Posted by Gayle Demko on Jun 11, 2018
Opening and Welcome:  President Dick Kisiel opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and the recitation of the Rotary Four-Way Test.  Scott Seabury provided invocation led the club singing of “God Bless America”.
Members Present: Dale Baker, Gayle Demko, Jed Dery, Frank DiGennaro, Natalie Donais, Jackie Guzie, Gail Handley, Greg Heineman, Richard Kisiel, Jon Kozloski, Luis Lee, Don Miner, Cat Morrow, Jack Muska, Ken Pascoe, Ray Perleoni, Roger Pratt, Jay Presser, Don Rawling, Charles Roumas, Scott Seabury, Nancy Viggiano and Tami Zawistowski.  (23/33….70%).
Guests: Welcome visiting Rotarian-Greg Panjian.
Announcements: President Kisiel made several announcements:
- Yard Goat game next Tuesday (June 11).  Tickets will be available at the “Will Call” window reserved under your name.  Thank you, Roger, for managing this social for the group!   
- RYLA:  Natalie reports that three high schoolers attended this leadership event at Springfield College; they will be invited to share their experiences with our group in the near future.
- Scholarships: Nancy reported the scholarships have been designated and she and Jack Muska will attend the dinner Wednesday, June 6.
- Doyon memorial:  Tami reports after meeting with the Doyon family to define an event or action to honor their son, a paver at the Hartford State Armory will be installed this summer.  She will attend the official dedication when scheduled later this year.  The Board approved the $200 to fund this paver last month.
PROGRAM:  Our own Cat Morrow, member of the House Republicans, introduced the group to the path that led her to this position.  Cat has worked with the Legislative for six years, beginning in 2012 as an legislative aide for the Somers/Stafford representative, Penny Bacchiochi.  The position required studious bill tracking and reference research which equates to a lot of legwork.  Cat explains that each representative works to brand themselves; spinning their participation in events to create the branding they seek to promote.  Cat’s personal long term goal includes working in Town Management.
Blue Ticket Winners: Congratulations to the Blue ticket winner Charles Roumas with a side won by Scott Seabury.
Queen of Hearts:  Dale Baker had the winning red ticket but did not select the Queen of Hearts. Total winning pot now stands at $387+.
Birthdays and Anniversaries: None
Adjournment: Richard Kisiel closed the meeting with the song “My Country Tis of Thee”.
Next week’s meeting (June 12) – Go Yard Goats!
- June 19 – Business Meeting and Committee Reports for upcoming events