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Service Above Self

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Oct 10, 2018
Maine Humanities Council
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Luci Kay lead our club in reciting the four-way test
Paul Deschambault - invocation
Cashel Stewart
Shawn Moody
Kevin Kaserman
Chuck Gajewski 
Katie Orlando
Luci Kay announced that the Stuff the Bus event will be held on 27 October. Volunteers will be at the Market Basket and Hannaford locations in Biddeford gathering donations to support local food pantries. 
The Alzheimer’s walk is taking place on Saturday, 15 September. As of the meeting time only four walkers have signed up. Looking for more people to attend and participate in this short walk.
Bernice distributed tickets to the Celebration of Suds event to be held on 20 October At the Pepperell Mill campus. Ticket prices are $25 until the end of September and then the price increases to $30.
Julie Villemaire spoke to the club about this year’s concentrated effort to collect better records of service hours.  Members are encouraged to report their volunteering time for various events during the year.  This information can either be emailed to Julie, or reported to her at a meeting.
The 50-50 drawing was won by Conrad Wenzel and donated to Red Ribbon.
Sargent at arms:
Collected happy dollars; Dr. Joe Is happy he made the meeting, and made an announcement about donating books to school projects. Brian Dallaire is happy to be back but suffering from jet lag. Denis Elie beat the school bus on early release day.  Fausto is celebrating his 12 year anniversary of living in Maine. Conrad is celebrating the 37th anniversary of his body work job done by Shawn Moody. 
Fines; Fausto didn’t order the Cuban Sandwich; Jim Godbout should have placed the field posts further apart at Waterhouse Field; Alisha for stabbing someone over a tater tot; Luci and Heather Maclean for wearing matching outfits; Dr. Joe for his Mr. Rogers sweater; Roland celebrates 20 years in Rotary; Julie 14 years.  
Guest Speaker:
Sue Gajewski gave a warm Introduction to our speaker, Shawn Moody, the republican Gubernatorial candidate.
Shawn spoke about the growth of his auto body business over the years. He was 17 years old in 1977 when he pulled his first building permit. Things were very different back then compared to the present. His new building under construction in South Portland cost over $60,000 just in permitting alone.
He attributes the success of his business to his policy of empowering his employees. He has gone so far as to structure of the company so that employees are also part owners.
He spoke of the primary challenges facing the state of Maine and it’s elected officials.
Healthcare costs – not sustainable
Taxes - property taxes, a primary source of educational funding,are too high.  Educational costs are very heavy on bureaucracy, not on the classroom and teachers.  He stressed the importance of giving vocational and technical programs high priority; critical to the successful future of Maine.  
Meeting adjourned at 1:25.  

Bill Kany lead our club in reciting the four-way test

Joe Bassett - invocation



Doug Kay

Reagan Gauthier


This week our club met for lunch at TinTin Buffet since our usual location was closed.  We began immediately with lunch and meeting began at 12:40. 


President Joe Moreshead announced that the club had approved $600 to place a advertisement in the Biddeford city theater program book. Also approved was a $1000 donation to the pillars of pride program for Biddeford school system.


Lucie Kay announced that the Stuff the Bus event will be held on October 20th. Volunteers will be at the Market Basket and Hannaford locations in Biddeford gathering donations to support local food pantries. 


The Alzheimer’s walk is taking place on Saturday, September 15th. As of the meeting time only five walkers have signed up. Looking for more people to attend and participate in this short walk.


Waterhouse Field inauguaral event is taking place 7th of September starting at 5 o’clock.


The Rotary club board has decided to combine committees of both the company B fund and the past presidents fund. Kristen Lane will head the committee.  


The 50-50 drawing was won by Mark Nahorney.


Sargent at arms:

Collected happy dollars; Heather will be spending her birthday watching the Red Sox, Joe son came in first place in a 24 hour race in the Catskills, Joe Boyle was happy the Saco police retrieved his kayak, Paul was happy his son got six tickets to have dinner at the lost kitchen, Conrad was happy he had 25 people at his party, Marty beat Chellie Pingree in a cow milking competition, and Fausto is just happy!


Fines; Joe had to pay because of his choice of decorated pants, Jackson was fined for using a two dollar bill, Bill Paterson and Fausto were fined for wearing the same outfit, Marty was fined for having too many signs around town. Bill Kany and Jim Godbout were fined in connection with the missing Tiger Pride sign.  


Sue Gajewski gave a presentation outlining our charitable giving for the period of the last 18 months from January 1, 2017 through September 4, 2018. Some of the larger recipients of our charitable giving were to fund T-shirts for red ribbon committee events at the local schools, our club’s funding for red ribbon and Rotary Foundation, scholarships and Christmas gifts for local families in need.  


Brenda Pollock finished our meeting by giving an extensive talk and slideshow of her years living aboard a boat.  


Meeting adjourned at 1:25.  


President Joe promptly rang the bell at 12:15
          – Four Way Test
Joe B – Invocation
President Joe’s Opening Comments:
REMINDER: Meeting WILL NOT be held at the Run Of The Mill next week because the Run of the Mill will be closed. We are meeting at the Tin Tin Buffet in  in the 5 Points Shopping Center at 420 Alfred Street in Biddeford. I had thought we would be meeting at the Quiero Café in Pepperell Square in Saco but those plans did not work out.   Please make a note of change of meeting place.
At the Meeting with the District Governor last week, John gave a very motivating talk. One thing that impressed me is that John allocates up to $50 for any Rotarian to give on the spot and they’ll be reimbursed. When you become President, you receive funds to allocate as you see the need. I would like to follow that same directive and invite any of you to help on the spot, in our communities, up to $50, then send me a note and I’ll reimburse you. For example, you’re at the grocery store and someone doesn’t have enough money, you can pay for it. I believe this will be a great way for us to help people in need. 
  • We have a potential date for BEERFEST – October 19 or 20.  I’ll keep you posted when the date has been confirmed.
  • Congratulations to Bernice for her work on the backpack project and thank you to the volunteers who helped out. The high school kids received LL BEAN backpacks. It was an awesome event. Again, congratulations Bernice.   
  • We’re working on ways to keep track of our service hours.  Julie will have an update on that soon.
  • Haley is organizing the Birthday Bags. Bernice and Karen volunteered to go shopping. Bags will be ready on the 19th.
Jim M Charitable Requests
  • Request #4 – The request is for $50 to purchase a new collar for the service dog of a veteran. Paul made a motion to purchase the collar. Heather seconded.  All in favor.
  • Request #5 – Biddeford Education Department for the Pillars of Pride event. They need to raise $20,000 and this request is for $1,000.  Since the request is for more than the allotted $500 by this committee, Dr. Joe motioned we forward this request to the board for a vote. Conrad seconded.  All in favor.
  • Sue G. reminded the group she had just sent an email regarding Alzheimer’s walk. Four walkers have registered thus far. Give Sue a call if you have any questions. 
The winning 50/50 ticket was pulled by Jim M – and the winner of the $20 pot was Jim M.  That was a lucky pick!
Sargent-At-Arms Matt S.
  • Dr. Joe is giving $25 happy dollars for his 2 adopted sons from Norway who have blessed him with 6 grandchildren. 
  • Jim M turned his $20 Lucky dollars to $20 Happy Dollars.
  • Luci had 2 Happy dollars the first for the new Branch Manager at York County Federal Credit Union in Biddeford and the second for the quick response time of Ray D. Thank you Ray.
  • Paul D had a happy dollar for not having to use his cane to walk anymore.
  • Denis was happy that his wife asked if he had the concert tickets 20 minutes from home vs when they arrived to Boston.
  • Peggy was happy she was one of the three ‘not mentioning any names’ at the board meeting earlier today.
  • Sabine was happy she had lunch with Peggy. Bahahaha.
  • Bernice was happy about the volunteers who helped with back-pack project.
  • Karen was happy she went to the meeting last Wednesday to introduce Kevin and there was no meeting. It was rescheduled for Thursday – the District Meeting.
  • Fausto was happy to see Karen read her emails.
  • Jeremy was happy to see the new turf was completed and the Biddeford PD was able to locate the person responsible for stealing the sign. Thanked everyone for having this project come together so quickly.
  • President Joe – Fined $5 for not knowing the names of the people who attend.
  • Sue $2 for your addition error – 4 Rotarians 2 Friends.  And the second is for all of your Facebook photos of you drinking beer and wearing a cowboy hat.
  • Another Facebook faux pas photo fine went to Fausto. No description given.
  • Scooters are $2.00
Biddeford City Manager, James Bennett, was introduced by Conrad.
Conrad has a great respect for James. He’s a mover and a shaker. It is noteworthy to mention that James volunteers as a Shriner’s clown.
James gave $5 happy dollars in honor of his Mom.
James presented the city’s long term and short-term goals. 
Some of the projects ongoing in the city:
  • Riverwalk is out to bid
  • Parking garage where the old Maine Energy building was is being engineered now and will be out to bid in Jan/Feb with a cost of approximately $9-12M.
  • Lincoln Street reconstruction is underway, and a traffic light will be added at that intersection.
  • There is a Water/Hill/Main Street redesign underway.
  • Bid specs are being prepared for the work slated on Main Street, Adams & Lincoln Streets.
  • Working on improving the communication systems to citizens of Biddeford.
  • The police department is working on national accreditation.
Private Sector Update
  • Lincoln Mill Building has run into some delays but expecting a June 2020 completion date.
  • The former Post Office has been sold.
  • N Dam Mill building – estimated a $20m project.
Program Evaluation / Improvements
  • Fire/EMS response times
  • Evaluation of staffing levels
  • Succession planning
  • Completion of comprehensive plan
  • Police Community Service Officers
  • Implementing fees for rental inspections
  • Aging in place project
  • CALEA completion
  • Flower program
  • Downtown improvement project
  • Upgrading holiday lights
  • Revamping employee training & Development
  • Staffing diversity
There is also a large renovation project upcoming for City Hall and City Theatre. 
We thank James for his update on the many projects underway in the city. It is an exciting time for Biddeford and we look forward to hearing more about the city’s projects and progress. 
Just another observation from where I sit.
So, I thought meeting number 5 was going to be sketchy. We did not have a program so I started emailing people to give classification talks. I emailed friends, authors and more; it was a short notice I know. Brian D responded to my request right away. He asked if anyone else had responded yet and I said “no”. Brian said he could easily fill 20 minutes. I thought I knew a little bit about Brian. What I did know I soon realized was just the tip of the tip of the iceberg. You can read about Brian’s presentation in the TACK from Brenda Pollock’s notes.
On a personal note: once again Brian, that was a really great program. Made even better to think that I know you and to also now know the contribution that you have made to mankind; I am simply amazed and honored to know you. I know you will say you were on a team however, the last time I checked when a team wins they all get the gold medal.
You should also know that a bunch of the members said it was one of the better programs we have had. Thanks again for everything you have done and continue to do for the club. Now with your reputation we should have plenty of volunteers for Jim G’s lobster bake when he picks a date. Some people probably don’t know that your vitae also includes Maine Lobster Cooker Extraordinaire!
Our very own Brian Dallaire.
Brian graduated from Thornton Academy. He lost a family member to cancer at a young age, so Brian decided then to do study and have a career in cancer research.   He attended Pharmacy school at the University of Rhode Island and obtain his doctorate’s degree(Pharm.D.) at University of Cincinnati.
Brian began his career in cancer research  Park Davis then on to DuPont then to IDEC in San Diego.
Winner of a Nobel Prize in 1908, Paul Ehrlich completed successful research in the area of Chemotherapy. He proposed the first antibodies that were approved in 1986. 
In 1993 Brian was lead a small team their first successful human trail and carried on to complete all the trials that resulted to it's approval.
In 1997, they submitted their research to the FDA and received approval later that year.
RITUXAN is a $9 billion-dollar drug used around the world, number one for fighting cancer and number two for all drugs used worldwide. Combined with CHOP (classic Chemo medication) RITUXAN has cured more than fifty-thousand people per year with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.
President Joe presented our speaker with an official Biddeford Saco ROTARY coffee mug for his presentation.  Thank you, Brian, for your informative presentation and your dedication to a career in cancer research.
Betsy Fleurent, Hotline/Volunteer Co-Coordinator for Caring Unlimited
PO Box 590, Sanford, ME  04073
207-490-3227 x102
Their 24 Hour Confidential Hotline is:  1.800.239.7298
PJ introduced our speaker.
Betsy is Coordinator for one of nine centers of a Maine coalition to end domestic violence. Before coming to Maine, Betsy worked as a Victim Witness Coordinator in Manchester, NH for six years and three years in Dover NH as Domestic Violence Specialist.
Betsy began with some by presenting startling stats:  One in three women and one in seven men are victims of domestic violence.  Their agency receives more than 300 calls per month. Some of the services the organization offers are:
  • 24-Hour Hotline
  • Emergency shelter
  • Transitional housing
  • Legal assistance for victims
  • Obtaining parental rights
  • Assisting with divorce matters
  • Outreach services such as Support & Education Groups
Fifty percent of all Maine homicides are domestic violence related. This number is one of the highest in the country. 
It would not be impossible for this organization to be able to operate and meet the needs of the communities we serve if not for the organization’s volunteers. 
Last year, 1,500 calls came from York County alone.  245 were from Biddeford and 113 from Saco.  Their agency is the busiest agency operating in the state with the least amount of resources. 
Last year stats were:
  • 40 people spent an average of 300 nights in a shelter. 
  • 400 people came to support groups.
  • Just under 100 volunteers offered 500 hours of their time.
Two of their fund raisers include Nicole’s Run ( in honor of Nicole Oliver whose death resulted from domestic abuse ) and the Atlantic Plunge. 
There is an upcoming training session on Sept 8th to volunteer for Kids Watch and on Sept 11th for anyone interested in serving as a phone volunteer. Please contact Betsy if you are interested in attending a training session.
PJ added that the organization is working diligently within the educational system as a way to educate our youth.  President Joe added that Seeds Of Hope in Biddeford has a $50,000 loan pool to assist people transitioning to new housing.
President Joe presented our guest speaker with an official Biddeford-Saco ROTARY mug.  Thank you, Betsy, for everything you do for our communities and for taking the time to share this information with our club.
Classification Talk:
Sabine – her three wishes were always to move to Maine, have a Boxer and to buy a special Volvo. Although she always hoped to be an architect, she graduated with a degree in economics.  She moved to Maine and purchased The 1964 House in Biddeford and operates a B n’ B welcoming guests from around the world.
Sabine has been a Real Estate agent for 18 years and has purchased several homes.  She is pleased to announce the launch of her newest company Clean Slate Builders.  Their Motto is Renovate Homes; Rebuild Lives & Strengthen the Community.
Welcome Sabine!
            Okay,  Mr. President (President Joe that is) which is it?  Does attendance (like size) matter or not?  You campaigned on a platform of more service and less attendance requirements and you were unanimously elected.  Okay, in reality Bernice stepped aside, we begged you to step in, and you agreed, but we still had to vote you in.  But, you have said repeatedly that we don’t have to worry about attendance and instead you want an aggregate of 1,200 Rotary service hours out of the club.  We were all feeling warm and fuzzy about that.  Now, when I say “we” were all feeling warm and fuzzy I mean the 6 people (I doubled my earlier estimate) who read the Tack (same readership as the Journal Tribune) and the 30 or so members of the Club who come to the meetings because the rest of the club has no idea about this alleged shift in focus from attendance to service. 
On August 1, however, you made a point of telling the Club that when the Board met on August 1 it spent time talking about the members of the Club who have poor attendance.  Now, I realize we have to pay the RI dues for all of our members, but if the members are paying their dues and not showing up for meetings it is not a dues issue, it’s the old attendance issue.  Now, if members are not paying their dues then they should not be members of the Club at all.  So Mr. President what’s the true story, does attendance count or not?
Having busted the President’s hump about whether attendance is required or not, let me make a few observations.  Three weeks ago I sat across from Chuck Hennessey.  Chuck has been in the club forever but I am sure many of you do not know Chuck who was career military and then the owner of an insurance agency until he retired.  I had no idea that Chuck has lived on Little Sebago Lake for years and that he has a bunch of grandkids.  I only learned that because I went to a meeting.
Two weeks ago we played Rotary trivia and learned some cool things about some of our members.  We learned those things because we were at the meeting.  We also laughed a lot and got a great break from the day.
This week we heard all about our Past Presidents’ Fund and our Company B Fund.  We learned about those funds because we are at the meeting.  Our Club is very unique in having that kind of money available.  Other Clubs have little or no reserves to use or fall back on.  I know about the funds because I was at the meeting.
Furthermore, Sabine gave a great classification talk.  She was very funny and she has led a cool life.  She has done things about which I had no idea and she has started a business/ community service organization which is absolutely incredible.  She set goals at a young age and achieved them.  I would not know all of that, and I would not have enjoyed her delivery if I missed the meeting.
In the end it is nice to think we are not going to get drummed out of the Club for missing a few or a lot of meetings if we are otherwise contributing to the overall good done but the Club, but there are the intangible benefits of laughter and knowledge that come from showing up at a meeting every now and then.
Another peanut thrown from the gallery.
Calling all walkers! We need you and hope you can join us on September 15th to Walk to End Alzheimer’s. We’re meeting at York County FCU in Biddeford at 8 am on 9/15. We’ll car pool to York to register before 9. The ceremony begins at 9 and the 2 mile walk begins at 9:30 at the York Beach Ball Field on Railroad Ave. 
Please go to, click ‘find a walk’ at the bottom of the page and type in Biddeford Saco Rotary. You can join our team or donate to our team if you’re not able to walk with us. Our club is trying to raise $2000 for Alzheimer’s research. Invite your friends and family! It’s a fun morning. Roland usually brings donuts!
Please email me at with questions. 
Thank you for supporting our club activities. 
First, thank you all for making my first meeting great. I really am honored to hold the position. I get to follow some fantastic folks who have served as great stewards of our great club.
I wanted to write an article for the TACK because sitting outside on the deck for our first meeting was not really conducive to giving some words about what I would like to see us accomplish over the next 12 months.
Our motto this year is “ Be the Inspiration”. I will make sure to put the banner out this week. So, what are some of the goals we need to accomplish so we can “Be the Inspiration”- more meetings; not really. One of my biggest goals is to not waste your time. You are willing to give one of the most precious possessions you own, your time. I recognize that fact and will do my best to utilize your time to the fullest.
Seriously, as president elect everybody feels that they can give me their advice regarding what is wrong with the club and I have to agree with them on some issues. Even little ones like the check in sheet that we use to check in members every week, it was not working for everybody so it was reformatted and updated; you can thank Julie, our Secretary. People are not crazy about our meeting space, the food, the acoustics, the temperature, the number of meetings we have, etc. Until someone can come up with a better venue we will be at Run of the Mill for a while.  I secretly fantasize that a nice hotel with a great restaurant will open with a beautiful dining room, perfect for hosting meetings. A guy can dream.
With respect to meetings, we will still have some 50 or so. I will do my best to be there every week however, I don’t expect you to. I will be proposing a new focus on service work instead of attendance. In order to do that I will need help with a lot of ad hoc committees for the in meeting service projects I want to propose. For example, I want to make a “birthday party in a bag” geared towards children, for the local food pantries. The bags will have everything for a child to have a birthday party. It will include, cake and frosting mix, table cloths, candles, etc. My vision is that 3 to 4 people will go shopping for the items on a Wednesday meeting day instead of coming to the meeting. The following week the club will assemble the bags at lunch- that will be the “program”.
I plan on having at least 3 in service meetings such as the birthday bags, hygiene kits for some of the shelters, writing cards and letters to service men and women serving. Help me think of some more.
Another project will be field trip meetings. I have already contacted the 3 principals in the local elementary schools, just realized I did not contact St. James… I told the principals that we have 20 to 30 volunteers that would love to show up at their schools on a Wednesday from 12:15 to 1:30 to participate in a project. We could read to the kids, have lunch with them, rearrange furniture, etc. . One principal has already emailed me and is very excited about the idea.
We will still have a club assembly meeting the first Wednesday of the month. The meeting will be a briefing on what happened at the Board meeting earlier in the day, a classification talk or two, charitable fund committee discussion and vote and any other issues that need to be dealt with.
In order to accomplish all of the things we want and keep people informed it is going to take communication. Bill Kany has agreed to take over the TACK this year. He has 12 volunteers who will each be responsible for the month. The TACK, Facebook and other social media will be important this year as we tackle our ambitious meeting schedule and goals. We have also added all of our past presidents to our email list so that they get the TACK and can be aware of the club happenings.
I have not planned any new fundraisers. If you have an idea let’s hear about. I have picked the following people for committees, if I am wrong and you are not interested please let me. My goal with most of the committees is to leave it up to the chair to recruit members. The list is as follows and is not complete:
TACK      Bill Kany
Charitable Giving              Jim McAllister
Scholarship         Heather G and Fausto
Front Desk           Heather M
Foundation         Brian D
Website               Brian D
Past President    Keith J
Awards  Bill Kany
Stuff the Bus       Lucie K
Alzheimer Walk  Sue G
Beer Fest             Ken F
Wine Fest            Conrad, ?
$100 raffle          Karen / Earl
Prom / Dance     Bernice
Program Chair    Conrad W
Youth Protection Officer               Chief Ray Demers
Youth Service     Paulette B
In closing, 2018/2019 will be a good year to be a part of Rotary; to be the inspiration for people we interact with. I know people get a chuckle when I say my prayer “ Dear Lord, you give us so much yet expect so little in return. Let us live through your example.” I am not overly religious but, I do realize how lucky I am, how fortunate I am. I have been given so much. And as a result I have a deep need to want to give back; I know you feel the same way. Isn’t that why you joined Rotary.
Aug. 8...Don Pilon and ?
Aug. 15...Heather M and Joe Boyle
Thursday evening at Duffy’s: Heather M and ?
Aug. 28...Bill P and Heather M
Sept. 5...Haley Thompson and ?
Sept. 12...Heather M and ?
Sept. 19...Kristen Lane and ?
Sept. 26...Conrad Wetzel
Oct. 3...Lucie Kay and Rae S
Oct. 10...Heather M and Conrad W
Below is the final copy of the Mission - Vision Statement and Guiding Principles of the Red Ribbon Committee as primarily authored by Andy Grief.  We have also revised the Red Ribbon logo to address Rotary requirements.  I thought it was important to share this with all of you.
Mission – Vision – Guiding Principles  
Red Ribbon Committee
Rotary Club of Biddeford-Saco
Mission Statement
The Red Ribbon Committee of the Biddeford-Saco Rotary Club exists to mobilize the community to encourage healthy and thriving behaviors without the influences of illegal drugs and other misused substances.
Vision Statement
As a result of the efforts of the Red Ribbon Committee, members of the Biddeford, Saco, and Old Orchard Beach communities will lead healthier lives free of the harmful influences of misused substances.
Guiding Principles
  • Rotary has the power to effect positive change through its leadership and resources.
  • Rotary believes in the necessity of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention efforts.
  • Rotary believes in the importance of information to effect positive change.
  • Rotary believes in the power of positive experiences to effect positive outcomes.
  • Rotary believes in the power of people sharing their personal stories to effect change.
  • Rotary believes in the power of caring mentoring relationships to empower people.
For more info, follow us on facebook:
Audiffred (+1)JamesMay-96
Boyle (+3)LawrenceJan-98
ChasseKaren Jun-06
Dallaire (+8)BrianDec-02
Deschambault (+1)Paul3-Jun
Drouin (+6)Ronald 16-Jun
Kay (+1)Lucie Jun-10
Elie (+3)DenisJun-03
Eon (+1)RolandMay-96
Gagne (+8)RolandMay-03
GagnonRonald Feb-01
Godbout (+2)Jim May-09
Goodwin (+6)Carl Apr-90
Goodwin (+1)EarlJan-84
Hennessey (+2)CharlesMay-92
Kany (+1)A. WilliamMay-92
Kany (+1)BillMay-94
Lane (+1)DanaJun-05
McAllister (+2)JimJun-10
Moreshead (+2)JosephMay-08
Plourde (+1)HeleneMay-96
Villemaire (+1)JulieJun-06
WoodBernice Jun-10


Total Raised:

Containers CLYNKed:


Environmental Impact:

  • Energy: Saved enough energy to light 58.8 lightbulbs—24 hours a day—for a year.
  • Emissions: Saved the emissions equivalent of driving a car 11,131 miles.
  • Volume: Diverted enough containers to fill 424.8 lobster traps.

 Fill up those green bags.  If you need more bags and/or labels, just let Julie Villemaire know and she can hook you up…no charge!

Simple fill with returnables and drop off at any Hannaford.

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