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Welcome to our Club! Rotary District 7780 -- Club Number 6294 -- Est. 1920


Service Above Self

We meet Wednesdays at 12:15 PM
Run of the Mill Public House & Brewery
100 Main St
Saco, ME  04072
United States
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Governor Paul LePage
Mar 29, 2017
The State of Maine
Arthur Cleaves and Marston Lovell from the York Co
Apr 05, 2017
Regional 1 Director of FEMA: Emergency management initiative in York County
Foundation Day
Apr 19, 2017
with Yankee Swap
Amanda Ruel and a couple of Natural Helpers
Apr 26, 2017
Natural Helpers
Abigail Smith, Executive Director
May 10, 2017
Animal Welfare Society
Annual visit & BBQ @ COT
May 31, 2017
The House Project
COT Rotary House 2015-2016
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Pledge of Allegiance: started by President Lucie Kay @ 12:15
4 Way Test:  Elaine Palmitessa          
Invocation:  Jim Audiffred

PE Jackson Brown announced Rotary meets every Wednesday at 12:15 at Run of the Mill. There were no visitors today



  1. Joe Bassett is doing well following his surgery.
  2. We need people to sign up to work at the auction: food, telephone bank, kitchen duty, Pic N Pay
  3. Email Jim McAllister if you are interested in sorting bids after the boards close. It is a very easy task. Rob Moody has committed to help him all day-need some other to help.
  4. Need a few hands Friday night to help Jerry Lapierre set up at the Community Center.
  5. Student essay contest is April 12th at People's Choice Credit Union, Saco.
  6. Conrad Welzel will chair the 5/31/17 Rotary House celebration.
  7. City of Biddeford deeded 518 Main St to the Rotary last week.
  8. Red Ribbon Committee will meet on 3/20 at 5:30 at the Community Bike Shop. Agenda: pick the T shirt design and organize the community night.
  9. Charitable Giving Committee is meeting after today's meeting.
50/50 Drawing: Tammy Ackerman won the $23 and donated it to the Red Ribbon Committee
Sergeant At-Arms (SAA): Sarah Curley and Matt Simmons
 Happy Dollars: Joe Boyle is just happy.
Brenda P. is happy that her 8-year-old granddaughter is adopted today. Jackson B attended PETS and realized our club is far ahead of many others.
Karen Chasse was happy because she got a car for the first time ever that has a warranty. Elaine P had to pay because she made an error on Brenda P.'s birthdate.
Jackson had to pay for his beautiful looks. Heather M forgot the 4 Way test.
Lucy started the meeting late.
Joe Moreshead is sporting the Tom Cruise look.
Lucy thanked Joe M. for picking up the water from Poland Spring for the Auction. Joe had to pay for not being available next Saturday.
Speaker Presentation: Guy and John representing the 00B Ballpark.
  • Volunteers manage the park
  • It is Triple A rated and is self-supporting seating 6000.
  • Rotary assisted in the past to build handicap ramps
  • They need volunteers to help with cleanup, fixing things etc. Looking to have a group on  May 6th  participate.
  • They host 180 ballgames a year
Work items at the Ballpark

   1.Complete terrace deck and stairs. (Skills carpentry, painting.)

  1. Repair restore right field fence.
  2. Clean out and begin restoration of second concession stand. Relocate dumpsters clean  up.
  3. Install Bullpen fence posts, need (backhoe)
  4. Pressure wash stadium walking surface
  5. Weed Control on warning track.
  6. Build utility house in parking lot for power water.
  7. Repair visitors shower walls (take down find leak, repair, replace tiles)
  8. Paint new Sky Box windows, install latching system.
  9. Paint, touch up all rust spots on security fence
  10. Fabricate and install privacy barriers in Men's  Restroom
Jackson Brown spoke a little bit more about his PETS experience:
  • Made good connections
  • Change to pushing hard for business connections, use of e-meetings, Skype etc.
  • Soft on meeting attendance as long as individual is participating in club activities in the community
  • Pushing corporate memberships

Adam Parent shared a little about himself with our remaining time:

  • He was an Interact member in high school and LOVED it.
  • He joined the Rotary to meet other mature Rotarians (he is still waiting for that to happen)
  • He has been a realtor for the past 4 years
  • Married his high school sweetheart of 14 years and trying not to have kids
  • He trains for marathons and his biggest hobby is spending time with his horse that he bought 2 years ago.
2 New members were inducted: Linda Verville and Debbie Burrs
Apologies are sent in advance for any misspellings of names.
    Pledge of Allegiance:  started by President Lucie Kay @ 12:15
    4 Way Test:                                                                                       
    Invocation      Joe Moreshead                                                           
    President-Elect (Jackson Brown) Introduces Visiting Rotarians & Guests:
    Announcements: 1. Rotary Auction items need to be submitted ASAP.  At this time there is a significant shortage.  The next Rotary Committee will meet March 10th.
    2. Jim has been successful in his endeavors to gain t-shirts for all the kids in the three school districts participating in Red Ribbon events in April. Brady Printing is working with Jim.
    3. Essay contest is April 12th at Duffy’s Tavern  
    4. Rotary House Celebration-May 31st
    Rotarians and community members that contributed to the successful project will convene at COT.  Lucie is looking for a small committee to organize this event. 
    Sergeant At-Arms (SAA): Sarah and Matt
    Speaker Presentation: Classifications were done instead of a presentation
    No speakers this week
    Classification: Brenda Pollock is an old member new member.  She is thrilled to be back after a 12 year hiatus.  She thanked her parents for raising her with the values she has and has proudly passed it on to her two children.  She started her career in Maine as the Director in the Chamber of Commerce Industry and National Historic Preservation Main Street development program. She then became a Public Relations Manager for a national waste-to-energy facility.  She then managed an international regional airline start-up which led her to Montreal where she was promoted to VP of Sales and Marketing with an international aviation company.  In 2012 she launched her own business to assist companies improve culture and make a positive impact on their bottom line.  She has written two books and spent two years sailing on the East Coast with her best friend and captain whom she married in 2015. 
    Apologies are sent in advance for any misspellings of names.

    President Lucie started the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Joe Boyle led the 4 Way Test and Jim Audiffredprovided the invocation.


    Vice President Bernice Wood introduced visiting Rotarians & Guests:  Terri Wentworth


    Auction Update:  We have all of the items!  The boards will be put together this afternoon. Thanks to Julie for typing up the slips and Joe Moreshead for constant interruptions.  Bill Kanywas able to secure 3 $500 sponsorships!  Sign-up sheet for kitchen duty will be going around.  Julie requested volunteers to help call bidders from last year whose email bounced back.  There is also a sign-up sheet for various duties in the Pic N pay area.


    April 12th is the Essay Contest which will be held at People’s Choice FCU (not Duffy’s) on the Industrial Park Road in Sac


    President Lucie is looking for volunteers to plan a celebration for the Rotary House on May 31st.


    Jim Godbout:  Red Ribbon week is April 24th-28th.  Meeting is rescheduled from 21st to the 20th.  The new t-shirt design is due next week.


    Rotary House:  This has had tremendous in-kind donations in our community!  Tremblay Cabinets, Distinctive Tile, Maine Marble & Granite.  “This Old House”  producer may make an appearance!  Jim also announced that we got a second house to renovate.  It is located at 518 Main Street, Biddeford.


    Anniversaries:  Paul Deschambault-18 Years!

                             Elaine Palmitessa-5 Years!


    The 50/50 was won by Jim Audiffred.


    Sargent of Arms:  

    Happy Dollars:  Julie- Happy auction items are in

                              Joe Boyle – Hopeful $ for wife’s good health

                              Adam- Happy to be back

                              Mark- City Theater show opening

                              Joe Moreshead-Snowshoeing win

                             Don Pilon-Tammy Ackerman new member

                             Paul Deschambault - Happy to be back

                             Matt- Son won tournament

                             Nicole- Booming real estate market

                             Fausto- Leaving for New Orleans


    Fines:  Bernice- Coffee Mug; Jim Godbout-Maine Home Magazine; Paul D. – Facebook beach                           photo; Jeremy Ray-didn’t provide happy $ for new Rotary house; Roland- special meal.


    New Members Inducted:  Tammy Ackerman and Amanda Coward


    Speaker:  Commissioner of York County Government, Marston Lovell


    Discussed the Opiate Crisis 

         2015- 36 people died in York County

         There are at least a dozen people a day needing detox before going to jail.

         Trying to divert the drug users from going to jail & getting the help they need.


    Greg Zinger ):

    ​Location is adjacent to the County Jail

               64 bed facility recovery center proposed to be open for York County

    ​​Permitted for 36 beds at this time

                           Working of funding / tax dollars

                            $1.7 million needed to start and operate

    For more information visit

    Betty shared a presentation with us.  Some facts from those slides include:
    11-24% of people over the age of 60 experience some form of elder abuse.
    Abuse can be:
    • physical
    • sexual
    • psychological
    • neglect
    • abandonment
    • financial exploitation
    Abusers tend to be:
    • 71% family member
    • 19% spouse
    • 6% friend or neighbor
    Estimates are that only 1 in 14 cases are ever reported.
    Red flags that may indicate abuse is taking place:
    • Sudden changes in appearance or personality
    • Becoming uncommunicative
    • Visible injuries
    • Isolated
    • Complaints about caregivers
    • Immediate danger - call 911.  State Police are trained to spot elder abuse
    • Adult Protective Services - 1.800.624.8404 (Part of Maine Department of Health & Human Services)
    • Legal Services for the Elderly - 1.800.750.5353  Free legal services to those over 60.

    ​Our guest speaker this week was Scott McDonald (a/k/a Mark McDonald if you ask Joe Moreshead or Fausto) from the fraternal organization known as "Modern Woodmen".  Modern Woodmen has been around since 1883 and is really a financial advising firm though it also has insurance components and apparently is also a bank.  It is a non-profit organization which was originally established to support widows and orphans, in other words the same membership as credit unions.  All of its customers are its owners similar to a mutual savings bank or a credit union, but Modern Woodmen is a very large multi-billion dollar nationwide organization which is one of largest financial service organizations in the country.  


    ​The interesting thing about its business model is that because it is a non-profit, it pays no taxes and with the funds that are saved from not paying taxes it donates that money back to the communities that it serves.  Scott McDonald indicated that last year Modern Woodman contributed $636,000.00 to different causes in the State of Maine.  Modern Woodmen's primary benevolent effort includes a matching fund program in which they will match different fundraising efforts up to $2,500.00. 


    ​Modern Woodmen sells the same investment products and provides the same services that most banks and other financial advising firms may provide but their emphasis is on promoting community.  They sponsor speech contests for third to sixth graders and they provide educational materials for a whole host of subjects from ecology awareness to financial literacy.  They also provide every day hero awards to individuals in the community who go above and beyond the call of duty and those individuals receive a plaque and $100 to donate to their favorite charity.  Modern Woodmen, like our Rotary Club, sponsors a number of college scholarships, and, like our Club, they also enjoy getting involved in hands-on projects.  


    ​The reason we invited Scott McDonald of Modern Woodmen to come and speak, is because his organization matched the funds raised at the Chamber of Commerce auction this year resulting in a significant contribution to our Red Ribbon Committee.  No one really knew what Modern Woodmen was about so this gave us a chance to learn about Modern Woodmen while also giving Scott an opportunity to let us know about all of the good things that his company is involved in.  It would certainly seem that our Club might be able to collaborate with Modern Woodmen in the future on other projects and, if you are involved in any other non-profits, you may want to reach out to Scott (who has fantastic chocolate business cards).  



    Janice Budzik-Conley, a Tech-Integrator from CK Bums School in Saco spoke about the "Read to ME" Challenge. The Read to ME Challenge is a month-long public awareness campaign to promote childhood literacy in Maine held during February 2017.

    The Read to ME Challenge is an Opportunity to contribute to a child's literacy growth by reading aloud to one or more children for at least 15 minutes, to capture that reading episode via a photo and post it on social media to challenge others to do the same. Over 100 Maine schools, community literacy teams and other literacy-related organizations partnered in the 2016 campaign.

    Janice was here today to ask the Biddeford/Saco Rotary Club to participate in this reading program this month in our local schools. A number of Rotarians have volunteered to read to students in local schools. If you are interested contact Fausto.



    Maine Department  of Education

    -  Read to ME Challenge

    The Read to ME Challenge is a month-long public awareness campaign to promote childhoodliteracy in Maine held during February 2017.


    What was the Read to ME Challenge?


    The Read to ME Challenge is an opportunity to contribute to a child's literacy growth by reading aloud to one or more children for at least 15  minutes. The steps for taking the challenge are listed below and you can access resources to promote the challenge through the links on the lefthand side of this page.  You can also read about how the challenge


    1S 1l)i llutes  da tor li racy
    is spreading across Maine by visiting the Read to ME Challenge articles.


    Steps for Taking the Read to ME Challenge

    • Read to and/or have a child/children read to you for at least 15minutes.
    • Read an engaging book, chapter of a novel, newspaper ormagazine article, comics, nursery rhymes or poetry.
    • Capture a photograph of short video (15-30 seconds) of yourself reading to the child.
    • Use #ReadtoME or #ReadaloudME to post the photoor video on social media with your challenge to others toread aloud 15 minutes to a child or children they know.
    • Recommended social media platforms include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube.
    • If you live a distance from a child you'd like to read to, useSkype or Facetime to read aloud via digital means.
    • If you are unable to complete the challenge within 48 hours,consider:

    0 Donating a book to a school or public library, a food cupboard, a homeless shelter or a little free library near where you live.

    0        Volunteering your time at a library.

    0 Singing to or having a conversation with a child (these methods build language, too).


    For more information, contact Lee Anne Larsen, Literacy Specialist for the Maine DOE.



    Biddeford - Saco Rotary Club​Saco Bay Rotary Club

              Lucie Kay - President​ ​ Jeff Slaton - President






    SUNDAY, March 26th, 2017

    12:00 to 9:00 PM



    The Rotary Clubs of Saco Bay and Biddeford - Saco are pleased to announce their Twenty-Eight Annual TV Auction in collaboration with Time Warner Cable of Maine.  Over the past 28 years we have raised over a million dollars that we have used to support countless community groups and charities.  Please see the back of this letter for a listing of some of our club activities and the groups with which we have partnered on projects or supported financially.


    Your past participation is greatly appreciated and once again, we need your help and continued supportto make this another successful Rotary auction. In fact, our goal is to make our 28th auction the biggest ever.  


    There are many ways to help!  We are seeking:

    ➢ 410 donated items or gift certificates with a retail value of at least fifty dollars ($50)and we suggest an item that is of interest to a broad segment of the public and represents your business well.
    ➢ Quickie Board Sponsors for $175 each (36 available).  Your business will be recognized on air as the sponsor of this ten-minute bidding board.
    ➢ Big Board Sponsors for $600 each (five available). Your business will be recognized on air as the sponsor of this 90-minute bidding board.  These boards will contain auction items valued over $250.
    ➢ Major sponsors.  Your business will be recognized on air with a banner or through a sponsorship of a big board item which will be featured during the 90-minute bidding boards.


    The auction will again take place at the J. Richard Martin Community Center in Biddeford.  It is an icon within our communities that provides an efficient location in which to run the auction and a convenient place for the people who purchase the auction items to pick them up.  The auction is a fast paced, exciting event with very few idle minutes and the space allows the public to see how we do it all.  Thousands of phone calls will be taken by volunteers from all over Maine and even other parts of the country while Rotarians auction off items and try their best to entertain.  


    We hope that you will help us produce another successful auction with your generous donation that allows you to help the community and gain recognition for your business.  A Rotarian will be in touch with you soon to talk about your potential participation in this year’s auction or to perhaps discuss sponsorship opportunities.  Thank you for your consideration.





    Bernice Wood

    Biddeford – Saco Rotary Club​


    David LePauloue

    Saco Bay Rotary Club




    The following is a partial listing of organizations and community projects that have received local Rotary Club support through the funds raised at our Auctions.


    Bon Appetite Soup Kitchen​Camp Susan Curtis Camperships

    Local Food Pantries​Handicapped Accessibility Donations

    York County Child Abuse & Neglect Council​Community Support Services, Inc

    Salvation Army​High School Youth Exchange Programs

    YMCA of Southern Maine​Tomorrow’s Promise Playground

    Rotary Youth Leadership (RYLA)​American Legion Post 26​

    Vocational House Project at Biddeford​Dictionary Project for 3rd Graders

    YWCA​​Project AWARE, Inc.

    UNE Scholarships​Saco River Walk Program

    Thornton Academy Scholarships​Biddeford & Adult Community Education

    Biddeford High School Scholarships​McArthur Library Annex

    Old Orchard Beach High Scholarships​Crop Walk Maine

    Toys for Tots​Biddeford Recreation Department

    Biddeford City Theater​Counseling Services, Inc.

    Thornton Academy Gazebo​Eastern Trail Alliance

    Saco Heath Nature Walk​VOANNE Veterans Services

    Cascade Falls Nature Trail​Saco Little League

    SMMC Cancer Care and Pediatric Asthma​Day One

    Senior Connection-Home Safety Program​Rotary Park

    Open Hands Open Heart​​St. James School

    Visiting Nurses Service Daycare Center​Biddeford Community Center

    Maine Children’s Cancer Program​Program Literacy Volunteers

    Biddeford Little League Softball​​Engine One​​

    Local Fire Department’s “Learn Not to​3D CNC Machine for Biddeford Regional

    Burn” Trailer​Center of Technology

    Annual Children’s Holiday Party​Our Father’s House, Inc.

    for Disadvantaged Children​      ​​

    ​Old Orchard Beach Recreation Department

    The Ballpark in OOB​Sweetser 


    Dyer Library / Saco Museum​Ferry Beach Ecology School



    The Rotary clubs of Saco Bay and Biddeford – Saco

    wish to thank you for your continued support.

                President: Jackson Brown
                President – Elect: Bernice Wood
                Vice President: Fausto Pifferrer
                Past President: Lucie Kay
                Treasurer: Susan Gajewski
                Assist. Treasurer: Matt Simmons (non-voting role)
                Secretary: Elaine Palmitessa
                Assist Secretary: Peggy Bean (non-voting role)
                Directors: Matt Simmons, Ray Demers, Jim Godbout, Joe Moreshead, Jim McAllister
    Annual replacement of the Rotary Flag at Mechanic Park, Biddeford, Maine.
    Below is the final copy of the Mission - Vision Statement and Guiding Principles of the Red Ribbon Committee as primarily authored by Andy Grief.  We have also revised the Red Ribbon logo to address Rotary requirements.  I thought it was important to share this with all of you.
    Mission – Vision – Guiding Principles  
    Red Ribbon Committee
    Rotary Club of Biddeford-Saco
    Mission Statement
    The Red Ribbon Committee of the Biddeford-Saco Rotary Club exists to mobilize the community to encourage healthy and thriving behaviors without the influences of illegal drugs and other misused substances.
    Vision Statement
    As a result of the efforts of the Red Ribbon Committee, members of the Biddeford, Saco, and Old Orchard Beach communities will lead healthier lives free of the harmful influences of misused substances.
    Guiding Principles
    • Rotary has the power to effect positive change through its leadership and resources.
    • Rotary believes in the necessity of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention efforts.
    • Rotary believes in the importance of information to effect positive change.
    • Rotary believes in the power of positive experiences to effect positive outcomes.
    • Rotary believes in the power of people sharing their personal stories to effect change.
    • Rotary believes in the power of caring mentoring relationships to empower people.
    For more info, follow us on facebook:

    PLEASE BE AT THE Run-Of-The-Mill BY 11:45 am


    March 22nd
    1Heather MacLean
    2Joe Boyle
    March 29th
    1Fausto Pifferrer
    2Matt Simmons
    April 5th 
    1Heather MacLean
    2Sara Brouillard
    April 12th
    1Heather MacLean
    2Joe Moreshead
    April 19th
    1Sara Brouillard
    2Bernice Wood
    April 26th
    1Heather MacLean
    2Bronwyn Barnett


    Julie Villemaire  needs more volunteers!  Please remember it is up to the TACK coordinator to ensure that someone is taking the minutes each week during your assigned month.  If you aren’t able to take the minutes yourself, please reach out to fellow members for volunteers.  Please forward the minutes to Julie Villemaire and Brian Dallaire so they can get them posted for the rest of the members.


    Invocation:  Joe Bassett


    PROGRAM IDEA???? PLEASE CONTACT Bill Kany, PROGRAM CHAIR or a member of the Program Committee. Remember it is the responsibility of every member to help get Programs for our meetings.


    Total Raised:

    Containers CLYNKed:


    Environmental Impact:

    • Energy: Saved enough energy to light 43.5 lightbulbs—24 hours a day—for a year.
    • Emissions: Saved the emissions equivalent of driving a car 8,231 miles.
    • Volume: Diverted enough containers to fill 310.9 lobster traps.

     Fill up those green bags.  If you need more bags and/or labels, just let Julie Villemaire know and she can hook you up…no charge!

    Simple fill with returnables and drop off at any Hannaford.

    Alternately, if you already have a CLYNK account of your own, you can designate you funds as a donation.  Hit the Donate button and search for Rotary and you'll find our account.


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