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  In 1905, A Chicago lawyer, Paul Harris, founded Rotary International. Starting with a small group of businessmen who gathered to exchange ideas, these principles have grown to thousands of Rotary clubs around the world, boasting memberships into the millions.

  The name Rotary was chosen to reflect a custom in the early days of the first Rotary club. The group rotated the site of it's meetings among the members places of business.

The rotation, an integral part of the founder's, original concept, was designed to acquaint members with one another's vocations and to promote business. The popularity of Rotary and it's rapid growth soon made this custom impractical.

   Based on the concept of "service above self", Rotary International has spear headed the peace movement around the world. The tearing down of the Berlin wall, the dramatic changes in Russia, and the end of the cold war are some of the world events which felt the touches of peace and brotherhood of Rotary International.

   Rotary works in small clubs throughout the world, fostering understanding, mutual respect, and the development of community leadership and service through a friendly exchange of ideas. This philosophy has been embraced by the membership of the Southwick Rotary Club since it's inception.The Southwick club was chartered in the spring of 1982, through the sponsorship of the Rotary Club of Westfield.

  Our Club holds several fundraising events including a Tag Sale in March, Grill N Daze BBQ Challenge in July, and our Steak roast in September. In addition to the funds we raise we honor three individuals each October at our Voctional and Community Service awards. In the spring we award several Scholarship to area students.