The Longmont Rotary Club is organized by Committees and Functions that report to Board Members (including Officers).  Each Board Member is responsible for an assigned area.  Committees within that area are chaired directly by the Board Member or a Chair who reports to that Board Member. 

·         The Board Member is responsible for recruiting and recommending the Chairs within the area of responsibility. 

·         Together, the Board Member and where applicable, the Chair, are responsible for developing objectives, budget, and a succession plan for each Committee. 

·         Organization and planning is done on a Rotary year basis, starting July 1 of each year.

·         The President-Elect reviews the initial Chair appointments for the upcoming year and as President, approves any changes during the year.

·         The Board is responsible for appointment of any Board members or officers, should a vacancy occur.

Longmont Rotary Board meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 AM in the Conference Room on the 2nd floor of the Longmont YMCA at 9th Avenue & Lashley St.  All members are invited to attend any Longmont Rotary Board Meeting.

For the 2021 - 2022 Rotary year the Club structure is as follows:

President – Debby Paris (Presidential Year 2021-2022)   

 Executive Committee – Chair:  Debby Paris

This committee consists of the officers of the Club including the Past President.  It meets, as necessary, on the first Tuesday of the month at 1:30PM at First Lutheran Church, after the weekly club meeting.  Responsibility includes planning the Board Agenda and dealing with Club affairs in the interim between Board meetings.

 President Elect – Wein-Pin Yeh (Presidential Year 2022-2023)   

Nomination Committee – Chair:  Wein-Pin Yeh

This committee nominates candidates for Officer and Board positions for the upcoming year and for any vacancies that might occur during the current year.

 Rotary Day Out and Non-Profit Day Out – Chair: Wein-Pin Yeh

Solicits locations for each event and distributes sign-ups via Sign Up Genius and hard copy.         

Vice President/President Elect Nominee – Open (Presidential Year 2023-2024) 

 Program Committee – Chair: Open

            Plan and ensure the presentation of the weekly meeting programs.

Secretary – Frank Rainey (elected annually)  

Prepare and maintain the records of the Club including basic documents, membership rolls on ClubRunner, and board minutes.  Handle all club correspondence.  Prepare attendance rosters and birthday announcements. File required attendance reports with the District Office. Report member proposals to all members. Assign badge numbers and maintain badge box.

Treasurer – Jerry Buchholz (elected annually)  

Review the financial records of the Club including accounts receivable and accounts payable prepared by the Assistant to the Treasurer.  Prepare monthly financial statements for presentation to the Board of Directors.  Prepare a draft of the annual budget for consideration by the Board.

Assistant to the Treasurer (appointed) – Bob Parsons

In cooperation with the Treasurer, maintain financial records, deposit payments, and prepare checks for payment. Responsibilities include recording guest meal charges, and preparing / sending quarterly dues invoices. 

Past President– Dave Ferro (Presidential Year 2020-2021)

Representative of the Board to the Longmont Rotary Charity Fund.

Board Liaison to the Satellite – Longmont Rotary After Hours (L-RAH) – Laura Phillips

Kanemoto Award Committee – Chair: Edwina Salazar         

 Select the recipient of and award the Jimmy Kanemoto Award for International Service.  Award is considered on an annual basis, but awarded only in years when it is determined that there is an appropriate recipient.

Fundraising Committee – Chair:  Open

Planning and organizing the Club’s participation in fundraising for Club Projects and the Rotary International project to eradicate Polio throughout the world and to raise funds to match the grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Board Member – Vocational Service (2024) Raeann Larsen  

 Frank McDonough Award Committee – Chair:  Al Carr

 The Frank McDonough ”Service Above Self” Award is awarded annually to a member of the Longmont Rotary Club who has demonstrated exemplary humanitarian service, in any form and at any level, with an emphasis on personal volunteer efforts and active involvement in helping others through Rotary. This is typically awarded in November.

Literacy Committee – Chair:  Edwina Salazar    

The Literacy Committee plans and implements literacy and numeracy projects locally and internationally and communicates to the Club on the importance of literacy as a Rotary project. 

Projects include:  Dauin, Philippines projects (school supplies and feeding program), and supporting Born to Read.  A partnership with Mountain View Elementary School includes the Peaceful Schools Program that started Spring 2017.  Matching funds from a District Grant helped with the creation of the Adult Learning Lab (5 computers + printer) at the OUR Center in 2018.

Four-Way Test in Schools Committee – Chair: Cindy Noble 

This committee plans and implements the Rotary “Four Way Test in Schools” program.  Questions with realistic scenarios are given to the students and the students formulate their answers using Rotary’s Four Way Test. Currently this program is presented semi-annually to 9th grade students at Longmont High School.

Compassion Awards Committee – Chair: Rita Liu

The Compassion Awards Committee plans and implements the Citizen Compassion Award based upon the five attributes of Longmont’s Tower of Compassion through a “What is Compassion” essay contest for students K through 12.  Three winners are selected by age group.  An award is given to the student, and a matching amount is given in the student’s name to their charity of choice: Grade 3-5 $50, Grade 6-8 $100, and Grade 9-12 $150.  Each teacher of a winning student also receives $100 for classroom use.  In addition, a Citizen Compassion Award is given to a non-Rotarian adult member of the community, granting $1,000 to the charity of their choice.  These are typically awarded in October.

 Rotary Day Out – Chair: Wein-Pin Yeh (President-Elect)

 This committee plans and implements one Rotary meeting annually, held instead of the Rotary regular meeting, at several businesses in order to promote and/or educate members about several businesses in and around Longmont. The Rotary Day Out is usually held the second week of June.

Non Profit Day Out – Chair: Wein-Pin Yeh (President-Elect)

 This committee plans and implements a Rotary meeting annually, held instead of the Rotary regular meeting, at several non-profits in order to promote and/or educate Rotary members about several non-profit organizations in and around Longmont. This Non-Profit Day Out is usually held in October.

Board Member – Club and Community Service (2024)  Rose Crispin  

 Sergeant-at-Arms Committee Chair:  Ken Cline 

Prepare and restore the meeting room for the weekly meetings.  Maintain Club items in secured area. 

Meeting Support Committee – Chair: Anne Turner  

Set up and operate the audio and video systems during the meeting.  Provide technical assistance for the meeting and to guest speakers.   

Bell Ringing Committee – Chair: Dave Ferro  

Recruit and organize volunteer bell ringers for the Salvation Army holiday fund raising program to raise funds for local charities.

Park Cleanup Committee – Chair: Open

Recruit and organize volunteers to do weekly clean up at Roger’s Grove and Jim Hamm parks.

Fish Bowl Committee – Chair: Sue Bolton 

Conduct the weekly fish bowl ticket sales for local charities.  Arrange for presentation of proceeds to the selected charity.  Select and recommend charities for participation in the fish bowl program from nominations submitted by Club members. 

Social Committee – Chair: Rose Crispin 

            Plan and implement periodic social events.

Winter Warmth Committee – Co-chairs: Debbie Setlock,  Pam Aultman,  Chris Ray       

Plan and implement the semi-annual coat drive to secure coats for distribution through the OUR CENTER.  Recruit and organize club volunteers and community businesses and groups to carry out the coat drive.

Music Committee – Chair: Don Owen  

Provide instrumental and vocal music for weekly meetings.  This includes leading the group in singing America the Beautiful, conducting a monthly sing-along to a Rotary themed song, on the first Tuesday of each month.

Family of Rotary – Chair: Diane  Stow

Report at the weekly meeting on concerns and celebrations relating to Club members and others significant to the Club.  Send appropriate cards of condolence or congratulations on behalf of the Club.  Organize assistance to Club members in need.

Food Committee – Chair: Darrell Beck

 Finance Committee – Chair: Chris Ray  

Work with the Treasurer to prepare the annual Longmont Rotary budget.

 Board Member – PR & Communications (2022) – Debbie Setlock 

 Rotoreador Committee – Editor: Debbie Setlock

Publish electronically a weekly newsletter summarizing the regular meeting and reporting on other matters of significance to the Club.

Web Site Committee – Webmaster: Debbie Setlock & Brandi Ruff

            Maintain and update the Club web site.  Manage Facebook site.

 History Committee – Chair: Phyllis Dwyer

Maintain the historical records of the Club.  Prepare an annual summary of the Club activities.

Board Member – Youth Service (2022) – Wein-Pen Yeh 

 RYLA and YRYLA Committee – Chairs: 

            RYLA   Debby Paris   

            YRYLA   Chris McVay (acting

Promote the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards and the Young Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.  Select participants for RYLA and YRYLA and arrange for their participation in the programs.

 Slick Haley Awards Committee – Josh Atherton                                                       

Select the recipients of and award the annual Slick Haley awards to high school students from the Longmont area.

Young Rotarians

       Young Rotarians Committee Chair: Rose Crispin

Provide support to a club for middle school and high school students who are interested in the principles and projects of Rotary pursuant to the charter issued to the Club.

Rotary Youth Exchange Committee – Chair: Open

 Youth Exchange Officer (YE) & Incoming / Outbound -  Open

            Recruit host families and manage the activities for inbound students under the Rotary International Youth Exchange program.  Promote and recommend candidates as outbound students under the Rotary International Youth Exchange Program. 

Board Member – International Service (2023)  Andres Puky  

International Projects Committee – Chair: Andres

Identify, plan and implement international projects in conjunction with other Rotary clubs world-wide, utilizing Rotary International and District grants as appropriate.  Partner with other Rotary clubs and other civic organizations to carry out international programs.  Promotes and supports the Ambassadorial Scholarship and other study programs available through Rotary International.

Open World – Chair:  Dick Richards 

Host the Open World Program of Rotary International and the Library of Congress, bringing delegations to Longmont from former Soviet Union countries for one week.   The past several years we have hosted delegations from the Ukraine on diverse topics including energy independence and child protective services, as well as a group from Moscow, Russia working at a hospital focused on children suffering from burns.  

 Board Member – Membership (2023)   Sam Smith

 Membership Recruitment and Retention Committee – Chair: Sam Smith

Sets policies and strategies for recruiting new members and retaining existing members.  Conducts member surveys when appropriate to develop membership information. 

 Orientation and Classification Committee – Chair:  Charlotte Tyson

 Holds an orientation meeting for prospective members each month on the third Tuesday at 5:15 PM, as necessary.  Confirms and assigns member classifications.  Prepares and distributes membership badges (Frank Rainey).  Distributes membership information and materials to new members.

 New Members and Greeters Committee – Chair:  Rose Crispin   

Maintains and conducts the Red Badge Program.  Schedules the vocational talks by new members.  Recruits greeters for each weekly meeting.

Board Member - Rotary Foundation (2023) Chris Ray

 Communicates information about the Rotary Foundation to club members. 

Paul Harris Fellows

Encourages becoming a Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) and reaching succeeding PHF levels, as well as sustaining membership in the Foundation.   Makes presentations to recognize PHF achievement levels.

 Grants Committee – Chair:  Chris Ray  

Reviews, prioritizes, and approves club grants for District Matching Grants.  Assists with completion of grant requests.  Goal is to utilize all available district matching funds annually.

Longmont Rotary After Hours (LRAH) Satellite – Contact:  Laura Phillips

Longmont Rotary Charity Fund  – President: Charlotte Tyson