Andy McClure calls his sports announcing a hobby, but its something he does about 300 times a year.  Having an education in both broadcasting and ministry, he has worked this "hobby job" in Colorado for two decades.  Andy has a long resume of public address announcing work.   The opportunity to be a sports announcer for the Tokyo Olympics kind of fell together naturally and he was thrilled to learn he would be working with women's volleyball.  The pandemic made the 2020 Olympics rather surreal- No fans or family members were allowed to attend and of course McClure had to undergo quarantine. He could only go to the venue and his hotel, as well as get takeout or convenience store food.  Security was also very rigorous. In spite of the challenges, the work was amazing and the experience, "unbelievable".  
When asked what was his favorite part of this experience, he shared that is deceased daughter always loved sports and her dream was to attend the Olympics.  Andy felt like he was sharing this experience with her.  "The raising of the US Flag when the US Women's Volleyball won the gold was something I will never forget".  Andy had another special treat on his return flight home-he flew back with the US Women's Volleyball team!