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There’s a world of opportunity waiting for you at the Toronto convention

June 23-27, 2018

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Each year, South Cowichan Rotarians assist the MS Society and help out with fundraising efforts. Pictured here, Rotarian Sarah Jackson volunteering her time.

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Want to make a donation to the Rotary Foundation?
You can do that each week at our meeting, or you can go to and click on "MyRotary".
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Questions? Contact Tony Jackson.
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Posted on Nov 28, 2015
It was a cold day but that didn't stop Rotarians from showing up to help build bridges, erect signs and clean up the trail. A special thanks to Tom Shadlock's hockey team for helping to carry the boards out to the bridge sites.

  You.. boys... not there, over here, wait no back right here.

I'm going as fast as I can! What bridge? Let them cross this log.

Did you bring the screws? No, I thought you did. Bridge #1, almost as good as #2

Nice sign! Hey, who ate all the timbits?
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Posted by Alan Lolacher on May 04, 2013
Over 20 South Cowichan Rotarians along with their guests, and our international exchange student, Mercedesz, worked with West Shawnigan Lake community volunteers to build a new trail recently.
A new trail opens in West Shawnigan Lake Alan Lolacher 2013-05-05 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Glenn Terrell
The 'Rotary Route' is a cycle touring route of Southern Vancouver Island . This carefully laid out route takes you through some of the Island's most scenic towns and countryside including Sidney, the Saanich Peninsula near Victoria, Mill Bay, Duncan, the Cowichan Valley, Chemainus, Ladysmith and the Cedar area south of Nanaimo. It also incorporates three beautiful ferry rides from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay , Brentwood Bay to Mill Bay and Duke Point back to Tsawwassen. The route involves a total of approximately 110 kms of ocean travel by ferry and 110 kms. of cycling.
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