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June 1, 2020
Respectfully submitted by Brenda Pollock
Meeting was called to order at 12:15
President Don opened his very first meeting with a welcome to our guests over the pond; Jill and Jacquie. Thank you for joining us and we look forward to meeting you in person next year.
He spoke of his previous involvement as President of a Rotary Club in Connecticut. It was prior to 1987 when women were allowed in the club. He was always an advocate of allowing women to join.
President Don - Per Board meeting, some of the GOALS during this year:
  • Increase membership
    • Don, Jim LaBelle, and Brenda will be working on developing a document that will provide a consistent unified message.
    • We all are part of this committee. We should all be looking to invite someone to our meetings and be part of the good work of Rotary.
  • Conrad is leading up a new Speakers Committee to our club. Bill P and Alicia will be joining Conrad to help further develop our programs.
  • Joe M. will be the new Sargent of Arms. Hope you raise lots of funds for the books. Heather will be the assistant to Joe. Thank you to both.
  • Honor flight Maine – This is something we will be working on this year. Flying veterans to Washington, DC memorials is a wonderful honor for our veterans. We hope to identify individuals in our communities who can participate in Honor Flight Maine.
  • American Red Cross – looking to host a Blood Drive in our communities. We will need some volunteer assistance for this. Watch for correspondence from Marty.
  • If anyone would like to be more involved in our Rotary activities, please reach out to Don. This organization needs everyone to be part of Rotary. Regardless of how much time you have to participate, stay active.
Conrad Update
  • Meeting regularly. We’ve taken the next two-weeks off but will resume our regular Thursday 3 pm Zoom meetings on July 16th. Reach out to either Conrad or Kaitlin if you’d like to be added to the invite list. 
  • $5,500 to a variety of organizations
  • Vet to Vets in Maine made a $800 contribution from Company B. They were very happy and appreciative.
  • Wounded heroes – Will work with us on other projects.
  • Our group is reaching out in the communities to see if there are any current needs this pandemic has brought about at this time. We are cautiously holding on to some of our resources and preparing to be in a position, financially, to be able to help into 2021.
  • Second Congregational Church in Biddeford is in major kitchen renovations in order for them to be able to open up in the fall. We are in need of volunteers to help paint their kitchen. Our club will coordinate with a group of Rotarians willing to help, to assume this project. A signup sheet has been sent out. If you have any questions, see Jim G. or Conrad.  
Brenda – Essay Contest An official ZOOM event of the Essay contest will be held on July 16th at 6:30 pm. Please be watching for an email invite. Brian and Brenda will work to come up with an agenda for the meeting. Participating students, teachers and parents will also be invited to participate. Please try to attend. It will be great to have our club well represented for this 25th Anniversary of this event.
Conrad – My Teen House in Biddeford
  • Westbrook is feeding 500-700 people each week so the time they’ve been able to donate has been limited.
  • Looking for a board member from our area. My Teen Centers.
  • The mayor and a select group met to identify
  • They still need some big donors to make this project a reality.
  • Tough time to raise funds but we are still looking for someone to help.
Mini Golf Tournament
 Last year, this event raised approximately $12,000
  • Looking at August 8 & 9
  • Will be looking for hole sponsors & Event sponsors.
    • $4000 for sponsors
    • $7200 for hole sponsors
  • We need to have a commitment from this clubs members to make this event possible.
  • Our options:
    • We do not do it at all
    • Bring another club in
    • Need more participation
  • Joe will reach out to volunteers and asked all Rotarians to participate
  • Bill encouraged us to move forward. It was a great experience last year.
  • Club will move forward with the event.
Don introduced Joe M. who will serve as the Sergeant At Arms for his presidency.  
  • Brenda Hit 1st million in sales in June 2020.
  • Dr. Joe – 10 happy dollars – after 3 months of quarantine, they spent 8 days with his children and grandchildren.
  • Jim – Chamber officially opened doors today – within 40 minutes, their first walk in customer was a homeless person. It was great to be open again and to be able to reconnect with folks.
  • Bill P Happy B-day Canada – His mom was from PEI and had a happy dollar to honor her.
  • Conrad - $5 for family visiting and staying over at their home.  
  • Roland – Thank you Jacquie from across the pond for suggesting a Rotary white water rafting event to celebrate our 101st Anniversary of the club.
  • CJ – It has been such a busy market and she looked forward to taking a few days off to spend with her daughter’s family and little grandson.
  • Mark – Just returned from a road trip to N. Carolina. He and his wife brought their daughter where she will be attending college and Med School.
  • Don – Celebrated their 41st Wedding Anniversary – Joe suggested he pay $41 for his fine. Don suggested setting up a payment plan.
  • Don – 1st meeting of his Presidency began with No Pledge of Allegiance, No Grace, No 4-Way Test, …  Fined $5 for this violation.
  • Conrad – Fined because he was pacing during the Zoom call – “Stop moving Conrad, you’re making me dizzy and don’t call me Kaitlin”.
  • Brenda – For sucking up by presenting the PVSA awards. (Actually, that was a very nice gesture)
  • Heather M. – Missing the biscuits and seeing you. You’re fined.
  • Fausto –Father’s Day picture in the paper. $2
  • Kaitlin T. – Fined for doing such a great job.
  • Marty G – Fining him for inviting me on his radio show.
  • Sue G. – Zooming from her Car. We could see the UHAUL trailer behind you the entire time. Fined for UHAUL promotion.
  • Jane F – Her son is a mechanical engineering student who has been on the job at PSMP for only 2 days – doing a great job. He came to me and told me ‘Hey, my mom just called. We all have to get a COVID test’. ugh
  • Kristin – Fined for eating before grace.
  • Jim – A dollar for the beard he’s sporting.  
  • Roland – Taking a vote. Raise your hand if you think Roland looks like Fausto. Majority voted NO. No fine.
Joe M. - Thank you Don for asking me to serve as Sergeant At Arms this year. It’s for the kids!!!
President Don asked Joe M. to recite the 4-way test – Joe M deferring that duty to Dr. Joe
Meeting adjourned at 12:57
I am sad to announce that we have to cancel RYLA 2020 due to the pandemic. 
Attached are two letters.  The first is to Rotarians explaining the decision and to prepare for RYLA 2021. 
We are looking to expand RYLA to 192 campers from 144, as well as, open RYLA to both sophomores and juniors in high school.   The letter also announces two new RYLA co-directors that will be joining me officially for 2021.  They are both staff members with over 10 years of RYLA experience and Rotarians with our New Voices Club.   In anticipation of cost increases, we also will potentially be increasing the cost per student by $25.00 for RYLA 2021.    
The second letter is the communication that is being sent to students that have been registered this year. 
We held a virtual RYLA for our staff over the past week and I am pleased to say that our RYLA community is active and helping to create positive change in this world even in the midst of the pandemic.
The RYLA staff will be updating the www.ryla7780.org website with information over the next few weeks as we book RYLA 2021.   Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.
Yours In Service,
Phil Giordano
RYLA 7780 Chair
Cell 207-636-6500
The Rotary Club of Biddeford – Saco
In March of 2020, the Rotary Club of Biddeford Saco launched a COVID-19 Crisis Subcommittee to address the immediate needs the pandemic caused in the communities of Biddeford, Saco and Old Orchard Beach. In phase one of their response program, the committee addressed the immediate need for food and PPE supplies for the elderly, at-risk youth and for our veterans.         
In the second phase of their crisis project, the committee will continue their focus on ensuring food and PPE supplies are available to our seniors, at-risk youth, and veterans. In addition, the project will support organizations and small day cares that will be overwhelmed by an increased demand for basic needs: PPE supplies, food and other requirements or changes to their facilities as a result of executive orders.  They will also add an education initiative for children and at-risk families, that will address food insecurities by teaching small scale agriculture in the production of crops and livestock.
To volunteer, donate to the Rotary Club or for more information on the Biddeford Saco Rotary Club, please email us.
To apply for crisis assistance and consideration for help with food, PPE supplies or for more information regarding the agriculture education initiative, download the  COVID  CRISIS Subcommittee Request Form.
Brenda Pollock, CCUFC
Hi everyone,
Here are the minutes from yesterday's meeting - please note the request in the "tasks" section:
  • Not available locally - Black Bear Medical is out of stock
  • It's possible that any businesses that have re-opened (or will in the near future) already have thermometers
  • An alternative to thermometers might be branded gift baskets with hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, etc., to be handed out to main street businesses
  • More work is needed than initially thought
  • Entire kitchen (including cabinets) needs to be re-painted
  • Materials needed: scrapers, staging, drop cloth, paint, paint brush, and rollers
  • Jim can get staging to make it easier to paint upper levels
  • Don has determined that this will be a club project, not COVID specific
  • Anyone who has been the primary contact for a COVID-19 subcommittee grant recipient - please reach out to see how they are doing, if they have any further needs, etc. and report back to us ASAP
  • Conrad will contact Jim Labelle to request Chamber of Commerce poll regarding re-opening needs
  • Don will talk to Marty / Conrad will check with Jim Godbout regarding distillery sourced hand sanitizer
Thank you,
Kaitlin L. Tito | REALTOR® | Notary Public
a: Coldwell Banker Realty | 120 Main St. #243 | Saco, ME
e: kaitlin.tito@nemoves.com | w: kaitlintito.cbintouch.com
m: 207.590.8474 | p: 207.282.5988
Hi All
I’ve received a number of responses back from the survey Julie sent out regarding in person meetings or Zoom meetings. The opinion of members leans slightly to continue the Zoom meetings. Although the governor has begun to loosen regulations in the state the data indicates the number of cases has increased and I suspect as vacationers come back to Maine the numbers will increase. Unless anyone strongly objects I suggest we continue Zoom meetings until after Labor Day. 
President Don
Don Pilon
In addition, from the District Governor:
There is pressure from some to restart in-person Rotary meetings and activities.
The current official guidance from Rotary International is that there will not be any mandatory in-person Rotary meetings this calendar year.
The current advice from me is that it is too early – too high of a percentage of our membership is vulnerable, for a variety of reasons.
In any case, it is good for all of us in leadership positions, in and out of Rotary, to be familiar with our current state guidelines. These two websites update daily.
  1. Rotary Liability Insurance Will Exclude Covid-19
Here is a key takeaway from our Rotary International Risk Management Team’s Friday email; subject:  Risk Management.
“The general liability policy for U.S. Rotary clubs & districts effective 1 July 2020 excludes coverage for COVID-19 and other communicable diseases.”
That is a significant statement. Please consider this in your decision-making process re how your club will proceed going forward.
Meeting Notes of the Biddeford Saco Rotary Club
June 24, 2020 - In person from Run of the Mill
President Fausto led his final meeting as President of the Biddeford Saco Rotary Club. Thank you for an amazing year Fausto!
Invocation - Joe
Four Way Test – Joe M.
Sargent At Arms Heather asked for Happy Dollars and then issued fines. 😊
  • $130 was collected today for fines and Happy Dollars.
  • NOTED:  Joe M. modeled his salmon colored pants and was fined. 
  • Thank you to everyone who paid up their previous happy dollars.
  • If you still would like to make a Happy Dollar contribution, you can mail your contribution into the: The Rotary Club of Biddeford Saco, PO Box 298, Saco, ME  04072  Thank you!
Fireside Chat will be rescheduled. A notice will be sent ASAP.
  • Bring your own drinks & snacks
  • Please RSVP
  • COVID-19 Committee meeting Thursday at 3pm.
  • The committee is 17 members strong.
  • We have helped a lot of people in the local communities as well as helping refugees in Aman, Jordan. Thank you, Rotarians, for stepping up at a time when so many are in need.
  • Brian – Thanked everyone. More than $7,800 was raised for the Rotary Foundation.
  • We’ll need to get started on planning the Minatare Golf Tournament. Shooting for an August 2020 event. Rotarians – If you can help, in any way, no matter how little, please contact Don. As this is an outdoor event, we can safely plan on this fundraiser for the year. Thank you in advance to stepping up to help.
  • We will be planning a new Essay Contest event where we invite the students and their families to participate. Be looking for that in the very near future. If you would like to see the video, you can view it here. https://youtu.be/9QfkGKBCqoY
  • The Red Ribbon Committee donated $1,000 to ACES. Adverse Childhood Experiences. They are working thought out the area and their budget for 2020 was short and they needed some help.
                My company, BLP Associates, is an authorized representative of the President’s Volunteer Service Award. (PVSA) The President's Volunteer Service Award is a civil award bestowed by the President of the United States. Established by executive order by George W. Bush, the award was established to honor volunteers that give hundreds of hours per year helping others through the President's Council on Service and Civic Participation.
The award can be granted to individuals, families and organizations located throughout the United States. Depending on the amount of service hours completed, individuals can receive the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and/or the President's Call to Service Award (also referred to the President's Lifetime Achievement Award).[1]
Awardees receive a personalized certificate, an official pin, medallion, and a congratulatory letter from the President depending on the award earned.
Presented with a GOLD PVSA is Fausto Pifferrer
Presented with a SILVER PVSA award is: Julie Villemaire & Susan Gajewski
Presented with a BRONZE PVSA award is: Don Pilon & Marty Grohman
Congratulations. Well deserved.
President Fausto
  • Sue – your help as treasurer is so greatly appreciated. Thank you for your hard work. Sue will be staying on as Treasurer and will work with our group remotely. We appreciate her participation.
  • Julie – does so much behind the scene. If ever I need anything, I call Julie. She keeps this club running like a well-oiled machine.
  • Everyone in this club plays a big role in the success of the organization. Thank you. I encourage you all to step up and get involved. With what’s going on in our world, there’ll be lots more people in need.
  • Jim – another behind the scenes always working for the good of others, and an unsung hero. Thank you for all you do with the houses. Financially, it is so beneficial to this club.
  • Brian – thank you for your continuous work. Haley will be joining your one-man team and give you some assistance.
  • Kaitlin – Thank you for stepping up as a new member of this club. Everywhere I go, you’re there and involved. We thank you.
  • Karen – you’re my lifeline. You and Joe M. brought me into this club. You’ve been a tremendous help to me from the get-go.
  • Conrad – you’ve been lining up all of our speakers for the past three years. And now you’re heading up one of the most active committees in the club. Thank you so much.
  • Finally, the 100th will be held on April 24th. Our invited guests from England will be notified and they did say they planned to attend. I’ll be assisting Don with this event.
Presidential Handoff  Fausto to Don
Board Meeting: July 1st via ZOOM at 7:45 am
COVID Crisis Meeting: Thursday 6/25/2020 at 3:00 via ZOOM.
Next meeting:  Wednesday July 1st at 12:15 via ZOOM.
Meeting Adjourned at 1:20pm
Respectfully submitted:  Brenda Pollock
Hi everyone,
Here are the minutes from yesterday's meeting - please note the request in the "tasks" section:
  • Not available locally - Black Bear Medical is out of stock
  • It's possible that any businesses that have re-opened (or will in the near future) already have thermometers
  • An alternative to thermometers might be branded gift baskets with hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, etc., to be handed out to main street businesses
  • More work is needed than initially thought
  • Entire kitchen (including cabinets) needs to be re-painted
  • Materials needed: scrapers, staging, drop cloth, paint, paint brush, and rollers
  • Jim can get staging to make it easier to paint upper levels
  • Don has determined that this will be a club project, not COVID specific
  • Anyone who has been the primary contact for a COVID-19 subcommittee grant recipient - please reach out to see how they are doing, if they have any further needs, etc. and report back to us ASAP
  • Conrad will contact Jim Labelle to request Chamber of Commerce poll regarding re-opening needs
  • Don will talk to Marty / Conrad will check with Jim Godbout regarding distillery sourced hand sanitizer
Have a great weekend!
Thank you,
Kaitlin L. Tito | REALTOR® | Notary Public
a: Coldwell Banker Realty | 120 Main St. #243 | Saco, ME
e: kaitlin.tito@nemoves.com | w: kaitlintito.cbintouch.com
m: 207.590.8474 | p: 207.282.5988
As a committee we only had a total of 12 applications, approx. 3 per school.  Due to COVID-19 and the small amount of applications, we decided to forgo the interview and choose the final candidates as a committee by reviewing their applications together. When choosing the final candidates we are reviewing/discussing: academics, community service/volunteerism, financial need and overall application preparedness/write up.  Each student that applied excelled academically, committed to their communities through volunteerism and have great aspirations.  We are  happy to share with the club the following scholarship award recipients are for this year fiscal year:
Biddeford High School- LillyAnne Melton-attending Michigan Technological University- a 4 year college pursuing an Engineering degree.  She has been an active Interact member, VP of Studnet Council (12 grade), Debate Team member and athlete-Cross Country, Hockey and track.  She is a member of the National Honor Society and the National Technical Honor Society.  
Center of Technology Student-Kurtis Edgerton-attending Maine Maritime and studying Marine Engineering.  He was an Interact member his senior year, a 4 year athlete playing football, basketball and baseball.  Kurtis is a member of the National Technical Honor Society.
Thornton Academy:  Christine Casvikes plans to attend Clark University.  She has been a 4 year Interact Club member as well as additional voluntaeering in the community at Saco Meals Program and a Literacy tutor; She is a National Honor Society Member.
Vernon Wells: OOB- will attend the University of Pennsylvania, He is a musician and a member of the Ocean Park Brass, volunteers at the Ocean Park Ecology School and Ocean Park Association.  He is a National Honor Society member and an AP Scholar with Distinction.
Heather Gendron and Paulette Bonneau
Today’s Speaker 6/17/2020:
The presentation of the 25th Rotary Essay Contest video was played. The video can be viewed at: https://youtu.be/9QfkGKBCqoY
And the winners are:
From St. James School in Biddeford, First place, Madelyn Gelinas. Second place, Matthew Gonneville and third place, Jeffrey Lafrance.
From Saco Middle School, First place Maia Gustafson, and second place, Lindsay DesRoberts.
From Thornton Academy Middle School, Julie Elie, Second, Caleb Morin and third, Rose MacWhinnie.
From Biddeford Middle School, first is Hannah Grohman, second place is Tyanna Caron and third place is Brooke Girard.
Loranger Middle School winners are, Madison Bell in first, Asher Hubert in second and Makenzie Stadig in third.
The charities the students selected to donate to are; Hospice of Southern Maine, The Lance McCullers Jr. Foundation, Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation, Biddeford Food Pantry, The Ronald McDonald House and the Biddeford-Saco Rotary COVID-19 Crisis Project.
Meeting Notes of the Biddeford Saco Rotary Club
June 17, 2020
President Fausto was out of the internet coverage therefore, President Elect Don led the meeting.
Invocation - Joe
Four Way Test – Joe M.
Assistant Sargent At Arms Conrad asked for Happy Dollars
Happy Dollars
  • Brian - Thank you all $7,800 was raised for the Rotary Foundation. 29 people donated.
  • Joe – Hailey got Evan on the cover of the TA Magazine and she just booked a fishing charter with his son.
  • Conrad – There were two young does running up and down the beach this morning.
  • Don – John Richardson who passed away gave $5 in his honor.
  • Ken – Happy with his new job with MEMIC and his son was in a car accident but came out okay and his daughter started a new job this week.
Fireside Chat on the 22nd at 1 – 2pm, 1 Davis Drive(Hills Beach), Biddeford
  • Bring your own drinks & snacks
  • Please RSVP
  • Church needs kitchen updated. Project we can all work on.
  • Our thoughts go out to Sam Anagnos from the Sunrise Rotary Club. He is currently in the hospital.
  • Planning committee met to discuss ideas for speakers.
  • COVID-19 Committee meeting tomorrow at 3pm.
  • Please keep fellow Rotarian Jim Audiffred in our thoughts as he was in the hospital recently.
  • Minatare Golf Tournament in August 2020
  • Members are welcome to participate. Please contact Don if you’d like to help out with this program.
Today's Speaker:  Essay Contest
Meeting adjourned at 12:53
Next regular meeting will be held on June 24th at The Run of the Mill Main Street, Saco
Board Meeting:  July 1st at Paquin & Carol Main Street, Biddeford 
Special Meeting: Fireside Chat Monday June 22nd from 1 – 2pm. One Davis Drive, Biddeford. Please RSVP with Brian.
Our next club meeting on June 24, 2020 will be held in person at the Run of the Mill at noon.   It will also be available as a virtual video meeting on ZOOM.   PLEASE Note that a new Zoom number will be sent to you.
I have previously sent you an email invitation with the ZOOM link.  Simply click on the link starting at NOON.  This will give you time to check your computer for connection, and to see if your camera and microphone are operating.  To avoid stray noises and feedback on the mic, it is recommended that you use an earpiece with mic.
Also at the bottom of the email, there is a link for you to register or decline and not if you  are coming in person so that we know to expect you as we need to make a reservation at ROM .
If you need any help, feel free to give me a call at 207.289.8375
Brian Dallaire
Great news.! We made our goal! 
Checks collected by Sue $1890.
Online giving of $2145.15
Club matching contributions of $2,515 which is almost exactly the $2500 that was budgeted.
Presidents Faustos contribution from his budget of $1275
A grand total of $7825.15 exceeding Fausto's goal of $7,000 for this year.
Nice job everyone. We had 29 Rotarians step up to give money to Your Foundation.
An additional $1,163 was contributed by 4 Rotarians to Polio+.
This will go a long way  towards us gaining approval for a District Grant for the Covid-10 Committee.     
As a stipulation of membership, each member pledged to make at least a $100 contribution/yr.
There is still time to make online contributions before June 30 at Rotary.org.
Thank you again for all who contributed.
Dr Brian Dallaire
Club Foundation Chair
We invite you to make a contribution in any amount to the Rotary Foundation.  We have a goal to increase the rate of participation in this year's campaign. Even a $1 will help. We realize that these are difficult times, but the Foundation is responding to the Covid-19 crisis. As a result of social distancing we will be conducting this years appeal remotely.
The Rotary Foundation is a non-profit corporation that supports the efforts of Rotary International to achieve world understanding and peace through international humanitarian, educational, and cultural exchange programs. It is supported solely by voluntary contributions from Rotarians and friends of the Foundation who share its vision of a better world.
The Foundation was created in 1917 by Rotary International's sixth president, Arch C. Klumph, as an endowment fund for Rotary "to do good in the world." It has grown from an initial contribution of US$26.50 to more than US$1billion. It has one of the largest and most Donating to Rotary means clean water and sanitation. Health and hope in areas that were once ravaged by diseases like polio. Economic development and new opportunities. Your financial help makes all this happen, and more.prestigious international fellowship programs in the world.
Donating to Rotary means clean water and sanitation. Health and hope in areas that were once ravaged by diseases like polio. Economic development and new opportunities. Your financial help makes all this happen, and more.
It's quite easy.  Make your checks to the Rotary Foundation or even better yet, you may contribute on line directly on the RI website.  (link is found on our website home page or at www,https://my.rotary.org/en/donate).  Please designate the Annual Fund- Share so funds come back to our District. If you use this method, please let Sue G at (biddsacotreasurer@gmail.com) know about your donation as recording on the RI system will be extremely delayed.
Please make you contributions to Sue G. by the end of April so they may be recorded for President Fausto's year.  Under current circumstances checks should be mailed our PO Box 298 in Saco, ME 04072.  Just put foundation in the memo area. 
As an added benefit, the club will match your contributions up to $100, accelerating your achieving year-after-year total contributions towards the $1,000 mark with the recognition as a Paul Harris Fellow.
Thank you for your consideration.
Brian Dallaire
BS Rotary Foundation Chair
Biddeford Saco Rotary Club Minutes
Wednesday, June 10, 2020
Attendance:  CJ Dubois-Cote, Brian Dallaire, Fausto Pifferner, Don Pilon, Karen Chasse, Roland Gagne, Ken Farley, Kaitlin Tito, Kirsten Lane, Heather Gendron, Mark Nahormey, Conrad Welzel, Joe Moreshead, Joe Bassett, Brenda Pollack, Bill Patterson, Melissa Cilley, Marty Grohman and Jill from England
Pledge of Alligiance lead by Fausto; followed by 4 Way Test lead by Karen and Joe did the Invocation
Happy Dollars $2 Joe Moreshead; $1 Karen Chasse
Rotary Foundation donations have been met.
England visit dates are mid-May, 2021 (perhaps May 13th, 14th, 15th); Jordan and Kenya may also come – Roland will get back to club.
Fausto thanked everybody for this year.  Hard since March not seeing everyone.  Zoom should end with physical distancing; miss seeing everyone face to face.  $2,000 under budget this year.  Made money for foundation; happy that kids stepped up for Essay contest; Biddeford England has joined 2 meetings; rotarians partake in weekly meetings. Thank to Brian and Don while I was in hospital and Joe in directors seat.  Thanks to entire club during my presidency – I will hand off gavel on 6/24 and would like everyone there to see Don as he begins his year as President.  Karen has helped behind the scenes with technology/emails, etc. Julie has been getting awards together (gavel); used award money for COVID-19 and thanks to Conrad for chairing COVID-19 subcommittee ; thankful I can depend on club and support is there.  Appreciated all calls when I was in hospital.  This has been a big learning journey and opened me up more. Joe/Karen sponsors and fellowship was enjoyed the most.  Putting the flags down, Christmas are most joyous even how difficult it is to see the poverty and hope this year we go more above and beyond – another big thing was my teen center donations to TA and projects we’ve done mini golf tournament to give money out to our project and international.  So thankful to everyone.
Brenda doing awards 25th anniversary – parents taught her integrity and to work hard and to pray attributes her success to them. COVID-19 what family means – we put it together Paulette, Sue and Karen did it through video conference – Fausto will ask for help to delivery packages. Certificates have been created and awards medals part of packet and check for $100 winner $75 2nd place $50 3rd place St. James matching charity – Brenda has details on where donations were made – thanks everyone for your part to make it happen.  Videos will be made – 5 videos one of each school depending or 1 video. Thanks for support.
Fausto when will help be needed?  Friday morning to deliver packets – 3 in OOB; 3 Biddeford and 5 students in Saco.  Don will do Saco; Fausto Biddeford and Joe in OOB meet at Fausto’s at 8:30. Notify families first.  Leave packets at door. Provide your own masks and Fausto will have gloves.  Parents have signed release form. Don will send us the address list prior to picking up at Faustos –
Anything mostly thankful for this year or last year, for a rotarian that stood out – verbal pat on the back would love to hear everybody’s take. Brian thanking everyone contributing to Foundation.  Sue needs checks by Friday to send to international.
Conrad – 2 things – thank Kaitlin for jumping in with subcommittee – new to club willing to be there and anticipating what needs to be done and working with me re: agendas, etc.  2nd is Brenda with grant process was very quick and we did in 2 weeks got it out with help with Roland and others spending hours over weekend; follow up with teen center meeting with Donna this Friday to get moving again.
House in Biddeford Jim will have completed by end of Don’s year is anticipated. Still physical work needed
Helping Bon Apettite process – kitchen needs some repair work Jim and Conrad will check out for Sat. over the next few months – will need some help.
Heather – COT scholarships gone out – yes worked with guidance councilors and students got copies.
Thanks to people from Jordan great to hear their interactions.
Anyone else have anything:
Roland shared screen for a few images club sent $1,500 to Jordan for food distribution.  Showing a few photos.
Jill – was it same project?  No, it was a spinoff project that developed from COVID-19.
Dr. Joe – send in fine for being in late happy dollar classmate from dental school that is why I was late; helping her aunt celebrate 100th b-day –
Bill Patterson – haven’t reported out on district’s recovery initiative. Chief Mckenzie working behind scenes with David Underhill to explore adverse childhood program and how it impacts young people tie into red ribbon = uptick in state – issues with substances scene an increase because resources are not available due to COVID.  Club still involved.  Also, once a week volunteer at Saco Food pantry – not enough people coming in so food is given to pig  farms.
Fausto can it be delivered to them?  Instead of zoom next wed we can all deliver if people are afraid to go pick up due to COVID
Melissa – mental health seeing started in person programs yesterday; grief training already showing up also, seeing that numbers have gone down from food distribution – hearing that families don’t always like what is being offered.  Might be specific needs that food banks don’t carry. Food certificates seem to be well received. Some feedback received.
Fausto feels we are a spoiled country and folks should accept what they get.  It’s wrong.  Melissa appreciates what is being said – some cultural differences
Karen, don’t eat meat due to culture.
Brenda, thank you for an amazing year.  Made year fun in light of crazy tide we’ve gone through.
Fausto and Don will coordinate transition.  Bill and Conrad wills stay after meeting.
Potential fireside chat:  Brian still interested?  Mentioned last week and Brenda has also offered as well.  Either way we can use the beach – week of 6/24th – Monday practice social gathering/physical distancing taking a photo of Don getting gavel – have some fellowship and gathering – Ok?
Can discuss later.
Thank you everyone – Jill -Cheers peace the world over!
Meeting adjourned 12:43
TACK Minutes
President-Elect, Don Pilon, led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance followed by Joe Bassett with the invocation.  Conrad Welzel led the way with the 4 Way Test.
If you haven’t had a chance to join in on one of the weekly Zoom meetings, you should give it a shot.  It’s kind of fun and looks like you are playing that old game show “Hollywood Squares”.  For those of you who have no idea what I am referencing, check with your old friend “Google” and he’ll let you know what I’m talking about.
Our Treasurer, Susan Gajewski, was called upon to give a brief overview of some of the finances discussed at the recent Board meeting.  The focus was on the Rotary Foundation and a plea to get those donations in!  We have a $7,000 budget which includes a $2,500 match.  Rotarians, your help is needed to raise a minimum of $3,500 more!  Our Club has applied for a COVID District Grant and the committee won’t look favorably on us in we don’t have a good showing for our annual fund.  Board members were reminded that they normally make at least a $100 donation every year to the Rotary Foundation.
Happy Dollars and Fines were up next:
Past President Joe Moreshead gave $5 Sad Dollars for the passing of a long term employee of his, Jeff Emerson.  Jeff was part of Joe’s team for 38 years.  He was only 58.  Our condolences go out to the family.
President-Elect Don Pilon gave a Happy Dollar for the new Board.  Joe Moreshead did a fantastic job pulling things together. Don welcomed the new members to the Board.
Conrad Welzel gave $5 Happy Dollars for the “Grant Proposal” getting out in time.
Jim LaBelle preempted SAA Heather but handing over $5 for what he thinks she will call his “horrible goatee”.
Marty contributed to the cause for Brenda Pollock who joined the Zoom meeting from her car where he sun roof was visible for all to see.
Joe Bassett was happy that he was finally able to get his cut and beard removed.
Melissa Cilley was happy that as of Monday Apex Youth Connection would be opening again with limited capacity programs all of which will be held outdoors.
Brenda Pollock was happy to report that her daughter and family would be temporarily moving in with her and her husband.
Melissa Cilley wanted to make sure the group was aware of the increased fraudulent unemployment claims that were happening all around.
Heather Gendron gave a brief overview of how things were going in the banking industry and what an impact the PPP were having.
Roland Gagne briefly gave his thoughts on the current market.  Volatility is expected. He ended with, “Just relax.  This will pass.”   He mentioned he was having problems leasing office space in his newly renovated complex on Pool Street in Biddeford.
CJ Dubois-Cote mentioned that with a lot of people working from home, there may not be a big demand on leasing/renting space.
Conrad mentioned that the $5,000 COVID Grant Proposal was recently submitted and thanked the committee members for their effort in pulling it together.  The COVID-19 committee, which meets each Thursday via Zoom, is now considering the following:
            Where do we go in the future with the donations we have?
              What are the community needs?
              Have distributed $5,000 in donations thus far!
The business community in Biddeford, Saco and Old Orchard Beach may be a good indicator as to where we can help.
Today’s speaker was our very own, Jim LaBelle, the Executive Director of the Biddeford-Saco Chamber of commerce.  Jim has been Executive Director of the Chamber for almost 3 years now.  Jim did a presentation on the Chambers “Local Perceptions” (Generally Speaking). 
The actual power point/slide presentation was emailed to all members.  If you did not receive the power point presentation, send an email to either bdallaire@usa.net or jvillemaire@sbsavings.bank and we’ll make sure you receive a copy.
  • Sue Gold and Lynn White joined our meeting to explain the organization's purpose
  • Volunteers are trained and matched with a veteran in need of companionship
  • Volunteers also help with applying for VA benefits and referring to other appropriate programs
  • During pandemic, in-person visits are not allowed - they receive phone calls and care packs
  • An emergency fund has been created to help with unexpected bills such as furnace or car repairs
  • Gift cards are distributed in $100 increments for groceries, fuel, and medication
  • There are currently 68 veterans matched with a volunteer and 12 in process
  • Most Vet 2 Vet participants should be aware of Honor Flight (and some have attended)
  • Brenda found thermometers on Amazon for $74.99
  • Brian will contact Black Bear Medical for pricing
  • We would like to encourage other Rotary clubs to participate in this project as well (might be motivational for them, and helpful for publicity)
  • Conrad will check in with Seal Rock/Wardwell this weekend
  • Conrad and Jim Godbout are going to Biddeford Second Congregational Church on Friday to assess the scope of work needed
  • A charitable request form will be created for future donation requests - will be helpful to have paper trail for reporting/accounting
  • Status of fuel funds is unclear, Conrad to check with Sue
Have a great weekend!
Thank you,
Kaitlin L. Tito REALTOR® | Notary Public
a: Coldwell Banker Realty | 120 Main St. #243 | Saco, ME
e: kaitlin.tito@nemoves.com | w: kaitlintito.cbintouch.com
m: 207.590.8474 | p: 207.282.5988
  • The District acknowledged receipt of completed grant request
  • Roland thought the final product was well put together
  • Due to the breadth of scope of the subcommittee's efforts, there is a decent chance of success
  • The decision is expected in July
  • Thermometers will be needed by all re-opening businesses and useful for the next 12-18 months
  • Rotary-branded thermometers would be nice (buy in bulk and affix our own branding)
  • Individual price from W.B. Mason is $120
  • The Biddeford Second Congregational Church is trying to fix up kitchen prior to inspection
  • They would like work done on Saturdays
  • Materials required: shop vac, cleaning equipment
  • Cleaning, scraping, and painting needed, particularly around duct
  • There are currently 2 community gardens in Biddeford and 1 in Saco
  • The subcommittee could attempt to duplicate in another space
  • Alternatively, gardening education could be provided; potentially wood donations for raised beds
  • Education in raising chickens also being considered
  • Program would benefit families already receiving assistance, who are interested in sustainable solutions
  • Everyone to consider potential cash mob partners/fundraising feasibility
  • Honor Flight program is on hold for the moment
  • Approximately $4,000 in available funding
  • $863 must be spent before the end of June (partially earmarked for flag)
  • Dunkin Donuts providing a free doughnut with each meal at community center
  • Several members will reach out to veteran contacts to assess community needs
  • Conrad checking with city of Biddeford / Don with Saco regarding veterans needs
  • CJ knows a veteran as well and will contact him for info
  • Conrad contacting Jim Godbout regarding Bon Appetit work
  • Don looking into ordering thermometers with other clubs for bulk discount
  • Brian talking to hospital contact regarding sourcing thermometers
  • Conrad also contacting Ken
  • Brian looking into new Zoom account
  • Conrad will talk to Wardwell and Seal Rock/Atlantic Heights
Have a great weekend!
Thank you,
Kaitlin L. Tito | REALTOR® | Notary Public
a: Coldwell Banker Realty | 120 Main St. #243 | Saco, ME
e: kaitlin.tito@nemoves.com | w: kaitlintito.cbintouch.com
m: 207.590.8474 | p: 207.282.5988
Executives & Directors
Don Pilon
Martin Grohman
Vice President
Brenda Pollock
Susan Gajewski, assistant Kathy Shea
Kaitlyn Tito
Joe Moreshead
Immediate Past President
Fausto Pfiefer
Foundation Chair
Youth Protection Officer
Brian Dallaire, looking for help
Program Chair
Joseph A. Moreshead for the Nomination Committee 
These are certainly crazy and scary times with many businesses closing, folks staying home, mixed messages on the news and the uncertainty of what we can buy for food and supplies. I hope everyone is feeling okay and helping neighbors and older folks as best as they can. Be safe. 
Due to the Coronavirus and the recommendation for social distancing, we will not be meeting in-person until further notice.  We don’t know when the restaurants will be allowed to re-open or when the ban will be lifted concerning gatherings of ten or more people. I really miss all of you and miss our fun weekly gathering. 
Our 25th annual Essay Contest was to be held on April 8th will be postponed and is dependent on the school schedule and whether or not the students go back to school this spring. We haven’t made any definite plans yet. 
Our centennial celebration is postponed and will hopefully be scheduled this fall. Fausto is going to talk to Gina at the farm about their available dates and we will keep you posted. All of the Rotarians from the UK have had to cancel their travel plans to attend in May but I hope they can make it in the fall. 
Stay healthy and we hope you can enjoy this time with your families. 
I think that’s everything but if anyone has questions, please reply to this email and I’ll do what I can to get your answers.
All the best to everyone.
May 13, 2020
Marty opened the meeting at 12 noon with the Pledge of Allegiance
4-way test – Mark N.
Invocation – Roland – Moment of silence
Sargent of Arms: HAPPY DOLLARS
  • Alecia for the weather
  • Brian is heading back to Maine on Sunday
  • Dr. Joe the dock is going in the river
  • Ken is happy to be here for the 100th Anniversary
  • Mark N –  Due to bad internet connect, we were unable to hear Mark.
  • Conrad – is working around the house
  • Bill – happy to see everyone and Tyler graduated from UNH
  • Marty – Held a webinar with businesses Maine Street Biddeford all supportive and hopeful about the future.
  • Brian for his backgrounds
  • Brenda for calling Marty Martin
  • Alicia – for being cute
Don Pilon joined the meeting and resumed the duties of President Elect.
  • Conrad – COVID 19 committee meets on Thursday afternoons. This week we’ll discuss the international request. We’re at the $4000 with another $2400 in the account.
  • Roland Grants – Only the district grants have a deadline of June 1st. We have to submit the application by June 1st and sign a memorandum of understanding. Brian will sit through the volunteer process.
  • David Underhill reached out to Roland to remove the DDF grant until July 1st.
  • Conrad updated that 10 bags of food to the Saco food pantry and they were appreciative regarding the donation we made.
  • Volunteers are needed at Biddeford Food Pantry.
  • Bill asked about opportunities to help the food banks.
On the 100th Anniversary of the club, Rotarians stated why they belonged to the club. 
  • Brian – Joined at the invitation of my boss in San Diego in 2000. When I was young I was impressed with the work our club did with building the bike path down the Ferry Road.
  • Brenda – Originally joined in the 90’s. Being a Rotarian gives me a bigger purpose - To do good in the community and hopefully inspire her grandchildren to become Rotarians.
  • Dr. Joe – In the 70’s he was introduced and felt it was good for his business but it was the Youth Exchange Program that moved him.
  • Marty – Enjoys giving back but especially enjoys working with the youth.
  • Alicia – Was always a Girl scout as a child and Rotary allows her to continue what she believes in: giving back.
  • Roland a Rotarian for 21 years was struck by an article of a Little girl in Mexico – The club purchased a wheelchair for her and has been hooked on international service since.
  • Bill – Felt at home at the club – love the work we do and the club is like an extended family.
  • Kaitlin –Didn’t know how to get involved in community giving and is grateful that Rotary gave her the path to get involved and help others.
  • CJ – Rotary was what she was looking for to volunteer and allowed her to make our communities better.
  • Don – A Rotarian In Connecticut in the 80’s prior to when women were allowed in the club. After his years of public service, he joined the club for fellowship and community service.
  • Ken – A Rotarian since 2006 he joined the lunch club to make a difference to help others and quickly recognized he was working with great teams of likeminded people.
  • Karen A Rotarian for about 20 years now – inability to say no most grateful value most taught her the true value of giving back and the friendships.
  • Conrad – Joined 5 years ago, and thoroughly enjoys everyone’s friendships and all of the good we do around our communities.
  • Fausto via Conrad – He’s enjoyed being president in this anniversary year. He thoroughly enjoys the fellowship and enjoys the good will.
  • Haley - A 14-year Rotarian, the club was so important because her family moved from town to town a lot due to her husband’s military career. Rotary was a way to connect in every community they lived in both personally and professionally.
Please send Happy Dollars, Fines and donations to the Foundation to:
 Biddeford – Saco Rotary Club - PO Box 298  -  Saco, Maine 04072
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and Rotarians’ demand for immediate projects to support their communities, significantly more global grants than during previous years were approved, thus exhausting World Fund availability for matching global grant awards for the remainder of this Rotary year.

As Rotarians aid recovery, now more than ever, giving to Rotary’s Annual Fund is key to continuing these projects. Please use the new SHARE graphic (at left) to show Rotarians how their gifts to Annual Fund help in their community and worldwide.

To get ideas for projects in the coming year, read the comments section in the article linked below to see dozens of Rotarians discuss club project ideas that could be eligible for project funding in the future.
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