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International Service Committee Report, July 28, 2016
The sponsorship and implementation of health, education, and economic development projects in third world countries have been a focus of the University Hills(UH) Rotary Club of Denver, CO. Below is a representative sampling of international programs the Club has developed in recent years.
Micro-credit programs utilizing UH Club contributions, matching grants from Rotary District 5450, and the Rotary Foundation have been developed and implemented in the Philippines and El Salvador.  The revolving nature of the micro-credit loans allows these programs, which began with loan funds of $ 20,000 each, to continue indefinitely
Project C.U.R.E.  This non-profit organization obtains medical supplies and equipment from hospitals and clinics throughout the United States and provides freight containers of specifically needed supplies to hospitals and public health centers in developing countries.  The shipments are valued at an average of $ 400,000 but are totally contributed to Project C.U.R.E which is based in Denver CO.  The cost of collecting, warehousing, packing and shipping each container is $ 20,000.  A bequest from a former member of the UH Club plus a club contribution paid for a container of medical supplies to be shipped to a rural village in Nicaragua in 2012.
Water well projects.  Many rural areas in developing countries have no dependable low cost water supply. UH, along with other Rotary Clubs, has co-sponsored projects which provided water to villages totaling more than 20,000 people in Honduras, Nicaragua and Nepal
Community Development in Costa Rica.  The UH Club has  developed and maintained a cooperative relationship with the Rotary Club Belen, C.R. Together with their contributions the clubs have received District and The Rotary Foundation matching grants  to implement a laptop computer project at the Suri Secondary School, a high school for deprived young women.  An additional project, funded in 2013, will provide funds to completely refurbish the kitchen and playground of a day care center, Cen Cinai in Alejuela, Costa Rica. The first cooperative project between our Clubs five years ago, provided for the acquisition and delivery of 150 wheelchairs to disabled persons throughout Costa Rica.  The wheelchairs were obtained in the US from charitable organizations and shipped to Costa Rica by the UH Club.  Several members of the UH Club traveled to Costa Rica to participate in the distribution of the wheel chairs. 
In addition, the UH Club makes annual contributions to the International Internship Program of the University of Colorado’s School of Public Health which allows graduate students to work in health clinics in developing countries during vacation periods.
The club also makes annual financial contributions to Rotary International’s Polio Plus Program and to Shelter Box, a non –profit organization which provides survival kits to families which have suffered from natural disasters such as floods, earth quakes.  Where feasible, the UH Club joins with other Rotary Clubs to co-sponsor programs in developing countries.