Last week we had the honor of hosting Jim Johnston, District 5450 Governor, at the Longmont Rotary Club. Jim shared insights into his role, connecting clubs to the broader Rotary world, fostering partnerships in projects, and inspiring mutual support.
Recognizing the juggling act of work, family, and Rotary commitments, Jim, a family man himself, applauded the trend of "family-friendly events" in many clubs. He encouraged the inclusion of families, making Rotary engagement a shared experience.
Creating Hope in the World: Longmont Rotary's Impact:
Aligning with Rotary International's theme, "Create Hope in the World," Jim prompted club members to share projects embodying hope. Discussions ranged from fundraising for Rise Against Suicide (teen suicide prevention) to sending youth to the World Affairs Seminar. The prevailing sentiment emphasized Rotary's role in combating negativity by building hope through impactful projects.
Celebrating Success: End Polio Now Campaign:
Jim took a moment to acknowledge our club's outstanding support for the End Polio Now campaign. Two years ago, we rallied and raised an impressive $24,000 (excluding the Bill and Melinda Gates matching contribution). Last year, our dedication continued, resulting in another $7,000. A heartfelt thank-you was extended to Co-President Rose Crispin with a certificate commemorating our vital contribution.
Membership Matters: A Call to Action:  As concerns about declining membership echo across many Rotary clubs, Jim underscored the importance of articulating Rotary's value. Beyond rigid facts and vision statements, he urged members to share personal stories—how Rotary has shaped lives and created meaningful connections. A concise, two-sentence reflection on "What Rotary means to me" can be a powerful tool in building membership. 
Closing Vision Statement: Uniting for Lasting Change: 
In a powerful conclusion, Jim revisited Rotary's vision statement: "Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves." With shared commitment and passion, the Longmont Rotary Club is poised to continue making a positive impact locally and globally. Let's keep the Rotary spirit alive! 💙🤝✨