Posted by Gayle Demko on Jan 07, 2019
Club Meeting December 18, 2018
Opening and Welcome:  President Dick Kisiel opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and the recitation of the Rotary Four-Way Test.  Scott Seabury provided the invocation and led the club singing of “God Bless America”.
Members Present:  Dale Baker, Gayle Demko, Greg DiSantis, Frank DiGennaro, Gail Handley, Greg Heineman, Richard Kisiel, Jon Kozloski, Luis Lee, Don Miner, Jack Muska, Ken Pascoe, Roger Pratt, Jay Presser, Don Rawling, Scott Seabury, Gordon Stagg and Cat Thomas.  (17/33….55%).
Guests: Don Miner’s daughter-Kimberly Madore.
Dick welcomed the Kimberly to our meeting.
The internal survey was provided to all who had not yet completed it and surveys were collected.  Dick and Greg DeSantis will compile the results to share with members prior to the meeting in January.  During our next meeting we will discuss club finances and goals including the results of the surveys as well as elect officials for the next fiscal year.
PROGRAM:  Dick led a great evening of holiday trivia which was thoroughly enjoyed by all participants!
Blue Ticket Winners: Blue ticket winner was Ken Pascoe with a side winner Don.
Queen of Hearts:  Greg D. had the winning ticket and did not pull the Queen of Hearts.  Total winning pot now stands at $17.
Birthdays and Anniversaries: None celebrated this evening.
Adjournment: Scott closed the meeting with a group singing of “Jingle Bells”.
Next week’s meeting–Jan 8
Club Business Meeting – please review the attachments prior to the meeting.