Posted by Brandi Ruff
Veterans Village – Paul Melroy of Veterans Community Project
The Veterans Community Project is dedicated to case management and connecting veterans to the community. Its goal is to end veteran homelessness everywhere and help every veteran in need. It is privately funded which allows for assistance to a broader range of people.
Coming to 451 S Anderson Street in Longmont is a veteran community with 26 tiny homes and a community center. Of those homes, 21 will be for single veterans and 5 of them will be a bit larger and set up for families. These homes are designed with veterans’ needs in mind, giving them a sense of security and serenity, and are fully furnished. Most of the labor will be completed by volunteers as they partner with Habitat for Humanity.
  • More than 38,000 homeless veterans across the nation, with approximately 2,000 reported in Colorado (these numbers are likely 3x higher due to the ability to accurately report homelessness)
  • 89% of these veterans have been honorably discharged
  • 51% have service-related disabilities
  • 50% are Vietnam veterans aged 51+
  • Female veterans are the fastest growing demographic for homelessness
  • 85% of the veterans who have gone through a Veterans Village have transitioned into permanent housing
  • 15-18 months is the typical stay in the housing
  • $3 million has been donated in the form of improved land for the Longmont Veterans Village