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We started the meeting with a toast to our sister club in Bideford England. The Bideford club is now coming up on their 100th anniversary. Euan and Jill Eddie from Bideford joined us by Zoom. Euan is Scottish, so there was much discussion of who is more Scottish: Euan, or Bill Paterson. Spoiler alert: it's Bill Paterson.
On the volunteering front, this coming Saturday morning we will be looking for help picking up the wreaths for recycling. That's 9-11AM on Saturday the 15th at St Joseph's. Join for part or all of the time if you can and dress warm.
We were pleased to induct Phil Mateja into the Club this week. Welcome Phil!!! We know you will do great things.
If you haven't gotten your receipts for Adopt A Family into treasurer Susan, please do so ASAP.
Please save the date for a Rotaract dinner at UNE on Sunday February 6 at six pm. I know you've always wanted to try the UNE dining hall... and this is a great chance to get all three local clubs together with this great group of students.
50/50 was won by visiting Rotarian Joyce Valenti from Windham NY (in the Catskills), who donated it back to the Club. Thank you, Joyce!
Happy Dollars:
$2: Bill Paterson, because he got a $61 flight to Tampa / St. Pete
$2: Melissa: new granddaughter Lydia Margaret
$2: Justine: happy her twins came to visit; happy they went home 😀 
$1: Conrad: happy 2022
$1: Brian D: happy 2021
10 pounds: Jill Eddie, happy new year!
Our own Dan Reed filled in capably as a last-minute speaker and detailed his new role at SCORE. SCORE provides business advising services by pairing experienced volunteer executive mentors with businesses of any type and size, and Dan is the new marketing manager. It was a very good presentation and led to several possible collaborations with Club members. Learn more about Dan's work, including free webinars for small business, here
Justine provided an invocation.
Marty noted he was pleased to see Rotarians collaborating on local projects, such as Jen F and Justine working together on a UNE health care related project. Rotary-related or not, it is nice to see us helping each other out.
We are seeking volunteers to help staff the adult sledding hill for Biddeford's WinterFest, on Friday February 4 from 530 to 730PM. The event will be held on Adams Street next to Biddeford City Hall. If there is interest, we may convene for drinks after that.
Info about our spring Raised Bed Garden project will be coming soon -- we will need help building, delivering and filling the raised beds. Right now, we need help identifying individuals or families in need.
ADG Dennis Robillard was our guest, along with Joyce Valenti from the Windham NY club (Windham is northern New York, she's used to cold :)
Happy dollars:
Jim L is happy to see such good turnout on Zoom
Mike B is happy that his car is back from the body shop after being rear-ended on the way back from skiing; and that the virus has departed his house after hanging around for too long
Dr. Joe is happy to see Susan Gajewski, and that he has plans to visit his grandchildren
Ken Farley had a great visit to Nashville
Conrad happy for his family; including his Rotary family :)
Marty happy to see new member Phil Mateja
Jen F happy that Hakim's family, including a newborn baby, are all now here in Maine
Melissa is happy her granddaughter is doing well, and for the Rotary network which has been helping with some challenges, such as availability of testing, at APEX
Bill P is happy that Rotarian Jim G's team helped fix his furnace, brrrrr
Justine is happy to be working with Jen Fullmer on a UNE project
Brian D happy to have just booked an around-the-world cruise
Fines from S-A-A Jim L were copious, at Marty's request:
-Can see Don's dusty treadmill in his zoom background
-Mark, Marty and Dan R have work branded logos in their background
-Phil: welcome fine of a dollar
-Ken: featuring ESPN look? Tie up top, sweats off camera
-Mike B: looks professorial with books in background, guessing they're probably fake
-CJ: fined for being on and off camera
-Roland: fined for being cold in Canada
Thank you again for a good meeting. Next week we have a speaker: Kristine Taylor, nutritionist at Hannaford, with dietary Q&A, healthy new year ideas and recipes. We'll be on Zoom at 12:15, join a little early if you like.
Happy New Year! I'm excited for 2022, and it gives me a chance to provide some updates on goings-on at our Biddeford Saco Rotary Club:
  • We have a new member proposed, Phillip Mateja. He is sponsored by Heather Gendron. Phil is a Realtor and has volunteered with the National Athletic Trainers Association and the Knights of Columbus. He has been to a few meetings and was approved for membership by the board at our December meeting. However, I did not do a good job of "posting" or announcing his prospective membership at our last two meetings (our process for new members is attend a meeting as a guest, be placed on the agenda for board approval, followed by announcing or "posting" the proposed new member at two consecutive club meetings, then induction at a meeting). So, if you have concerns about adding Phil to our club, please contact me ASAP, otherwise he will be inducted at our meeting this Wednesday January 5 at Ricetta's at 12:15.
  • Speaking of new members, it has really been great to see you stepping up and getting so involved with our programs, and bringing new energy to our group. Volunteering and getting involved is the best way to get to know the Club, and you have been doing that. Welcome!
  • More volunteer opportunities: Wreaths Across America is seeking our help at St Joseph's Cemetery on Saturday January 15 at 9AM to pick up the wreaths we placed last month. Cold, unglamorous work -- our specialty :)
  • Before too long it will be time for our Raised Bed Gardens to be built and delivered. Look for a note from Ken Farley about that in the next couple weeks. We hope to provide as many as fifteen or twenty "gardens ready to go" for area families in need this year. The work involves building, delivering, and filling the raised beds with dirt. Again with the unglamorous work.
  • Someone who does a lot of unglamorous work for the Club but doesn't always get much mention is Brian Dallaire. Thank you Brian for setting up all the Zooms, the meeting invites, and the website.
  • Please do register for our weekly lunch if you get the chance. It helps us plan. But then we always have extra food, so don't hesitate to just show up if your plans change -- we love to see you.
  • Omicron is a wild card. We do have masks available at the restaurant, will make them more prominent, and Zoom is always an option which seems to be working fairly well. We'll be discussing this at the Board meeting Wednesday morning, so please bring your ideas and concerns to your favorite board member (listed on the left column of the website).
  • Our signature holiday program Adopt-A-Family was a great success. We helped a record number of families, a total of 97 children. So rewarding. Thank you for participating, and thanks again to Karen Chasse and Heather Gendron for coordinating. All this was made possible by our Raffle, which was a huge success, and provided us the budget to give the most we've ever given this year.
  • Speaking of thanks, here's to our nominating committee for developing a strong slate of officers for 2022 (starting in July). As we head into our 102nd year of Service Above Self, we'll be in good hands.
  • Sometimes I don't do enough to mention our international activities.  Lots of communities around the world can use our help, and Roland Gagne does an amazing job keeping us involved. 
Internationally, we have two projects underway:
  • Monday, January 3rd  (today!) at 9AM we’ll be holding a Zoom meeting with Rotarians in Uganda; a local Portland, ME environmental engineer; and two community members from Biddeford to discuss/review water project proposals received for a hydrogeological study for a community near the borders of Rwanda and DRC. Our club will be helping fund and support this project. Any Rotarians interested in joining the Zoom meeting, email Roland for the link: rotaryroland@gmail.com.  And here’s a Google Earth link to the community in Rwanda where the proposed water project is being developed:  Rwanda Water Project
  • The Children’s Rescue Center in Kisumu, Kenya is in need of support for orphaned children being cared for at the center.  We continue to engage with the center to understand the most pressing needs that we can support.  Anyone interested in joining the discussion, email Roland at rotaryroland@gmail.com.
  • Looking ahead, we have exciting programs in the works. For example, in March we'll be doing our Maple Syrup fundraiser. It was a big success last year thanks to Roland Gagne, and we have it in the works again this year, so don't buy any syrup between now and then... also, in late April, we are looking at a new event, together with the Rotary District 7780 Recovery Initiative, called a "Recovery Workforce Job Fair"... In May, We'll be back at St. Joseph's Cemetery, where together with students from Biddeford Schools, we place flags on veterans graves for Memorial Day... and in June we'll have our essay contest, which provides a chance for student authors to show their stuff. Lastly, coming up soon, we'll be looking for volunteers to help sort, organize and hang pictures and historical articles at the newly renovated lodge at West Brook Skating Rink. More with the unglamorous work.
We were pleased to confirm the following officer slate of new officers was unanimously confirmed for the upcoming year, starting in July.
(Brenda's year, in which Paulette Bonneau will be President-Elect):
Vice President - Melissa Cilley
Secretary - Julie Villemaire
Treasurer - Susan Gajewski
Director - Haley Thompson
Director - Ken Farley
Thank you again to our nominating committee for putting this great group together! Brenda, you're going to have a great year!
  • We are now up to 97 children we are helping in the Adopt A Family! Wow, Rotarians! 
  • We are holding a Yankee Swap gift swap at next week's meeting. Please bring a wrapped gift under $25, that you think your fellow Rotarians would like (gift cards are fine if you're pressed for time). If possible, shop at a member of the Biddeford Saco Chamber of Commerce. We think this will work on Zoom, too, so please participate.
  • There is no meeting on the 29th.
  • We are helping staff the Salvation Army Bell Ringing at Walmart in Biddeford on Monday the 20th. If you can cover an hour, it is really appreciated. This is one of the Salvation Army's most important fundraisers, and it's fun, too. We especially need help from 9-noon and 3-6PM. If you can spare an hour to help out, please email Bill Southwick at southwick@maine.rr.com to let him know, and wear something festive, that says Rotary on it :)
Happy Dollars:
"OK Boomer" Joe Moreshead is happy to see the Club growing. It's true, we have some great new members!
Mark Nahorney: happy that Miracle on 34th Street is doing so well, and that his daughter is visiting
Jen F: happy that she is bringing her Afghan colleague and his family to Maine!
Cynthia: happy for Adopt a Family, and all we are doing with that effort, nice to be making a difference
Don: happy to Dan Reed back
Mike Burman: happy for Zoom option
Jane: happy for Zoom as well, and to be in person next week
Kim R: happy to be in touch with her brother, and to help with Adopt a Family
Bill Kany: lives near Jeremy Ray, never saw so many Christmas lights
Conrad: happy to see 24 people today at lunch!
Melissa C: happy to be stepping up to leadership, and to help with Club activities
Sergeant at Arms Jim Labelle notes that it is good to practice gratitude, before exacting numerous fines, and setting up Rotarian Jeopardy which was really very good. The top prize went to the contestant who could identify the Rotarian whose name includes all five vowels. The correct answer is, "who is Fausto Pifferer?". A really fun quiz, Jim -- thanks for setting it up.
See you Wednesday for the Swap!
Why you didn't get a Clubrunner invite for today's meeting?
The short answer is, it's because Brian Dallaire is on vacation... in the Bahamas... no, I am not making that up. No, life is not fair.
He's the one that knows how to do the fancy stuff like a Clubrunner meeting invite.
But we are still meeting at Ricetta's today at 12:15.
They are cooking the food now and it will be a nice hot buffet.
There will be plenty so just show up. Especially if you are on the slate of new officers, or would like to be. 
The only thing on the program is to vote on that slate of incoming officers, and a couple announcements, like:
  • We'd like you to be at St. Joseph's Cemetery in Biddeford at 8:30AM on Saturday to help Wreaths Across America. The reason we want you there early: we don't just put wreaths on veterans graves. We stop, we say the veteran's name, and take time to honor their service. Our job is to train visitors and other volunteers, to make sure that happens. Rain or shine, snowing sideways, we need you there.
  • Karen Chasse and Heather Gendron will have an Adopt A Family update.
  • Can you ring the bell for the Salvation Army on Monday the 20th? Well, good. Email Bill Southwick to let him know when you're available. One hour is great. Bill's at: 
  • Next week's meeting is a Yankee Swap gift exchange. That means buying a gift under $25, ideally from a local business, that you think a fellow Rotarian would like. Wrap it but don't put a name on it. Zoom people, too (you'll have to unwrap it for the camera). Then we all duke it out and try to get the gift we actually want. I hope it will be a good time of holiday fellowship, and thanks to Don Pilon for the great idea!
The Zoom link for today's meeting is here. Kathy Shea and Kim Regoulinsky will be greeters. It should be a fun meeting and I'm looking forward to it.
Yours in service,
The nominating committee made up of Paul Deschambeault, Kathy Shea, Morgan Stoner, Kristen Lane and myself have met and agreed to make the following nominations at tomorrow's weekly meeting:
Vice President - Melissa Cilley
Secretary - Julie Villemaire
Treasurer - Susan Gajewski
Director - Haley Thompson
Director - Ken Farley
Once these nominations are made, President Marty will open the floor for nominations.  Should you wish to nominate anyone for an open position you can do so at the meeting tomorrow or by forwarding the name of a nominee to President Marty prior to the election at next week's meeting.  The election of officers is scheduled for next Wednesday, December 15th during our regular weekly meeting.
Should you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me or President Marty.
News of the Saco Food Pantry
About the Pantry:
Location: 67 Ocean Park Road, Saco, ME
Phone:   207-468-1305 (during business hours only)
Mail:   PO Box 246, Saco ME 04072
Email: meals@sacofoodpantry.org
Like Us on Facebook
Hours:   Monday – Friday 9 – 10:30 am, Last Tuesday of the month 5 – 6:30 pm
Board Members:
President: John White
Chairperson & Rec. Secretary: Toni Clark
Treasurer: Ron Bolduc
Corresponding Secretary: John Reynolds
Members: Gwen Adams, Grace Farr, Dustin Nadeau, Jodi-Marie McCarthy, Sharon McKenna Molleur, Katy Nicketakis, Sheldon Nightingale, and Shelice Wilson
Requirements for Clients:        
While the pandemic is upon us, we have dropped the requirement that clients be Saco residents (we now have approximately 30% from other towns). We estimate that we give 18 meals to each family member. Working with Age Friendly Saco, delivery is possible for folks who cannot get to the pantry.
Foods We Need Most
  • Grape Jelly
  • Instant hot oatmeal
  • Stews, Soups, Chowders
  • Pancake mix & Syrup
  • Canned Fruit & Pastas
  • Pet Foods
  • Personal hygiene products
Feeding people:
2020-21 Fiscal Year:  2,116 families, 5,579 people, (1,580 children and 784 seniors) 100,422 meals. Our numbers have gone down since the pandemic, so, we are giving out more food. In addition, we are working with Age Friendly Saco to deliver to folks who cannot get to the pantry.  Surplus has also been shared with Youth Full Maine over the past several months as we worked alongside school meal distributions.
 Pantry Workers:   Paid staff: 0 Volunteers: 50 approx.
Covid - changes
We require all volunteers and clients to follow CDC guidelines with masks and social distancing. Before the pandemic, clients came into the pantry and were taken around to select the food they needed. This cut down food waste.
Now, clients select the food they need from a list, and volunteers bring the food selected to the client’s car. The list of non-perishables can be downloaded from our website.
Goals 2022
  • Storage shed for non-perishables
  • Box truck that’s on the road more than in the shop
  • Client data computerized
  • Paint the exterior
  • In 2023 Purchase solar panels already installed (we have already raised the money through grants and memorial donations)
Pantry Food Sources:                                                                                         
We get food from many sources.
< >Good Shepherd Food Bank sells us food – roughly 6 pounds of food for each dollar.Hannaford and Shaws donate perishables that are nearing their Use-by Date.TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program from the federal government) gives us significant amounts of food every other month. We average 20,000 – 30,000 pounds of food yearly in donations through food drives (our own, those sponsored by other groups and individual donations).We pay a small annual fee to Wayside (Portland) and pick up food monthly.For items we cannot get from the above sources, we purchase in Hannaford or Shaws (occasionally Market Basket). A board member studies items on sale. Since the pandemic struck, it has not been possible to buy in bulk the way we once did.Other expenses include transportation, energy bills, maintenance, insurance, and cleaning. On average, 70% of our monthly expenditures go to food.     
Open Hands, Open Heart:
Open Hands Open Heart is an outreach program located adjacent to the Saco Food Pantry. The organization was founded by Elaine Fournier in 2008. Its mission is to provide clothing for needy children in York County.
Location: 67 Ocean Park Road, Saco, ME (next door to the pantry)
Hours: Tues., Wed. and Thurs. 9:30 – 11:30 am & last Tues. of the month 5:00 – 7:00 pm
Phone: 207-286-9939(during business hours only)
Mail:   PO Box 246, Saco ME 04072
Web:   http://www.openheartsaco.org
Volunteers Needed
We are always seeking new volunteers to help from 1 or more days a week. Almost all work is done in the mornings. There are 4 main types of jobs - food pickup and storage,  perishables processed, shelves restocked,  and clients helped. If you are interested, contact Lynn (207) 494-8662 lsteed203@gmail.com and/or Sheldon snight52@gmail.com.
Ways to donate:
Please specify where donation is to be applied (Saco Food Pantry, or Open Hands, Open Heart)
< >By check – mail to Saco Food Pantry, PO Box 246, Saco, ME 04072Website – www.sacofoodpantry.org (can donate by credit card)Amazon – go to smile.amazon.com and select Saco Food Pantry for your charity. Amazon donates a portion of their profits directly to the pantrywww.paypal.com/fundraiser/charity/1283706There is a secure donation slot outside of the pantry.
John Reynolds:
My wife and I retired from teaching in independent schools in New York City in 2009 and moved full-time to our home in Biddeford. I taught math and computers to middle school students. We wanted to do volunteering here in Maine and took our therapy dogs to visit folks in local nursing homes.We also volunteered at the Animal Welfare Society in West Kennebunk. A dear friend got us involved in the Saco Food Pantry, and I was asked to become a board member around 2015, becoming Corresponding Secretary in 2017. When Covid came along, we had to stop going to nursing homes and AWS, but happily continued with the pantry. We are also part of the Gems (Geriatric Education Mentor) program at UNE, mentoring medical students. We also play with the Village Ringers, a local bell choir.
Passcode: 1ThpIw@8

Guests included Joy Valenti – Windham, NY Rotary Club & Joe McKail – Jen Fullmer’s Father

Melissa Cilley introduced our Guest speaker - John Reynolds of the Saco Food Pantry.
Saco Food Pantry Overview: Hours of Operation Monday-Friday 9:00am-10:30am and the last Tuesday of each month from 5:00pm-6:30pm
Closed Weekends, holidays and days when school is closed* or delayed for inclement weather. The pantry is open during our regular business hours during this crisis and following CDC guidelines. The all-volunteer staff have changed their procedures by meeting folks in the parking lot and bringing food out to them.
The Saco Food Pantry needs two relatively strong people for early Tuesday's pickup from the stores. 7-8:30. A couple could do it; two couples were doing it alternating weeks.  And we need a couple of volunteers for Tuesdays for packing groceries 9-10:30. Contact Lynn lsteed203@gmail.com
Thanked the Biddeford-Saco Rotary Club for their contributions.
Club Updates:
• Ken Farley is leading the search for the Officer/Director Slate. We are still looking for someone to step in as VP of the club. Her/his presidency would begin in July 2024.
• Adopt A Family: The Biddeford School Department has received multiple donations of new coats recently and just received a sizeable grant for winter wear for Biddeford students K-12.  If you were assigned a Biddeford family, let's utilize these resources to save some funds on other items by letting me know what you may need, and I will see if we have them in stock or can get them.  Email Karen at: kchasse@biddefordschools.me  
  • Our totals as of now are 33 families with 83 children (33 kids sponsored by individuals/groups in our community and 50 kids sponsored by Rotary Club).  
  • Gift Delivery to Families on Monday, December 20th (choose a time that works with the families) - Call them the Friday before to confirm.
• Rotary LOGO Clothing: Posted on the website, you will see some items that have been selected to order from Brady’s Screen printing. Please watch your email for items that can be purchased with the Biddeford-Saco Rotary logo. Items should be ordered by emailing Brenda Pollock bpollock@egcu.org by 12/15/2021 and bring payment by that date. We will ask Sue to cut one check for Brady’s once all the orders have been placed. Thank you.

• Save the date- help out Wreaths Across America 12/18 9am St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Biddeford.

Next Meeting: December 8, 2021 – Guest Speaker – Don Bisson – Biddeford Food Pantry
The Movember facial hair growing contest, which promotes awareness of mens' health issues, was won by Brenda Pollock -- no contest! Brenda will donate her $100 winnings to Bravebees.org
Amazing work the raffle this year. We sold every ticket! Karen Chasse, Conrad Welzel, and Heather Maclean deserve a ton of credit for making this important fundraiser a success!
  $500 Winners:
  • Dave Precourt sold by Carl Goodwin
  • Shop & Gather, LLC sold by Bill Kany
  • Caroline Tetirick sold by Matt Tuller
  • Wendy Letellier sold by Carl Goodwin
  • Josh Ferron sold by Steve Morin
  • Shop & Gather, LLC sold by Bill Kany
$1000 Winners:
  • Jackson Brown sold by Karen Chasse
  • Ron Giles sold by Bill Kany
$5000 Winner:
  • John Robinson sold by Marty Grohman
Rotary Foundation:
Brian Dallaire gave us a presentation on Rotary Foundation giving. It is important to give a minimum of $100 per year if you can. This money comes back to our community. You can give with your dues or directly.
Visiting Rotarians and Guests: Kathy Shea's sister Natalie (thank you so much Natalie for helping out at the registration desk!); PDG Peggy Belanger; and Saco Sunset member Joanne Landry. Welcome!
Happy Dollars:
Bill P zoomed in from St. Pete to say he was on the beach in the sun
Joe M successfully merged his company with Arch Global. Many congratulations Joe!
Karen C has launched a marketing communications business, Diverse Anecdote
Kim R landed a great new sponsor for her Keep It Local Maine podcast
Dr. Joe is pleased with the Oqunquit Club connection which we continue to build
Melissa is happy to add to our tribute to Jim Audiffred, who was a great supporter of APEX
Jim L is happy to be volunteering at Window Dressers
Conrad is happy that our work moving flooring for My Place Teen Center was so successful
PDG Peggy B is happy to be a guest and bring her friend Joanne Landry
Brenda gives happy $10 to win Movember and to see the American Miss Pageant do so well!
Thanks to the Ricetta's staff for throwing a couple extra pizzas in the oven due to our great meeting turnout, and thanks to you for coming! Please do register for upcoming meetings so we can get an accurate headcount. 
There is no meeting on 11/24! Happy Thanksgiving!
To: , [bdallaire@usa.net]
From: Donna Dwyer [donna@myplaceteencenter.org]
Dear Rotary, Thank you so much for tearing up that flooring today - like Legos, I guess, and delivering it to 75 Bacon Street. That was exceptional of you to put in that sweat equity for My Place Teen Center. We are so grateful to partner with you and inspired by your community dedication. Happy Holidays, and THANK YOU, again! ~ Donna, MPTC
Brenda has worked to develop a catalog of Rotary Logo Clothing through Brady's of Biddeford.  Several items are available for purchase.  We will be placing the order with them all at once.
Now available and place your individual orders online at http://go.rotary7780gives.org/16a793 so Brenda may make the master order. 
We would prefer to receive payment via cash, check to club or via Venmo(@Treasurer-BSRC).  This will save on the website processing fees.

James L. Audiffred Esq.


On Monday, November 8, 2021, James Lee Audiffred passed away peacefully at Gosnell House in Scarborough after a lengthy illness.


Born to Joseph and Mae Audiffred Jim was raised in Festus, Missouri one of five siblings.


Jim graduated from Southeast Missouri State College and Brooklyn Law School and was a member of the bar in Maine, Massachusetts and New York.


Jim’s passion for cooking developed at a very young age when his parents owned a restaurant. He put his skills to good use while providing comfort to many people whether through the Thanksgiving dinners at the Salvation Army, cooking Sunday brunch at the Ronald McDonald House for the individuals staying there, or as a fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House selling brunches for families to be catered in their homes. Jim was as adept in a fancy kitchen as he was on many of his camping and his white water rafting trips. His passion for camping was only exceeded by his love of family and his dear sweet grandchildren.


Jim was a kind, generous and thoughtful individual with a great sense of humor and was well known for his jokes. He always said when people were talking it would remind him of a joke and he usually told it. Equally he was famous for his banana breads, fudge and chocolate chip cookies.


He was a veteran and a proud longtime member of the Biddeford Saco Rotary Club. Extremely active in community service Jim was particularly proud to have received the Paul Harris award and the 6 Who Care award. Jim and his wife, Margo, hosted several Rotary exchange students and had the opportunity to visit them in their native countries. He and Margo loved traveling particularly to St. Martin in the Virgin Islands.


Jim was predeceased by his parents, and his brothers Joe and David. He is survived by his wife, his sisters Frances Cooper and Rosalie Jackson, his son Jim (Elizabeth), his stepdaughters Michelle Snow (Tom) and Melanie Serrano (Irvin) and his grandchildren Finn, Eli, Maya, Balam and Naomi.


Services will be private. Jim will be laid to rest in Laurel Hill Cemetery.


Those wishing to make a donation in his memory may do so by contributing to the Ronald McDonald House, 250 Bracket Street, South Portland, Maine 04102 or the Gosnell Memorial Hospice House, 11 Hunnewell Road, Scarborough, Maine 04074


Our club has been in existence for 101 years and the continuity of leadership in our club has been a big reason for our longevity.  As Rotarians we are leaders in our community and in the organizations in which we work.  Each year, a committee is formed to nominate members to take on the challenging, but incredibly rewarding role of leadership in our club.   We will present our nominations to the club at a regular meeting in early December where the club will vote on the nominations.
For those of you that may not know, the succession planning for our Club President begins anew each year with the nomination committee.  The special individual who is elected Vice President will serve as Vice President beginning in July of 2022, become President-Elect in July 2023, assume the role of Club President in July of 2024 then complete their term as an immediate Past President on the Board of Directors in July of 2025.  
We are also seeking nominees for 2 Director positions.  Directors typically meet monthly to review finances, fundraisers, large charitable requests, community projects and new initiatives among other things.  
Although we have some individuals willing to continue serving as Secretary (Julie Villemaire), Treasurer (Susan Gejewski) and Assistant Treasurer (Kathy Shea) these positions are also open for nominees if you are interested.
Finally, we have an Assistant Secretary position that is open.  This is a non-voting member of the Board of Directors and supports the Secretary in the many functions they perform.
As I often say, this is a Rotary Club not a Country Club - we live by the words Service Above Self.  Having served as Treasurer and President, I can tell you that the experience is extremely rewarding and all Rotarians should take advantage of the opportunity.
If you are interested in one of the positions please let me or the someone on the nominating committee (Kristen Lane, Kathy Shea, Morgan Stoner, or Paul Deschambeault) know of your interest.  Should you have any questions about any of the positions or the nominating process, please feel free to reach out to me, the nominating committee or anyone who is serving (or has served) in these positions.  We are all happy to talk with you about these positions.
Thank you for your consideration.  
Yours in service,
Ken Farley
The American Legion was chartered and incorporated by Congress in 1919 as a patriotic veterans organization devoted to mutual helpfulness.
Good Afternoon
By definition, a veteran is a person who has served in the military.
Every enlisted person takes the following oath:
"I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the
Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and
domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I
will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of
the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform
Code of Military Justice. So help me God."
Did you notice, the word “until” does not appear anywhere.
I am Michael Gibney. I served 6 years and 28 days on active duty with the
 United States Air Force and an additional 3 years, 5 months and 24 days
with the Maine Air National Guard.  I spent 10 months and 4 days in South
East Asia. I had two major surgeries performed in a military hospital.  I am
a disabled veteran. My attempt today is to enlighten you about the Vietnam
Veterans of America. Ground forces were removed from Vietnam in 1973
and US involvement ended in 1975. When I entered the United States Air
Force there were approx. 2,360,000 Americans on active duty with the
various military services, as of 2019 that number was approx. 1.360,000.
In 2019 it was estimated there were 610,000 Vietnam veterans still alive.
Safe to presume that number is lower today. The veteran of today is
honored and respected. When I left active duty that was not the case.
We kept our status as a veteran a well-guarded secret. Usually, only family
members knew of our service.
Vietnam was the first war fought with a dinner audience and being narrated
by either David Brinkley, Walter Cronkite or Howard K Smith.  The news
also provided score cards identifying the number killed that day, week,
month and year to date.  Although the information presented was factual, it
was easily perceived and spun with a negative impact.  Support of the war
waned and unfortunately, the Vietnam veteran bore the blunt of that
disapproval. There were no ticker tape parades, no thank you’s, no
acknowledgement or appreciation for their service to country.  I can tell you
from personal experience, I have been spat on in uniform twice, once in a
foreign country and once here in the United States. A lot of those
veterans felt lost, thus the formation in the late 1970s of the Vietnam
Veterans of America. The Vietnam Veterans of America is the only
congressionally chartered national veterans’ service organization dedicated
to serving veterans of the Vietnam war.  Using 1975 as the end date, if an
 individual was 18 years old then, that person would be 64 years old today.
 Safe to say the youngest Vietnam veteran in at least 64 years old. I
acknowledge the Vietnam Veterans of America is a dying organization.  We
know our days are numbered but to the last person, we continue to honor
our motto “Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another!”
The Vietnam Veterans of America provides support to all veterans with a
need. There used to be five chapters in Maine, today only one chapter
remains. Chapter 1044 of the Vietnam Veterans of America is housed in
the basement of the American Legion building at 508 Elm Street in
Biddeford. Currently Chapter 1044 has approx. 180 members. I have the
honor of serving as the chapter secretary since 2019.  Examples of some
past services of Chapter 1044, was to provide an honor guard at funerals
and perform a fallen warrior ceremony for the public on Memorial Day.  Due
to decreasing numbers, we had to disband the honor guard. We provide
space for fellowship to allow veterans to speak with other veterans. We
have provided and will provide heating fuel assistance to veterans in need. 
They only have to prove they are a veteran with a need and the chapter will
provide up to 100 gallons of heating fuel. We contact a company in the
servicing area and supply the fuel, we do not give money to the individual.
We have and will provide gift cards from a local supermarket to provide
groceries to a veteran in need. We have and will provide warm socks and
clothing to homeless veterans. We have two certified service officers who
will provide assistance to veterans and their spouses to navigate and file
claims for entitled benefits from the Veterans Administration. These are not
handouts but entitled benefits earned while serving on active duty.  Again,
the service we provide is to all veterans, not just the Vietnam veteran. We
receive no federal funds, no state allocations.  Monies received are through
donations and fund-raising efforts.  Prior to Covid 19 we manned donation
tables at various business throughout the area, we manned donation tables
at the Kennebunk service plaza off the turnpike.  We had public dinners
and such.  We have a trailer in front of our location on Elm Street for
donated bottles and cans which we process at a local redemption
center.  Covid has certainly put a damper on our fund raising.  Currently
we offer a dinner, salad, soup/sandwich for sale every Saturday noon to
2:00.  That along with the bottles and cans are currently our only source of
income. I am not here to ask for donations, however if you feel the desire to
 donate, we will not refuse.  My purpose today is to make you aware of our
existence and what we do.  If you have returnable cans or bottles you want
to donate, just place the bag in the trailer.  If you are looking for a meal on
Saturday, stop by between noon and 2pm.  If you know of a veteran who is
struggling, tell them about us and maybe we can steer them in the right
direction.  Again, the service we provide is for all veterans.  The Vietnam
veteran of today bears no ill will towards the recognition today’s veteran
receives, in fact we honor it!
In opening I provided my service history, how many of you thought I was
wounded in Vietnam?  I was not.  I entered the Air Force in October of
1972, after 6 weeks of basic training at Lackland AFB TX,  I was stationed
at Charleston AFS, ME.  A radar site approx. 30 miles NW of Bangor.  In
June of 1973 I suffered a serious leg injury while playing on the base
softball team requiring two major surgeries at Loring AFB. In March of 1975
I was assigned to a Tactical Unit Operations Center at Udorn RTAFB in
Thailand. Upon arrival we prepared to support the evacuation of US
personnel from Vientiane, Laos; which never happened.
Mid-April we supported Operation Eagle Pull, the evacuation of US
personnel from Phnom Penh, Cambodia; end of April we supported
Operation Frequent Wind, the evacuation of US personnel from Saigon,
South Vietnam.  In May of 1975 we supported the rescue of the SS
Mayaguez, a container ship seized by Cambodia.  Due to the involvement
of the US military stationed in Thailand with the Mayaguez rescue the
government of Thailand ordered our removal from Thailand by years end.
The rest of my tour of duty was uneventful and I returned back to the states
in January of 1976 and was assigned to HQ TACCOMAREA at Langley
AFB, VA until my discharge in October of 1978. I then became a member
of the Maine ANG at Bangor until April of 1982.  In opening, the information
I provided was factual, just with a different spin; much like the news
presented toward the Vietnam veteran during the time.  My disability was
awarded in 2017.  At the time of my discharge from active-duty veterans
were not completely briefed on their benefits.  I was not aware I could file
for disability. The VVA helped me by letting me know I was entitled
because disability is awarded for service connection, not just combat
Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you today and thank you for your
service to the community!!
Now recruiting community members to teach vital life skills to area youth! 
Are there things that you weren't taught in high school that you wish you knew before graduating? Important knowledge is taught in classrooms every day, but there are also practical skills and life knowledge that students can miss out on. Taxes, credit cards, how to do laundry, and renting an apartment are just a few that come to mind. Typically, we learn these things from trusted adults, Google, or through fumbling along on our own.  Now, area youth can learn them through Apex.
Apex Youth Connection has launched an ongoing series of workshops around these life skills with the help of people like yourself! Zip on over to our form to see if there's a topic you might have interest in sharing. You can also contact Dave Munger, Job Readiness Program Manager, with questions or for more information. Thanks for your support!
Next week and going forward is at Ricetta's in Saco. Rotarians in the know turn on Hutchins Street by the U-Haul and park in the large lot behind the restaurant, then come in through the Take Out door to our space upstairs... it's a nice spot, seems like it might even work well for Zoom - we did a test yesterday and it worked well. The food will be a buffet with several options including vegetarian and gluten-free.
SACO – Rotarians from the Biddeford-Saco Rotary Club, the Saco Bay Rotary Club, and the UNE Rotaract Clubs, are joining forces and taking part in the 2021 Beach Clean Up effort happening throughout Maine. Along Maine’s beaches, rivers, and lakes, you’ll find Rotarians and locals taking on the task of cleaning Maine’s beautiful landscapes. Led by Rotarian, Dr. Michael Burman, the clubs are planning the local clean up event on Saturday, September 25th, from 9 – 11 am at Bayview Beach in Saco. “There are many projects that Rotary clubs have adopted to limit society’s negative effects on the planet”, Burman said. “It’s a unique opportunity for the Biddeford, Saco, and OOB clubs to work together to help our community and our environment.  We’re especially excited to pair established Rotary members with UNE’s Rotaract students, as they represent the next generation of Rotarians and community leaders.”
Located along Seaside Avenue (Rte. 9) and at the end of Bayview Road in Saco, Bayview Beach is a sandy beach that is a popular beach destination in the summer months.  In 2018, Age Friendly Saco received an AARP Challenge Grant to provide beach accessibility mats at this location in the summertime to provide ease of access to the beach for all.  In 2019, the Saco Parks and Recreation Department acquired beach wheelchairs for visitors to borrow. Anyone interested in helping with the clean-up should plan to arrive for 9am. The city of Saco is assisting with clean-up supplies.
Dick Hall, District Governor of Rotary’s District 7780 is excited to see twenty-one clubs organize various clean-up efforts in along Maine’s waterfronts. “Rotarians have always made the environment an area of focus in their respective clubs by adding the environment as our organization’s seventh area of focus, allows a direct channel to global grants, new projects, and innovations tackling this issue”, said Hall.
For upwards of 110 years, Rotary has used its vast network to create positive change for its focus areas: promoting peace, fighting disease, providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene, saving mothers and children, supporting education, and growing local economies. These six areas act as pillars, each sustaining the extensive global organization by way of focused motivation. On June 25, 2020, Rotary International announced, with unanimous support from the Rotary Foundation Trustees and Rotary International Board of Directors, that it will be adding a seventh area of focus: supporting the environment.
For more information on the 2021 clean up event, visit http://www.biddeford-sacorotary.org/or visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BiddefordSacoRotaryClub



CLYNK bags are available at Whimsical Me on Main Street Saco. Stop into Heather’s store to pick-up several bags. Drop your bags off at the CLYNK DEPOSITORY In the Hannaford Shopping Center. Scan the bag tag on the outside of the door and place the bag inside  Help us support Roland Gagne’s school in Kenya. A few cans and bottles goes a long way to improve the lives of these children. Let’s fulfill our commitment. .
Thank you



Our Club is in first place of 10 Rotary Clubs who participate in this program!  But Saco Bay is gaining on us.

Rotary Club of Biddeford Saco

Total Raised


Containers CLYNKed


Saved enough energy to light 77.8 lightbulbs—24 hours a day—for a year.

Saved the emissions equivalent of driving a car 14,726 miles.

Diverted enough containers to fill 567.4 lobster traps.

 Fill up those green bags.  If you need more bags and/or labels, just let Julie Villemaire know and she can hook you up…no charge!

Simple fill with returnables and drop off at any Hannaford.

Alternately, if you already have a CLYNK account of your own, you can designate you funds as a donation.  Hit the Donate button and search for Rotary and you'll find our account.


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Service Above Self

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Hybrid Meetings on ZOOM
Future Meeting are held on Zoom
 We will continue with Zoom as a hybrid meeting.
Start signing on at 12:00 PM.  Meeting starts at 12:15 PM.
Dr Brian Dallaire is inviting you to a scheduled Rotary Zoom meeting.
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