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Rotarian-of-the-Year: Jean Lister
Paul Harris Fellows: Chris Hyde and Frank Gertsma (This is Frank's second Paul Harris Award) 
We are seeking speakers for our noon Wednesday meetings, to learn more about regional community needs/services. Interested? Contact Chris Hyde 
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The 1346th meeting of the Sooke Rotary Club was called to order at 12:15 on January 4, 2017.
Sooke Rotary Club Meeting Dec 21st 2016
Meeting of the Sooke Rotary Club December 14, 2016. Brought to order at 12:15pm, with 22 members in attendance.
Meeting of the Sooke Rotary Club. December 7, 2016. Village Food Market.
Rotary Club of Sooke, November 28, 2016
Meeting #1382
President John Topolniski welcomed members to the meeting and introduced the following guests:  Josee Belanger (inducted as member at meeting); Colleen Milne, former Assistant District Governor, member of Rotary E Club of Canada and Honourary member of the Rotary Club of Westshore); and Sam Punby, Rotary Club of Cambridge, Ontario.
Kel Phair (club Administrator) reminded members of the Christmas Party on December 3rd which would be held in the home of Frank Gertsma, starting at 5:00 pm. Update:  The Christmas Party was a huge success, with attendees enjoying fine food and good cheer.  Both Frank and Kel were thanked for their hard work as host and organizer.
Peter Faulkner passed out a sign up sheet for members who are able to volunteer at the Salvation Army Kettle in the weeks before Christmas. He asked members to contribute food items to the EMCS "10,000 Tonight Food Drive" on the evening of Thursday, December 8th; last year students collected 12,000 food items from Sooke residents to help the Sooke Food Bank to stock its shelves.
John reflected on a very positive local experience: equipment and clothing from his gardening firm had been left on site at Evergreen Mall; some found these items and brought them to the RCMP Detachment for John's retrieval.
Deb Johnston asked for volunteers to help her to decorate the Rotary Club of Sooke Christmas Tree at SEAPARC on Sunday afternoon betwee 1:00 and 3:00.
Members were also asked to help Roger Temple to decorate his red MG sports car as the Rotary Club of Sooke "float" for the Santa Claus Parade which would start at 5:00 pm on Sunday.  Members were also asked by John to serve as course marshals for the parade.
Colleen Milne thanked the Rotary Club of Sooke for its $1,000 contribution (through the World Community Service Committee) which would help to fund the construction of a water pipeline and sanitation project in a community in Honduras.         
Induction of Josee Belanger:  Josee became the newest member of the Rotary Club of Sooke in a ceremony led by John.  Kimberly Legeard and Jean Lister (Membership Committee Chair) were her proud sponsors.  Club members congratulated Josee after the ceremony. 
Speaker:Linda Teneycke, Sooke Fine Arts Show (SFAS):  Linda thanked the club for providing funds to enable SGAS to purchase frames for the successful Youth Art Display last summer.  She noted that 2016 was the 30th anniversary of SFAS.   It is now Vancouver Island's premier art show.  Last year it received 8,200 visitors to view the 380 works of arts.  SFAS made a significant contribution to the Sooke economy, with 33% of visitors dining locally, 14% shopping or participating in local activities and 9% using overnight accommodation.  SFAS provides many recognition awards to artists including two youth scholarships and four youth art awards.  
Linda encouraged club members to become involved as SFAS volunteers and noted some already are volunteers.  Much works needs to be completed for the 2017 event, including a new hanging infrastructure, new plinths (stages for art pieces) and new lighting.  
Kel selected the Six of Diamonds in the 50-50 draw - so the Queen of Spades is still in the deck!
Rotary Club of Sooke, November 21, 2016
Meeting #1381
President John Topolniski welcomed members to the monthly Club Assembly in which Board members report on the activities of the committees for which they are responsible. 
John reminded members of the upcoming Christmas Party on Saturday, December 3rd which Frank Gertsma will graciously host and The Stone Pipe will cater.  39 members, along with spouses and friends, had signed up by the end of the meeting.  The Sooke Lions Club is still looking for volunteers to help with their Santa Claus Parade which will begin at 5:00 pm on Sunday, December 4th.  Margot Swinburnson invited members to help her with decoration of the Rotary Tree for the Festival of Trees at SEAPARC.
Peter Faulkner and Steve Knoke reported that the Community Service Committee had met earlier in the month, with grants awarded to five local organizations, including DARE ($1,000), Harmony Project of Sooke (music instruction for youth) $750, Sooke Show Choir $500, Sooke Boxing Club $500 and Sooke Youth Choir $400.  Mark Ziegler described a piggery and garden project for destitute mothers in Lesotho, Africa. The World Community is considering a donation of $1,200 to the project in the 2016-17 Rotary Year.
Treasurer Jeannette Wilford reported that the Club is in good financial shape, with some of the funds raised through the April 30th auction still to be allocated.   
Errol Anderson drew the Queen of Clubs in the 50-50 draw - so the Queen of Spades remains in the deck!  
TomDeZeng reminded members that November is Foundation Month .  He will be happy to receive donation cheques to the Foundation in December for which tax receipts will be issued.  Donations can also be made on-line to the Rotary Foundation (Canada).
Rotary Club of Sooke ,November 16, 2016
Meeting #1380
President John Topolniski began with the sad announcement of the death of long-time member Klaus Lenz.  Klaus is remembered as a dignified and gentle man who made many friends in the club.
John welcomed guests Josee Belanger and Paul Latremouille.  He also welcomed Speaker Katie Coard who is President and Founder of the Downtown Victoria Club and Chair of the Greater Victoria Rotary Public Image Committee. John congratulated Neil Flynn (November 12) and Kimberly Legeard (November 17) on their birthdays.  He also noted the 8th anniversary of Mark Ziegler as member. He also reminded members of volunteer opportunities with the Santa Claus parade on December 4th and as mentors to help students at John Muir School to learn about the new school garden.   No requests for contributions for emergency relief in areas of New Zealand that experienced the earthquake have as yet been received by the club. Trevor Colley said that he has delivered get-well cards to Bob Messer who has heart problems and to Dawn Humphries who is ill. Members were asked to participate in the decoration of a Rotary Christmas tree as part of the festival of trees at SEAPARC in December.  The last issue of Rotarian mmagazine has an article on Bill Moll, a District Rotarian who has visited our club many times in the past.
Speaker: Jean Lister introduced Katie Coard who gave an energetic and inspiring presentation on the opportunities available to Rotary clubs through the Greater Victoria Rotary  Public Image Committee.  The committee, set up six years ago, is dedicated to raising the profile of Rotary among target groups of potential members.  It has a marketing mission, with Rotary as a brand.  Katie drew attention to the new Rotary international logo which uses solid colours to make the letter easier to read.  She invited submissions to the monthly newsletter which she distributes to all members in Greater Victoria.   Katie also drew attention to the RotaryVictoria.org website, Facebook page and rack cards which provide information on the respective clubs' meeting times and locations. The website has a link to the Volunteer Victoria website so that Rotarians can participate in community projects with non-Rotarians.  A video is being made for use by clubs to promote their activities to potential members.  Katie gave John a wild pair of sunglasses (see picture below) which she used on a just completed 13 day road trip across our Rotary Zone which extends from Alaska to California.
Tom DeZeng chose the Queen of Hearts in the 50-50 draw - the Queen of Spades still reigns! 
Rotary Club Nov  9, 2016
Meeting # #1379
Chair; Peter Faulkner
Visitor: Lorne Christianson from Sooke Lions Club
Speaker Liam Stackwood (And his service dog Hammer) with his classification talk
Announcement : From Lorne Christianson: Sooke Lions Club will be organizing the Christmas Parade this year.
He was asking Rotary to put a float in. As well they are LOOKING For VOLUNTEERS. They have hired out the parking and traffic control but would greatly appreciate any help in the running of the parade. Parade is Dec. 4th 2016, 4 pm line up, parade 5 pm.
Announcement from Kel Phair: Christmas party will be catered at Frank Gertsma’s on Dec 3rd. cost will be 25.00 per person, and food donations welcome. Please tell Kel ASAP if you are coming so we know we are going ahead.
SPEAKER: Liam Stackwood
Liam was in the Military for 25 years, he joined up in electronics and then switched to Military Police. Liam saw many different places-Carp, Ontario, Ottawa, the Masset on Haida Gwaii, Esquimalt, Toronto, and then overseas to the Golan Heights. They occupied an uneasy spot in the middle between the Israelis on one side, and the Syrians on the other. At that time Syria was an amazingly beautiful place- much changed now.
During his tours- and from pressures from his co-workers, Liam began to have PTSD symptoms and effects, which really came forward after he left the military, and after he sold his security company. He has been working with the Occupational Stress Injury Clinic and has been able to retire, and is now committed to spreading awareness of PTSD and its effects. Liam has been joined in this with his partner and sidekick Hammer, a beautiful black lab that is amazingly intuitive in sensing anxiety in others. If you find Hammer siting on your feet and looking at you intently, you will know that your anxiety is not going unnoticed!
Liam you are going to be an amazing addition to our Club!
Liam was thanked by: Roger Temple
Draw won by Chris Hyde, did not win the Queen.
Sooke Rotary Newsletter
Nov 2016
This month is Foundation Month for Rotary. Sometimes members question why we send our money away, rather than contributing closer to home. Here’s why from the Foundation website :
“The Rotary Foundation transforms your gifts into projects that change lives both close to home and around the world. As the charitable arm of Rotary, we tap into a global network of Rotarians who invest their time, money, and expertise into our priorities, such as eradicating polio and promoting peace. Foundation grants empower Rotarians to approach challenges such as poverty, illiteracy, and malnutrition with sustainable solutions that leave a lasting impact.                          Strong financial oversight, a stellar charity rating, and a unique funding model mean that we make the very most of your contribution. Give and become a part of Rotary’s life-changing work!”                                                                                                                                                    Worried about the charity ratings? This is news straight from the Rotary.org website: “All donations are tax deductible- and Rotary is among the top rated charities to donate to. “The Rotary Foundation has received the highest possible score from Charity Navigator, an independent evaluator of charities in the U.S.In the most recent ratings, released on 1 September, The Rotary Foundation earned the maximum 100 points for both financial health and accountability and transparency.The ratings reflect how efficiently Charity Navigator believes the Foundation will use donations, how well it has sustained programs and services, and its level of commitment to good governance and openness.In the previous rating, the Foundation had received 97 points.”                                                                                                                      Our Foundation Chair is Tom DeZeng.  From Tom:                                                                     “The best way to donate is to go to Rotary.org then go to Take action tab then choose GIVE NOW . Gifts are directed to Annual Fund, the Endowment Fund or Polio Plus Fund . Members can speak with me re setting up a dollar amount to come out of their bank account each month -certainly makes it less painful! By giving various amounts you can be recognized as Our main goal in our Club is Every Rotarian Every Year meaning each Club member has donated $ 100 US during this year.”
WOW! In the last two months we have inducted three new members
Dave Coe
Kimberly Legeard
Liam Stackwood (And Hammer his amazing service dog)
A warm Rotary welcome to you all!!
(Liam and Dave on their induction)
On October 19th, the regular Rotary Lunch was held at Hope House – and we were hosted by the Salvation Army, who gave us a certificate thanking us for our years of service with the Kettle at Christmas.
Speaking of the Kettle, Peter will be looking for volunteers soon. Exercise those bell ringing arms!!
Upcoming events:
Christmas Kettle drive:
Christmas Party: Dec. 3rd – location to be determined.
Countdown to Auction! A call out to all members- whatever you have been doing, can you do one thing more, can you finish it one week earlier??  This is our MOST lucrative volunteer enterprise, and in order to sustain it we will need reliable, hardworking volunteers for the month prior. Please dig deep and let us know if you can help.
Want to make the newsletter more interesting?? Feed me information to pass on! J
Here you can learn more about our Club, whether you are a student looking for information on post-secondary financial aid,a non-profit association hoping to partner with us on a special project, or simply wondering if becoming a Rotarian might be a service opportunity to add to your professional life. Rotary International celebrates the individuality of each club, leaving each to shape its service projects to meet the needs of the community it serves.  Our club places most of its emphasis on youth in Sooke's local community, though we are also active citizens in the world community.
Our Club had the pleasure of getting involved with John Muir Elementary School, in preparing a community garden. This will be used a teaching tool to learn about gardening and growing food, as well as an opportunity for the kids and adults alike to get outdoors and get their hands dirty with some healthy work.  We were happy to be able to provide some funding and some person power, with a productive and fun work party.  Thank YOU to the school administration, teachers, parents, and volunteers! A great collaboration on a COMMUNITY project.
Thank you Sooke for your generosity and good spirits. A great time had by all at Saturday's Auction & Spring Fair. Plus a lot of funds raised, helping our Club continue giving back to our wonderful community.
Now....the winning 50/50 ticket .... 9684576. Please come to SEAPARC Sunday 10 to noon or email us at auction@sookerotary.com to claim your winnings!
You’ll find food, fun, and bargains galore.  Everyone's invited, from bargain hunters to brazen bidders, young and old. Silent auction, live auction, door prizes, display booths, garden sales, and more!  And all in support of a good cause.   10 am to 8 pm at SEAPARC Leisure Complex. - See more at: http://portal.clubrunner.ca/693/SitePage/events-fundraising/sooke-rotary-auction-and-spring-fair#sthash.y2k27S3X.dpuf
You’ll find food, fun, and bargains galore.  Everyone's invited, from bargain hunters to brazen bidders, young and old. Silent auction, live auction, door prizes, display booths, garden sales, and more!  And all in support of a good cause.   10 am to 8 pm at SEAPARC Leisure Complex. - See more at: http://portal.clubrunner.ca/693/SitePage/events-fundraising/sooke-rotary-auction-and-spring-fair#sthash.y2k27S3X.dpuf
You’ll find food, fun, and bargains galore.  Everyone's invited, from bargain hunters to brazen bidders, young and old. Silent auction, live auction, door prizes, display booths, garden sales, and more!  And all in support of a good cause.   10 am to 8 pm at SEAPARC Leisure Complex. - See more at: http://portal.clubrunner.ca/693/SitePage/events-fundraising/sooke-rotary-auction-and-spring-fair#sthash.y2k27S3X.dpuf
You’ll find food, fun, and bargains galore.  Everyone's invited, from bargain hunters to brazen bidders, young and old. Silent auction, live auction, door prizes, display booths, garden sales, and more!  And all in support of a good cause.   10 am to 8 pm at SEAPARC Leisure Complex. - See more at: http://portal.clubrunner.ca/693/SitePage/events-fundraising/sooke-rotary-auction-and-spring-fair#sthash.y2k27S3X.dpuf
A map of the Rotary Club of Sooke's past and present community projects, highlighting how we reinvest your donations in our community. Click More below for a larger version.Image
Rotary Club of Sooke Mingle
The last Thursday of each month the Rotary Club of Sooke invites its members and Sooke residents to the Little Vienna Bakery, 6-6726 West Coast Road, for coffee and conversation between 4:30 and 5:30 pm.  It provides local and visiting Rotarians with a chance to catch up on Club news.  It also gives interested Sooke residents an opportunity to find out about, and to suggest, Rotary activities in the community and elsewhere.  Hope to see you there!

Sooke News Mirror article about the Rotary Club helping out with improvements to the Sooke Food Bank.