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Saving Lives - Holyoke Rotary Club Pure Water Projects

For the past 11 years, the Holyoke Rotary Club has been raising money to provide pure water for families in Honduras and Guatemala. Presently, the water available to families in these countries is contaminated with parasites that cause devastating illness and death to the most vulnerable populations – children and the elderly. The children that do survive lose precious time in school. During the last four years, Holyoke Rotary’s involvement has been to join forces with Rich and Elin Lawrence through the Manchester, CT Club. They led a total of 35 Clubs focusing on pure water and sanitation projects in Guatemala helping District 7890 reach $96,657 in collective funding this period (2016-2017). Holyoke was pleased to donate $5000 again this year. Lives will be saved as a result of this effort. The Holyoke Rotary Club has made the decision to remain involved in supporting pure water projects in the years to come.

Timeline for Holyoke Rotary Pure Water Projects.                                     
#  Year   Location   Results   Total Project   Holyoke Rotary
                                          Cost               Contribution
1)2006-07   Yuscaran      filters for     $10,000   $10,000
                  Honduras      130 families
2)2007-08   El Paraiso     filters for       $68,000 *   $ 7,500
                  Honduras      521 families
                                      3,475 people
3)2008-09   Trojes         filters and      $25,000      $10,000
                  Honduras     latrines for
                                    38 families
4)2009-10   Trojes         filters and       $20,000     $10,000
                  Honduras     latrines for 
                                     30 families                 
5)2013-14   Chuacacay    systems and  $70,500 ** $10,500
                   & El Llano     latrines for
                   Guatemala   110 families
6)2014-15    Water and                        $95,000**  $  100    
Miscellaneous                                                        $   300
Total donations to Pure Water Projects  from
Holyoke Rotary Club                                $47,900

Members of our Holyoke club have traveled to Honduras to witness firsthand the process of manufacturing, delivery and setup of the filters we fund.  They were overwhelmed with the gratitude of the people there and came home even more committed to continuing our support for both clean drinking water and sanitation latrines.

We fund our Honduras projects through our partner “Pure Water For The World”, a nonprofit organization that was created by fellow Rotarians.

Rick and Elin Lawrence  visited El Llano and Chuacacay on February 13 & 16, respectively, where they participated in the day’s celebration and dedication of the new systems many of our clubs funded - Reported for the Rotary district 7890 news and events facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/424304164335317/permalink/766295710136159/

The Projects in Paradiso and Trojes were part of  UNICEF projects
*   With PWW, Inc. and Elmsford, N Y and other clubs
** With the Manchester Ct. Rotary club led by Rick & Elin Lawrence and 27 other clubs in District 7890