Phil Crews, the Development Coordinator at  Mountain States Children’s Home (MSCH), provided our program today.  Located north of Longmont, this 155 acre campus has five houses and can serve 24 youth, ages 11-18, boys and girls.  The on-campus school supports the children's academic needs.

The mission of Mountain States Children's Home, "To extend Christian services to wounded children in an effort to meet their physical needs, heal their emotional hurts, challenge their minds, and teach them moral principles, in order to reach the goals of reuniting them with their families or preparing them for independence."  This is accomplished by utilizing a family model of care, strengthened by professional counselors and teachers.  

Phil provided some parallels to our "COVID-19 life and language and what life had historically been for these kids.    1)  "Social Distancing": Many of the children experience lost relationships due to abuse.  2)  "Survival":  For some children their very survival was at risk (self inflicted or from others).   3)  "Masks":  Many children have trust issues.  "I know how to hate. I have no idea how to love". Learning to trust builds a foundation towards positive emotional health and  future growth.  4)  "Containment":  Living in isolation or patterns of withdrawal. 

Mountain States Children's Home receives all their funding through grants, fundraising and their Foundation.  They also have a Thrift Store in Longmont on 9th and Coffman.