Speaker Date Topic
Corrine Christian of United for Adoption Colorado Jun 03, 2020
Open Adoption
TBD Jun 10, 2020
Jeff Blumenfeld Jun 10, 2020
Travel with Purpose - Voluntourism

Travel is now more open to a greater number of people than ever, and travelers are often looking for new adventures and experiences. And yet with crises developing constantly around the planet, many travelers want to explore the world and do good at the same time. This book shows them how. 


You don't need to be wealthy to travel to foreign lands to volunteer; you may not even have to go to foreign lands, as opportunities exist within your own state or province. 


TWP shows you how to identify the right location and volunteer situation, how to go about planning trips and preparing for activities, how to reach out, how to help. 


Through vivid examples and first hand stories from both recipients of volunteer work and the volunteers themselves, Travel With Purpose may make you rethink your next vacation. 

Bill Slaughter Jun 17, 2020
Sculpture Evergreen

The mission of Sculpture Evergreen (SE) is to cultivate a program of sculpture acquisition, exhibition, education, and other public activities to beautify our communities and encourage the expression and appreciation of sculpture. SE serves the greater Evergreen area, including the communities of Evergreen, Bergen Park, Kittredge, Marshdale, and Indian Hills.

TBD Jun 24, 2020