Posted by Gayle Demko on Dec 02, 2017
Suffield Rotary Club Meeting- November 28, 2017
Opening and Welcome:  Vice President Charles Roumas opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and the recitation of the Rotary Four-Way Test. Scott Seabury led the club singing of “God Bless America”.
Members Present: Dale Baker, Gayle Demko, Jed Dery, Gregory DeSantis, Frank DiGennaro, Natalie Donais, Gail Handley, Greg Heineman, Heidi Huhn Partain, Jonathon Kozloski, Luis Lee, Bob Lowell, Joseph “Clark” Mason, Don Miner, Jack Muska, Ken Pascoe, Roger Pratt, Jay Presser, Donald Rawling, Charles Roumas, Scott Seabury, Gordon Stagg, Tom Sullivan and Nancy Viggiano.  (24/30….80%).
Guests:  Suffield Players’ board members Jerry Zalewski and Mary Fernandez-Sierra.
Salt & Sand for Seniors – Delivery scheduled for about 30 seniors next Saturday, Dec 2; Ken Pascoe will meet the delivery volunteers at the Town Garage to fill buckets Saturday morning at 9 AM. 
Salvation Army Donations:  Signup sheet circulated for ‘bell ringers’ for Salvation Army - Sat & Sun- Dec 16 & 17 at Dunkin Donuts in the AM and Highland Park in the PM.  Details forthcoming at the Dec 12 meeting.
Holiday Party: Next Tuesday, Dec 5, at La Notte in East Windsor beginning at 6 pm. Cost is $25 per person and checks will be collected that night at the event.
Interact Club:  The club would like to schedule their spaghetti dinner for our group; Natalie is working with their adviser, Kate McClusky, to plan a Jan/Feb 2018 dinner.
Program:  Jerry Zalewski and Mary Fernandez-Sierra presented a brief history of Mapleton Hall and the Suffield Players’ use of the facility.  Mapleton Avenue was once a part of the trolley route between Hartford and Springfield and was called ‘Crooked Lane’ at that time.  Mapleton Hall was built in 1883 and was used as a community center, initially called Central Hall and afterward the North Suffield Grange Hall.  In 1999 Suffield Players acquired the property and have since spent over $300,000 in renovations to the building and have presented 157 productions since their inception in 1952.  Their mission is to have fun doing the best theater production possible and this enthusiasm is shared in all their production prep efforts as well as their Summer children’s theater educational program.  Proudly they continue to operate in the black while making repairs as possible, with funding from civic groups and fundraisers.  The building currently requires additional electrical work and chimney and foundation repairs; donations and support are welcome to assist in making these repairs possible.
The Suffield Players ask for assistance with three areas:
Attendance – please come see the show!
Advertising – please support the Players with an ad or a patron donation
Volunteer – please consider joining the crew and volunteering your services; there are many areas that require volunteers to make the Players productions possible.
Blue Ticket Winners: Natalie Donais held the winning ticket; Ken Pascoe and Dale Baker held side ticket winners.
Queen of Hearts: Greg Heineman had the winning red ticket, but did not select the Queen of Hearts. Next week’s pot is $837+.
Birthdays and Anniversaries:   Frank and Linda DiGennaro..37 years married.
Adjournment: Charles Roumas adjourned the meeting with Scott Seabury leading “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” as the closing song.
Program for December 5:  A wonderful night of Holiday Cheer at La Notte’s beginning at 6 PM.