Posted by Gayle Demko on Nov 04, 2017
Suffield Rotary Club Meeting Minutes-October 31, 2017
Opening and Welcome:  President Dick Kisiel opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and the recitation of the Rotary Four-Way Test and Scott Seabury led the club in “God Bless America”.  
Members Present: Dale Baker, Gayle Demko, Jed Dery, Greg DeSantis, Frank DiGennaro, Natalie Donais, Gail Handley, Greg Heineman, Richard Kisiel, Luis Lee, Robert Lowell, Don Miner, Jack Muska, Ken Pascoe, Ray Perleoni, Roger Pratt, Jay Presser, Charles Roumas, Scott Seabury and Tom Sullivan. Attendance: 67%   20/30  
Guests:   Linda Stevenson, Suffield Volunteer Ambulance (Bob Lowell’s wife).
Announcements/Program:  Dick Kisiel opened the meeting with a welcome to our guest speaker, Linda Stevenson. Dick circulated a sign up for election night golf cart drivers; it was determined to meet next Tuesday evening as there were minimal conflicts due to election day obligations.
Events:  HOLIDAY PARTY – DECEMBER 5 – SAVE THE DATE.  Gail Handley announced the location of the Holiday Party - LaNotte in East Windsor and will provide further details as they are firmed.
SPEAKER:  Linda Stevenson introduced the Suicide Prevention Program adopted by the Suffield Volunteer Ambulance’s Suicide Prevention Committee: “Question, Persuade, Refer” (QPR).  The initial training is one hour in length and costs $29 for each trainee.
Linda reviewed the history of suicide in the town, state and nation which highlights the need for effective action and education to bring an awareness of available solutions for those contemplating this act.  Three of our Rotarians have been introduced to the initial hour of QPR training (Natalie Donais, Don Miner and Scott Seabury).  The SVAA would like to train the Interact group as their initial High School youth focus group.  SVAA is requesting a total of $2065 for Interact training ($580 for 20 students) and funding for instructor training for 3 SVAA associates ($1485).  The Rotary Board will consider the appeal.
Special Note:  If you have need for suicide or any other emergency help line assistance; dialing 211 will connect you with a resource which will forward the call to the appropriate service.
Birthdays and Anniversaries:  None this week.
Blue Ticket Winners:  Jay Presser had the winning blue ticket, with sides won by Dick Kisiel and Frank DiGennaro.
Queen of Hearts:  Jed Dery had the winning ticket, but did not select the queen. Next week’s drawing $686+.
Adjournment: Dick adjourned the meeting and Scott led a closing song.
Program scheduled for our next meeting – Nov 7:  No formal presentation; a social hour will be featured.