Martin Grohman, Kristen Lane, Heather MacLean, Mark Nahorney, Bill Paterson, Don Pilon, Brenda Pollock, Kathy Shea, Kaitlin Tito, Julie Villemaire, Conrad Welzel
President Don welcomed everyone
Pledge of Allegiance
Joe Bassett with invocation
Marty led the 4-Way Test
Guests: District Governor Peggy Belanger and Assistant District Governor Bob Wester
  • Meetings now taking place every other week, in half hour immediately following the club meeting
  • YouthFull Maine in need of funding for additional space for food distribution
  • Rotary-branded stickers have been placed on hand sanitizer - ready for distribution
  • 15/26 appointments have been filled (3 of which are Power Reds)
  • Type A-, B-, or O (+ or -) are most desirable
  • Walk-ins are discouraged due to COVID regulations - please make an appointment
  • The event will take place September 28th, 12-5 PM at the New Life Church in Biddeford
  • Mini golf profit is between $8-9,000 (some checks are still in mailbox) - good return for an off year
  • New prospective member Matt Tuller is posted for first time today
  • Conrad is being awarded a silver Presidential Volunteer Service Award - Brenda will present the medal at the next in-person meeting
  • Survey will go out soon regarding resuming in-person meetings at Run of the Mill (Zoom meeting would still be available for those who do not wish to attend)
  • Opioid overdoses have increased during pandemic - a recovery center is being established in York County
  • 100 Year Anniversary - a Save The Date would be helpful for our overseas guests
  • Heather MacLean filling in as Sergeant at Arms
  • Dr. Joe - $5 - Visited a friend he hadn't seen in 6 months
  • Conrad - Several happy dollars - 39th wedding anniversary was same day as church painting
  • Don - $1 - Happy about Conrad's award and Marty's blood drive
  • Marty - $1 - Saw Heather M. riding her bike
  • Heather Gendron - $2 - Her daughters were born on the same day, 13 years apart
  • Don - $1 - His message in the tack was the same as last week's
  • Kaitlin - $1 - 1st Rotary anniversary on September 4th
  • Roland - $5 - Insulted Heather M.
  • Roland - $1 - For his ringtone
  • Marty - $1 - Also insulted Heather M.
  • Background - Peggy is a Registered Nurse, specializing in oncology
  • This is a time of chaos, but it can also be a time to push boundaries
  • Don points out that COVID isn't all bad - it gives us an opportunity to reach out to the most vulnerable in our community; identifying needs and offering help to those who need it most
  • The District is set to receive 100,000 free surgical masks which the AG will divvy up between the clubs
  • It is important that we continue to develop impactful, relevant relationships with each other and our community
  • Silver linings to COVID - we found a new way to stay connected and we're connecting internationally
  • The club should focus on not only building numbers, but also retaining members (and make sure we are engaging members - Making Membership Memorable)
  • The club is looking into acquiring software that will facilitate online fundraisers
  • Another upcoming initiative is DEI - Diversity/Equity/Inclusion team being assembled
  • Marty received a large shipment of washable masks if anyone is in need
  • Brenda will talk to Karen sometime this week regarding the possibility of a mentorship program
  • Conrad will check in with Haley for thoughts on implementing a program in Saco schools
  • Conrad also reaching out to Bill Paterson / Don talking to Bob Wester (to see if a similar program already exists)
  • The subcommittee will need to look into necessary steps (background check/fingerprinting?) to be cleared to work with children
  • YouthFull Maine in need of funding for additional space - Brenda suggested a $1,000 donation
  • Tabled until we have more information regarding other funding sources (discussion to be continued via email)
  • Hand sanitizer is assembled - Ken to receive 6 bottles; Conrad will distribute the rest and keep us updated on recipients
  • Kaitlin has assembled a general outline of relevant information
  • Suggested plants: corn, snap beans, lima beans, tomatoes, carrots, beets, turnips, onions, spinach, potatoes, peppers
  • Topics to cover: watering, weeding, soil composition, fertilizer, canning/storing, spacing, composting
  • The subcommittee may consider building a relationship with a local farm for community garden space and/or purchasing seedlings and other supplies
  • A "tool library" may also be helpful for families who do not currently own the necessary gardening equipment
  • Eventually, we can put together gardening kits with seeds/seedlings and a pamphlet of useful tips (with additional information available online)
  • Conrad will touch base with local farmers for their input on this project
Attendance: Joe Bassett, Joe Boyle, Brian Dallaire, CJ Dubois-Cote, Jane Foley, Roland Gagne, Keith Jacques, Jim LaBelle, Kristen Lane, Heather MacLean, Mark Nahorney, Fausto Pifferrer, Don Pilon, Brenda Pollock, Kathy Shea, Kaitlin Tito, Conrad Welzel
President Don welcomed everyone
Pledge of Allegiance
Joe Bassett with invocation
Roland led the 4-way test
Guest: Jill from the Bideford, England club
  • All work is completed and it looks good!
  • Church before/after photos are included in the tack
  • Brenda put together a press release and sent it out yesterday
  • Photos are also posted on the club's Facebook page
  • Mini golf: $9,988 taken in to date / $1,105 in expenses - just short of $9,000 profit
  • Marty still working on blood drive - all Power Reds slots might be filled
  • We should look into Red Cross brochures that can be put up in storefronts
  • COVID-19 subcommittee meeting new time is immediately following club meetings - beginning Sep. 2nd
  • Heather MacLean and Don Juan (Italian Greyhound) filling in as Sergeant at Arms this week
  • Dr. Joe - $10 - Ogunquit Rotary Club holding online raffle (more info available on their website - drawing is Dec. 13th)
  • Jill - $1 - Going to see youngest grandchild play cricket this weekend
  • Fausto - $1 - Downed tree didn't damage anything but power was out and people were forced to talk to each other
  • Conrad - $5 - The people at Bon Appetit were very happy with our work
  • Roland - $15 - 30-year wedding anniversary (his half)
  • Roland - $1 - Son evacuated for hurricane
  • Jill - $55 - 55th wedding anniversary is coming up (she will pay the next time she's in town)
  • Don Pilon - Church painting participation and a successful mini golf tournament
  • Brenda - $1 - Sarah and Heather MacLean enjoyed a speech she made several years ago (at All Day Buffet?)
  • Don - $1 - Crooked paintings in background
  • Jim LaBelle - $1 - Scruffy beard
  • Conrad - $1 - Reason unclear
  • Keith - $5 - Happy to see him at a meeting again
  • Fausto - $1 - For attending the meeting
  • Dr. Joe - $1 - For calling Facebook "Face Page"
  • Weddings/events/live performances were first to shut down and last to re-open
  • 12 million have been laid off in the event industry so far
  • Events are a $1 billion industry in the state of Maine
  • The state is still working on guidelines for events - similar to restaurant model
  • The situation in Millinocket set things back - 60 people became ill and 1 died after attending wedding
  • The event industry encourages couples to postpone, not cancel weddings
  • Fausto has created "COVID kits" with masks, gloves, and thermometers (gloves are changed frequently)
  • Seating charts are created during typical wedding planning and are useful for contact tracing
  • There is no substitute for in-person meeting - emotion is lost on the digital platform
  • A possible solution to reduce risk of liability is to use Disney model (by entering the venue, you assume risk of illness)
  • One positive outcome of shutdown: Fausto had first summer off in 35 years
  • Weddings influence other industries in Maine - restaurants and hotels are losing revenue, too
  • There is no definitive re-open date for weddings in the state of Maine at this time
Meeting adjourned at 1:10 PM
Dear Rotarians,

It our pleasure to announce to you that the African region has just been certified wild poliovirus-free.

Rotary members have played an invaluable role in the effort to rid the African region of wild polio. We should be proud of all the hard work that we’ve done to eliminate the wild poliovirus throughout Africa and in nearly every country in the world. 

This progress is the result of a decades-long effort across the 47 countries of the African region. It has involved millions of health workers traveling by foot, boat, bike and bus, innovative strategies to vaccinate children amid conflict and insecurity, and a huge disease surveillance network to test cases of paralysis and check sewage for the virus. 

Over the last two decades, countless Rotary members in countries across the African region and around the world have worked together to raise funds, immunize children, advocate with local and national leaders, and raise awareness about the importance of vaccination, enabling the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) to effectively respond to and stop polio outbreaks. 

This milestone is an incredible public health achievement for Rotary members, the African region, and our GPEI partners, and a huge step forward on the road to global polio eradication. But we still have important work to do in order to eradicate wild polio in the last two endemic countries.

We have faced many challenges in our journey to eradicate polio. But we’ve made remarkable progress, and the polio infrastructure that Rotarians helped build will serve as a lasting legacy that will continue to help protect vulnerable children against other diseases for decades to come.

We are calling on you today to recommit yourselves to ending polio. We need each and every one of you to help finish this fight and continue raising $50 million each year for PolioPlus. The eradication of wild polio in the African region shows us that polio eradication is achievable, and shows how our hard work, partnerships and financial commitment continue to propel us forward, even during a global pandemic.

Thank you for your continued efforts, for achieving a wild polio-free African region, and for remaining committed to fulfilling our promise of a polio-free world.


Holger Knaack                                                                                         K.R. Ravindran

President, Rotary International                                                           Chair, The Rotary Foundation

Rotary International President Holger Knaack and Nigeria National PolioPlus Chair Dr. Tunji Funsho congratulate Rotarians on eradicating wild polio in the African Region. Watch here.



Biddeford - The Second Congregational Church, or "White Church", on Crescent Street in Biddeford leases their on-site kitchen to Bon Appétit, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to serve folks in the community since 1989. Every weekday, a group of devoted volunteers provide nutritious meals to those in need.

For more than thirty years, anyone with food insecurities from any area, has been welcomed to share a hot meal while building meaningful relationships with attendees and volunteers in the community.  Repairs to the kitchen facilities were essential for the organization to be permitted to continue to serve the free dinner service.

The Rotary Club of Biddeford-Saco learned of the condition of the kitchen and evaluated the work that had to be completed. Quickly, a Rotary team was organized by Conrad Welzel, a Rotarian himself for more than five of years, and within a couple weeks, he had a project confirmed and scheduled. Rotarians would commit to completing the necessary repairs that would permit Bon Appétit to continue offering its free meal program from this site.  

For two consecutive weekends, Rotarians of the Biddeford-Saco club cleaned, replaced, scraped, and painted. “There was a lot of labor-intensive work that was required to get the kitchen up to code,” said Welzel. “Our club is fortunate to have several building industry professionals who are Rotarians. They not only donated their time, they also donated some of the resources required to get the kitchen to more modern-day standards.”

Bon Appétit welcomes neighbors who are dealing with food insecurity.  Prior to COVID, meals were served inside the church by a group of dedicated volunteers.  Attendees felt welcomed, and were treated to restaurant style service by devoted helpers. “It’s like a big family here,” said one of the attendees. Providing a hot meal for those with food insecurity is important. The conversations around the table and the social connections and interactions are priceless. Since COVID, the volunteer group at Bon Appétit have been able to continue to provide free hot meals, however, they are now boxed up and are collected at the door of the Bon Appetite kitchen.

Bon Appétit Community Meal Program began with a Christmas dinner put on by members of the community who were concerned for those in need making it through the holidays. The meal was held at the Riverworks restaurant on Main Street in Biddeford in 1989. However, their job didn't end there.  After seeing the needs of the community, these dedicated community members sought to provide even more meals to those in need. Within a year, the attendance for the free hot meals almost tripled in size. Meals were served five days a week. 

In September 1991, the program began looking for a new space. St Andres Parish council graciously offered the former credit union on high street as a temporary home for the kitchen. Four years later, they moved to the Fremont Club where they quickly outgrew the facility. The Second Congregational Church became their new home and volunteers continue to feed approximately 65 people every day for dinner.

The Bon Appétit Community Meal Program is offered Monday through Friday starting at 4:30 p.m. The nonprofit receives their funding from the generous donations of community friends.

For more information on The Rotary Club of Biddeford Saco www.Biddeford-SacoRotary.org  / www.facebook.com/BiddefordSacoRotaryClub, or to support the Bon Appétit Community Meal Program, contact: bonappetitmeals89@gmail.com or visit their website at:  https://www.bonappetitmealprogram.com

Attendance: Joe Bassett, Lawrence Boyle, Karen Chasse, Melissa Cilley, Paul Deschambault, CJ Dubois-Cote, Roland Gagne, Susan Gajewski, Heather Gendron, Martin Grohman, Bill Kany, Jim LaBelle, Kristen Lane, Heather MacLean, Joe Moreshead, Mark Nahorney, Bill Paterson, Don Pilon, Brenda Pollock, Kathy Shea, Kaitlin Tito, Conrad Welzel
President Don welcomed everyone
Pledge of Allegiance
Joe Bassett with invocation
Marty led the 4-way test
  • Monday, September 28th, 12-5 PM at the New Life Church
  • 8 people have already registered to give blood
  • 37 donors would be a good turnout
  • Power Red donors are for trauma - more shareable (negative) types desirable
  • It would be nice if we could fill all 10 Power Red slots (it's never been done before)
  • Volunteers are needed to take temperatures upon arrival and manage the snack table
  • More checks have come in and we have over $9,000 in revenue
  • Net profit is $8,181, which is within budget once all checks are received
  • The high school is willing to do 2 sheds - estimated expense is $900 per shed
  • Sheds can be sold for $1,200 each, netting us $600 for the project
  • We could potentially use one of the sheds as a prize for the $100 raffle
  • 100th anniversary at River Winds - need to set a date (will follow up on this at board meeting)
  • A lot of work was completed last Saturday and everyone is pleased with progress
  • There is still some priming to be done on one of the ducts, which may delay completion of project
  • Painting is expected to be completed either this Saturday or the next
  • Reminder that COVID Subcommittee is meeting this Thursday at 3 PM
  • Apex is creating a program to support remote learners
  • Additional space is needed - interested in Knights of Columbus space (Marty has contact info and possibly space)
  • Apex also asking for assistance with putting up a fence for a family in need
  • The family has acquired the fencing materials but manpower and possibly equipment are needed
  • Dr. Joe - $2 - His son signed a new lease
  • Conrad - $1 - Happy with church progress
  • Don - $1 - No one got hurt on Saturday
  • Melissa - $1 - Upcoming Apex/Chamber of Commerce event
  • Marty - $1 - Ribbon cutting at Wooven & Vieux
  • Kaitlin - $1 - For being quiet
  • Don - $1 - For being President
  • Jim LaBelle - $1 - Something about his daughter
  • Roland - $1 - Virtual background
  • Marty - $1 - Joe M. will give blood in exchange
  • Jane - $1 - Her son's internship is over
  • Note: Joe M.'s intro music for next week should be Springsteen (Born in the USA) 
  • Dizzy Birds started out as a backyard BBQ when Tom bought a rotisserie attachment for his grill
  • It's a family business - Tom's wife Barb is the pastry chef and social media manager 
  • Their son Connor is a chef and their middle son, Cameron, is the general manager
  • The restaurant's one-year anniversary was on St. Patrick's Day (they were closed due to COVID)
  • Offerings include sandwiches, salads, rotisserie and BBQ
  • Catering is available for weddings and special events
  • The menu changes with the season and everything is house made
  • Vegetarian options are offered and most of the sides are vegan-friendly
  • Dizzy Birds was featured on a recent episode of Maine Life (post COVID)
  • They received a $2,500 anonymous donation to provide meals to Southern Maine Healthcare workers
  • They have served over 600 meals to SMHC
  • COVID regulations have been a challenge, but patio dining and take-out are available
  • Hours: Wed - Sat 11:30-8 PM | Sun 11:30-7 PM | Closed Mon & Tues (catering still available)
Meeting adjourned at 1:10 PM
  • Meeting in the half hour immediately following club meetings may be more convenient
  • Meetings will be held every other week, at the new time, beginning September 2nd
  • Brian will include this info on the next tack and we will update the club at the next meeting
  • OOB is returning to school on a plan that is similar to Biddeford's
  • They will attend school 4 days/week in person (with Wednesdays off)
  • Schools should be fairly well equipped to ensure students are receiving enough to eat
  • Kids are nervous about returning to school - perhaps a mentorship program would be helpful
  • We may consider partnering with the police, fire department, nurses, etc. to address their fears with facts from professionals
  • The platform would be digital (possibly partner with existing organization such as Apex Youth Connection)
  • The goal is to create a safe space for children to voice their concerns
  • Conrad will set up a meeting to include Haley, Karen, and Jeremy for additional feedback
  • Conrad checking in with Alicia regarding pricing
  • Brenda can also have stickers printed if needed
  • Priority for hand sanitizer is given to veterans' homes and elder care facilities
  • Brenda contacted Ken regarding veterans' homes - he has requested 6 bottles
  • Rotary International program with indigenous peoples in Canada built bubble greenhouses - perhaps we could do same
  • We may wish to reach out to Saco community garden organizer for guidance
  • World War II Victory Garden pamphlets may also be helpful (Brian located one and emailed to the group)
  • Kaitlin will do some gardening research and report back at the next meeting
  • Apex Youth Connection supplemental food assistance ending mid-September

Biddeford Saco Rotary Club Members, 8/9/2020


We hope you are doing well!


At the August 6, 2020 club’s COVID-19 Subcommittee meeting it was decided that the Subcommittee should send the Club a letter updating everyone about what the subcommittee has been doing. This will be short and hopefully a sweet letter.


To begin, Thank You for all your time. You are a volunteer and the Club THANKS YOU for doing what you can.


The update: The COVID-19 Subcommittee has been trying to wisely share the funds we have with appropriate organizations in need. Groups that use the additional funding for their clients, to help people truly in need, mainly kids, the elderly and our veterans. We are also doing what we can to support small businesses with unforeseen expenses brought on by this pandemic by buying locally whenever possible.


Our Rotary Club has given us $6,045 since this March to spend. 


This is what we have done so far with the funds:

  1. Sent grocery store gift cards to the cities of Saco, Biddeford, and OOB for emergency food aid

  2. Provided hand sanitizer and cloth face masks to a veterans home

  3. Allocated funding to Apex Youth Connection to address food insecurity

  4. Contributed funds to Seeds of Hope, a local resource center for the unemployed

  5. Donated to Vet 2 Vet Maine, an organization dedicated to offering companionship and services to veterans

  6. Contributed funds to the Amman Cosmopolitan Rotary Club in Jordan to provide emergency food aid

  7. Provided supplemental funding to a program in Saco dedicated to feeding seniors

In addition we:

  1. Organized a Club food drive

  2. Submitted a grant proposal (which we did not get) and,

  3. Just recently we received a donation of 36 16 oz hand sanitizer bottles, made locally, each of which will proudly display the Club's logo. We are planning to distribute these to local businesses.

At the last meeting we discussed what should be done with the remaining funds. All in attendance felt that an increased focus should be placed on addressing food insecurity in our communities. An idea that was discussed was writing simple how-to educational guides about small space farming and teaching children how to grow vegetables. We added this to our Rotary grant as well as a way to create long lasting influence.


When this Subcommittee started there were approximately 16 active members. Presently that number is about 7 people (and understandably so). This letter has two purposes:

  1. Updating you on what we've done to date and

  2. I am hoping to re-spark your interest in helping our Club and Subcommittee work through this crazy COVID-19 time.

We will need help in so many ways. Here are a few areas to consider:

  1. Writing training/educational materials about growing food (anyone with gardening skills?)

  2. Going to locations to distribute food

  3. Painting a food pantry kitchen (August 15th & August 22nd) and

  4. Anything in our community where Rotarians can make a positive impact

We know that as Rotarians we all want to help others and as was stated earlier we are also volunteers. The Club and Subcommittee are trying to find ways that you can make every effort you choose to volunteer for, be of value to you and those we are trying to help.


Several of you have expressed your willingness to help but have scheduling conflicts. There are many things that often can be done that help likeminded people, pull off some pretty amazing things that benefit so many.


Whatever it is that motivates you to volunteer during these times, is of interest to us. Whatever time you have to volunteer, please call us. Every little bit of time helps someone, somewhere. Please check in with us to see how you can help!




COVID-19 Subcommittee


Conrad Welzel, Subcommittee Chair

E: cwelzel2017@gmail.com | P: 831-5832


Kaitlin Tito, Subcommittee Co-Chair

E: kaitlin.tito@nemoves.com | P: 590-8474

Attendance:  Sue, Brian, Conrad, Paul, Joe, Roland, Heather G., Lawrence, Kristen, Bill, CJ, Mark, Kathy, Heather M., Marty, Bill K, Jim L., Don, Joe M., Kaitlin.
President Don welcomed everyone.
Pledge of Allegiance
Joe B. with invocation.
Joe M. – 4-way test
  • BLOOD DRIVE September 28th Please standby for updates ASAP. Looking for three volunteers, Sue, Marty have volunteered thus far. Please consider donating blood for this very important cause.
  • GUEST Jill Eddie, Welcome from the Bideford England Club.
  • CONGRETIONAL CHURCH Painting Project: Saturday is painting. Please try to come out and help at the congregational church. Walk around the back side of the church of the left-hand side. All supplies will be provided. We just need some manpower to help.
  • VENMO Account - @Treasurer-BSRC Please send fines, dues or happy dollars to either the VENMOE acct. with a note as to what the funds are for, or to our PO Box 298, Saco, ME 04072
  • Golf Update – Expenses $955 31  Sponsors $ 8831.33  Donation Jars Collected $1,110. Don thanked everyone for their part in making this event a success.
  • GIFT CERTIFICATES – The cards will be divided up and given to the participating mini golf sponsors to go with their thank you cards.
  • Chamber Everts – Climate change guest speaker tomorrow morning Zoom Event. Tomorrow at 5:00 two new businesses opening at 160 Main Street Biddeford.
  • BY-LAWS – A new version will be sent out to the board and will be discussed at the board meeting. Bill Kany has been working on the updates. Thank you, Bill.
  • ROTARY HATS & SHIRTS – Don suggested we place a group order will save us on shipping. Please email Don if you’re interested in ordering some Rotary.
  • Justin Chenette. – Has backed out of his race for Senator because he is running for Secretary of State.
Joe Sargent at Arms
  • Joe – $5 Happy Birthday Dollars
  • Brian – Fined for speaking out of term
  • Conrad – Happy dollars for his granddaughters visiting last weekend and for their quick wit
  • Brian D – Closed on a new boat in Naples
  •  Don – Happy about the golf tournament. It’s OVER!
  • Bill - $5 for visiting children from FL who think our weather is COLD.
  • Jill E. – She announced that her son is coming down to visit – they haven’t seen one another since Christmas.
  • Joe - $5 mini golf dollars for the event
  • Don – for president
  • Marty – For the promotion of his show
  • Brian – For promoting Marty’s show
  • Roland - $1 for your backgrounds
  • Jim L – Chamber promotions
  • Bill K – You’re here again. That’s a dollar
Meeting adjourned at 12:53



Give where the need is greatest

When you give to The Rotary Foundation, you fuel our service projects - projects that eradicate polio, promote peace, and improve developing communities.


  • Subcommittee attendance may be improved by holding meetings less frequently
  • A survey will be drafted by Kaitlin to evaluate members' scheduling needs
  • Conrad will distribute the survey to members with a letter
  • One option might be monthly Zoom meetings with email communication in between
  • Things will only become more complicated as schools re-open - efficiency is important
  • The next subcommittee meeting will take place on 8/20/20
  • Every teacher will receive 2 masks (high risk positions will receive shields as well)
  • New guidance states that all children 5 or older must wear masks
  • A hybrid plan is expected for high school students, K-8 planning for everyday in-person learning
  • New ventilation is being installed and student temperatures will be taken upon arrival
  • We will look into pricing for child and adult sized Rotary branded masks
  • The above information is related to Biddeford schools only - we are looking into Saco and OOB plans and procedures and will report back
  • Food insecurity is likely to continue to be an issue in the coming months
  • We may wish to prioritize food assistance over PPE, with a focus on sustainability
  • An educational program can be developed during the winter months, and seeds/plants donated in the spring
  • The subcommittee could also assist with distributing food in less mobile communities - tap into existing infrastructure
  • Paulette talking to Sandy regarding plan for fall food assistance program
  • Conrad will check in with OOB and Don will check in with Saco
  • Conrad received 36 bottles of hand sanitizer for main street businesses
  • A request for an update regarding stickers has been sent - if no response then Brenda can order some
  • Apex Youth Connection received the $500 check for food assistance
  • If any Rotary Club members have experience with gardening, Brenda will work with them to put together literature
  • The school board will have more information regarding the school year after their meeting on Tuesday
Thank you,
Provided by:
Rotary Club of
The Biddeford Saco Rotary Club now accepts Venmo! You can pay your dues, the golf fundraiser, fines & happy dollars, foundation giving or anything else you’d like to pay directly to our bank account.  
If you don’t have Venmo, please download the app and set up an account. It’s very easy. And it’s especially helpful that you can pay with your phone while we don’t meet in person. 
Please send payments to @Treasurer-BSRC and put a note with your name (if it’s not identifiable) and what you’re sending money for. I can also try to answer questions if you respond to this email. 
Thanks all and be well.

Thank you for your support!


Dear Conrad Welzel

Vet2Vet ME’s volunteers say thank you to our awesome donors in this short video.
Your contributions are making a difference in veterans’ lives.


Thank you.
Sue Gold

Susan Dudley Gold
Executive Director, Vet to Vet Maine

PO Box 1205
Biddeford, ME 04005
(207) 579-9204 (c) 

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