Longmont  Rotary Club
July 13, 2021
Longmont Rotary
Service Above Self
Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
First Lutheran Church
803 3rd Avenue
Longmont, CO 80501
United States of America
All our meetings are in-person. Meals are provided if preordered. Lunch is served at 12pm. The actual meeting starts at 12:30 and ends at 1:30 pm.
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Program:  Amarok Society
Grace Munro of the Amarok Society spoke with the Club about the inefficiencies of education in rural areas such as Bangladesh. While school is free, there are many costs associated with it, leaving many children unable to attend. Oftentimes there are 60 students to one very underpaid, under educated teacher. When parents find their children aren’t learning enough, they pull their children out of school in order to work and help provide for the family.
The Amarok Society found that over 250 million children worldwide couldn’t attend school because their families needed them to work, and working hours often conflict with school hours. They developed the Amarok Approach – teaching mothers who then teach their children at more convenient hours of the day. One school will teach 25 mothers who then return home to teach 5 children each, both children of their own and neighboring kids. They found that now there are even children so excited about education that they are teaching their friends and holding their own little classes for family members and friends. This education for the children will protect them from being vulnerable to extremist groups and underage marriage.
The mothers, once educated, said, “If we can do this, what else can we do?” This incredible empowerment led to women taking a stand for:
  • Women’s Rights
  • Children’s Rights
  • Religious Tolerance
  • Domestic Violence
  • Creating soup kitchens and food banks
  • Setting up dowry strikes to eliminate child marriage
Grant Award Presentation
The Longmont Rotary Charity Fund awarded a $2,000 grant to the Recovery Café.   Club member, Andy Lee will be the Project Manager for this grant. Andy shared a beautiful moment with us about his passion behind helping those who struggle with addictions. This grant will provide two computer stations at the Café so that visitors may search for jobs, work on their resumes, and connect with family.
Moment of Inspiration
Sue shared a wonderful, thought-provoking Moment of Inspiration for the Club highlighting ten points of advice from Gandhi, with number ten being, “Find yourself in the service of others.”
Changing of the Guard Party 

Photos from the July 15th Social 

Peach Sales
Chris McVay announced that Longmont Rotary will again be selling Palisade peaches as a club fundraiser.  More details to come, but we are anticipating the peaches to be available for pick up on Tuesday, August 31st.  Preordering is important to assure your purchase quantity. 
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