Club member Ron Linkes and his team are busy crafting more of these "Little Libraries" to install in our communities here in South Cowichan! The club is expecting donations of all sorts of books and family-friendly reading material. Yes, kids books are very welcome too! Let us know if you'd like a box in your neighbourhood to keep the mailboxes company and foster your literary adventures!

Ron tells us, "Our second cluster of community libraries are currently going up. The snow has stopped us from planting the last three but they will be in place as soon as weather permits. 

We will soon have thirteen libraries scattered throughout the south valley and I have to say they have been well used. There is a good rotation of books circulating through each location and problems of vandalism and maintenance have been minimal. In two years we have only lost one to a fire. 

With the Rotary logo and email address posted on each box it is a great way to advertise the club in the very neighbourhoods our future members are likely to come from. We have even received requests to install a library in certain locations which can only be a good thing. 

If you have a location where one of our libraries would work now is the time to let me know. We are down to two that still do not have a home."

---> Ron can be reached by email at this link.