To The Applicant:                                                       

Welcome to the University Hills Rotary Foundation and the scholarship we sponsor. It has been initiated to support
outstanding students in their quest for the educational experiences that will assist in their desire to pursue a life and
career in science or mathematics and will serve to better themselves, their country, and mankind. It is the purpose of the
Foundation, as it is of Rotary International, to …"encourage and foster service as a basis of worthy enterprise" …which
will ultimately lead to "international understanding, good will and peace…" The intended goal of this scholarship is to
identify people who share that vision and assist them in realizing that goal. 


To be eligible to for the University Hills Rotary Foundation Scholarship, an applicant must be 
1.   A permanent resident of Colorado living within the geographic boundaries of Rotary District 5450. 
      Basically, this is metro Denver, from Summit CO to the Eastern Plains and from Longmont to Castle Rock. 
2.   A United States citizen of good character. 
3.   In possession of a strong academic record and aptitude for post-secondary study as evidenced by one's GPA,
   College entrance examination scores, written recommendations from one's secondary counselor or high
   school administrator and a teacher from within the physical sciences or mathematics disciplines, each of
   whom possesses knowledge of the applicant's achievement and potential. 
4.   Accepted to a collegiate institution within the state of Colorado. 
5.   Willing to attend at least four meetings of the University Hills Rotary Club per year and report on progress
   toward their goals, as well as maintaining regular communication with a club appointed counselor. 


An applicant may add an additional letter of recommendation from a person who has been closely associated with the
applicant in a work, volunteer, or school related activity or experience in which the participation required one to exhibit
knowledge and skills related to a scientific or mathematical endeavor. 


Priority may be given to sons or daughters of current active duty military personnel, former military personnel  
who suffered a disability related to their military service, and/or to applicants themselves who are undergoing
rehabilitative treatment for physical injuries incurred while in the military.
Financial need will be given weight in considering the application. 


Completed applications must be e-mailed to University Hills Rotary Club Foundation, Scholarship Committee at no later than February 28, 2024.  Please  combine application, a current copy 
of your transcript and any other supporting documents into a single PDF file attachment.
Note: acceptance to the school of choice may be pending at that date; however, one may proceed with the application. 
Award, however, would not be granted unless applicant is accepted.  Questions: