Posted by Gayle Demko on Sep 15, 2019
Club Meeting August 13, 2019
Opening and Welcome:  Gayle Demko opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and the recitation of the Rotary Four-Way Test and Tom Sullivan provided the invocation and led the club in “God Bless America”.
Members Present: Dale Baker, Gayle Demko, Jed Dery, Frank DiGennaro, Natalie Donais, Greg Heineman, Richard Kisiel, Jon Kozloski, Don Miner, Jack Muska, Paul Muska, Ken Pascoe, Ray Perleoni, Roger Pratt, Jay Presser, Don Rawling, Gordon Stagg, Tom Sullivan, Cat Thomas and Nancy Viggiano. Attendance: 63%   20/33
Guests:  Don Miner’s daughter and grandson, Kim Miner and Joe Madur; Danel Eitel and daughter Sydney
Announcements/Program:  President Gayle Demko opened the meeting with a welcome to Don Miner’s guests and welcomed the Eitel’s back as a speaker to our meeting.   The Board has approved support of the District project with a $500 donation for their food packaging project scheduled Oct.5, 2019 which will be held at the Crec school on Kennedy Rd. In Windsor. These packets will be donated within the district for “backpack meal” use.   A sign up for Rotary polo shirts was circulated and we anticipate having the shirts for Suffield on the Green.
The Golf Committee:  The chairmen thanked all who assisted noting the Rotarian support was phenomenal and the event very successful.  Jack Muska announced an estimated profit of $17,000 projected.  Jay Presser thanked all who assisted, remarking all vacancies were filled and everyone said that they had a great time.
Chicken BBQ: Ken has presented each member with a pack of ten tickets to sell prior to the event and has additional tickets if anyone needs them;  it is the presale which makes this event profitable. He is soliciting volunteers to work that project.
350th Committee:  This committee is beginning to finalize plans for the celebration.  Rotary will participate with retail items and with committee assistance as needed.
Program:  The Eitel’s presented a three page color project recap of the work performed on the Hilltop Farm chicken coop.  The work continues almost daily and they are currently re-shingling the siding and removing the ceiling for replacement.  The funds donated by the Rotary were used toward replacing the roof which was a three layered monstrosity and very difficult to demo. The list of work accomplished so far on this structure: power wash inside coop, sand and smooth interior walls, repair and repaint interior walls, bring electricity and lighting inside, scrape paint on exterior walls, repair doors on inside and outside of building, remove and replace existing ceiling, frame and cover windows, repair and reside exterior, construct run, remove rotting wood around much of structure, repaint exterior. The list seems endless and the ladies are obviously committed to completing this coop rehab!  The goal is to complete the structure and house 24 chickens by the end of this academic year.
Birthdays and Anniversaries:  Will be celebrated at next meeting.
Blue Ticket Winners:  Frank had the winning blue ticket, with sides won by Nancy and Ray.
Queen of Hearts:  Dick had the winning ticket, but did not select the queen. Next week’s drawing $580+.
Adjournment:  Gayle adjourned the meeting and led a closing song.  Next week Sammy promises lobster rolls and Scott will provide a great program for us!!