Rotarian Deryk Norton wrote to our club to give us this update on the Tambores por la Paz / Drums for Peace music project that began in July 2016 in Colombia . . .

Thank you again for your Club’s support for “Drums for Peace”. From my February 1st visit to Barranquilla, Colombia I have the following to report about the project:

One hundred twenty boys and girls (ages 7-13, 50% boys and 50% girls) from the Rebolo and Luz Neighborhoods of Barranquilla-Atlántico were recruited and provided the first of 4 semesters of training in folkloric music and classroom instruction in leadership, citizenship and a culture of peace. In this first semester music training focused on skills in percussion (including drums) and classroom instruction focused on the individual as citizen as follows:

·         The social self in the construction of identity as a citizen

·         Citizenship and social skills

·         Citizenship skills

·         Civic education and values

·         Autonomy in the process of building citizenship

·         Rights and duties of citizenship

·         Social commitment and Culture of Peace

Project expenditures for the first semester were very close to 25% of the budget, consistent with the semester being 25% of the project’s duration.

Curriculum development and classroom delivery have used teachers with expertise in the subjects. Activities are carried out through experiential workshops. Sessions are also supported by volunteers.

Subsequent semesters will include wind instruments and writing and reading percussion notation. They will also include classroom instruction on the individual and human rights, building social fabric and social and community development...

Yours in Rotary Service,

Deryk Norton


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