Jul 24, 2019
Fellowship Night at Evergreen Lake House
Tunisia & Sol Over Luna Concert

Instead of our regular Club Meeting at Mount Vernon Canyon Club, members are invited to fellowship at the Evergreen Lake House.  Tunisia and Sol Over Luna will be performing at the free Evergreen Park Recreational District Concert held at Evergreen Lake House from 5 pm to 9 pm.  This is the last concert of the 2019 season.

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Posted by Brandye Miller
Mountain Foothills is one of two Rotary Clubs in the Evergreen Area, and identifies its commitment to the community through its members love of fun in services.
This last week, Jim Rohrer, our Bulletin Editor made some items clear, and I am borrowing from him, heavily, in this focus on our Club.
One theme that was discussed is each of our individual reasons for joining Rotary in the first place.....to make a difference in our community.
If you worked at EChO as our Past President Mike Bornhouser has, you would see the real need there is and the difference caring people can make. Go bowling with Maren and some of her EPRD program kids and see again the effects of her work, which we help sponsor. I know we are all touched with Dave Talbot’s videos. In the 17 years since our chartering, we really have touched lives. 
This club, in it’s 17 years (tonight, Halloween, is the anniversary of our Charter night) has contributed over $350,000 to our community from golf tournament proceeds and approaching $150,000 from the ice melt project we undertake each year on Evergreen Lake. That’s a half a million dollars not counting the van we helped supply to EPRD for the Special Populations program there. We have sponsored 160 kids to RYLA (a Youth Leadership Camp)  and Young RYLA and our project  Crutches 4 Africa has distributed over 106,000 mobility devices to disabled people without access to them in countries from South Asia to Africa to the Caribbean.  We touch lives, and we have fun doing all these great things.
This year, the IceMelt program has set an aggressive goal to raise $13,000 . That is $13,000 more to benefit the needs and the needy in our community.  In order to do that, our Community should have the opportunity to now about us, and to help us.  If more tickets are purchased toward the $1,000 prize for guessing the barrel's splash-down next Spring, more funds will be available to meet those community needs.  If more philanthropists and businesses take on sponsorships, we will come closer to our goal, while at the same time recognizing those important parts of our community that we all use, rely on and need in every day life.  Knowing you allows us to favor you with our volunteerism and business. 
Seek us out.  Join us.  Become more of the fun we bring to every meeting, every event, and every Rotary day at Mountain Foothills.  Like those of us in Rotary: 
Be The Inspiration!
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Posted by Griffin on Feb 14, 2018

On October 30, 2001 the Mountain Foothills Rotary club was chartered. It's chartering principles included serving the Evergreen community and making sure its members had fun doing so. They are an evening club meeting at Mount Vernon Canyon Club. The members gather each week  before the 6:30 meeting to enjoy each other's company in a social setting. The club has always kept its dues low and made meals optional to insure the cost of belonging is not prohibitive.


The Andy Smith Memorial Special Needs golf tournament and the Ice Melt project have been the biggest projects. As a result, over $400,000 has been contributed to the Evergreen Park and Recreation's special needs kids program and to EChO. The special needs program serves over 200 special needs individuals in the extended Evergreen area providing them with an array of wonderful events and experiences. EChO helps those in the mountain area who find themselves in difficult financial straits. EChO runs a substantial food bank, provides counseling services and helps ready their clients for employment opportunities. EChO's focus is to help clients become self-sustaining.


The club has also embraced an international program called Crutches4Africa. This wonderful initiative is the brainchild of David Talbot, a polio victim himself. This program has shipped over 100,000 crutches and other mobility devices to African polio victims, giving them the gift of mobility. The logistics need financial support to make the shipments, and Mountain Foothills has been a significant contributor to this program both financially and in preparing the devices for shipment. Our members have been emotionally touched by Dave's videos showing the delight on the faces of the recipients.


This Rotary club has had exceptional success combining service and fun. If you want to learn more about Mountain Foothills Rotary, please accept this invitation to join us any Wednesday evening between 5:30 and 6:30 PM at Mount Vernon Caynon Club or simply call us at

303 679-0144. We look forward to meeting you. 

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Posted by T.J Carney on Jun 30, 2016

What we Do in our Community:  Our efforts as members of the Mountain Foothills Rotary Club are directed at many needs we see in the Evergreen area, some current projects and beneficiaries

See the fuller listing on the Volunteerism page.

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Rotary’s founder, Paul Harris, believed that serving humanity is “the most worthwhile thing a person can do,” RI President-elect John F. Germ said, and that being a part of Rotary is a “great opportunity” to make that happen.
Germ unveiled the 2016-17 presidential theme, Rotary Serving Humanity, to incoming district governors on 18 January at the International Assembly in San Diego, California, USA.  “I believe everyone recognizes the opportunity to serve Rotary for what it truly is: not a small opportunity, but a great one; an opportunity of a lifetime to change the world for the better, forever through Rotary’s service to humanity,” said Germ.
Rotary members around the globe are serving humanity by providing clean water to underdeveloped communities, promoting peace in conflict areas, and strengthening communities through basic education and literacy. But none more important than our work to eradicate polio worldwide, he said.  After a historic year in which transmission of the wild poliovirus was stopped in Nigeria and all of Africa, Germ said we are closer than ever to ending polio.
“We are at a crossroads in Rotary,” he added. “We are looking ahead at a year that may one day be known as the greatest year in Rotary’s history: the year that sees the world’s last case of polio.”
Last year’s milestones leave just two countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan, where the virus still circulates. Polio would be only the second human disease ever to be eradicated.  When that moment arrives, it’s “tremendously important” that Rotary is ready for it, said Germ. “We need to be sure that we are recognized for that success, and leverage that success into more partnerships, greater growth, and even more ambitious service in the decades to come.”
Germ, a member of the Rotary Club of Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA, encouraged attendees to return to their clubs and communities and spread the word about Rotary’s role in the fight for a polio-free world.  “People who want to do good will see that Rotary is a place where they can change the world. Every Rotary club needs to be ready to give them that opportunity,” Germ said.
Enhancing Rotary’s image isn’t the only way to boost membership. “We need clubs that are flexible, so our service will be more attractive to younger members, recent retirees, and working people.”  He added: “We need more willing hands, more caring hearts, and more bright minds to move our work forward.”
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Mountain Foothills Rotary Club Launches 10th Annual Ice Melt Contest
The 10th Anniversary Evergreen Ice Melt Contest, sponsored by the Mountain Foothills Rotary Club is in full swing with the official barrel placement on January 4.  Look for the barrel in a new location – near the warming hut alongside Evergreen Lake’s main skating area.  The goal of this year’s contests is to raise money from ticket sales in support of the Evergreen Park and Recreation District Special Needs Program, Evergreen Christian Outreach, Crutches 4 Africa and charitable programs of the Mountain Foothills Rotary Foundation.
The contest challenges ticket holders to guess the exact date and time the Rotary barrel will fall through the ice on the lake.  First prize is $1,000, second place is $500, third place wins $250 and the fourth luckiest guess receives $125.
The event would not be possible without the generosity of numerous local sponsors.  This year’s premium level sponsors are Chuck Ridings State Farm Insurance, Colorado Serenity, Evergreen Clothing Company and Willow Creek Restaurant.  Gold level sponsors are Evergreen National Bank, Elevation Dental and JustAroundHere. 1st Bank of Evergreen, Mike Bornhouser, Chow Down, Dogma, DW’s 285 Diner, El Rancho, Evergreen Artists Association, Intero, Kittredge Auto Rebuilders, Jerry Lautigar, Mount Vernon Country Club, Mark Ryan, Smiling Moose Deli, and Bob Zavodsky are silver sponsors this year.  Bronze sponsors are Beaver Brook Pet Center, Cabinets of Denver, Corfee and Associates, Bill Downes, Everbean, Firestone, Nancy Grant, Wally Griffin, L&H Autobody, Michael Lanier, Lariat Lodge, Manning Financial Advisors, Pandora John Properties, Warren Rose, SC Robert, C.P.A., Dave Talbot, and Trent Winegar.  
Tickets and more contest details are available at EvergreenIceMelt.com. 
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Posted on Feb 19, 2015
D.G. Peter Ewing made this announcement, that we in Mountain Foothills Obviously!! agree with whoeheartedly.
To All Members of District 5450:
Each year the District Nominating Committee is tasked with selecting the next person to join the District Governor String. This year, led by Immediate Past District Governor Dan Himelspach, with PDGs Mike Klingbiel and Jim Halderman and at-large members Karen Briggs and Lin Miklas, the committee considered candidates proposed and sponsored by their clubs. It is my pleasure to announce the results of their deliberations.
First joining Rotary in 2005, this Rotarian was elected Club President in 2010. Club service was and is extensive with special focus on fund raising and increasing membership and honors included  “Rotarian of the Year”.
District service has been extensive as well, serving as Assistant Governor for the past four years and as a member of the District Membership Committee and creator of the membership-tracking tool. This past year has seen a role as Area Assembly Coordinator and chair of the District’s Million Dollar Dinner initiative.
It is my pleasure to introduce to you a member of the Mountain Foothills Rotary Club and our District Governor 2017-2018, William A. (Bill) Downes and his Rotary Partner Karin Downes.
Per by-laws of Rotary International, once the selection has been made and published, Clubs in the District have the opportunity to propose a challenge to the selection. There are very specific rules governing the submission of such a challenge. Any club wishing to submit a candidate challenge is referred to pages 172-173 of the Manual of Procedures, RI By-Laws Article 13.020. 8-12. Challenges to the Nominating Committee’s selection for District Governor 2017-2018 must be received by Noon Saturday, February 28, 2015. If no such challenge is received, the selection will be final and reported to Rotary International. Challenges should be sent to DG Peter Ewing at pmjewing@earthlink.net.
Special thanks are due our selection committee and congratulations to Bill and Karin Downes.
Peter Ewing MD
District 5450 Governor 2014-2015
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Crutches 4 Africa has been working with the School of Mines Color Shock Seal Decal
for several years to develop more effective mobility devices.  This spring semester some 500 Mines engineering students are working on a specific project to enhance the common wheelchair for use in more rugged and
challenging terrain.
The photograph showing students using a wheelchair to move up a slight incline located on the Mines campus is designed to give them some idea of
what it is like to use a wheelchair in a somewhat "ideal" situation.
We know that they will be coming up with some good ideas on how to modify a standard wheelchair.
Thanks you School of Mines to all of you involved in this process, you are appreciated!
Crutches-4-Africa and Colorado School of Mines David Talbot 2015-02-05 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Michael Bornhouser on Jan 26, 2015


Using their talents, expertise, and leadership, Rotary members worldwide are asked to be gifts to the world this upcoming 2015-16 Rotary year.

Rotary International President-elect K.R. "Ravi" Ravindran called Sunday's address to incoming district governors the "most significant moment of my life."

"All of you have been given so many gifts. And you have now been given this great gift: one year to take all your talents, all your gifts, everything that you are and can become -- and Be a Gift to the World," said Ravindran, revealing his presidential theme at the annual five-day training meeting in San Diego, California, USA. "You have one year to take that potential and turn it into reality. One year to lead the clubs in your district and transform the lives of others. The time is so short, yet there is so much to be done."

Highlighting Rotary's biggest challenge, the eradication of polio, Ravindran said, "A future without polio is a gift that we have promised to the children of the world. And indeed it is a gift that we will give."

Ravindran, a member of the Rotary Club of Colombo, Sri Lanka, used Rotary's successes in the fight to eradicate the disease as an illustration of the impact Rotary members can have in the world. When Rotary set a goal of eradicating polio 25 years ago, it was endemic in 125 countries, and more than 1,000 children were becoming paralyzed each day. Today, polio remains endemic in just three countries, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan. And in all of 2014, only 333 cases were reported. "We will battle on. We will prevail," he said.

Ravindran discussed some of Rotary's other challenges, including membership.

"We have to find a way to bring back the fundamentals that built our organization: the emphasis on high ethical standards in all aspects of our lives, and the classification system that encourages a diversity of expertise in each club," he said. "Too often these ideas are viewed as little more than inconvenient obstacles to increasing our membership. But they have been essential to Rotary's success, and we ignore them at our own peril."

Ravindran told attendees that the focus on branding is essential to helping Rotary grow. "We need to reposition our image, which we recognize has faded in many parts of the world," he said.

Rotary also needs to continue to raise funds for The Rotary Foundation, attract new members, and encourage greater participation from current members, he added.

"There are no easy answers to any of these questions. And yet the answers must somehow be found. We are the ones who must find them," said Ravindran.

The president-elect closed his speech emphasizing that now is the time to make real change.

"You have one year to build monuments that will endure forever, not carved in granite or marble, but in the lives and hearts of generations. This is our time. It will not come again. Let us grasp it," he said.

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Posted by Wallace Griffin on Nov 05, 2014

With Summer now behind us, those who have done such a good job in making our Club's annual charity golf tournament a success wanted the Club, the Participants, the Beneficiaries and our community to have some information.

  • This was the 12th consecutive year of this event and the $31,000 net earnings is a record for the tournament.   We are in now in the process of distributing checks to the designated charities, which include EPRD Specail Populations, EChO, Crutches-4-Africa and The Foundation of Mountain Foothills Rotary.
  • Next year’s tournament is scheduled for July 20, 2015 with a goal of even a higher return to these charities.  Save the date.
  • Thank you one and all for your hard work and dedication.
Annual Andy Smith Sr. Memorial Golf Tournament A Success in 2014 Wallace Griffin 2014-11-06 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Talbot on Sep 16, 2014

Some time back, about 3 years, the Rotary Zone Institute for our area was held in Overland Park, Kansas.  A center of the attention for that meeting was the Rotary International Award given to Dave Talbot and Crutches 4 Africa.

Skipping forward to 2014, Dave continues to make connections important to the ongoing goal of helping people get off the ground and into society.  One of the Champions is a Texas Rotarian, Sandra Witt, shown here with Dave at the C4A booth at the Zone Institute in Westminster.Image

Also still moving forward is the goal of raising $44,000 is still underway at IndieGoGo.  If you have a way to help, please head there and do so.

Crutches Connects at the Zone Institute David Talbot 2014-09-17 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Betsy Rose on Sep 01, 2014

The next tutoring sessions for Mountain Reads will be on Buffalo Park Road is near "Drive Smart". 

If someone would like to train to become an adult literacy tutor for our mountain community, could they please contact: Catherine Scott <cwscott2@msn.com> ahead of time for more information & so that training materials can be prepared for them.

Training Starts Monday Sept 8, five consecutive weeks, 4:30 - 6:30 at Ravenswood, 28699 Buffalo Park Rd just up hill from library.

Also, for more information, here is the website: http://mountainreads.org


Mountain Read Mentor Training Betsy Rose 2014-09-02 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Talbot on Aug 17, 2014

Crutches 4 Africa New Fundraising Campaign

Crutches 4 Africa has gone live in an exciting new online campaign on August 18th.  The Campaign is to secure funds needed for immediate distributions.  We need this to go viral and worldwide.  The immediate goal is $44,000 and our stretch goal is three million.   You just never know who might know who, and how this can get into the inbox of that magical donor.  We have faith for this to be big, and need your help to do it.  For more and to donate click this link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/c4a-ship-4-containers-of-crutches-to-africa.  This is through a fundraising site at www.indiego.com.  These types of online campaigns have netted 10’s of thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars to worthwhile non-profits.

Please log on and assist us in any way possible or forward it to business associates, family, friends or even enemies (if you think they would help).

Crutches 4 Africa is raising money with this campaign to ship donated surplus and recycled mobility devices--canes, crutches, walkers, baby joggers, bicycle trailers, and wheelchairs--to people who desperately need them in developing nations. 

We are only trying to ship what we have already collected at this time.

In other news, we’d like the chili cook-off to remain an annual event but instead of concentrating on the fundraising aspect, make it more of a celebration of accomplishments and those who make things happen.

Read "more" to see why and what is possible.

ImageDave Talbot- Founder, Crutches-4-Africa

Potential Clean Shaven Guy, for the right generosity

Crtuches 4 Africa- Crowd Funding Opportunity David Talbot 2014-08-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by James Rohrer on Jul 20, 2014

Our 2014 Tournament was a success for our beneficiaries and it is largely due to our sponsors and Heros.  Here is the list, and whenever we see them, we should thank them for their support.

2014 Special Need Golf Tournament- Honoring Heros James Rohrer 2014-07-21 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Nancy Grant on Jun 30, 2014

The New Rotary Year is upon us.  I look forward to working with this great group in the coming year.

Nancy Grant, Club President

Light Up Rotary in the New Year Nancy Grant 2014-07-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Bachofer on Jun 17, 2014


On June 18, 2014 The Rotary Club of Mountain Foothills inducted our new satellite members.  New members include:

Roxanne Yelvington

Emily Alba

Wesley Yelvington

Matthew Collett

Sarah Jackson

Ernie Keller

Christopher Mancuso

Brandye Miller

Ethan Rold

Andrew Scripter

Lacee Hartvigsen

This exciting new concept will allow full membership, but different dynamics for the Satellite Club members. More folks committed to Service Above Self has to be a winner.


Mountaint Foothills Satelite is Up and Running John Bachofer 2014-06-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Talbot on May 29, 2014

It is that time of year when Rotarians Worldwide gather to celebrate and encourage the focus of "Service Above Self".  This year, the gathering is in Sydney, NSW, Australia.Image And, is is his custom, our favorite junk collector is there, too. Image And he has sent some images to allow us to enjoy his adventures:


We all know how Dave works at these things, so here was his home from home down under

Before: Imageand after: Image

Friday May 30th, Sydney Olympic Park

Today is booth set up day.  As is our habit for booth dressing we travel
light with tools that will gather in attention.  Get people to ask a
I always enjoy these set ups, working to get the most out of our 10'x10'
booth (that is a corner booth this convention).  Basic materials needed for
the booth is banners and bungee-connected tent poles.  49 lbs. (22kilos) and
will fit within airline luggage size regulations, 62" (178cm) total
measurement of these 3, length, width, height.  I like the look of this one
the best so far in our 8 years at the convention


Dave Down Under David Talbot 2014-05-30 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cindy Duffy on Apr 30, 2014

IceMelt 2014

This year, the Evergreen IceMelt continued to be a community event and success.  Here are the results for 2014

The official barrel drop time was Friday, March 28 at 13:17:31. The winners are:

1st Place: Linda Kirkpatrick ($1,000 prize)
2nd Place: Carla Boyd ($500)
3rd Place: Beth Feldkamp ($250)
4th Place: Rod Hock ($125)

All four winners are from Evergreen. Congratulations!

Our Wonderful Sponsors for 2014.  When you see them, deal with them or happen to be in their area, be sure to tell than thank you, and encourage them in what they do in our Community.




2014 Evergreen IceMelt Wrap-up Cindy Duffy 2014-05-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bob Miller on Mar 31, 2014

Sustainable Family Communities

A comprehensive new initiative assisting local impoverished citizens who have nothing, other than motivation to have a better quality of life, to build new, small completely sustainable communities that own job creating commercial businesses, have zero waste and zero poverty. The businesses use all of their profits to create and maintain the rental homes, facilities and services that a healthy prosperous community needs.  The citizens enable themselves, with dignity and pride, to create their own livable income while earning employee ownership and profit sharing, provide a good quality of life for their families, care for and adopt orphaned children, prepare the community’s children for their and their country’s future, and assist in starting other communities so more of their fellow citizens can move from poverty to prosperity. The communities are designed to be economically, environmentally, food and socially sustainable and self-replicating.  A new free market model that does not rely on government subsidies or ongoing charity.

For more information see:  www.SustainableFamilyCommunities.org

Or email:  BobM@SustainableFamilyCommunities.org


Sustainable Family Communities Statement of Emphasis Bob Miller 2014-04-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Betsy Rose on Mar 16, 2014

 With the $1,000 that MFR donated to Mountain Reads, combined with donations from other local Rotary groups, they will be able to receive $7,000 total in matching Rotary grant funds.  The group is very excited and will able to purchase a lot of text books with this money.

 If anyone would like to become a reading tutor and take the literacy training, the next tutor training begins Thursday May 15th at the Ravenswood's building (it's where Drive Smart is) located at 28677 Buffalo Park Road.  The training is from 4:30 to 6:30P & they meet once a month; usually on the 2nd Thursday of the month for 5 sessions.  If you do volunteer, please let me know as well.

 Mountain Reads has begun steps of moving towards adding tutoring towards math & GED.


Mountain Reads- Rotary Funded Literacy Project Betsy Rose 2014-03-17 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Talbot on Mar 15, 2014

Hi all!

Great news!  Steamboat Resort is going to let us collect in Gondola Square on April 12th.   So all the partners are in place:

Sports Med, Boys & Girls Club, Steamboat Resorts.  Thanks to you!!

Crutches 4 Africa- Steamboat Springs Drive David Talbot 2014-03-16 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Betsy Rose on Mar 02, 2014

Fellow Rotarians:

Our club donated to assist Mountain Reads, and I wanted to share Diane Lange's story of success to reinforce the positive impact of our actions:

"Jerry Agee, tutor for Susana, one of our first Mountain Reads clients, just met her goal of being able to find a good job, which in her case, working at King Soopers.  She needed to be able to pass the necessary tests, etc.


"Susana will be going to King Soopers training program this coming week.  She knows that she can always receive additional tutoring when needed."

Mountain Foothills Rotary, and others, assists again.



Support and Success for Mountain Reads Betsy Rose 2014-03-03 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by T.J Carney on Feb 05, 2014


Our members and guests donated $396.00, or $9.00 per member, and that is being forwarded to The Rotary Foundation as a per capita donation for each of our 44 members as an Annual Share donation.

Thank you.


Bring your international contributions to TRF night at Mtn Foothills.  All funds raised for the February 5 meeting (including Happy Bucks and Sargent at Arms) will be donated to The Rotary Foundation per capita for every member.  Your past generosity in well known, and we thank you in advance for your generosity the 5th.

So far we have 6 of 44 members who have pledged and paid the requested $10.00 donation.  All others interested should contact T.J at tj-mfrc@carneylaw.net to advise of additional pledges.

TRF Donation Night T.J Carney 2014-02-06 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Talbot on Feb 02, 2014

 And the Winner is:    David Brewick!  And his "Daves Red" chili! 

 Upon receipt of his cash prize, Dave immediately donated his prize winnings to Crutches 4 Africa!

Image Thank you Dave!

  Well folks, the gauntlet is down as Dave has three titles under his belt!

 So start planning your chili now for next year's "Cabin Fever Chili Cook-off".

 Always the day before the Super Bowl.

 David Talbot


Crutches-4-Africa- 6th Cabin Fever Chili Cookoff Results David Talbot 2014-02-03 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bob Miller on Feb 02, 2014

 Each Week, at the Mountain Foothills Meeting, our Club holds a drawing to support our Club Foundation and Sustainable Family Communities, one of our international projects. 
Thank you to all who participate.

 So far, the drawings have raised about $530.00.  The winner can selected from bottle of adult beverage that has been donated, a Rotary Scarf or ¼ of the amount raised that night in the drawing.  Feel free to join us, and test your luck.  The proceeds of the drawing are paid to our Club Foundation (25%) and the remainder to Sustainable Family Communities.

 Your support of the Club Foundation and SFC are appreciated.

SFC- The Weekly Drawing at Mountain Foothills Rotary Bob Miller 2014-02-03 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Nancy Grant on Jan 16, 2014

Rotary International President Elect, Gary C.K. Huang, announced that his theme and drive for his presidential year with be "Light Up Rotary."  His announcement at the International Assembly was:


2014 - 2015 Rotary Leadership:

Rotary International President-  Gary C.K. Huang
District 5450 Governor-             Peter Ewing
Mountain Foothills President-      Nancy Grant

2014 - 2015 Rotary President's Theme - Light Up Rotary Nancy Grant 2014-01-17 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bob Miller on Jan 12, 2014

10 January 2014

RE: 1.) New overview showing the WHY and HOW of your communities project (pdf attached).
and 2.) a few words on what's going on in the background of your project.
  Thank you for your continuing support of our work of compassion to implement Sustainable Family Communities (SFC) as a means for assisting those living in poverty to create a higher quality of life for themselves and their families, and to reduce the number of orphans in the world.

  I would like to address two important issues with you: 

  1. Project Complexity - Some people think that SFC is an overwhelmingly difficult project to accomplish. However, when you examine the project closely (i.e., see it piece-by-piece or step-by-step), every individual component of the project is being done today by other groups. These include Service Clubs like Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, and universities, churches and others around the world (E.g. water wells, clinics, or schools and homes) with which we will collaborate. Attached is a pictorial review of the rational that shows you WHY we have chosen to employ a comprehensive design of SFC communities, and it shows HOW the project pieces all fit together. 

In truth, it is not the project design nor even building commercial businesses and homes that is the most challenging aspect of this undertaking.   The real complexity and the most difficult challenge is the effort needed to deal with government regulations (at the local, state and national levels) and existing social and economic norms that these communities impact within a country. Our new model does not easily “fit” within existing systems (many of which have evolved to perpetuate poverty). We are “breaking the mold” and advocating a new way for people to live – with zero poverty, in new, small, prosperous communities that are sustainable long term. Would you like to see less poverty around you? Help us implement these communities and watch it diminish. 

  2. Progress: It may appear to the casual observer that not much is being accomplished by SFC because they do not see businesses or homes being built. They ask, “When will families be moving into new homes?”.  Well, all of us working on this initiative want to see that also, but there are critical things that must be accomplished before the building begins (e.g. the complexities mentioned above).  For example, our accountants and attorneys from both the USA and Mexico working on specific legal pre-requisites that must be resolved, important relationships must be established with key individuals within both government agencies, universities, foundations and businesses.

Excellent progress is being made and there is growing support for building a network of Sustainable Family Communities. At the same time, we are continuing the fund raising for our operations staff to stay in Mexico while the above tasks are being carried out. If you want to see us doing the construction, we need your help to get to that point by donating operating funds to keep our staff in country working on the items listed above full time. 

Two of our donors recently made a short video that is now on Facebook – we encourage you to view the video at the following link:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/yswahbb7rplsekb/Mommy%20v-2.mp4

As they point out in the video, you can also support our efforts by sharing this email and attachment with your social network as well as donations. 
  A priority at this time is the raising of operational funds (transportation, housing and food) that will be used to support our executive director while living in Mexico while we acquire the funding there for the construction.
  To help with these expenses, you can make a credit card donation on our website: 
http://www.sustainablefamilycommunities.org/donate/   You will notice on the donate page, that we are now also able to accept BitCoin and LiteCoin donations.

  Thank you again for your interest, support, and for your compassion for the poor and orphans.

As always, we appreciate your feedback, ideas and comments.  

On behalf of our team, you are appreciated!

Bob Miller

Sustainable Family Communities January 2014 update Bob Miller 2014-01-13 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by T.J Carney on Jan 09, 2014

 ImageDear Fellow Falderalians:

Our season of games is now done.  Your generosity is deeply appreciated, and if you have not done so already, please pay the Foundation of Mtn. Foothills Rotary the amount pledged and owing (see below under "more")  by giving/sending it to Rose.

 At our Meeting on the 8th, we drew from all members of the Club for Starbuck's gift cards.  Due to some immediate generosity of one of the drawing winners, a mispayment turned into a donation, and some good thoughts and efforts from one of our members, the net total raised for this year's Falderal is $2,880.00.  Our Club Foundation thanks you all.

  Mountain Foothills Rotarians are the absolute best.  See you soon.  This is my final report, and is the final publication of the sheet of pledges.  (Payments may not be current, as I don't have all the numbers of what Rose has received.)

 T.J Carney

Chief Fladeralian

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Posted by Francis "Med" Durel on Dec 22, 2013

 ImageMed has issued a hearty thanks to all who have appeared to support our Bell Ringing this year.  He stated you did a great job, especially considering some of the weather.

2013 Salvation Army Bell Ringing Francis "Med" Durel 2013-12-23 00:00:00Z 0
Crutches-4-Africa- End of 2013 update David Talbot 2013-12-17 00:00:00Z 0
Crutches-4-Africa- Images from Dave and Warren David Talbot 2013-12-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Talbot on Nov 18, 2013

A report has come in from Dave Talbot, that both exemplifies the trials that he and Warren are currently overcoming to help people in gross need, but also his sense of effort and place.  It has been published in Just Around Here, so rather than just plagiarize and post, I thought I would give kudo's to both our project and one of our strong supporters as a Club.

Here is the Article from the November 19th edition entitled "My Birthday in Kenya"  (Click on the Highlighted Title to read the piece.  Feel encouraged to read the rest of the Articles, as well, as this is a strong and caring community voice.)

Crutches-4-Africa- Dave is Aging Gracefully. David Talbot 2013-11-19 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bob Miller on Nov 16, 2013

16 November 2013

RE: 1.) Social Enterprise Fair and Film Festival in Denver
and 2.) Our Indiegogo crowd funding campaign - click to see  ZERO POVERTY COMMUNITIES

We are getting more exposure and interest in the Sustainable Family Communities model.

This next Saturday (23 November) we will be participating in the Social Enterprise Fair as one of the organizations that is using the free enterprise system to allieviate poverty in our world.

Join us to see how private sector solutions are alleviating community challenges in the Western Hemisphere and beyond!
Sponsored by: • United Airlines • Enabled Energy, Inc. • Keymark Global Steel Systems
DATE: November 23, 2013 (Saturday) Time: 3:00pm-5:30pm
Where: Colorado Heights University Campus (S. Federal & Dartmouth in Denver)
Tickets: Early Registration $10/Person
All present and registered attendees over the age of 18 will be entered in a drawing to win: One Free Round trip Ticket within the U.S. or Central America courtesy of United Airlines!

Direct Link for Online Registration: http://marketswork-Families.eventbrite.com

What is “Social Enterprise?”
Social enterprises use business or “market-based” strategies to solve social and environmental challenges. They may be structured as a for-profit or non-profit and have been described as “doing charity by doing business.” While there are many mixed and experimental models, all share the goal of promoting self-sufficiency and sustainable development.

Social Enterprises Showcased include:
• Verifica (Latin America/Global)
• Sustainable Family Communities (Mexico)
• The Six-Second Project (Latin America/Global)
• Fluid Coffee Bar (U.S.)
• Rocky Mountain Micro-Finance Institute (U.S.)
• Healing Waters Int’l (Latin America/Global)
• Hope for Humanity (U.S.)
• Street2Life (U.S.)
• Work for the Door (U.S.)
• And more!
Hosted by PIER Institute and Colorado Heights University.
PIER and CHU are registered 501(c)(3) charities. All contributions are tax-deductible.
Direct Link for Online Registration: http://marketswork-Families.eventbrite.com

and second, we also are getting exposure on the 

Take a look at our Campaign at this link

Thank you again for your interest, support, being part of this project and for having compassion for those who we are serving.
Please pass this information on to others who may be interested.
As always, we appreciate your feedback, ideas and comments. 

On behalf of our team, you are appreciated!


Sustainable Family Communities Latest Exposure Report Bob Miller 2013-11-17 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Francis "Med" Durel on Nov 14, 2013

Clear Creek Interact Club of Rotary


The young men and women of Clear Creek High School Interact Club.
Current status:

Membership   -     24


        River Watch  -  monthly sampling of Clear Creek for Water Quality evaluations by County environmental staff.

        Club Rush  -  clearing house for students to sign up for community service hours to meet graduation requirements.

         Project to raise money for needy Georgetown family. One fund raiser to date netted $66.

In addition, the flooding this Fall caused the cancellation of the Interact District Conference, and that is being rescheduled in January.  Clear Creek Interact is one of the hosts.

Clear Creek Interact- Moving Forward and Making a Difference Francis "Med" Durel 2013-11-15 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bob Miller on Oct 28, 2013

29 October 2013
Hello Fellow Mountain Foothills Rotarians:

Thank you for your continuing interest in our work of compassion to implement Sustainable Family Communities for less poverty and fewer orphans. 

I wanted to bring two updated items to you.
 1. Our newest short video is Poverty or Prosperity?  What are we doing? and you can see it by Clicking Here  (http://youtu.be/ZPtx2e6NnwM)   (3 1/2 minutes)

  2. Our updated Executive Summary (3 pages) that gives an overview of the Sustainable Family Communities project is attached to this email.  Attached below.

Please share this report and video with your social network/Facebook/Twitter. 
We are continuing to look for operational funds to begin implementation of these communities in Mexico.

To help, you can make a larger one time donation OR smaller monthly automatic recurring donations (e.g. $100 per month)  by Clicking Here.for PayPal (and also our mailing address for checks) or if you prefer here for the Network for Good donation site N for G Donation  

Thank you again for your interest, support, being part of this project and for having compassion for those who we are serving.

As always, we appreciate your feedback, ideas and comments. 

On behalf of our team, you are appreciated!


Bob (Robert) Miller
Executive Director
Sustainable Family Communities
Our Family Orphan Communities, Inc.
USA Office: 303-514-6858
USA Cell: 303-941-0837 
Mexico Cell: (52-1) 55 45 39 46 74

Sustainable Family Communities Latest Video Report Bob Miller 2013-10-29 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by James Rohrer on Sep 03, 2013

Our speaker Dr. Kathy Fortune

at the last meeting in August had us thoroughly enthralled with her story, survival and spirit.  What we need.

It's always inspiring to hear a story about someone who succeeds against the odds, but Kathy's storytelling ability made her story come to life in an amazing way. How does someone who grew up poor in a small tin roofed house in Florida go to Harvard, become a successful psychiatrist and nationally known forensic consultant?



Wonderful Speaker, Wonderous Ideas James Rohrer 2013-09-04 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bob Miller on Aug 29, 2013

Sustainable Family Communities – Summary of Trip Report 8-30-13

Robert Miller, Mountain Foothills Rotary, US

Major Accomplishments form this last trip:

Evaluation of Design Options for a Prototype SFC Commercial Business

Our two design experts in the areas of aquaculture and greenhouses, Erwin Young and Nick Parker, the parcels of land being offered to SFC by the ejido were studied and evaluated.  Based on that,  to our existing designs were refined to achieve conformity to the specific characteristics of the land.  Work products from this effort will include updated cost and production projections as well as identification of market potential for our products, and calculated new jobs to be created , and assessment of local wholesale markets for our produce and fish were also completed.  Local retail demand was also assessed by way of visits to both high-end and neighborhood grocery stores.

Image Image

The Viability of Establishing a Cellular Lightweight Block Plant (CLC)

Warren Rose, a member of the SFC Steering Team, has done considerable research into the CLC technology along with preliminary investigation of business opportunities for such a business in Mexico.  On this last trip, we learned from Past District Governor of Rotary District 4170, Victor Belendez, that such a business, if located within central Mexico, would very likely enjoy a robust market for the CLC products.  Evaluation will continue.


Project Funding from within Mexico


We met with Jesus Campos Orozco - President of FONDO FIDES ECOSOL, a US$100M International Development Fund focused on supporting projects that will promote development of social economy.  Senior Campos was enthusiastic about the SFC project and requested copies of the Master Plan and Financials.  This is especially encouraging due to his 25 years of experience working with indigenous workers and cooperatives across Mexico. Senior Campos informed us that he knows the location of several parcels of land in Central Mexico where the land needed for an entire SFC community may be acquired by donation.

We are pleased to also report that our friends in Mexico donated another $720.00 toward the costs for this latest trip, bringing the total of  donations from within Mexico to approxmately, $12,500.00.  Thank you Mexico!

Refining the Master Plan for Sustainable Family Communities

We are excited to report that we have been successful in acquiring commitments from noted professors and architectural students from within Anahuac University who have taken on the important task of tailoring our Master Plan to more closely conform to the social, cultural characteristics and traditions of Mexico. 



Forward motion is exciting, and progress is gratifying.

With gratitude,






Sustainable Family Communities Moving Forward in Mexico Bob Miller 2013-08-30 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by T.J Carney on Jul 25, 2013

What does a smile, or a life-altering change cost?

Summary of the shipping expenses for one container (US $): 

     Container:                $  4,000
     Shipping:                  $  6,400
     Kenya customs:         $  1,500
     Overland transport:    $  4,500
     Uganda customs:        $    500
     Total:                 $ 16,900

 For the 3,000 mobility devices sent by Crutches 4 Africa to Uganda in March of 2013 it was about $6.00 per pair, chair, walker, cane or other device, as is shown in the table above.

 So what was accomplished?


The little crane that couldn't - Tororo, Uganda



Contents of the Uganda container - Benedictine Eye Hospital, Tororo


The 14 year old Young Lady who fell from a Tree, and her

Replacements for the worn out 1st set of crutches


Happy recipient - Busumbu, Uganda

This is what makes it all Worthwhile!!!

Crutches 4 Africa has already collected enough mobility devices to fill the next container, but we lack the funding to ship it. What price can you help us with on the next lives and smiles, and disability workshops we can produce and provide?

Sincerely-  Dave Talbot



Crutches 4 Africa- What Price a Smile? T.J Carney 2013-07-26 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard "Rich" Mancuso on Jun 30, 2013

Rotary is a way of thinking.  AS we start this year, the thoughts remind us of our Club's commitment to youth, life and healing.

 You, as Rotarians make it happen.  What happens from your efforts is Magical, and bring the communities of Evergreen, Rotary and the World together.


Rich Mancuso.

Thoughts on Rotary from President Rich Mancuso Richard "Rich" Mancuso 2013-07-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Talbot on Jun 23, 2013

Dave has reported in as follows:

 A quick update in between groups coming by…

 I came to Lisbon with 7 goals for contacts and so far I have surpassed that and am now at an even dozen for the things I hoped to accomplish here.


(Dave obviously ran in to a local guy in Portugal)

 So all is good!  Weather, exceptional,   Food, great!  Beer, excellent!

 So I am sending along a few photos and hope to load some more onto Facebook.  When that is accomplished, I will let you know I have done that and perhaps you could tell the club to check our Facebook page.


(Crutches-4-Africa-  Lisbon Branch Office.)

 Only cloud on the horizon is a general strike is scheduled for Thursday, which is our flight day and also the flight day for us, may see delays.



C4A does Lisbon David Talbot 2013-06-24 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bob Miller on Jun 23, 2013

Sustainable Orphan Communities is the brain-child of a wondrous adoptive parent, corporate trainer, and amazing Rotarian.  SAC is involved in all 6 of the Rotary International Areas of Focus, and now has a location in Mexico.


SAC Birthing a Child Centric Project for Rotary Bob Miller 2013-06-24 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bob Miller on May 13, 2013

Salamanca Rotary Club wants a Sustainable Family Community

They would like to see it near three impoverished communities that they are currently helping.

The residents of the three communities have no jobs, no electricity, no running water, no sanitation facilities, lots of rocks, little rain, few crops and a very difficult life.


SAC and Salamanca Rotary Bob Miller 2013-05-14 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary, Polio, Mountain Foothills and Paul Harris T.J Carney 2013-05-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Talbot on Apr 28, 2013

Even after we are gone from Africa, at home and getting back to speed (American speed that is) there are those that continue to work on behalf of Crutches 4 Africa.


The Need goes on, and so do the efforts of so many thousands of you.
Crutches 4 Africa- There is no Stopping David Talbot 2013-04-29 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cindy Duffy on Apr 15, 2013


The barrel fell through the ice on April 8, 2013 at 16:56:04.  Drumroll... And the winners are:

1st Place: David Singer of Evergreen - $1,000

2nd Place: John Ellis of Evergreen - $500

3rd Place: John Lange of Golden - $250

4th Place: Robert "Rylen" Billings of North Barrington, Illinois - $125

2013 Mountain Foothills Rotary IceMelt Winners Announced Cindy Duffy 2013-04-16 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by T.J Carney on Apr 04, 2013


 On April 3, the Mountain Foothills Rotary Club (that is all of you) committed more resources to the fight against Polio.  Through commitments of the members and fines and collections on the 3rd, each member of the Club (totaling 45 at the moment) contributed $8.00 to PolioPlus.  (This is in addition to at least $2,500 contributed to PolioPlus directly in support of member qualification for Paul Harris Fellowships this Rotary year, but more about that on April 24.)

 That is a total (so far) for this Club-wide effort of $360.00 at the meeting, and an additional $100.00 has been received.

 Anyone else who wishes to commit further on behalf of the club and its members, please do so by contacting T.J to discuss.

 Well done, one and all.  Once again your generosity is wondrous.


Mountain Foothills Helping to End Polio Now T.J Carney 2013-04-05 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Talbot on Apr 01, 2013

 Dave Talbot, subject to the vagaries of everything else he has to do, is back among us.  He has provided the summary below of what "Trip 13" set out to do, and what was accomplished.

 In addition, he is headed to Steamboat Springs for:


Crutches 4 Africa Hit 51,000 MD's Distributed David Talbot 2013-04-02 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bob Miller on Mar 25, 2013

Where are the orphans?

 When I first started volunteering to help at an orphanage, I thought all the children there were orphans. It took a while before I learned that most of them were not.  So when we help an orphanage by putting in a well, or building a school, or giving them clothes, who are we really helping?


 While a few had lost their parents or had been removed from abusive families, it turned out that the majority of the children were there because the parent or parents were so impoverished that they could not take care of them. Some mornings, we would wake up to find one or more children who had been left at the gate. The parents knew that the children in the orphanage were eating every day, going to school and had people who would watch over them (or so they assumed).

 With poverty being such a major reason why kids end up in orphanages, why are there not more serious efforts to address that cause?  To create more jobs, teach job skills and provide micro-enterprise development so the parent(s) can afford to take care of their children?  

 The Sustainable Family Communities project is addressing that cause. We are working to create the businesses, jobs, training and community support that parents need to be able to keep their children and provide a decent quality-of-life while preparing them for their own and their country’s future. And you are helping us to be able to provide that for them. 

 We are doing the right thing! This week we received direct confirmation in the form of a meeting with Lynn Hammond, a Rotary Foundation Trustee and Past Rotary International Director.  

 We are moving forward, and have the thoughtful power of Lynn and many others behind us as the next part of our project gets underway.

Best, Bob Miller


Sustainable Family Communities- Answers to Life's Important Question Bob Miller 2013-03-26 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by T.J Carney on Feb 16, 2013

District Governor, Mike Klingbiel, has asked all of us to support the eradication of Polio.  We can do this financially by texting "Polio" to 90999 and then confirming the e-Mail we receive.  The week commencing February 18, 2013 is targeted in our District as "End Polio Week," and the period he is encouraging us and our friends to make this donation.  Each time we do this, $5.00 is added to your bill, but also to the End Polio Now effort of Rotary International.  You do not have to be a Rotarian, anyone can text to help.  Think about it, and encourage your text literate friends and family to do this for those in need.


Additionally, I have asked every club member to consider a donation of $10.00 or more by April 3 to the PolioPlus Program.  Texting a donation as above will count toward this, but you have to let me know, please.  In addition, some members have given cash or checks (made out to PolioPlus, please) to me or Rose toward this request.  Thank you.

 On April 3, all fines, donations, birthday or anniversary payments will be applied so that every member of our club (in additional to whatever else each has done) is credited with a donation.  Consider making a donation of $50.00 to PolioPlus ($1.00 for each member, approximately) on that date to End Polio Now!!


 T.J Carney, International Programs Chair

Rotary Ending Polio T.J Carney 2013-02-17 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Francis "Med" Durel on Feb 04, 2013

Mountain Foothills Rotary has assisted in the formation and chartering of the Clear Creek High School Interact Club.


 District Governor Mike Klingbiel awards the Interact Club Charter to Faculty Advisor Kara Butterworth and Club President Jordan App at the Interact Club meeting at Clear Creek High School on January 30, 2013

Clear Creek Interact Club Formed Francis "Med" Durel 2013-02-05 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by T.J Carney on Jan 30, 2013

ImageDear Fellow Falderalians, and Mountain Foothills Rotarians:

We have an amazing group and 2012 is now in the books.  Rose and I have information on what is owed, if any of you still have questions, but, to end it all, thank you all for your spirit, fun and generosity.

T.J Carney, Chief Falderalian

2012 Fall Football Falderal Fundraiser- December 2, 2012 T.J Carney 2013-01-31 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bob Miller on Jan 20, 2013



SAC Steering Team continuing elaboration of the implementation strategy that will accelerate creation of the first Sustainable Adoption Community. Participants included: (L to R); Bob Miller - MFR, Warren Rose - MFR, Abbas Rajabi - Denver SE club & experienced with 20 Rotary projects in Mexico), Dr. Dan Wessner - Regis University Chair of History & Politics, Cathy Marquez -  Extensive cultural experience and expertise with indigenous peoples, Michael Lanier - MFR, Jeffrey Mantz - Castle Pines club with deep experience with Rotary projects in Zimbabwe, Clay Takara - MFR, Peter Baird - Wells Fargo Financial Advisor with in-depth experience with Mexican peoples and culture, Trent Winegar – current President, MFR. Photo taken by TJ Carney – Past President MFR.  Not present were Mat Matson – Past District Governor and Conifer Rotary Club, and Maria Rosa Camp – Founder and recent Director of into your Hands – Africa - Evergreen club.

We are truly excited about the expertise that is gathering (see above) to provide invaluable advice, insights and guidance in support of this Mountain Foothills Rotary Club international project.

The discussion/work centered around sending a team to Mexico City in February.  The key purpose of this trip is to meet with Frank Devlyn (FPRI), certain philanthropic individuals and key governmental officials.  The specific goal is obtaining commitment from Mexico based Rotary Clubs to become Champions of SAC as we establish cooperative partnerships in a cross-border coalition of Mexico Rotarians, Mexican philanthropists and their Charitable Foundations, and Mountain Foothills Rotary Club.

In addition to further solidifying our working relationship with Frank Devlyn, we will be meeting with Rotary District Governors (Past, present and elect) and Rotary Clubs from central Mexican states.  Meetings are also being planned with organizations and foundations including: Comex Foundation (property restoration), ProVivah (home building), ProEmpleo (micro-enterprise development) and Agropark (greenhouse  building).

We are most grateful to the Board of Directors of our Mountain Foothills Rotary, the Board of our MFR Foundation, and our fellow MFR club members for their support of the Sustainable Adoption Communities project. Together we are committed to changing the lives of orphans around the world and demonstrating the viability of a true “solution” model that can be applied by Rotary and other organizations around the world.


Bob Miller.

Sustainable Adoptive (Family) Communities -SAC- Moving Forward Bob Miller 2013-01-21 00:00:00Z 0
2013 - 2014 Rotary President's Theme - Engage Rotary - Change Lives T.J Carney 2013-01-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cindy Duffy on Jan 02, 2013


Evergreen Ice Melt Contest Officially Underway with Barrel Placed on Lake Jan. 2nd

Evergreen, CO – Members of the Mountain Foothills Rotary Club placed  the 2013 Evergreen Ice Melt Contest barrel on Evergreen Lake on Wednesday, January 2 at 3 p.m. Club member, Jerry Lautigar,  assisted by Club President Trent Winegar and other Rotarians,  cut a hole in the ice into which the barrel was  set.  It will be monitored until it falls into the lake when the ice thaws. Image

 Individuals can participate in the Ice Melt Contest by purchasing tickets and entering the date and time when they believe the barrel will fall through the ice.  Tickets and more contest details are available at www.EvergreenIceMelt.com.  First place prize for the most accurate guess is $1,000; second place $500; third place $250; and fourth place $125.  Proceeds from ticket sales go to support Evergreen Christian Outreach, the EPRD Special Needs Program, and charitable causes of the Mountain Foothills Rotary Foundation. 

Following the barrel placement, Ice Melt sponsors and community partners joined the Mountain Foothills Rotary for a “launch party” at Willow Creek restaurant.   Local sponsors are invited and encouraged  to help us reach this year’s $20,000 fundraising goal.  Interested sponsors can call 303-886-6463.

            To date, Gold Level Sponsors are Chow Down, Colorado Serenity, Evergreen National Bank, and JustAroundHere.comSilver Level Sponsors are Dogma, DW's 285 Diner, Elevation Dentistry, Evergreen Dental Group, 1st National Bank of Evergreen, Hanson & CO CPAs, Lakepoint Center, Mountain Park Vets, and Willow Creek. Bronze Tier Sponsors are Cabinets of Denver, EverBean, Evergreen Oil,   Intero Real Estate, Le Boudoir, Loanbright, Ponderosa Car Wash, Sells Law Firm, and Tuscany Tavern.

            Evergreen Park & Recreation District, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, and Evergreen Fire and Rescue are supporting partners of the Evergreen Ice Melt.

2013 Evergreen IceMelt Gets Underway Cindy Duffy 2013-01-03 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Talbot on Dec 01, 2012

ImageDave wrote to us about the following story, that he wanted to share:

Today we met with two local disability groups here in Kisumu.  During the first meeting one woman (Sara) gave testimony that she had previously been a beggar.  Her family called her "beggar woman" instead of Sara, and she struggled to support her children. She had no self esteem. 

She received crutches from C4A in 2009 and at that time she started a her own small business, grilling corn on the street cornerSoon, she started crocheting strips from plastic grocery bags that were free everywhere.  They are simply remarkable!  (Sara is the woman on the right in the photo below:


Another life lifted from the dust to community, and from hopelessness to sufficiency by donations of unwanted mobility devices to those who really need them.

These videos are of Dave and Candice's activities.  This is the distribution at Meru, Hospital in Kenya.



Crtuches 4 Africa- 2012- Meru, and Kisumu, Kenya. David Talbot 2012-12-02 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Francis "Med" Durel on Dec 01, 2012

ImageMed Durel announced the schedule this year for the Salvation Army Christmas Bell Ringing at Safeway, Hwy 74, Evergreen.  We are doing this for 5 weeks, and there are three weeks remaining.  The schedule and those signed up is:

 Remaining Schedule of Mountain Foothills Rotarians

 Sunday, 12/9-    10 AM to 12 Noon-   Wally G and Bart and Toni

                          12 Noon to 2 PM-     Joann K and Judi Q

 Sunday, 12/16-   10 AM to 12 Noon-   Jeanne C and Bill D.

                          12 Noon to 2 PM-    Bob Z and Jon H

 Sunday, 12/23-   10 AM to 12 Noon-   Cindy D and David N.

                           12 Noon to 2 PM-    Joann K and Don K

 Thank you for your efforts.  You can expect a reminder call, and for any other questions, call Med Durel, 303-674-2378

Bell Ringing for Salvation Army Francis "Med" Durel 2012-12-02 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Talbot on Nov 17, 2012

ImageDave and Candice are on their way to distribute the latest container full of mobility to Kenya, and report that they are safely arrived, and trying to get their eyes "unwoogly."  Reports and photos to follow.  This is their way of being Thankful, and make a huge differece in the world at large. Image

 Crutches-4-Africa cannot say enough about the schools, fire departments, Rotarians, Interactors, Rotaractors, partners, charities, vendors and suppliers that have made thousands of people mobile through their generosity, donations and time.

 You are appreciated, needed and embraced, even if all the hard effort you put in only brings a smile here and there.  Each one of those smiles when someone is lifted from the ground and made more a part of their culture, society and community is the equivalent of a newborn being gazed upon for the first time by its parents.  It is irreplaceable, priceless, and has happened thousands of times, so far.  We are striving to make a million or more smiles to improve our world.

Dave Talbot.

Crutches 4 Africa- The Thanksgiving Trip is underway David Talbot 2012-11-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by T.J Carney on Nov 09, 2012


 (RotoTechie No. 3)

Attending Virtually from Everywhere I Want to Be

By T.J Carney

Mountain Foothills Rotary

 We have to many demands on our time.  Add that I am a Rotarian, too.  Each Wednesday I gather with my Club to celebrate, learn, organize and develop what we do through Rotary.  We interact, and we have our fellowship.  Sometimes, we also meet other times and places to get that volunteer effort organized, continued or culminated, and it is hard to be everywhere.  It is now possible for me to be most places I need or want to be much more easily.

 Telephone Conferencing:

 As an attorney, Library or Fire Board member, Rotarian, or with my family, I have been a disembodied voice in a meeting or gathering.  Many reading this have had this experience, from one side of phone or another.  When there is only one calling in from afar, it is simple, but when more than one want to do so, a telephone conferencing system is required.  Our District Technology Committee has introduced me to Rondee (http://www.rondee.com). 

 What is it?  It is a “free” telephone conference calling system. 

 What does it cost?  You need a telephone, and will have to call in to a telephone number in California (or somewhere) that doesn’t presently have “800” numbers available. 

 What can you do with it?  You can talk to as many people as you need for whatever you are trying to accomplish.  A committee meeting of 10, a family phone reunion of 50, or a business conference of 3 are all available options.  You can record the meeting (especially important if you are a lousy note taker), and make it available to others who could not attend.  A list of those who did attend will also be available to assist in what is later needed.

 Why would you want it?   Because sometimes we still have to talk to accomplish a goal.  Coordinating a shipment of crutches to Nigeria in a hurricane by speaking with the storage company in Pennsylvania, the shipping contractor in N.Y., the volunteers in Maine, and the guru of such things in Colorado becomes as simple as sending a time, date, and phone number with an access number (PIN) to those who need to be there.  No airline flights.  No train trips.  No driving across town or two states over.  (Even then the shipment was delayed a week by Sandy.)

 There are many systems.  These days almost any phone service that also offers internet to residences or businesses offers some kind of conferencing set up.  But free (except for the call to California), unlimited, recordable, and referable are all things that the CEO or the grandfather or the Health and Hunger Chair can find endearing and useful about this process.

 Maybe we should try it to see if some group of us (which will require we get our own wine, unfortunately, unlike my club’s weekly pre-meeting fellowship) can operate to do good while comfortable at our home or office (or even the airport on the way to Kenya).

 Interested?  Contact me for questions or instructions.

Technical Rotary (RotoTechie) No 3, November 10, 2012 T.J Carney 2012-11-10 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by T.J Carney on Oct 06, 2012


(“RotoTechie” No. 2)

As Children, Weren’t We Taught to Share?

Now we can communicate and be seen (Video Conferencing, see, RotoTechie No. 1)) and tie together as many of us as we need to talk things through.  What if we could see what we are talking about?  Some of us don’t learn or understand by hearing, we have to see it. 

Computer Screen Sharing:

“I have a cool design that is just perfect to correct your problem,” she said.  I thought, yeah, well, “Really cool” to her may be really hideous and unworkable to me.  Since she is half my age, and 4 time zones away.  After all, I have not exactly followed the typical fashion line in my life, in clothes or building layouts or furnishings.  So I said, “That’s nice to hear,” in as flat a tone as possible.  So she said, “You want to see it, now?”  “You’re in Kihei, I am in Colorado, I am not ready to sign off on something I haven’t seen.”  And she said “Join.me,” although I am not sure that is what I heard.  So after a pause, with a slight chuckle, she said, “I sent you the link, I use Join.me.”  (http://www.join.me.)


What is it?  It is a “free” screen sharing system that allows up to 250 viewers at the same time of the computer screen in front of you (or somewhere else that needs to be seen). 

What does it cost?  You need a computer or smart phone or tablet with the correct application “App.”  Other than that, the free version is “Free,” and the collaborative version is free for up to 4 “team members.”  (For the Free version you use the “Basic” button to start.  There is a “pro” version, too, that has more features and a cost.)

What can you do with it?  You can let up to 250 people at a time see the same thing you are working through on the screen of your computer.  You can make changes, update screens, provide any visual information you can display on your computer monitor or smart phone, and they see it.  (YouTube Demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wH4LXzswf4)

Why would you want it?  You may need to run a power-point from a meeting.  You may need to train someone on opening the container of crutches in Mombasa.  You may need to show something important (like how did you find that on the District Website?).  How about pictures of your hail damaged roof?  How about your grand-child in the mud with the frog?  I think you get the idea.  Sometimes People need to see what you are talking about.  It’s easy if you are together (well maybe less so with 250 people), but it’s hard if you’re not all in the room.

We were able to see the new drawings for repairing a water leak.  We didn’t see a photo from the manufacturer’s advertising, but from the contractor’s phone a video of the stocks on hand and other projects, and were able to see the “cool” quality of the materials.  It made the decision making a lot easier.

 Can we make some of our meetings open online Join.me?  Those traveling or home bound could participate in a Club Assembly.  It’s not our Fathers or Grandfathers Rotary meeting, but, could it work?    T.J Carney

Technical Rotary (RotoTechie) No 2, October 10, 2012 T.J Carney 2012-10-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jim Rohrer on Sep 23, 2012


We mourn the passing of Kay Brewick’s sister and our fellow Rotarian Connie Lisowe who passed away Saturday; losing her battle against breast cancer. 

Connie was vivacious, fun loving and good friend to all of us who came to know her.  Her passing came way too young and she will be sorely missed. 

Information regarding services will be shared as soon as we hear more from Dave or Kay.

In Memorium- Connie Lisowe Jim Rohrer 2012-09-24 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by T.J Carney on Sep 15, 2012

A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to a Rotary District Committee Meeting

 In our Rotary club, there are many of us who no longer have a day to day need for conference calling, business travel, document delivery, faxing, or some of us even some types of phones (hard wired or cell).  At the same time, new and improved (and free) means of doing many of these things have appeared, and are being used very effectively, for business, family, hobby and Rotary Committee meetings.

 Our 2012-2013 District 5450 Governor, Mike Klingbiel, happens to be in the technology business, and for him, using these things, and finding out about them, are a daily occurrence.  He is a founding part of the District Technology Committee (http://www.clubrunner.ca/Portal/SitePages/SitePage.aspx?did=5450&pid=71395), and while nothing is totally free or perfect, some interesting tools have been/are being put into use.  Since there are no licensing deals, or donations involved, here is my first installment to talk about what we are and/or could be using.

 Video Conferencing:

 Most everyone has heard of Skype.  (www.skype.com)

What is it?  It is a “free” video conferencing system. 

 What does it cost?  You need a microphone/video webcam ($40 plus or minus depending on quality), a Smart Phone or Computer or Internet enabled T.V ($who knows) and the Skype program ($0.00 if you just want to video conference with one other Skype subscriber at a time). 

 What can you do with it?  You can talk to other users and see them on your monitor.  (It’s Dick Tracy’s wrist phone on steroids. (Demo YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWq7n4w3cq4)

 Calls with multiple participants (which does have an additional subscription cost attached), like your family in 4 countries are possible.  You can call any working telephone in the world from your computer (may have additional cost).  You can send and messages by text to/from any subscriber.  You can also have (for an additional cost) a phone number assigned to you that will ring on your home, office or cell phone but is accessible from any phone or Skype subscriber (like having Century Link, but not them or their charges.)

 Why would you want it?  In the lingo of my teenage years, “It’s, like man, really cool.”  Seeing family and friends far away, not just hearing them or reading their letters and e-Mails, is a wonderful experience.  Besides, Dick Tracy could only communicate with his team.  George Jetson has it in everything, including his head set, and you can now get computers built into your sunglasses (assuming you would want that.)

My Skype address is SkypeTJ, and feel free to try it out and connect with me my fellow Rotarians.

Technical Rotary (RotoTechie) No 1, September 16, 2012 T.J Carney 2012-09-16 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by T.J Carney on Jul 27, 2012
Med Durel, here being honored by 2011-2012 Club President,
T.J Carney,  was named the Mountain Foothills Rotary Club
"Rotarian of the Year" for 2011-2012
Rotarian of the Year- Mountain Foothills T.J Carney 2012-07-28 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Talbot on Feb 14, 2012

David has great news, and huge opportunities for Crutches 4 Africa, and Rotarians around the World.

At the moment, C4A is collecting Wheel Chairs for the Rotary Club of Karachi, Pakistan.  He has asked each Club in District 5450 to donate 1 chair.

At the moment, there are 9 pallets of mobility devises stored in Dulluth, Minnesota as a result of the efforts of the College of St. Scholastica Rotaract Club.

At the moment, Dave is basking in the positive energy of a Cabin Fever Chili Cookoff in a Blizzard, that generated badly needed funds.

Dave is headed to Bangkok for the RI convention, and then to Pakistan and Africa for distributions.

A great program moves forward.

Crutches4Africa David Talbot 2012-02-15 00:00:00Z 0
2012 - 2013 Rotary President's Theme - "Peace Through Service" T.J Carney 2012-02-13 00:00:00Z 0
2010 - 2011 President's Theme- "Building Communities - Bridging Continents" William Downes 2011-01-17 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Francis "Med" Durel on Dec 26, 2010
 Each year, our members volunteer time to assist with Bell Rining for  the colleciton Kettles for the Salvation Army.  This year's sign up schedule is below.  Thank for your asstance and time.
Salvation Army Bell Rining- 2010 Francis "Med" Durel 2010-12-27 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jerry Lautigar on Oct 29, 2010
 Jerry Lautiger has reported that the boxes send to Afghanistan so far (30 of 35) have arrived.  The "Crocs" have been boxed and are on their way.  The shoes are for the troops to distribute to those in need in western Afghanistan.
Support for the Troops Jerry Lautigar 2010-10-30 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Talbot




 I won't go back to far with this, just to this past June. On the 12th of that month a 40" container was loaded and sent to Mombasa, Kenya

Sounds easy doesn't it.

 That four letter word "sent" takes up way more space in reality than it does in print!  (By the way, everything that was collected in Evergreen and Conifer over the past 2 years is in this container!)

 The container, once sealed, was trucked to a Denver area railhead and was moved to Houston TX. It was then loaded onto the MSC "Flaminia" container ship on the 28th of June. We received a tracking tool and the ports of call where our container would shift to a new ship and continue its journey.  This tracking tool shows the position of the ship during it's time upon the open sea.

As I was working late one night, and 7 days for our ship to be in open water when I checked in with this tracking tool and I saw that our ship was in the middle of the Atlantic, headed NE toward Europe. Hmmm…. looking more closely at the details I see that this ship is heading for… hey, Belgium isn't in Africa!

Next night I checked the tracking site again and read this headline "MSC "Flaminia" explodes, burns, crew abandons ship"!

 My first thought was "steep learning curve ahead"!

 Three days of rapid emails and we received word that our container had been removed for the "Flaminia" two and a half days before the incident at sea!

Were we on the wrong ship? Taken off just in time? What do you think?

That container did reach dry ground again in October and is now "resting" in Mombasa, Kenya awaiting distribution.

 Rotary (the service club) is a big part of all that we accomplish in C4A.

In September I was a speaker at a Rotary "zone" meeting in Kansas City MO. This gathering was a conference for the leadership of Rotary districts representing 12 states and was an ideal situation to speak about disability and the need for mobility in the developing world.

 This is now leading into an expanded area of collection and an opportunity to connect with more people and encourage them through sharing mobility gear for the "invisible people".


The end of September we flew out to Philadelphia where we rented a 24' box truck. over the next three days we processed and loaded it with salvaged mobility devices (mds). In the middle of packing (forklift and just stackin by hand) I had another opportunity to share the vision of this endeavor to a Rotary club there in Philly. That afternoon we drove to NJ where we stayed with friends from Kenya that live there in the piney woods.

 Next day we drove toward NYC, parked the big truck, rented a cargo van and drove into NYC, twice (uhoh, I am in the wrong lane!"). We made it to our rendezvous site in Brooklyn only a few minutes late. This gentleman, Tim, has been collecting for C4A for several years. Almost single handedly he collected and entire air cargo shipment that was distributed in Tanzania in 2008. Since then, we always find he has collected more! And all without a vehicle!

 We loaded the van full! Back in NJ it rained on us as we transferred the mds from van to truck, returned the van and headed north into CT.

The next morning in about as rural as you can get in CT (what a contrast from NYC the day before!) where we met for the first time a collector there that has also been with Crutches 4 Africa for many years.

 This last pickup loaded our truck to the point it was hard to close the back door!

 Most of these mds was unloaded in Methuen MA to fill out a 40'er headed to Tororo, Uganda. This is the same place we started with 235 pairs of crutches.

After 2 days working on the unload of the truck, then organizing the mds and reloading them into the container, we headed for Portland Maine with 25 remaining wheelchairs. More on them in a minute.

 There in Maine we stayed with dedicated friends of C4A that had arranged for a week of Rotary meeting speaking engagements. This saw us traveling (by donated car, truck was returned in Maine) into three states, Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts for these meetings.

Now about those wheelchairs. Late in July I was contacted by a friend of C4A in Maine with a request for a 40'er to go to Northern Nigeria to accompany a Polio vaccination effort there. A team of orthopedic surgeons will also be coming in to do polio reconstructive surgeries and those people will need mobility devices. There will also be hundreds that come hoping for surgery but will not be eligible. They to will receive from this container.

This shipment was decided to come out of Maine as they had enough to fill half the container.  Our challenge was to see the container filled, and quickly.So from Maine we flew down to Atlanta Georgia where a convention of home durable medical equipment distributors was ready to commence.

We attended this convention and found a distributor that donated 10 palettes of mds, mostly wheelchairs, arranged for shipping to Maine, where they will arrive on Monday the 29th of October and a where a 40' container will arrive the next day at 1pm for loading by volunteers from Rotary.

At the moment we are coordinating the distribution trip to Kenya slated to begin for us on November 18th with VPs from the donating company will come over the first of December to help with some of the distribution.  We will return to Denver on Monday, December 17th.

Somewhere in all of this the container to Uganda will also need to be picked up and shipped to Uganda.

And don't forget our fundraiser On February 2nd, the day before the Super Bowl, the CABIN FEVER CHILI COOK-OFF will be held again at Mt. Vernon CC.

Sponsors and auction items needed!

David & Candice Talbot


 PS. Dave is having his 60th birthday soon and we are collecting donations for a gift for him of 1,000 pair of hand carved, African crutch tips. At a dollar each, we need two thousand dollars.

Send to:  Crutches 4 Africa, 284 S. Franklin St. Denver, CO 80209


Crutches 4 Africa- An Update David Talbot 0
Posted by T.J Carney
From the Weekly Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Portland Maine (excerpted with impunity):

How inspiring when a visionary leader identifies a need in less developed counties and energetically addresses that need, particularly when the charitable activities that make a difference involve Rotary! 

Dave Talbot and his wife, Candice [and] their story about Crutches 4 Africa. 

While working on a documentary film in Uganda in 2005, [Dave] witnessed a woman struggling to be mobile with only a limb from tree for a crutch.  That image griped his mind and engendered a vision: Crutches 4 Africa,   On a subsequent visit and just by chance, they saw a large 4’ x 6’ sign at the head waters of the Nile river that boldly displayed the Four Way Test.   . . .  Polio was the disease that partially crippled him at age 2 ½.   Dave realized that a connection could be made through Rotary International to bring surplus mobility devices like canes, crutches, walkers and wheelchairs from the United States to Africa where such equipment is practically non-existent.

. . .From a humble start in 2006 with the delivery of 235 pairs of crutches to the needy in Uganda, the support for the organization has grown so that by 2010, Crutches 4 Africa had delivered 10,000 mobility devices.   [Adding 5 additional containers in 2011 brings that total to 43,000.] The initial goal is 1 million.

Crutches 4 Africa was fortunate to receive a $50,000 donation from a private foundation in 2011 which covered the cost to deliver 5 containers.   Today each container costs $10,000 to ship and on average has 3,500 mds packed inside.  That puts the cost of each md delivered at $3 USD each!   Please share any ideas you have about funding sources to help Dave and Candice continue this effort.   Incidentally, this is a labor of love for them; they receive no compensation for their work.     

. . . Often the mds are collected from individuals, one device at a time.  Once collected in sufficient quantity, a 40’ container is filled and . . . sent on their way to a recipient nation.   Once the container arrives and clears customs, the distribution process begins.   Rotary Clubs at the receiving end have been very helpful in reducing the cost of clearing customs and the four way test allows little room for corruption and bribes.

. . .

On the recycling end, the key, according to Dave Talbot, is to make the drop-off of mds as easy as possible.   There is plenty of room for individual initiative.   David Walsh from the Casco Bay Sunrise [Me.] Club made an arrangement with Shaw’s Supermarkets for two drop off sites at the stores in the Westgate and Northgate Shopping Plaza.   . . . Rich Cantz is already thinking about ways that Goodwill Industries could help in this recycling effort.   A good idea, combined with passion, yields an abundant harvest.  And as Dave often says, “every pair counts!”


“We toil together to enable those

we may never see.

Hobbled in life by some illness, accident

or act of violence.

Many are hopeless.

The generous donations given to

Crutches 4 Africa

are the tools we use

to help raise the hindered,

to lift them from the dust,

and help them on their way.”

                                                                                                              Dave Talbot

Crutches 4 Africa- A story and update T.J Carney 0
Posted by Robert "Bob"
Rotary Theme 2009 - 2010: The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands
John Kenny - President, Rotary International
Mike Oldham - District Governor, District 5450
Dave Brewick- President, Mountain Foothills of Evergreen Rotary Club
2009 - 2010 Theme, The Future of rotary is in Your Hands Robert "Bob" 0